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So I am assuming that everyone will fill out their bracket at!

With that said, I think it would be fun to have everyone post their Final Four teams onto this tread and we can see if we have any elite D3 minds that get all 4. If we want to make a game out of it, we could rank them 4-1 based on your confidence level, like the MIAA predictions do. The tie breaker would be picking the national champion, and whatever team advanced further would get the edge.

Just let me know what you guys think, pretty easy concept so hopefully we can get a lot of participation!

Multi-Regional Topics / All-American Predictions
« on: February 25, 2017, 01:18:40 pm »
Okay so I don't quite know how this will be perceived... but with the NCAA right around the corner ( ;D ;D!!!), I think it would be fun to discuss possible All Americans for this season!! I know there are a lot of great players around the country and one cannot possibly keep track of all of them so this is just my very provisional list. Please feel free to add/subtract, agree/disagree, discuss about some of the best of the best in D3 hoops!

Also, from my experience with this (as much of you probably know), being named MVP of their conference really matters in terms of these exposure for these All-American awards.

**I made this list as of last weekend, so stats are no longer exact, although I'm sure very close.

   22.3pts   6.9reb   4.0ast
Matt St. Amour, Middlebury Sr.
   21.0pts    4.8reb   2.8ast
TY SABIN, Ripon Sr.
   29.6pts*   5.7reb   3ast
   *Leads Nation in Scoring

Tim Howell, Whitman Jr.
   20.0pts   2.2reb   2.2ast

Tyheim Monroe, Carbini Jr.
   22.8pts   16.4reb*   2.3ast
   Leads Nation in Rebounding
AJ EDWARDS, Ma(p)rietta Sr.
   19pts   8.6reb   0.7ast
Brian Sortino, SUNY-Oswego, Sr.
   20.9pts   3.5reb   4.4ast

TAHORN HARVEY, Benedictine
   18.7pts   6.8reb   5.9ast

Jordan Robinson
, North Park, Jr.
   22.4pts   9.3reb   3.5ast

Frank Schettino, Staten Island, Sr.
   17.9pts   7.0reb   9.4ast   2.6stls
   *Leads nation in Triple Doubles

Sam Brost-Smith, Rochester Sr.
   16.7pts   5.5reb   3.3ast   3.0stl

Grant Schaeffer, St. Thomas (MN), Sr.
   15.6pts   4.7reb   5.1ast

Nate Axelrod, Ohio Wesleyan, Jr.
   17.5pts   2.3reb   4.4ast

Colby Taylor, Central, Sr.
   21.8pts   8.1reb   2.0ast

Multi-Regional Topics / Coolest Gym in each Conference
« on: March 16, 2016, 12:11:02 am »
My teammates and I always talked about what school had the coolest gym in the MIAC, and it was always fun talking about which gyms people liked playing in and which gyms people hated. I think it would be determine (in our own humble opinions   ;D) the coolest gym in each conference! Although I am limited to the Upper midwest, I will give my opinions where I can.

MIAC - Has to be Hutton Arena of Hamline University. Not only does it have the looks and the history ( but it is also very player friendly. I could see some arguing Concordia M'head (but I may be biased  ;))

UMAC - This conference might have the worst gyms in d3, but Northwestern's is actually very neat. Not too big but still has the collegiate feel rather than the high school feel. Probably helps that they also have the best attendance in the conference too.

I would love to hear if you guys like this idea and your opinions on the matter!

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