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Reminds me of the 1980's when I lived in Lexington, Kentucky and UK refused to schedule Louisville for fear of eroding its "border to border" support in the state. Fortunately, that changed and a great instate rivalry now exists. Illinois College needs to lose it's fear of losing -- if that's the problem -- and give the good people of Jacksonville, IL a night to remember once a year.

Central Region / Re: SLIAC
« on: June 17, 2006, 06:43:51 pm »
Interested parties will want to check out Blackburn's athletics website for an article on their women's basketball recruits.

hopefan -- did you find out where Deneve and Kaneshiro are going?


Do you think, Pat, that the divisional format in a 10 team conference is effective?

I suppose the farther apart geographically the schools are the more sense it makes to create divisions, with the schools being closest to one another in the same division.

For example, now that the SLIAC will have 10 member schools, the divisions might be Eureka, Lincoln Christian, Mac Murray, Blackburn and Greenville; then Webster, Fontbonne, Maryville, Principia, and Westminster. However, I am not advocating this. I think 10 teams, playing each other twice for a total of 18 conference games and 7 non-conference games is a pretty good system

The Commonwealth Coast Conference and the North Atlantic Conference have 13 member schools each. The American Southwest Conference has 16 member schools. This further confirms for me that 12 schools in a conference is the reasonable minimum for splitting into two divsions.

Regarding possible divisional play, my guess is it won't happen. I don't know what conferences currenlty have divisional play. Can anyone name them? It seems to me that it would require a 12 team conference for that to become imperative. In the ODAC there are 10 men's team and 11 women's teams. They do not have divisional play. They play each other twice a season. That means 18 conference games and 7 non-conference games for the men; 20 conference games and only 5 non-conference games for the women.

Mac Attack -- sorry to report that my friend did not know of any summer leagues in Springfield. Good luck with your search.

I don't have any specific information, but surely there is something going on in Springfield. I have a friend in Springfield who refs high school, and gets asked to ref 3 on 3 tournaments in the summer. I'll e-mail him to see if he knows anything. Will post what I learn when I hear back.

Pat, thanks for that clarifcation.

hopefan - I haven't done this in a long time (and probably won't now) but you might be able to answer your own question by visiting the Lincoln Christian website. Also, I believe I am correct that at this time LCC is a provisional member of D3. So if they can't cut the mustard, they might not make it to official status.

I'd like to see if the SLIAC can become more competitive with other conferences before adding more schools.

hopefan -- my hard drive crashed on Tuesday night. Just got a new one installed today, reloaded all the software, re-established inernet connection, etc, etc. The good news is that we didn't lose much that matters as this computer is used primarily for internet access. No important documents were stored on it. So am just now reading your post of Wednesday with predictions for next year in the SLIAC. Incredible job of research. I think your analysis of Greenville, Prin and Lincoln Christian at the bottom is probably correct, but I think the top seven spots are more up for grabs. Blackburn's coach has a way of getting new players as sophomores or juniors and integrating them into the team quickly. (When Kaneshiro was coaching Webster in '01-'02 Tim McDoniel came in as a junior and was Newcomer of the Year. In '04-'05 it was Essington as a junior, and in '05-'06 it's Allan as a junior.) Who would have thought they'd have been as successful as they were this year without Barnett and Essington from '04-'05? I also think Fontbonne and Mac will be tough. Eureka is a wild card at this point. They play with incredible energy and win as  much on energy level as on talent. If the other SLIAC teams take a lesson from Eureka's never quit style of play, then the whole conference will be better. Maryville is also an unknown at this point. Hard to know where to put them. So I think Webster, Westminster, Fontbonne, Mac, and Blackburn will compete for the top, with Eureka and Maryville as the potential surprises/spoilers.

Central Region / Re: SLIAC
« on: March 04, 2006, 10:48:46 am »
Congratulations to the lady Saints and good luck today against Wheaton.

Mississippi College was too quick, too deep and, and played very tough defense. The announcer, who was excellent and did a very fair job under the circumstances, said the pattern all year had been that teams could stay with Mississippi College maybe until the final 10 minutes of the game, but then their depth would take over. Maryville was behind by 12 at the half, so if the announcer was correct (and he was) then things looked grim for the Saints. Mississippi college scored the first 8 points of the second half. They had nine different players score in the early going of the first half before someone finally made a second basket. Apparently their coach preaches, teaches and demands a TOTAL team concept so that no one player will have eye-catching stats. I haven't checked for a box score, but then anyone can do that themselves. Hope this was the kind of info "whocares" was looking for.

Tough loss for the Saints tonight. Another wake up call for the SLIAC.

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