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New York Region / Re: BB: E8: Empire 8
« on: Today at 01:12:20 pm »
Depth in pitching are de-emphasized not with super regionals.  The Cal Lu strategy of four pitchers, three starters and a closer will be more in fashion.

Remember that no regional will be more than four teams with super regionals and pool play in the World Series.  With three lights out pitchers, You can win your conference, regional, super regional and world series.

New York Region / Re: BB: E8: Empire 8
« on: Yesterday at 02:16:49 am »
Depth in pitching are de-emphasized not with super regionals.  The Cal Lu strategy of four pitchers, three starters and a closer will be more in fashion.

Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: BB: NJAC: New Jersey Athletic Conference
« on: Yesterday at 02:12:30 am »
Kean, William Patterson, and Stockton all having great starts to their 2019 baseball campaigns. It's going to be a tough NJAC this year.

Stockton upgraded their program.  R-Newark probably got the top hire last season.

Lots of cancellations on the schedule with teams travelling across the country to get games in "Sunny" SoCal.

That's a tough break on both sides of the equation.  These are games that can't be made up.  I wonder if the SCIAC is going to allow fill-in games between SCIAC opponents that do not count against league standings so our teams can get a full 40 game schedule.  I wonder if the coaches see any value to that.

The can also pick up games vs GSAC opponents as well as local D2 programs. Games are games and you want your kids to play as much as they can before the post-season.

This is why they put a limit on the number of games played and practice time.  The more you practice, the more you play, the better team you are.  Marietta has the most 60 game seasons.  This record made me pause - 29 appearances in an inning - ouch.

Mideast Region / Re: BB: NCAC: North Coast Athletic Conference
« on: March 01, 2019, 12:20:23 am »
There is some info way back on this Forum about Craddocks time with Denison. I do not have more detail than what was posted way back when.

You can read all the comments by searching for Craddock but here is the most pertinent post:

Craddock was forced out by the Denison Administration over a personal matter that I do not feel is appropriate to mention publically on this board.  The issue occured in 2006 or early '07 (before the season) and Craddock remained as coach of the Big Red through all of last season despite the occurence.  My sources tell me a disgruntled player and his parent then took the matter to the Dension Admin. and the force out resulted.  A sad situation if the story is indeed fact.  Craddock is very much respected as a coach by this particular poster and I hope he gets another shot as a head coach next season or even finds work at a higher level.  What he accomplished at Denison is what every lower-middle range program in the midwest would love to see happen to their program.

I've been sitting on this information for several months out of respect to Coach Craddock and my source hoping that the curiosity would go away but the interested baseball fans that you all are have brought the question back to topic.  Hopefully enough time has now passed and the issue is not as sensitive now as last fall.

Interesting trip for Castleton. Squeaked out a win over Whitworth, dropped a close pair to Oxy, gets crushed by Pomona, drops one to Caltech....then beats Chapman. Just goes to show how unpredictable baseball can be.

I cannot figure it out either.

National topics / Re: BB: Pool B
« on: February 22, 2019, 12:24:16 pm »
Teams have to almost be begging the WIAC to get out of Pool B as soon as they can.

Not unless they do better than last year.  No team was kept out of the playoffs by either UWW or UWO who would have made it anyway.

National topics / Re: Conference Realignments
« on: February 17, 2019, 12:26:25 am »
Now that Regional titles are behind us, there is no reason that there cannot be equal number of schools in regions with a number other than eight regions. 

West Region / Re: BB: SCAC: Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference
« on: February 13, 2019, 11:40:45 am »
I had lots of friends at the game but could not make it this year. I watched some of it on the video feed and love their new three camera webcast, quality announcers. Top shelf. Cortland is a young team but look very talented and I would expect them to be in the mix later in the season. Trinity has the talent to make another run this year with better pitching and a more seasoned team. Not as much depth as previous teams so as long as injuries don't happen they should again be a favorite coming out of the West. Pretty special seeing TLU, and Trinity ranked in top 10.

I would love to see the NCAA split up the West region teams in the Supers after how successful the West has been over the past 10 years....but we all know how the bean counters operate.  I think the West is absolutely stacked this year, especially in TX.

It should be possible to spit the west teams into three regionals depending on how the NCAA wants to split the field.  With no experience in super regionals, out outlook is murky indeed.

Redlands kick off the season, hosting Pacific.  Just one of almost 8,000 games in the 4 month long D-III season.

Does anyone know if Carthage is NOT going on a Spring Trip this year?  Their schedule is out and has no trip on it... if so, it's the first time I can ever recall them not taking a trip. They have a very early spring break (first week of March) that may be factoring into that.

Anyone know more details?

It is not uncommon to leave out the spring schedule this late.  Check the schedule on and if another team has them on their schedule, it should show up.

Mideast Region / Re: Rank the Mideast Region
« on: December 18, 2018, 12:21:46 pm »
Posting here because UAA Board is dead.
CWRU Sched

Open in Louisville with Spalding a team that RV last season once ranked #15

Other OOC play W&J, Marietta, Heidelberg, and Wooster,


Position players return pretty much intact. Only need to replace one starting pitcher and closer.

Incoming Frosh LHP Nick Denove was Naples Daily New Southwest Florida Sports Awards  baseball poy.

Spalding is a great team to start with.  They have a record of being decent so they do not hurt your SOS, Spalding just lost AA Fleming so you will not get the All-American.

Mideast Region / Re: BB: NCAC: North Coast Athletic Conference
« on: December 14, 2018, 02:05:21 pm »
Looking at Depauw's schedule:
Looks like there longest trip is 3 or four days in Birmingham, AL.
Looking back at their schedule it does not look like they take as long trips as some of the other NCAC schools. Looks like they go down south for a 3 or 4 days. They did go out to Tucson in 2016. And in 2013 they went down to Florida.

Part of the reason to be D3 is to minimize expenses and travel is a big one for any program.

I suspect your thinking of Cortland.

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