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Nebraska Wesleyan responded to my inquiry about pregame tailgating.

I explained that Wartburg fans and those from some other IIAC institutions enjoyed an occasional adult beverage during tailgating festivities.

They sent a polite but short response that we would be welcomed in college owned facilities for pregame gatherings, but booze of any sort was not permitted on campus.

Monmouth on week one followed by Nebraska Wesleyan in week two.  They both appear to be party poopers.  There could be some serious demand for tailgating debauchery when Knights finally return to the friendly confines of Walston-Hoover.

I wonder if this info had been known before the conference invite, if the vote would have still been unanimous  ;D

If I'm driving all the way to Nebraska, I should be allowed some alcohol as a reward.  Not many people drive to Nebraska...willingly!!!

NWU has always been something of a party pooper when it comes to the consumption of "adult" beverages. This is largely due to its Methodist heritage. Back in ancient times (the 70s) when I was a Plainsman (NOT Prairie Wolf) athlete, the Alcohol (and Drug) Policy Statement wasn't a mile long like it is now, and mainly just prohibited alcohol in University housing and by those not of legal age.
Tailgating was basically absent at FB games with local adults and partying at home, out of town visitors at their hotels, and students in fraternities (5 at the time) and sororities (4), despite being classified as "university" housing. The underage Greek system pledges would just go from the dorms to their houses to join in the partaking festivities. Many groups of kids would ban together to rent cheaper hotel rooms in which to enjoy the consumption of mass quantities prior to games. I'm sure the scene was much the same at many schools. At any rate, a large percentage of the NWU crowds at the usually well attended games, always arrived well primed and ready to enthusiastically voice their support.

One thing that always seemed odd was NWU's rather conservative stance on alcohol possession/consumption when the State of Nebraska was actually quite liberal during those times, lowering the drinking age to 20 in 1969, and then to 19 in 1972, before raising it back to 20 in 1980, and finally to 21 in 1985 in accordance with the national Drinking Age Act of 1984.

I didn't know you could tailgate without alcohol.  :(   But then again I'm from Wisconsin and we can't walk to the corner store for milk without a beer.    ;D  ;)

Don't forget the brat that goes with that beer, Badger :D

Yes, looks like my futbol 🏈 ⚽️ cover is blown! 😎
Just call me Florin. 😳

Indeed. The Cardinals hold a 6-5 advantage over the blue & orange since 2005. 🏈   8-)

The other side of that coin is that there were a lot of teams that also lost to those 3 teams that are not ranked this year.  So the question some wold ask is why does NCC get a pass and what did they actually accomplish to earn a #14...err #13 ranking. 

To answer that question anyone with two eyes can see NCC could have just have easily won all 3 of those games so it's easier to put them in the rankings among those teams be use of the competitiveness.

But that's not how you are supposed to rank teams....

It's so confusing.

North Central is behind everyone it lost to last year. Ahead of everyone it beat. Obviously a 2016 ranking is not going to be based solely on 2015 results but the 2015 results affirm this as a reasonable ranking.

I hear you Pat, but, to play the other side for a minute, the gap between who you lost to and who you beat is pretty large. NCC beat Trine, Elmhurst, IWU, NPU, Carthage, and Elmhurst last year. I don't see any of those teams in any rankings. Hiram and Heidlberg can make the same claim. So something else is going into the ranking besides "empirical" data. Again, I actually think NCC is fairly ranked and is a top 15 team, but there are others on here who have argued they get the benefit of the doubt more than most teams.

Someone smart on here used to say repeatedly "It's not who you lost to that matters, it's who you beat".

Perhaps thats true, perhaps not. However, if true, its pretty easily understandable given the fact that since 2005 North Central has compiled an outstanding record of 105-23, including 70-7 in the CCIW. Pretty high level of achievement on a consistent basis.

Central Region / Re: MBB: Midwest Conference
« on: July 22, 2016, 01:38:30 am »

I was in the MKE area this weekend, and I talked hoops with some insiders.  Carroll expects to win the CCIW title next year.  Several awesome recruits in.  Plus possibly a D-1 transfer.  Watch closely.  :o

Good luck to them, but if they can't win the MWC, what makes them think they can win the CCIW? That goes for most everything, BTW, not just men's hoops...

The problem for Carroll is that in addition to any tough non-conference teams they may play, once they get into conference action they will be facing tougher teams on a regular basis. Angie, IWU, NCC, and NPU are all better than any team Carroll faced in the MWC last season with the possible exception of St. Norbert. At this point, i sense they'll be picked for 5th in the coaches poll, and that they will certainly have the potential to challenge for as high as a 3rd place finish.

Central Region / Re: MBB: Midwest Conference
« on: July 22, 2016, 01:06:47 am »

Although league champion Augie lost virtually their entire starting team to graduation and will have a major rebuilding job, I seriously doubt Carroll will win the CCIW in their first year. IWU and NCC have to be the preseason favorites.
IWU ahead of North Park?

North Park may well have the 2 best players in the CCIW this year. As basketball is played with only 5 players per team on the floor at a time, 2 exceptional players can effect the action on a disproportionally positive basis. On the other hand, should either of these players be unable to play for any given reason, get into foul trouble, or have an off night, NPU is seriously challenged. Additionally, last year's NPU team had a vast black hole in the middle on both ends of the floor. To date, we have no evidence that this situation will improve. Additionally, the Parkers finished at or near the bottom in several statistical categories among them, total defense, rebounding, and FT shooting. Lastly, even with their 2 superstars, last year's team finished only 3 games over .500 overall, and 6-8 in the conference. If I remember correctly, they missed the conference tournament despite having not one, but two good chances to win games down the stretch that would have put them in.
While I suspect the coaches poll might result in NPU finishing 2nd, it would not be surprising to see IWU finish 2nd in the poll with NPU coming in as the 3rd favorite. Without too deep of an analysis of IWU at this early juncture, the primary reasons i would not be surprised to see the coaches vote them in the second spot are that they have no glaring weaknesses, and they have Trevor Seibring, the 2nd best big man in the conference who furnishes everything NPU lacks in the middle. When you start with a player of Seibring's ability you are a step ahead of the game from the opening tip.

Even if it were 14, a 7-3 NCC team seems generously placed due to past seasons' successes.  May they earn the ranking this season.  I had hoped for a stray vote or two for IWU, but I guess their past seasons' successes are too far in the past (and not THAT successful). :P

However, that seemingly not over impressive 7-3 team finished at #16 last season due to the fact that it's 3 losses were to teams with a combined record of 30-5. Additionally, those same 3 teams that beat the Cardinals last year are ranked #7, #8, and #12 going into this season so they evidently are not one and done organizations. Accordingly, rather than being "generously placed," it appears NCC is slotted in a position congruent with both their recent past achievement and near future potential.  :)

Eyes are fine.  It's fingers that betray me.

As I say--I can spell, I just can't type.  :D


I think that rather than a 4, the 2nd number in NCC's ranking is a 3.
Time to get the eyes checked?  :o  :)

Elmhurst added a couple players to their incoming class. The Turner kid has the potential to be pretty good.

With the addition of the 2 additional players reported by USee, Elmhurst's recruit list now numbers 15. With 14 players eligible to return from last year's roster, EC could potentially see a roster of 29 for the upcoming 2016-17 season. Who's hoarding now? 😉

No wonder John Baines also had to add two coaches to his staff. Lots of counselors are required for that many campers. Maybe they can all play at the same time. :)
Assuming all those eligible return, and all the reported recruits matriculate, it will be interesting to see how many of the 29 become regular members of the rotation. 🏀

My mom died this afternoon at age 98.  I think she felt it was time to go once my dad died 4 years ago (after a 70+ year marriage), but after she survived the first couple of years, I thought she was a cinch for 100.  So today was a shock, yet, at 98, not a shock.  She apparently went quickly and with no pain - she was found in the bathroom of her apartment slumped over in her wheelchair.  (Since the bathroom has a pullcord for an emergency, and was never pulled, we assume it was very quick.)  I'm sad, but grateful it was such a quick, painless death, after a very long and wonderful life.

We (including she) were eagerly anticipating a family reunion in August, but such is life. :(


Sincere condolences on the passing of your mom. Mom's are irreplaceable even though we can hold them in our memory.
My mom made it to 95. Your's did great to make 98!
I guess we need to remember to be thankful for the time they were here with us.
Hang in there.


Anyone know who SP's non-conference opponents will be this year?  ;)


Mike Wisz, 6'3" SG, Lemont, IL High School

Graduated from Lemont in 2014. Averaged 19 PPG, 5 PRG, 3 APG.
Runner up for conference MVP. All-Area, and IBCA All-State Special Mention.
Played D1 baseball at Univ of Houston in 2014-15. Attended College of DuPage in 2015-16.

Wheaton was here first so they get to be the Orange team.  8-)
Carroll may be MWC battle tested, but I sense they will find more of the battles they will fight in the CCIW will be harder to win.  ;)

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