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North Central with a 1-0 win @Carthage in the first of 2 games. NCC’s Charlie Klemm with an excellent complete game, 4 hit shutout. ⚾️
Not often do you pitch as well as CC’s Tibor and get tagged with a loss.

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: April 19, 2018, 02:30:19 pm »

Saw a release from St. Francis HS in Wheaton, IL re their 2017-2018 athletes who have “signed” with colleges. The release indicates that 6’5” 226 pound PF Noah Howard, has “signed” with Carthage. He is pictured in the article wearing a Carthage shirt. However, in checking several possible sources, I was unable to find much about him other than his being listed on the SF roster. It doesn’t appear that he was ever a starter, or that he played more than a few minutes in the games in which he did appear. I was unable to find any type of stat line on him.
Perhaps this is a player who is the D3 equivalent of a walk-on in that he basically recruited himself to Carthage and, having been on his high school team, decided to give basketball at the next level a shot?

North Central was a “winning ugly” 15-9 victor over Augie today.
The two teams combined 10 errors, 15 walks, and 21 (12 by Augie) runners left on base.
Both teams used 5 pitchers.
Augie got off to a quick start, scoring 3 times in the first inning. NCC matched that in the bottom of the initial frame. The Cardinals took a 9-6 lead into the top of the 8th, but Augie tied it, plating the tying run on an errant pickoff attempt. North Central then put it away with 6 runs in the bottom of the 8th, aided by 2 AC errors.

For NCC—Joe Rizzo, 4 for 5 with 3 RBI.  Mike Wisz, 3 for 5, 2 runs, and 2 RBI, *Michael Mateja, 3 for 6, 3 runs scored.
For Augie—Ryan Kairis, 4 for 6. John Moraski, 3 for 5 with 3 RBI.

NCC moves to 9-1 in conference, tied with Carthage for the top spot.

* Michael Mateja has now reached base in 64 straight games.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: MBB: University Athletic Association
« on: April 16, 2018, 11:32:28 pm »

Kam Mack of Jacobs HS in Algonquin, IL Has committed to Wash U.
Mack, a SG in HS, probably projects as a wing or true SF in college. He is 6’6” and weights in at 180.
He had narrowed his choices to WU, Augustana, and IL Wesleyan.
12.1 PPG
4.4 RPG
44.8 FG%
31.4 3 PT%

The second game in Naperville was suspended due to darkness, with NCC up 8-4 after 6.  The Cards one-upped the Titans with an EIGHT run 4th inning, greatly abetted by THREE Titan errors. (Is NCC the only school with no lights?)

After posting this, I realized how dumb the question was.  Reversing it, does any conference school have lights? ;)  After all, even Wrigley Field only got lights a relatively few years ago!  Lights for a baseball field are expensive (especially to install, but also to operate), and are probably not particularly welcomed by the neighbors.  But, if the season has to begin so early, it would seem that games either have to start an extra hour or two earlier or lights need to be in place.  Rain-outs (and, alas, snow-outs) are an inevitable part of being in the north; "dark-outs" should probably not happen.

Carthage has lights.  Seeing that NP is a football field, I assume they have lights as well.  Augie has to have lights as well given that they have hosted regionals more than once in the past decade.  Carroll plays at Frame park which has lights.  Wheaton's Pfund field has lights.  IWU's Horenberger Field has lights.  Elmhurst's Butterfield has lights.  Milikin's Sunnyside Park seems to have lights, but much like the IWU website for Horenberger, there aren't really good pictures of the field.

I think your original question was better.
I believe North Central is the only field in the CCIW that does not have lights.

The status of which is not likely to change anytime soon.

NCC takes their first conference loss as they go down to IWU 16-9 in the first game of a doubleheader.
As Mr. Ypsi indicated, the difference was IWU’s 7 run 6th inning. 44 degrees in beautiful downtown Naperville with a wind chill of 38!

West Region / Re: MBB: Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: April 09, 2018, 04:01:25 pm »
Well, you did ask if anyone had any information on him.  ;)

In answer to your last question, IDK what his wingspan is but, even if substantial, it evidently didn’t help much as, even with being 6’7” he only blocked 12 shots all year. Also, his 3.1 TOsPG give rise for concern. His stats seem to point toward him being more offensively orientated.

Dubuque Wahlert (IA) 6'7" F, Peter Timmerman, will play basketball at UWSP.  It's abnormal for UWSP to recruit outside the state of Wisconsin, I hope Timmerman works out well.

Timmerman stats

PPG: 14.0
RPG: 6.5
FG%: 40.4%
3pt%: 35.9%
FT%: 80.5%
APG: 2.1
SPG: 0.6
BPG: 0.5
TOPG: 3.1

West Region / Re: MBB: Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: April 09, 2018, 03:32:21 pm »
I’m a UWSP fan and come in peace.  The Pointers just received a commitment from Dubuque Wahlert 6’6” Senior, Peter Timmerman.  Does any posters who frequent here have any information on him?  I can’t find much online.  Thanks

You just have to know where to look Tom.  :)
This season’s stats

Games: 22
PPG: 14.0
FG attempts: 223
FG made: 90
FG %: 40.4%
3pt attempts: 78
3pt made: 28
3pt %: 35.9%
FT attempts: 123
FT made: 99
FT %: 80.5%
RPG: 6.5
APG: 2.1
SPG: 0.6
BPG: 0.5
TOPG: 3.1

Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: April 07, 2018, 06:21:38 pm »
When did Nebraska Wesleyan move from then NAIA to D3 in men’s basketball?  It appears that some of their athletic teams were NAIA and some may have been D3 through 2015-16.  Just curious as to whether or not any of the players on this year’s b-ball title team were once scholarship players.

None of them were scholarship players. D3 bylaws stipulate that a school cannot join D3 and use players to whom it had once given athletic scholarships. That's one of the reasons why there is a four-year provisional period before a school attains full D3 membership; it allows the school to purge itself of student-athletes whom it had agreed to give athletic scholarships.

But that had nothing to do with Nebraska Wesleyan, because Nebraska Wesleyan never gave athletic scholarships in the first place. NWU had been a dual member of NCAA-D3 and NAIA from D3's inception in 1973 until two years ago, when it dropped NAIA membership. As a dual member, NWU had to declare the previous May what affiliation it would take on for postseason purposes the following school year, D3 or NAIA. Nebraska Wesleyan, which has always felt itself more philosophically aligned with D3, typically declared for D3 -- which is why it had appeared in 14 previous D3 tourneys prior to this season. In fact, NWU made the Final Four on four previous occasions, finishing third in 1985, 1986, and 1988, and second in 1997. It did file as NAIA for certain sports, however; in those instances, Nebraska Wesleyan's teams were among that minority of NAIA teams that represented schools that did not give out athletic scholarships.

NWU's problem vis-a-vis D3 has always been that it exists on a D3 island; it is very geographically isolated, as the nearest D3 neighbor, Buena Vista, is a three-hour drive, and there are only two other D3 campuses within four hours' drive, Simpson and Central. It continues to be a problem even today; traveling to IIAC games is a haul for every Prairie Wolves team, and scheduling D3 non-conference games presents a series of hurdles for the NWU head coach in each sport.

Therefore, NWU was a member of an NAIA league for decades, first the Nebraska Intercollegiate Athletic Conference, and then the NIAC's successor league, the Great Plains Athletic Conference. Nebraska Wesleyan was the only D3 member of those leagues, and, thus, the only member that did not offer athletic scholarships. That, plus the fact that D3 schools are restricted to shorter seasons than NAIA schools in just about every sport, put NWU at a competitive disadvantage. Interestingly enough, though, NWU often did pretty well in various sports in the NIAC/GPAC, men's basketball being a noteworthy example.

Because it is so hard for NWU to schedule non-conference games against D3 opponents, and because the school played most of its games within an NAIA league, the school had to annually petition the NCAA for an exemption to D3's rule that half of a team's games must be played against D3 opponents. That was an additional headache with which NWU had to deal. Small wonder that, when the IIAC offered a spot in the league to NWU, the school jumped at the chance and exited the GPAC, dropping the dual NAIA/NCAA affiliation as well in the process.

Bottom line, Nebraska Wesleyan had no basketball players on scholarship who are no longer getting scholarships, because Nebraska Wesleyan has never given out athletic scholarships.

I was impressed at just how committed the NWU people were to d3 this weekend. I got to talk to Cooper Cook's father Kevin, who played on two NWU final four teams in the 80's and is now a trustee at the school.  He said he's always felt much more connected to d3, even as the school was playing in an NAIA conference.  In fact, he suggested that the move to the IIAC was largely due to the increasing size of the Great Plains conference - with less and less non-conference games available, they just weren't able to keep connected to d3.

Nebraska Wesleyan has always been a committed d3 school and it's good to see that they're connected more closely now.

With the NESCAC historically ranking high academically as well as athletically, conference fans might appreciate the following story about NWU's Cooper Cook who was named the CoSIDA Academic All-American of the Year in NCAA Division III Men's Basketball. The article also mentions Cooper's dad, Kevin, also a CoSIDA Academic All-American.

Cook is Nebraska Wesleyan's 170th CoSIDA Academic All-American. This ranks NWU 8th among all NCAA institutions, and 4th among Division III schools.

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: April 07, 2018, 01:56:02 pm »
Perhaps its because my glasses are tinted red, but I thought I'd post an article that I found interesting and thought others might as well.
Erwin Henry has been a mainstay of the North Central basketball program for the last four years. In this, his senior season, he unfortunately suffered a season ending injury which resulted in his being unable to play in NCC's last nine games. Although an All-Conference player and 1,000 point scorer his contributions have, at times, been overshadowed by other teammates. Nonetheless, his on court contributions are well known to both his competitors, and also to those fans who follow the CCIW on a regular basis. Off the court, Erwin, and I'm sure many other players, also makes a contribution as evidenced by the details of the following article. It has been my pleasure to know and watch E over the last four years. I'm fortunate to count myself as both a fan and friend. I hope you, as I did, find the article interesting. Seems like a good "giving back" story.

Oshkosh recruit

Brandon Whiteside, 6’1” SG from Glenbard South HS in west suburban Glen Ellyn, IL has committed to Oshkosh. Whiteside, an All-Area player, averaged 18.5 PPG. He also led his team in rebounds, steals, and threes, and went to the line nearly 200 times.

Apologies to whomever needs them if this has previously been posted.  :D

North Central gets off to a good start in CCIW play, taking two from Wheaton, 10-0 and 8-2.

And two more from Millikin 15-1 (7 inns), and 8-1. Michael Mateja had 5 hits on the day, and Mike “Wizzer” Wisz, who used to play a (very  ;)) little basketball, had 5 RBIs. ⚾️

Although in nowhere near the dominating fashion of their first four conference victories, the NCC Cardinals chalk up another W by outlasting Millikin 13-10.
The Cards are now 5-0 in conference play. Are they just slow starters, or do they just prefer conference play? Maybe both?

North Central gets off to a good start in CCIW play, taking two from Wheaton, 10-0 and 8-2.

And two more from Millikin 15-1 (7 inns), and 8-1. Michael Mateja had 5 hits on the day, and Mike “Wizzer” Wisz, who used to play a (very  ;)) little basketball, had 5 RBIs. ⚾️

North Central gets off to a good start in CCIW play, taking two from Wheaton, 10-0 and 8-2.

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