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Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: August 23, 2016, 11:28:44 pm »
Some really sad and tragic news to share --

Lanny Lobdell ("veterancciwfan") has been a contributor here on the board for years. There was no bigger fan of the Titans than Lanny, who attended every IWU basketball game - home and away. 

Lanny was an avid runner - even at 74.  A story from 6 years ago about Lanny and Annette's passion for running -  It's hard for me to fathom he was killed on a route he'd probably run hundreds of times.

Please keep Lanny's family and friends in your thoughts and prayers.  He will be missed terribly.
A shocker which I learned about tonight from another source.  I will add to Q's thoughts that Lanny was also a stronger supporter of the CCIW.  He will be missed by the entire Wesleyan community.

Without intent to horn in where I don't belong, Lanny will be missed by an even broader community than solely by those who wear green. While I can't speak for the rest of the CCIW, I can do so for the Cardinal colored faction of the conference. For several years now, Lanny and I usually held both pre and post game discussions before and after the two IWU/NCC games each year, as well as trading several PMs throughout the season. Despite our adversarial alliegiances, our discussions were always amicable, informative, and interesting. I have also met and talked to Mrs. Lobdell, a very gracious lady, several times. My condolences to her, her family, and all Lanny's friends.  :(

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: August 20, 2016, 01:43:32 am »
Safe travels to the Green Team.
May they be free from any form of terror, or any type of nut case both of which, unfortunately, seem to have become far too prevalent in today's society.

How does Beloit look this year?


Beloit was picked to finish 8th in the 11 team Midwest Conference so that should tell you something.
However, it you want specifics, you might want to try posting your inquiry in the proper room.
You will find the Midwest Conference listed among the choices in the West Region.
Beloit and it's fellow Midwest Conference members are not classified as being in the North Region.  ;)

Thanks, Mugsy

Breakdown of the Wheaton roster by state.  Also contains a link to this year's roster.

Wheaton guys, help pls.

I have to wonder how many of the newbies from far flung places like SC, LA, NV, MA, SC, & etc., basically initially recruited themselves to Wheaton as opposed to the WC staff going out and beating the bushes in several of the more distant states. I would think that WC is well known to Christian preps even if they live pretty far from school, and as such, the initial contact is on the part of the recruit as opposed to being initiated by the WC staff.
If this is the case, its a great plus for the Orange & Blue. Nice savings of both time and $.

Who has the superior "weapons", AO, NCC or WC?


Without going into great detail, and also because I don't honestly feel I know CCIW football as well as I do basketball (not that I'm an expert there  :) ), I would say that with Breunig, and Brown, if he is completely healed, that NCC has a slight edge in the rushing game. I say slight because Oletaju is a very good back for WC, capable of breaking a big run at any time.
NCC also has a good receiving corps in Ulmer, Kuhl, Hartema which will be enhanced by the addition of Dylan Warden. They do not have a preseason All-American like Lindquist, but I think they are overall a little stronger. The trick is getting them the ball.
With regard to O line play it seems the edge would have have to go to WC with pre-season All-Americans Gibson and Lindquist.
IDK about the D lines, but USee said NCC has a little more experience returning.
No idea about the relative strengths of the team's LBs or defensive backfield play. Call it even.
At the QB position, which I give the most weight to, WC has a definite edge going in.

So, overall we have receivers, runners, and D line for NCC
LBs and D backs-overall, even.
O line-WC
QB---which I rate as 2 points, WC
That's a 3-3 tie. Yes, I know, a cop-out for sure :D . But I do think the teams truly are very close. This is further evidenced by the coaches poll voting which is as close as it can get.

The game is at NCC, but WC is a 20 minute drive away so I don't believe the Cards will derive any real advantage. Besides I have observed, over several years, that NCC student support/attendance has never been the best. Too many distractions in beautiful downtown NaPPerville?  ;)
If the students supported the team with the fervor the athletic administration, the players parents, and former players and other alums do, the stands would be full or nearly so every game.

Lastly, I've heard that a champ is champ until somebody else knocks him/them off. True?

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: August 15, 2016, 12:01:05 am »
Saturday final from Barcelona...

Illinois Wesleyan 86
Club Basquet L'Hospitalet 48

* Jason Gregoire: 13 pts
* Brady Rose: 12 pts
* Danny Baker: 12 pts
* Alec Bausch: 10 pts

The Green Team is no doubt having a fabulous trip with both multiple overwhelmingly beautiful vistas, and culturally enriching experiences to enjoy.  8-)
However, it doesn't appear that the level of competition presents much of an opportunity for the same degree of athletic enrichment.  ;)


The Illinois Wesleyan men's basketball team rolled past Club Basquet L'Hospitalet, 86-48, Saturday in Barcelona in the first of four exhibition games in Spain.

IWU got 13 points from Jason Gregoire, 12 each from Brady Rose and Danny Baker, and 10 from Alec Bausch.

The Titans took a 9-7 lead and scored 11 straight points to go up 20-7 and led 47-23 at half. The Barcelona team, consisting primarily of 16-year-olds, had 11 points each from Joan Balada and Alex Ruf.

One sports axiom, most likely applicable to all sports, is 'defense wins games.' As USee advises, North Central might have a slight advantage over Wheaton on the defensive side of the ball.
However, another axiom, specific to football, is 'QB is the most important position on the field.' In this regard, the North DuPagers have a distinct advantage in that they have two senior QBs both of which have lagged significant playing time with demonstrated success.

Accordingly, the winner of this year's Little Brass Bell game may well come down to a question of which team can best exploit the advantage they have in the above aspects of the game. Can the Wheaton QB (or QBs) use a combination of their experience plus Wheaton's other offensive weapons to overcome the NCC advantage on the other side of the line? Or, can the NCC QB (likely either a well developing Soph or a redshirt D1 transfer) overcome his lesser degree of experience and step up to efficiently use his weapons to take advantage of, and find holes in, what may be a slightly less stout Wheatie defense?

North Central





I think the Wheaties have to be considered the favs based largely on the fact that they have two good, experienced QBs returning.
I sense USee is engaging in a bit of reverse psychology in placing the Cardinals on top of his Blue & Orange. 😉
I see WC and NCC on the top tier, IWU alone on the 2nd level, and CC by themselves on the 3rd step.
I'd put NPU and Augie at 3.5, and give a slight edge to the Parkers based mainly on having their QB back, as opposed to AC who doesn't.
CU, EC, and MU are down on the 4th tier. I'll say EC avoids the cellar, as in the Coaches' Poll, due to the fact that they have home field over MU this season.

This is just my best guess based on a very quick "analysis."  :D
I'm sure others have equally valid opinions at this early juncture.

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: August 12, 2016, 07:40:41 pm »

North Central's got a new second chair. Mitch Raridon is no longer with the program, and he's been replaced by a name that's very familiar to CCIW followers: Steve Schweer, former NPU graduate assistant coach and former IWU player, has just been hired by North Central after serving for several years in numerous capacities (including assistant men's basketball coach) at Monmouth. Only six more schools to go now before Steve completes his circuit of the CCIW. ;)

(Seriously, though, Steve's a good guy and I'm happy to see his career progressing nicely.)

Mitch Raridon's departure is a tremendous loss for the NCC program. Having grown up under the tutelage of a top level D3 coach in the person of his dad, Todd, who is approaching 500 victories, and being a former NCC player himself, Mitch is a great tactician who played a significant role in the Cardinals success over the last few years including their advancing to the national Sweet Sixteen in 2012, playing in the Final Four in 2013, and qualifying for the national tournament again his past season. In addition, Mitch filled the role of recruiting coordinator for the Cards for the last 2 years.

That said, I think the Cardinals are fortunate to have added someone as qualified as Steve Schweer to step into the top assistant's chair. I especially like the fact that Steve is a CCIW veteran, having earned 4 letters at conference foe Illinois Wesleyan, and coached at fellow member North Park.
He spent the last 5 years as the top basketball assistant at Monmouth, where he also served as the Ass't AD since 2012. In that position, he coordinated student-athlete recruitment for the entire athletic department. He also served as head men's golf coach last season. Todd Raridon has always stressed defense at NCC, and Schweer closely identifies with that facet of the game, having been voted Defensive Player of the Year twice during his playing career at IWU. Another plus is his familiarity with the prime recruiting Chicagoland area, having prepped at west suburban Hinsdale Central HS where his dad previously served as the AD.

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: August 11, 2016, 11:16:16 pm »
Why did Carroll leave their conference and why did the CCIW accept Carroll?

In terms of scheduling, e.g., basketball, I wonder if MU+IWU will get to travel to and compete against Carroll on days preceding a non-school day while other CCIW teams closer to Carroll get stuck with contests that are followed by a school day, thus requiring NPU, NCC, et. al. to return home late at night - more like early morning - as opposed to staying in a hotel.

For perhaps the most comprehensive explanation of Carroll's philosophy concerning their move to the CCIW, here is a video of Carroll AD  Joe Baker doing what I think is a nice job expounding on the subject.

* You may have to click on "Videos" and then "View full website" to bring it up.

NCC--100 upperclassmen/returnees listed plus 58 freshmen/other recruits-158
ELM--70 upperclassmen, 60 recruits-130
IWU--75 upperclassmen, 48 recruits-123

I'll have North Park's numbers either tomorrow or on Friday, but I'm guessing that it'll be somewhere in the vicinity of 70 returnees and 50 to 55 recruits, so my guesstimate for total first-day-of-camp roster size is 120 to 125.

I also tried to check the Wheaton roster, but didn't see it listed yet. However, Coach Swider has been quoted as indicating he will have a roster of 117 players this season. Last year's roster numbered 126.

That is a loss for Wheaton.  2 DC lost this off season.  However, this is what happens when you hire good coaches.  The best to Coach Langs and Coach Sears (outside of September 3).

He's not lost yet:  "Langs will remain at Wheaton for the 2016 season...  He will join Indiana Wesleyan following the completion of the Thunders’ 2016 season."   So you can enjoy his company through November 12th.   ;)

Hopefully without distraction.  Will the foundation & ground work required to setup a brand new program seep into this season?

For informational purposes, Coach Langs was responsible for recruiting in Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma. He also apparently handled a portion of Illinois which is shared among the staff.
With half a body in Illinois, and the other half in Indiana, it seems like there isn't enough left to cover the aforementioned territory, not to mention that he probably isn't going to be recruiting if he is leaving. The question then arises as to who takes over these areas.

The 2016 Carthage roster lists, if my counting is correct, 90 freshmen on a team that has 171 playersThat is a whole lot of zero minutes for a bunch of student athletes.

Didn't Carthage have a huge freshman recruiting class for fall 2015?

A whole lot of zero minutes indeed. But also a whole lot of tuition dollars to enrich the Carthage coffers! 💰💰💰

Any way you look at it, I sense football is usually big business for small schools who can use the tuition dollars brought in by football to help finance the remainder of their athletic teams as well as to help support various academic programs.

I took a look at a few of the other 2016 conference football rosters to see just how the Carthage roster compares.

NCC--100 upperclassmen/returnees listed plus 58 freshmen/other recruits-158
ELM--70 upperclassmen, 60 recruits-130
IWU--75 upperclassmen, 48 recruits-123

General football / Re: Shirts, and stickers and decals oh my!
« on: August 05, 2016, 12:30:52 pm »
Baldwin-Wallace (OH) sticker on a car in the western Chicago suburb of Naperville, IL

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