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Knobloch may indeed have some upside but the reality is that only four players will consume all but miniscule minutes at guard and the identity of three of them is already known. There will be a lot of competition for the 4th spot.
And it's still to early to label any recruiting class as "the best."  ;)

IWU just landed a huge addition to their program. SG Zach Knobloch from Marengo, IL transferred from UWWhitewater. Knobloch is one of the best 3 point shooters in IHSA history, and he was getting lots of playing time as a freshmen at Whitewater until semester break saw the arrival of two DI guard transfers on the scene. He will be a sophomore eligibility wise.

Knobloch will be handful offensively but does have some work to do as a defender. All in all a really nice addition to what is already the best recruiting class in the CCIW.

Lets just wait until the season starts, and we see what some of the young heroes can actually do on the court before we anoint anyone as "the best" prior to any shots being made or any basketballs even being bounced. 🏀 ⛹ 😉

1. I'll just say that I think more people would believe that players would tend to be more protective toward their head coach than whatever number of people that would think they wouldn't be.

2. You don't care what the AD says? Really?  ???
By saying this you are saying the AD would criticize a staff member when no criticism was due.
I really don't think he would do such a thing.

3. With all due respect Tom, it's not me who is being dumb here.
And, sorry to shock you, but yes, I have seen many an open gym where a kid who really doesn't have "the skill level to participate" wants to. Furthermore, from experience, I know what often happens is the kid plays one game, realizes he is hopelessly out of his element, and removes himself from the scene. When a kid of a low skill level does continue to participate past a game or two, its usually because there are two such kids like that present that day. Maybe even four such players. One plays on one team and one on the other. Nobody passes the ball to either one very often, and they effectively cancel each other out and are basically non factors. Essentially, it's a four on four game. And lots of times the team guys don't care. They are often friends of the lower skill guys and know that they won't contribute much. Many times the team guys even bring the other kids to open gym so they will have multiple 5 member teams. And it's not like the lower basketball skill guys are complete non-athletes. Many times they are football guys, soccer players, or golfers. Kids who fall into the complete non-athlete description generally have enough sense not to try to force their way into a situation where they knew they will be nothing except embarrassed.
Maybe not at UWSP, but at most schools, not every open gym game every day is like an off season full team (only) practice.

I sincerely and honestly think you are seriously out of your element here Tom with regard to the level of experience you have vs mine concerning open gym observations. Not bragging because it's nothing to brag about. Just saying I'm pretty confident it's a fact.

* Lastly, we obviously have differing viewpoints on the subject. I tried to respond to your points honestly and objectively both quoting people involved with the situation/investigation and giving examples of situations I have personally observed. You may not agree with some or all of what I've said just as I don't agree with you. However, despite the fact we disagree, I didn't feel the need to label any of your opinions as "dumb." It would have been nice to have been treated in a like manner. 😏

Well... you also say "observing" kids ... when I think everyone understands the UWSP case isn't about "observing."

Listen, I don't like the idea of prostitutes being handed to recruits at all. Don't get confused that I am either defending Louisville or some how condoning it. If we are talking about that specific case, then I have a lot of thoughts including wishing Pitino got more games.

My problem is trying to compare the cases and the divisions. That's where I disagree and am trying to stress that by doing so we only make this more confusing. Stick to DIII in terms of the UWSP case. DI has no standing nor comparison.

What exactly is this case all about then??  I know you've had plenty of conversations about this case with higher ups.  I've had conversations with the players that were there.  I go by their word.  Semling followed the direction of the old Athletic Director when he told Semling observing open gyms was fine. Semling did not direct any drills of any sort at these open gyms.  He didn't tell anybody what to do. That's what I've been told and have zero reason not to believe them.  Then, a student not on the basketball team felt left out when the basketball team wouldn't allow him to join in the game and wrote a "concerned student" letter to the University.

What else is going on here Dave??  I would love to hear it.


1. "I've had conversations with the players that were there. I go by their word."
C'mon man. Do you really think the players are going to say anything they know will hurt their coach??
2. As to your assertion Semling didn't direct drills or tell anyone what to do, please refer to the statement of Athletic Director Brad Duckworth who stated "the program committed four major violations between the 2011-12 and 2015-16 seasons. The most significant violation concerns illegal practices held outside the institution's declared playing and practice season." Seems like such a statement/admission from the AD pretty much seals that question.
3. *As far as a non basketball team member not being allowed to play with the team guys, no argument can be advanced because that is exactly what OPEN GYM means. Anyone who shows up can play-----because it is NOT an organized practice during the official basketball season. Big difference between the concept of off season OPEN gym and organized in-season basketball team practice.  ;)

Pitino at Louisville gets suspended for 5 games for turning a blind eye to prostitutes being offered to prospective recruits while Semling gets suspended 3 times as long for observing some open gyms. Good job making sense NCAA.  What a joke.

I think the school actually suspended Semling, not the NCAA. I could be wrong though,yet you make a good point.

Comparing the two is like apples and oranges.

Yes... the school actually suspended Semling, not the NCAA. We are still waiting to hear what the NCAA has to say on the UWSP case.

Both violations are actually "failing to monitor" a program... but in two very different divisions. Division I has its infractions committee and Division III has its. Division I has it's priorities and rules. Division III has its. Division I actually went after the operations guy pretty aggressively and Pitino for now overseeing that employee properly. Semling is both the coach and the operations guy in this case... so you could argue he is being targeted aggressively as a result. And, UWSP and Semling are repeat offenders on the same violation - illegal practices. Louisville and Pitino are not repeat offenders on this particular violation.

I will also add, this is Division III. The priorities here, especially by rule of the presidents, are very different. Illegal practices before the season begins or during the off-season is something that Division III has never allowed to slide. Trying to compare that to a punishment of strippers during the recruiting process at a Division I school isn't exactly the same. Keep it to the Division III side... that's where we should focus. Louisville is just a distraction from a different division and a different committee.
Maybe in your eyes it is worse... but remember that Division I and Division III have different rules, for starters, on how their divisions are to be run. Secondly, who runs things and why they make certain decisions are different. There is no way in any scenario that the penalties are level. None. Recruiting, for starters, is on a completely different level. Secondly as I said before, presidents have much more say or "power" in Division III (they have it in Division I, but they are looking at different sent of financial numbers than Division III, obviously).

To try and make things level is not even something to consider, to be blunt. Nothing is level, why should penalties? Furthermore, Division I has a ton of different practice allowances that Division III does not have for GOOD reason (you know, students and not paying for students tuition through athletic scholarships). Illegal practices is a major no-no in Division III... especially for repeat offenders. Trying to say that strippers at Division I compares doesn't help the conversation at our level.

Ok, after your first sentence...I'm done talking with you on the subject.   In my eyes, an actual illegal act of providing prostitutes to recruits is worse than a coach observing some kids playing basketball.  Yes...only my eyes can see that.


Thank you for the differentiation between how things are viewed between D1 and D3. I do think Tomt has a point in that it's hard to imagine anything more serious than providing prostitutes to recruits. But, as you say, D1 to D3 is not apples to apples even though maybe it should be. :-\
Right or wrong, I suspect 💰💰💰 might have something to do with the difference.

I sense you may be overlooking two points in your defense of Semling.

1. Like it or not, as Dave points out, there are major differences in how things are looked at between D1 and D3. (I'm not defending it, but that IS how it is).

2. You seem to be concentrating on the prostitution angle, and neglecting 2 important points.

A) - The same violations were committed over the 5 year period of 2011-2012 through 2015-2016. It was not a one time occurrence.
B) - Semling was determined to have not only been observing over the examined period of time, but to have also been directing/coaching, which, as I think you know, is strictly prohibited.

I think I clearly explained the meanings of and my use of word "if." If the (given) rankings, then ______. This assumes they ARE ranked as you indicated.

Also, you're still misinterpreting my statement. I never said they didn't have a chance to play for UWW, UWSP, or any other state school. In fact, I said it would be surprising if those schools DIDN'T look at/recruit them!  :)

Looks like the Orange may be trumping the Red in the in-state CCIW recruiting war.

Aleo, if Setzer & Hall were ranked 42 and 45 in the State it seems like UWW, and possibly others, would likely have come after them.

I don't know why you're saying "if they are ranked."  A guy who knows high school basketball in Wisconsin better than anybody else, comes out with his Player Rankings.  From following them the past few years, they seem to be pretty accurate.  It's not an exact science, but he's had a lot of guys going D3 ranked in that 35-50 range that have had a lot of success at that level.  Setzer was ranked 42nd on his end of year list while Hall was ranked 45th.  I'm sure both of them had plenty of WIAC interest.  I was definitely hoping Setzer would make his way to UWSP, 6'10" size doesn't make it to D3 that often.  Alas, they both chose Carroll as their best fit.

Geez tomt.
Are you always so truculent?? Did somebody stick a hot coal up your arse or what?
I did not use the word "if" to denote any form of doubt or argument with whoever does the State Senior Rankings as you referred to them.

"If" can also be, and is often used as a conjunction introducing a conditional clause and is synonymous with situations such as provided (that), as long as, or given that.

I simply used "if" to pose the supposition that being ranked that high, it would be surprising that UWW and/or some of the other state schools didn't try recruiting them. I wasn't arguing that they were not ranked in those positions by whoever.

Also, if you want to be picky, when you say "a guy who knows high school basketball in Wisconsin better than anyone else," you might open yourself to an argument by another party or parties who think they know or know someone they think knows HS basketball in Wisconsin as well or better than the guy who compiles the State Senior Rankings. I mean was there a vote taken or what?

Here are your chill pills 💊💊💊. One that makes you larger, and one that makes you small, and the one that mother gives you don't do anything at all. 😎

Looks like the Orange may be trumping the Red in the in-state CCIW recruiting war.

Aleo, if Setzer & Hall were ranked 42 and 45 in the State it seems like UWW, and possibly others, would likely have come after them.

TQ has reported on the IWU recruits, Gregory Sager on a few from NPU, and some other guy has commented on the NCC newbies. Those from Augie, Elmhurst, and Wheaton are described on their respective web sites. However, has anyone heard anything about any Carthage, Carroll, or Millikin recruits?

IWU's 2017-18 schedule -

That's a pretty strong schedule, especially when we find out who's at the Emory tournament.

uhhh  the 5 schools IWU has scheduled in November had a combined record of  53-80 last year... Will they be that much stronger?

Each of the 5 schools scheduled to face IWU in November figures to be significantly stronger in 2017-2018. Just ask them.  ;)

The Illnois Basketball Coaches Association will hold their 2017 All Star games this coming Saturday, 6/10, at Pontiac High School. The 1A/2A game is scheduled to tip off at 4:00, followed by the 3A/4A contest at 6:00.

At least 6 of our CCIW recruits (sorry if I'm missing anyone), have been invited, and are scheduled to participate.

1A/2A North

Will Clausil -- North Central
Justin Fox -- Elmhurst
Carson Frakes -- Augie

1A/2A South

Max Muller -- IWU

3A/4A North

Garrett Fant -- North Central

3A/4A South

Grant Wolfe -- IWU


Michael Pollack is transferring to North Central from Division 2 Northern Michigan.
Michael (6'3" 185) is a 2016 graduate of DeKalb HS where he was coached by Al Biancalana.

At DeKalb;

* 1,000 + point scorer including shooting 42% from 3. Made 172 threes.
* First Team All Conference -- Northern IL Big 12 Conference
* All Area -- Daily Chronicle
* All State -- IBCA
* Ranked 41st in the state by Prep Hoops Report

Michael redshirted last year at NMU, and will still have 4 years of eligibility remaining.


Brandon James is transferring to North Central from Lakeland University of the Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference. He has been a regular starter at guard for the Muskies for the last 2 years.

2016-2017 Stats:

18.1 PPG (Tied for 6th in the NACC)
.402 FG %
.336 3 PT %
.808 FT % (5th in the NACC)

Brandon, who played his HS basketball at Rockford East, will have only one year of eligibility remaining.

* Further announcements are likely to follow.


Falotico really has not been healthy since about his sophomore year of high school.

... doesn't fit the actual narrative of Falotico's freshman season.

In his freshman season of 2015-2016, Falotico played in 21 games with 2 starts. He came into college with a reputation as being a good shooter. He shot .348 overall, including .364 on threes. His FT % was .423.

I saw him play twice vs. NCC. He played 14 minutes in the first game. He was 0/2 from the field, and fouled out. In the second game he played 13 minutes and shot 0/3, including 0/2 on threes. He committed 3 fouls.
In total, in 27 minutes he went 0/3 on 2s and 0/2 on 3s, and committed 8 fouls, including fouling out of the first game in which he played 14 minutes. Possibly due to sickness or possibly due to lingering injuries as suggested by Titan Q, he shot 0/5 . He displayed no quickness whatsoever, and was basically invisible on defense while committing a foul every 3.3 minutes.

This past season, he really gained no additional varsity experience. With Rose, Bonnett, Coleman, and now, Knobloch available, the odds for Falotico to see any appreciable time next season appear to be slim at best. And thats not even considering the roles Curry, Gregorie, Streety, Coderre, Sestak, and Pollard, plus any incoming freshmen, might play.
Should he see any meaningful action this season, it seems he would really have overcome long odds and done a remarkable job.


I believe it was TQ who recently advised us that one of the IWU recruits for next season will be Charlie Bair from Glenbard South HS.

Would just like to add that I believe Mr. Bair led DuPage County in rebounding last season.
With the loss of Seibring & Bausch, one of IWU's pressing needs will need to find someone adept at cleaning glass. Accordingly, Bair may be in position to assume a significant (;)) role in the coming season.

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