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Also meeting the above requirements, and included on the 2014-2015 NABC Honors Court, are Kevin Honn and Jayme Moten of North Central.
I believe IWU and NCC were the only 2 CCIW teams with representatives on the Court.

Congrats to all the Titan and Cardinal members.

Wheaton 2015 season preview:

Sears mentions, "The quarterback position also returns two players who started in games in 2014 in Johnny Peltz (PICTURED RIGHT) and Andrew Bowers. Both players are juniors and will be key contributors to the success of our offense in 2015."

Here we go again.  Johnny Peltz is your QB.  Peltz's decision making is what got Wheaton playing well the 2nd half of the season last year.  If Bowers is so quick and fast, Peltz can hand the ball to him.   QB is a decision making position first and foremost.

You can be the conference, region, or whatever level leader in making the right decision (keep it or pitch it, cut in or out, hit the post, hook, or slant receiver), but if you can't execute you are going to rank closer to the bottom of the stat lists than the top. 🏉 😯

Coaches poll GUESS:


West Region / Re: MBB: Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: July 24, 2015, 03:37:00 pm »

Nebraska Wesleyan’s future travel distances:
Buena Vista – 360
Central – 235
Coe – 320
Dubuque – 390
Loras – 390
Luther – 390
Simpson – 210
Wartburg – 330
8 schools = 2,625 miles
Average = 328 miles

Google says 60 miles to BVU, not 360.

Actually, Google Maps says you're both wrong. The shortest route between Lincoln and Storm Lake -- which is basically Interstates 80, 680, and 29, US-59, and IA-39 -- totals 173 miles and requires three hours and seven minutes of travel time.

That would reduce Nebraska Wesleyan's average IIAC travel distance to 305 miles, which is still quite a haul.

In my old Nebraska Wesleyan days, we used to play BVU on a fairly regular basis. I somehow remember the trip taking approximately 3 hours over mostly sparsely populated terrain. The other thing I remember was the BVU fans. This is due to the fact that, in addition to being among the most obnoxiously vociferous fans we faced, they were also quite possibly the most reprobate. Some of the epithets they hurled in our direction even included unflattering comments relative to our parentage. On one occasion, in a game in which we were under over the line verbal harassment from the opening tip throughout, one of my teammates made a two-thirds length of the court last second shot to win the game. Our locker room was at the opposite end of the gym, and during our long walk to the locker room, we gave the stunned BVU crowd a middle finger, #1, salute every step of the way.
Of course that was back in the 1930s when the NWU Prairie Wolves were still known as the Plainsmen and BV University was still BV College. I'm sure the Beaver fans have, by now, learned to channel their aggressive drives into socially accepted patterns of behavior.  :)

West Region / Re: MBB: Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: July 24, 2015, 02:58:36 pm »
That must be where BVU holds its classes for its Casino and Greyhound Track Management major.

And that major is in danger of being discontinued or at least downgraded to a Casino major only as, under a bill known as Iowa Senate File 2362, greyhound racing at Bluffs Run Park is scheduled to end on 12/31/15. 🐕 🌅

And One and Gregory,
Your topic of conversation regarding the difficulty of scheduling and the consequences of scheduling up is what led to the topic of the Pool C selection process.  That problem is mostly resolved if the committee regularly starts selecting multi loss teams with a track record of competing with the best competition over 1 loss teams with a poor track record against the best competition.

Very true, but, unfortunately, I sense the chances of that happening in my lifetime are slim and none.  :(

With specific regard to the NCC/Wesley game, which drew the majority of the commentary, I doubt the loser is going to get any consideration from the committee for their willingness to take on a highly ranked competitor.

As it relates to NCC playing Wesley, I have a lot of thoughts. I am most happy about it because it will bring up the SOS of the entire conference and so that helps my team. The current system, however, simply does not reward teams for scheduling up. We can all argue it should, but it doesn't. The data doesn't support it. Neither does the data support the notion that playing a Wesley helps your team go deeper in the playoffs, or helps your team win its conference, or furthers your program in any tangible way other than brand in other geographic areas where they don't know who you are. In fact, if you play in a tough conference to win the AQ, playing a top 10 team early in the season and losing is more often a death blow than a help.

As a case study we have a great example in our midst. Wheaton and North Central. These two teams are 5-5 against each other the last 10 years. NCC has made the playoffs 8 of those ten years. 7 times as the AQ and once as a pool C. They missed out the other 2 years despite 8-2 records as they lost early in the season to ONU in 2009 and UWSP in 2014. And if Wheaton knew the tiebreaker formula in 2012, NCC would have stayed home that year after an early season loss to UWL.

Wheaton, on the other hand, has made the playoffs 4 times in those 10 years. 3 of which were a pool C and last year was their only AQ in 10 years. In the Pool C years (06,08,10), they won all of their non conference games and lost to NCC during the season. In fact, in 2008 they lost to NCC and Elmhurst but still got in and made the semis.

Wheaton and NCC have very different philosophies in scheduling. Wheaton usually schedules 1 team with winning record and 2 teams with losing records. They clearly believe the CCIW is good enough to get them to the playoffs and be successful. NCC likes to schedule tougher teams. It has cost them a playoff spot 2 times (09, 14)and almost a 3rd (2012). 

As far as going deeper in the playoffs, NCC has faced non conference teams with a combined winning record 4 times in 8 playoff appearances. in 3 of those years they lost in the 2nd round and last year they didn't make the playoffs. In 2010, NCC's non conference opponents were 4-26 and they went on to the quarterfinals at home v UWW, losing 10-20. In 2013 they lost to Mt Union by a point in the semis, their non conference opponents were 12-18 (all of them were WIAC schools).

Wheaton, in 2008, didn't play a non conference team with a winning record, were the last team into the playoff field and won every road game to get to the semi's. Last year they played Coe (5-5), Kalamazoo (2-8) and UWEC (1-9) and many said they had no quality wins and had their suspicions yet they beat NCC and took JCU down the final minute.

I just think there is no upside in the current system, for CCIW teams, to adding another top 10 team to your schedule. The system more often penalizes than benefits. If your team is good enough, you will win the conference and the CCIW champion has usually fared well in the playoffs. I don't think the extra burden of a tough non conference game provides any real benefit. I like it, but the system doesn't reward it.

This is exactly why I have long advocated scheduling "weaker" non conference foes. As much as possible, I think that to help assure inclusion in the playoffs, you want to schedule games you will almost assuredly win. Not necessarily 1-9 or 2-8 teams that your JV team could beat, but 5-5 or even 6-4 teams that will offer both a good chance for a W plus at least a little competition that may help prepare your team for a tougher upcoming conference schedule. This is especially important to teams that play in highly competitive conferences like the CCIW where there is always a good chance of losing a conference game. As USee said, from a fan standpoint, you want to see a competitive game, but what is the incentive to highly competitive scheduling when the likelihood is that a non-conference loss plus a conference loss may very well keep you, at 8-2, out of the playoffs because the selection committee looks primarily at your record as opposed to who you play. Lets say NCC or Wheaton, or any team for that matter, suffers a couple of one or two point losses to powerhouse teams. Despite coming within 2-4 points of an undefeated season, an 8-2 record may well keep them out of the playoffs. While thats utterly ridiculous, especially when anyone who knows a football from their posterior knows you're one of the top teams in the country, its the reality of the current system.

And not to commit the sin of dwelling on basketball on the football board, but the scheduling dilemma is even more pronounced in BB where CCIW teams currently have to schedule 11 non-con games without compiling a schedule that will put tournament participation in jeopardy when you add in the losses that can be fairly well expected during the highly competitive 14 game conference schedule.

Additionally, I'm a firm believer that as long as an inferior team can keep the game close into the 4th, they have a chance.

By my reckoning, any team that can keep a game close into the 4th has a chance.

While they almost assuredly wouldn't admit it, many coaches in various sports go into games both knowing they are a decided underdog and, that if they can somehow keep it close into the stretch, a long bomb, a lucky bounce, a miraculous shot, or some other form of good fortune, can result in allowing them to record an improbable victory.  8-)


I don't have access to my desktop right now but I'd love to see a list of the Pool C teams over the past 4 years or so.

This is easy enough:
2011 - Illinois Wesleyan, St. John Fisher, Illinois College, Centre, McMurry, Redlands
2012 - Louisiana College, Heidelberg, Elmhurst, Bridgewater State, Rowan, Pacific Lutheran, Bethel
2013 - Pacific Lutheran, John Carroll, St. John Fisher, UW-Platteville, Illinois Wesleyan
2014 - John Carroll, Wabash, Muhlenberg, Centre, St. Thomas, Delaware Valley

If the assertion is that the committee is leaving out teams that could reasonably win the tournament, then I would disagree.  We can quibble about whether or not UW-P or NCC is better than Muhlenberg in 2014, but neither of those teams were going to win the tournament or beat either of the eventual finalists along the way.  Wasn't happening.


In the last ten years 19 of the 20 slots in the national championship game have been filled by Whitewater and Mt. Union. The only exception was title game loser St. Thomas in 2012. Accordingly, under your "neither of those teams were going to win the tournament" corollary, why quibble at all? Just dispense with the preliminaries, and send UWW and UMU to Salem the weekend after the regular season concludes because it really doesn't matter who else is chosen to participate. All the first 4 rounds of the playoffs do is give the weather in Salem a chance to get colder.  ;)

Maybe the Wa-bashers want Defiance for some particular reason, and they are doing a bit of wishful thinking by naming them as their opening opponent. We've seen this manner of proactive wishful thinking occur before.
Or, perhaps the visitors from Indiana just fear possibly having to open against the crusading Thunder.  ???  ;)

Mark also left out our newest recruit from his list. He must not be aware of the 6'8 D2 transfer that committed this week. :)

If you're talking about the 6'8" D2 transfer that was a 2014 IBCA Special Mention All-State player, and was on full scholarship and started 64% of his D2 team's games last year while averaging 23 minutes per game, 8.1 PPG, and 4.5 RPG, I AM aware.  8-)
However, I am also aware that the young gentleman in question has yet neither deposited nor registered. Accordingly, both protocol and common sense preclude me from formal identification until at least one of the aforementioned processes has been consummated.  ;D


North Central is happy to announce that 6'8" 235 lb Alex Sorenson has completed his paperwork and has officially transferred to NCC where he will be a member of the 2015-2016 Cardinal basketball squad.
Last season as a true freshman at D2 Northern Michigan, Alex started 18 of NMU's 28 games and averaged 8.1 PPG, and 4.5 PRG in an average of 23 minutes per game.

Alma's schedule:

By my count the Scots are missing 2 games.

Looks like Alma is gettin' tight with the CCIW. Four consecutive games vs Elmhurst, North Park, North Central, and Wheaton.

Also 4 non-conference Sunday games. Is this common either for Alma in particular or among MIAA teams in general?

Just updating the CCIW recruit list originally compiled by TitanQ

* Jake Asquini, 6-2 SG (St. Charles East H.S.)
* Jordan Bradshaw, 5-10 PG (Hinsdale Central H.S.)
* AJ Dollmeyer, 6-8/240 C (Sauk Valley CC, Polo H.S. '14)
* Nolan Ebel, 6-0 PG (Regis Jesuit H.S., Aurora, CO)
* James Fox, 6-2 PG/SG (Edgerton H.S., Wisconsin)
* Joe Kellen, 6-1 PG/SG (Rockford Lutheran H.S.)
* Jake Nowak, 6-3 G/F (Plainfield North H.S.)
* Sean O'Neil, 6-6 PF (South Eugene H.S., Oregon)
* Chrishawn Orange, 6-2 PG (Jacobs H.S.)
* Pierson Wofford, 6-4 G/F (Springfield Lutheran H.S.)

* Matt Acevedo, 6-3 SG (Maine West H.S.)
* Mike Canady, 5-10 PG (Jacobs H.S.)
* Chris Dolce, 6-2 SG (Conant H.S.)
* Jordon Kedrowski, 6-2 PG/SG (Downers Grove North H.S.)

* Adam Braxton, 6-3 G/F (Leyden Township H.S.)
* Aaron Twist, 6-11 C (West Frankfort H.S.)

Illinois Wesleyan
* Danny Baker, 6-5 SF/PF (Vianney H.S., Missouri)
* Colin Bonnett, 6-3 SG (Benet Academy, Lisle)
* Nick Coleman, 6-2 PG (St. Patrick H.S., Chicago)
* Mark Falotico, 6-1 PG (St. Viator H.S., Chicago)
* Jason Gregoire, 6-4 SG (Cary-Grove H.S.)
* Chasen Peez, 6-7 F/C (Batavia H.S.)
* Ben Sestak, 6-5 SF (Sacred Heart-Griffin H.S., Springfield)

* Matt Kruse, 6-9 PF (NCAA D2 McKendree/Monticello H.S. '13)
* Nathaniel Lackey, 6-8 F/C (Fairfield Community H.S.)
* Nathan Lovekamp, 6-3 SG (Cerro Gordo H.S.)
* Tyler Pygon, 5-11 PG (Providence Catholic H.S.)
* Jack Simpson, 5-11 PG/SG (Kickapoo H.S., Springfield, Mo)
* Thomas Williams, 6-2 SG (Byron Nelson H.S., Trophy Club, TX '14...formerly Kaneland H.S.)

North Central
* Jagger Anderson, 6-0 PG (Transfer from Lincoln College, Springfield Southeast H.S.) Jr.
* Jack Bronec, 6-8 C (St. Charles East H.S.)
* Aiden Chang, 6-2 SG/PG (Aquin H.S., Freeport)
* Tanner Gardon, 6-7 SF/PF (Elgin Larkin H.S.)
* Logan Ivy, 6-6 F/C (Plainfield Central H.S.)
* Josh Jandron, 5-10 PG/SG (Woodstock North H.S.)
* Chris Jenkins, 6-0 PG/SG, (Luther North H.S.) NEW
* Tommy Koth, 6-3 SF (West Aurora H.S.)
* Jaquan Phipps, 6-3 SG/PG/SF (Lyons H.S., LaGrange) NEW
* Connor Raridon, 6-5 Wing/SG (Neuqua Valley H.S., Naperville)
* Alex Sorenson, 6-8 PF/C (Transfer from D2 Northern Michigan/Dunlap, IL HS '14) So. NEW

North Park
* Darius Brown, 6-3 G (Belevidere HS/Rock Valley CC) NEW
* C.J. Dukes, 6-4  SF (Chicago Steinmetz HS) NEW
* John Lorenz, 6-2 G (Elk Grove HS/Harper CC 2012-13) NEW
* Matt Perhats, 6-1 PG (Prairie Ridge H.S. '14, Crystal Lake)
* Vance Rockford, 6-1 SG (Lane Tech)
* Adam Sonneras, 6-4 SF (Kungsbacka, Sweden) NEW
* Jayson Stone, 6-2 G (Danville, IN) NEW
* Tim Townsell, 6-1 G (Seton H.S., South Holland) NEW

* Tyrel Derrick, 6-0 PG (Lakeland H.S., Rathdrum, ID)
* Kobe Eichelberger, 6-4 SG (Trinity Prep, Maitland, FL)
* Trevor Gunter, 6-6 PF (Grace Community School, Flint, TX)
* Reagan Jones, 6-6 PF (Lake Braddock H.S., Burke, VA)
* Trae Masten, 6-7 SF (South Side H.S., Fort Wayne, IN)
* Troy Morrison, 5-11 PG (Phillips Exeter Academy, NH/Greater Atlanta Christian School '14, GA)
* Luke Peters, 6-3 G/F (Cuyahoga Valley Christian Academy, Stow, OH)
* Michael Winowiecki, 6-3 SG (Indiana Wesleyan/Saugatuck H.S. '14, MI)

You would think just the sheer size of the schools would give them an advantage. I understand not everyone is a fan, bit when a school of 6,000 to 10,000 only averages 500 fans, there's a problem. And that doesn't even count the community. Get out and promote the school.

I think there are lots of schools, even those of 6,000 to 10,000, where a sizable portion of the student population does their own thing. And, whatever the that "thing" may be, it may have nothing to do with athletics. This can apply even on a week night at a school where not much else may be happening, and a good percentage of the students live in campus housing, and thus only a short walk from the gym.  As far as attendance by non-students, perhaps the community has lots of other entertainment choices besides a college basketball game.
Lastly, as far as promoting a team either on camps or in the community, if the team lacks quality, no amount of promotion is likely to make much difference.  ;)

Over the past five years Wesley has won 56 games while losing only 10. North Central is 52-9 over that same period. 🏈 💥
Over the past ten seasons Wesley is 114-18, and North Central is 98-20.

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