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Was interesting listening to the ATN podcast this week. They pontificated on Swider possibly retiring.

A couple of thoughts about today:

1) Wheaton losing is more due to the deficit they overcame rather than a senseless call.

2) The main duty (and in my opinion the only duty) of officials are to prevent an unfair advantage for one team over another.

3) What happened with the unsportsmanlike penalty for spiking the ball was NOT a situation that created an unfair advantage for anyone.  In that moment, in that game...look the other way and good refs get that.

I'm anything but a Wheaton fan, so no reason to stick up for them. 

As far as NCC, they will be in trouble this week.  I assume the are going to PA.  This is a very, very good defense which has been getting better, not worse.  Remember, they were a recovered fumble away from being down in todays game (I think it was 17 14 at that point with Del on the NCC 15. 

Still...really impressive stuff from both!

They were up 24-14 at that point.

And you can argue the fumble but I’d argue they were a fluky tipped interception away from being up 24-7 and DV not getting that momentum. Game could have been very different.

Real question: If you are Wheaton, would you even want to see North Central again in the Stagg Bowl? On one hand, you've beaten them once already, and are 4-1 against Rutter as the starting QB. But on the other, parallels to 2017, where NCC beat Wheaton (Rutter's only win over the Thunder) and then the Thunder came back and beat them the next time around. They do say it's hard to beat a good team twice. Ideally for Wheaton, someone else would knock off the Cardinals as they take care of business on their end. Also, if it did end up with the two of them in the Stagg, does Swider put the Bell on the line? I recall Thorne would not put it up for the playoff game. Thoughts?

I for one would be thrilled to play NCC again because that means we won the next 2 and made it to the Stagg. There is no statistical validity to the wives tale of beating a good team twice. It stems from the idea if you have a 50% chance to beat a team and play them twice the expected result is 1-1. But if you flip a coin 2x you could easily get 2 heads as often as you get 2 tails. So if these two play again, the percentages will be what they are and the first matchup has nothing to do with it, statistically speaking. Probably a pickem game if it happens

I wouldn't put the Bell up. Its a regular season game trophy. They lost, we won. See you in Naperville next year.

Completely agree on the Bell!  We can take it back at home next year!   ;D   ;)

I'll gladly let them keep the Bell and we will take the Stagg trophy this year. Deal? Deal.

It sure seems like the North RAC is positining JCU to leap NCC in the rankings if they beat BW this week. JCU's SOS is going to bump up and NCC's will take a hit. Also, the RRO data will skew toward JCU and away from NCC with BW staying ranked.

While I can't imagine the North putting JCU ahead of NCC on any kind of rational grounds, they just might do it, which would be curtains for NCC's ability to make the field IMO.

And if UWW were to lose Saturday, total chaos,  as multiple top 10 ranked teams (which has no bearing on the selection criteria) may not make it into the field.

Highest ranked team ever to miss the field is ______ ?

Am I wrong in saying that Swider seems to make better adjustments (halftime and rematch) than Thorne? Just seems like NCC has the upper hand in the first half only for Wheaton to completely take them apart after halftime.

North Region football / Re: FB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: September 07, 2019, 12:30:27 pm »
NCC’s defense looks bigger than I recall them looking in previous seasons. Specifically their LB and DB units.

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: August 19, 2019, 09:57:12 am »

NCC basketball players Connor Raridon, Matt Cappelletti, and Aiden Chang have acquired a new roommate.
6’8” Andy McLaughlin, a member of Augustana’s 2016-2017, and 2017-2018 teams, who also attended Augie last year but did not play basketball, has completed all the necessary paperwork and has enrolled at North Central where he will be a member of the 2019-2020 Cardinal team. He will have two years of eligibility remaining. 🏀

Good to hear. Can never have too much size.


North Central is proud to welcome Maliq Anderson from St. Joseph HS in Westchester, IL.
Maliq is a 2019 IBCA Class 3A Special Mention All-State 6’5” SF/PG who was a top target of the Cardinals this year.
For the season he averaged 15 PPG, 6.0 APG, and shot 89.7% from the line.
Welcome Maliq. 🏀
Exciting pick up!

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: February 28, 2019, 10:37:58 am »
I see a comment made in the preview that, if true, this is some kind of recovery.

"*A quickly deleted tweet on bracket Monday revealed that Aiden Chang – he of a really tragic, gruesome leg injury in December, and a pretty talented point guard – was cleared for full participation in practice this week."

Millikin has a football program? Who knew....

When I got to NCC in 00 they were the team that scared me the most. I seem to remember seeing them kicking off a bunch and knocking NCC players out of the game each time due to the verocity of their hitting!

We can agree to disagree. There is a difference between subjectivity and bias. I agree you have no bias, but you absolutely are using subjective data sets for a deliberate point. 15 years is  subjective, to fit your argument. 2 decades is as simple to say and the data comes out differently.

Yes, but again, two decades makes absolutely no contextual sense. Your two-decade yardstick is absolutely irrelevant to the discussion. This is all about Mark's assertion regarding suburban Chicagoland recruiting. The fulcrum of the whole issue regarding suburban recruiting is John Thorne, because I believe that he is the explanation for the difference between NCC's football fortunes and Elmhurst's. (NCC fans, if you disagree with me about that, feel free to chime in ... after all, it's your program, not mine.) There's really two ways that I could've gone about making my point:

* NCC is the most successful program in the league over the past fifteen years (which is what I used), based upon my estimate of when the Cardinals' two-deep became Thorne-dominated rather than DeGeorge-dominated with regard to recruiting; or

* NCC is the most successful program in the league over the past seventeen years. That would've covered the entirety of the tenures of Thornes pere and fils in Naperville. I'm less inclined to use this yardstick, because I'm reluctant to hold John Thorne responsible for how well he coached teams that he didn't bring into the program, considering that this discussion is all about his recruiting acumen. Over that seventeen-year stretch Wheaton narrows the gaps in terms of CCIW winning percentage, CCIW titles, and D3 playoff appearances, but NCC still dominates in those categories; ergo, North Central is still the most successful program in the league if you use as the starting date the day that the school hired John Thorne.

There is no subjectivity at work here. Again, my argument regards John Thorne, vis-a-vis suburban recruiting, so the years that I'm measuring are not the least bit arbitrary.

Makes sense to me!

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: December 16, 2018, 01:01:20 pm »
Per Chang’s Twitter, he’s had successful surgery to repair torn ligaments, a dislocated ankle and a fractured fibula.

Bummer for NCC. They return a ton next year. I expect them to be in the conversation for the best of the tier right below the Purples.

If 3 WR’s then 7 in the box, if 4 WR’s then 6,etc. Doesn’t matter, NCC has to stop the run to win. 6-5 TE is not anything they haven’t seen. Don’t think they are worried about that.

I think NCC has other advantages besides the kicking game FYI.

Like one of the best QBs (could maybe argue the best) in D3?


On another note, does anyone have any info on whether the Johnnie (or Bethel) game will be streamed? My MIAC app on ROKU does not have either listed on the schedule.

In the past the home team has had the ability to stream games until the semis when it switches over to the NCAA and/or ESPN streaming. I would imagine the Johnnies will be accessible via the app.

Bethel vs NCC probably won't be. Last year's SJU playoff game vs NCC was streamed by a local TV station. The stream was also available via YouTube. Last year I searched North Central St John's football and was able to get it on my Smart TV which was nice.

Rube -- all of the games are streamed and the links are on the scoreboard. But I can't speak for the Roku app.

NCC streams their home games via Should be there tomorrow.

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