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Never thought I would see the day a UWW player ranked over an Ohio St. player

Central Region / Re: MBB: Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: February 05, 2021, 10:45:54 pm »
Big night for the Hawks against Point. Men’s and women’s  8-)

Edit: and wrestling too apparently

Apparently Meinerz is absolutely crushing it at the senior bowl event.

I see UWW is going hard after the Kevin Stemke award winner (Wisconsin’s top senior kicker/punter).

Not sure how to 100% interpret his tweet:

He got offered a roster spot would be my read. Looks like he also visited Stout. Didn’t UWW get last year’s Stemke award winner, too?

Maybe I’m putting too much stock in this award. But Why aren’t the best kickers in the state going to school for free somewhere? What am I missing here?

I see UWW is going hard after the Kevin Stemke award winner (Wisconsin’s top senior kicker/punter).

Not sure how to 100% interpret his tweet:

Kumerow TD!!!

I can actually cheer for his TDs now  ;)

Meinerz declaring himself for NFL draft. Obviously a great opportunity, but I was afraid things like this might happen. Missing out on seniors playing their final season of football. Stupid COVID.

Ney ney....I want Leipold in Champaign, to lead the Illini.  Gonna have some competition there, Cyclones.   ;D

Fantastic to see, super happy for LL.

I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. What a sorry program U of I is.

And I’m an Illini fan.

For being a investigative journalist, 02 was a bit late to the party on this one.

UW-W lands a good QB today.  Ty Poorman, a Finalist for Mr. Florida and Luke Poorman's brother, committed to UW-W.

His twin brother Cole, a 6'1" 205 pound linebacker, also comitted to UW-W. Cole was named an All-Orlando area Linebacker


I thought one of them was a linebacker.

I think Cole played both offense and defense.

Didn’t realize we have two Poorman brothers “committed” to UWW. Cole and Ty.

Nice Slant

Looks like we’re tapping into that Mount Union/Florida pipeline 😉

02, I’m not Twitter proficient - is there an actual story along w the video?
Are the brothers a QB-Receiver combo?

Don’t leave me hanging after teasing w slant route news.

Found a story for you. The video on his Twitter account is Ty throwing to his twin brother, Cole. So yeah, they must have been a QB/WR combo. I clicked on Cole’s page and It says he’s a UWW commit (TE/LB/WR/RB). Looks like was known for his defense, won all sorts of awards....1st team all area and 2nd team all state at LB. I saw numerous members of the UWW coaching staff “liked” the video.

Looks like Ty could be the real deal at QB. Hopefully he has the patience to wait for his time.

Didn’t realize we have two Poorman brothers “committed” to UWW. Cole and Ty.

Nice Slant

Looks like we’re tapping into that Mount Union/Florida pipeline 😉

I don't even have words anymore...UW Madison students are petitioning to have the famous Lincoln Statue removed from campus. To quote the organizer of the effort:

“I think when people say, okay, Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves … I think that’s looking at a very small piece of his presidency at the time,” McWhorter said. “So you can kind of see, here you freed the slaves, but you also did this and this and this and that. And then when you show that to people, it’s kind of hard to deny those facts in history.”

In what world was the Civil War and emancipation of slaves "a very small piece of [Lincoln's] presidency"???

Kudos to the student leading the charge to keep the statue. Also, I love the irony he points out in his own quote:

“People sometimes in the comments [of the petition] were trying to portray me as, like, some sort of right-wing activist, and this couldn’t be further from the truth,” Laufgraben said. “I’m gay. I’m Jewish. I voted for Bernie Sanders. Like I said, I donated to the Black Lives Matter movement. But ultimately, I’m guided by my conscience, and I think that President Lincoln ultimately brought about an immense amount of moral good to this country. And I honestly believe that the value that this statue has, has overshadowed its original origins.

Sadly for Mr. Laufgraben (and the rest of us), we are quickly moving past the point in our country where being guided by one's conscience is a laudable notion. Now, all that seems to matter is that you are in line with the cries of the mob, subscribe to every jot and tittle of the most recent cultural zeitgeist, and are willing to say shibboleth (according to the terms set by said mob). SMH

Reminds me of the old Sports Illustrated bit: Signs of the Apocalypse

There’s people with liberal point of views and there’s Madison. They are in a class by themselves. I kind of lean a little to the left myself, but they’re a little out there for my taste.

It sure is a drag not having D3 football games to talk about.
I took the time machine back to page 1023 (10/23) just to see what life was like back then.

UWW just beat Willamette in Salem, OR.
Per Bobo: 1,011 offensive yards: 502 WW / 509 WU. Anderson (replaced injured Coppage)  34-269 yards 3 TD's.

Posts from "Stealth", "the rent who knows", "Champs07", "JanesvilleFlash", "KithcenSink", "GBMAN" and "runyr".

And what appears to be one of the first ever posts from 02Warhawk, with the following excerpt:
"On a side note I would like to welcome myself to the karma club! +1 all's on me!"

2008 just doesn't seem that long ago.

Ahhh...pure poetry :) I Must have just surpassed the minimum number of posts to be able to +\- that day. I think I joined sometime in during the ‘07 season, back when these boards were called Post Patterns.

Some of those old WIAC posters mentioned brought back memories. Some other oldies but goodies were Voice, Goo 62, Barber Green, Sakman, and more recent footballfan413.

Willamette had that “Fly offense”. Kind of gimmicky, but worked really well for them that year. They had a talented RB(?) named Woo - who was their all-American. I watched that game on my laptop at home.

Hazz, that was a heartbreaking pick at the end of regulation. I was pulling for you.

That Favre interception produced one of the most glorious radio play-by-play broadcast moments ever!  Just search "Favre Vikings Interception" on Youtube and Paul Allen's call will be the first option. The agony is palpable.  "This is not Detroit, man, this is the Super Bowl!"

One of the all-time great calls on radio.

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