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Speaking of coming out of the woodwork....scandahoovian in the house, where you at scandahoovian? Ah Yeah.

Aaaaaw, that's sweet, Dens.  Did you miss me?  :D

Yes, I've been off the boards for a while, for no real reason other than not having the time to devote to D3 sports I once did.  I have been reading the board a bit lately as the postseason approached, and am glad to see K4 and cludad, among others, on here proudly representing the Kingsmen.

Like OB and RFB, I am shocked the NCAA extended an at large bid to a SCIAC team.  Having watched several worthy teams left home in the past, I thought the same would likely happen this year.  Congrats to Redlands for scheduling a tough nonconference opponent and then getting it done on the field, you deserved the spot and I hope you'll represent the conference well at UMHB.

I was glad to see my old friend RFB get fired up enough to take a few jabs at CLU's new stadium.  You're absolutely right, of course.  I'd rather sit a million miles away from the field, surrounded by empty seats, staring into the glare of lights that were mounted to low, than sit in one of the four obstructed view seats in the press box, which almost surely happened because the City of Thousand Oaks required them to put the light standard there.  ;)

I thought Kingsmen91's comments regarding the differences between the two facilities were spot on, and in time the new stadium will prove it's value.  Of course I'll always miss MtClef for sentimental reasons, I probably watched more than 150 games there, including two wins over a some team from the Oregon Wine Country.

I've seen the Kingsmen play on a couple of occasions this year, and they are, indeed, playing quite well.  The question, as many have said, is which team improved more over the last three months, and we'll find that out on Saturday - should be a lot of fun.

Finally, it doesn't feel right to get back on the boards and not say that I was deeply saddened to hear about Andy Collins' passing.  He was a class act and a great competitor, an outstanding athlete, and also, from what I saw, exactly the kind of teammate I hope my boys grow up to be.

I'll count on seeing you on the same side as Bob, but on the other end - with your back to the sun and the babbling surf like sound of the Olsen road traffic in your ears  :)

Just in case anybody's interested, here's the Construction Cam for Cal Lu's new stadium.

If OB hangs on to his traditional seating location, he'll be somewhere off behind the 4 big sections of drainage pipe on the right hand side...

This isn't fencing to keep fans off the field that we're talking about. It's fencing to keep people from walking up and getting in for free.

Interesting point, PC. From the 2010 NCAA Division III Championship handbook:

Admission shall be charged at all NCAA championships, unless a governing sports committee determines that charging admission is not feasible due to facility configuration or the expenses relative to the eventís attendance history.

Mt. Clef is completely open all the way around. CLU has never charged admission. It'd be darn near impossible to surround it with a fence and make people pay to get in.

Sorry, Bob, but you're wrong on both counts.  CLU charged admission for football games well into the 1990s, and the stadium was surrounded by a 10'-12' chain link fence.  You know the kind, every elementary school in the San Fernando Valley had the exact same fence around the playground, Cal Lu probably got theirs surplus from the LAUSD.

10-15 years ago, CLU decided it would stop charging admission to all athletic events, and some time in the last decade the chain link was replaced by a 4'-5' high fence. As DOC pointed out, it's not a tall fence, but CLU can close off the perimeter and charge admission rather easily if they like.

Looking forward to at least one more great fall Saturday at MtClef stadium, and a great game against Oxy.

Sorry, I was unaware I was on the clock, but I will pay homage to PLU and their strong performance on Saturday by never, ever changing my avatar...  ;)

Hopefully, for the Kingsmen, things will get figured out in the ~2 weeks leading up to Redlands.  As many have already said, it's fun to beat Linfield, and it sucks to lose to PLU, but winning the conference is the only real goal of consequence for all NWC/SCIAC  schools.

Less than timely, I know, but I had a variety of thoughts on topics discussed since Saturday's game...

It was every bit the barn-burning, rip-snorting, humdinger I was hoping for, but as Kingsmen91 pointed out, it sure didn't look that way when I got there, which was just before the Kingsmen, down 21-7, committed on offsides penalty on 3rd and ten that gave Linfield a second chance, which the Wildcats quickly turned into another touchdown.  Hope was slightly revived when the Kingsmen had a nice scoring drive, followed by a fumble recovery on the kickoff.  I really thought, though, when CLU failed to get any points out of their final possession of the half, that they'd missed their best chance to really climb back in the game.

So, I walked across the field to say hi to Bob and D.O.C., and I got to meet DC1 and some other friendly Linfield folks, which was nice, and I thought "well, at least it's a nice day to be out here at MtClef Stadium..."

The fact that the Kingsmen came out of halftime and went three and out made me even more sure they were done.  I was, of course, pleasantly surprised to be proven utterly wrong by the remainder of the game.  I was very impressed by the fact that CLU kept their composure, and made one key play after another in order to win the game.  Characteristic of the first game of the season, both sides made some mistakes they won't be making later in the year, but still a great way to start the season.

As noted, many of CLU's offensive weapons were impressive.  Mosier was amazing, and Eric Rogers is, as somebody already pointed out, going to be a lot to handle.  He made a great catch near the end of the first half that was almost the TD I thought the Kingsmen couldn't do without.  Should be fun to watch as the season plays out, lots of big games left, and we're gonna take em one at a time! (gratuitous cliche for OB's benefit)

Like all of you, I was disappointed with the postgame antics of those members of the Cal Lu faithful who took it upon themselves to verbally assault the Linfield players in the handshake line.  I had a sinking feeling when I saw them charge out there, and was sorry to have my fears confirmed on the board.  I am sure the CLU Admin will take the necessary steps to prevent that from happening in the future, and FWIW, I am truly sorry that was part of your CLU experience.

GHC- Also sorry to hear that you had to raise the octane level of the creek.  Have to say that K4 did provide fair warning, and when I was at Cal Lu, basic survival skills included disguising a Coors Party Ball as a basket of laundry.  I think it was a full year after graduation before I stopped hiding my beer behind my back when a new person walked into the room.  8-)

The transfer issue is an interesting one.  It seems like most of the historically successful D3 programs rely to one degree or another on skilled transfers (Elliott and Collins come to mind... :) ), whether they're kids returning to play because they miss the game, or kids that originally had aspirations of playing D1, and now would rather play for a successful D3 team.  I wish more players had the wisdom to realize that D3 is a great way to go right out of high school, but better late than never, I guess.  My only concerns would relate to large numbers of players coming in who were the right type of institutional fit, and in this case, I have confidence that the coaching staff is making sure they're bringing in the right kind of student athletes for CLU.

nothing in the SCIAC beats watching a last minute game winning score from in front of the snack shack at Mt. Clef. 

Or watching the 59-yard game-winning FG go just under the crossbar, or the 30-yard game-tying FG go wide left in a driving rainstorm.


I knew OB wouldn't be able to resist that one, and don't let him fool you.  He stands across the field from the snack stand, which is apparently the best place to focus all of your element bending powers to either stop the prevailing wind or summon random October thunder showers...

Might have been wide left from your viewpoint behind the goalposts... but from the holder's perspective it went directly over the right upright, and in my eyes I had no doubt it was good.

Play-by-Play Summary
2008 Cal Lutheran Football
#18 Occidental vs Cal Lutheran (Nov 01, 2008 at Thousand Oaks, CA)

99-Jackson Damron field goal attempt from 30 MISSED - wide left, spot at OXY12, clock 00:00.


I give K4 a pass on not remembering which upright, because I would have been in a state of shock too if I was holding for that kick.  Besides, a very reliable eye-witness, who lives in my house, was standing under the left upright, and he says it was good.  :P

Finally, Dens, I hope the Hedrick/Hagen flashbacks from '77 aren't keeping you up at night.

Is that a subtlety awesome joke?

I have nothing to lose, I WILL run out on the field to keep a collapse like that from ever happening again.
You will notice we did learn from our mistakes. If this CalLu team is anywhere near as good as as that Hank Bauer gang anything could happen....again.
How's that defense though?

I wasn't trying for subtlety, but hey, if it worked... :)

As for the D, we'll see.  They were pretty tough last year, and it sounds like they've picked up some talented newcomers to replace what they lost to graduation.  I guess we'll find out soon enough.

On the stadium question, Ted Runner is a very nice place to watch a game, it would be even better if they moved the stands on top of the track...  :D  but IMHO nothing in the SCIAC beats watching a last minute game winning score from in front of the snack shack at Mt. Clef.  The new stadium will be an improved facility, here's hoping it offers the same kind of access as its predecessor.

I know... long time, no post.

Unfortunately, kids are more fun as they get older, but their activities make it a heck of a lot harder to keep up with your favorite college football team.  I have enjoyed checking in to read from time to time, and especially appreciated K4's contributions to the discussion. :)

I did want to check and wish the Linfield folks safe travels on their way south, and to say that I am hoping to catch most of the Cal Lu-Linfield game on Saturday.  The soccer gods have kind of smiled on me, and I'm looking forward to seeing the reloaded Kingsmen face such a traditionally great team.  No predictions or prognostications, just feeling that this is likely to be a truly great game, especially for week one.

Finally, Dens, I hope the Hedrick/Hagen flashbacks from '77 aren't keeping you up at night. ;)

What I remember about Czernek is that he threw the ball a zillion times a game.

True, they threw a lot, but he must have also handed the ball off some to Dorian Stitt, who ran for almost 1,000 yards the same year Czernek threw for 2,600...

Cal Lutheran Football 2000-09 All-Decade Team Announced


Nice choice at QB...I guess DJ gets disqualified for where he spent his final season in the NCAA.

Surely that didn't help...but Czernek actually had better three year numbers than DJ.

OK Bob-

Looks like it's time for us to plan the farewell tour for MtClef:  :) :'( :)

West Region football / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: November 24, 2009, 07:23:19 pm »
Thanks for the congrats to our Wildcats. In your post you said, "I am looking forward to the rematch next September down here in Thousand Oaks - I'll guarantee a gay day temp between 75-88.;)" Just what is a " day temp..."? :)

That, my friend, is a case of seriously unfortunate keyboarding... :D

Either that, or a case of trying to get away with working and posting at the same time.  In no way was I trying to predict how warm a certain percentage of the population might be at any given time.

And MonroviaCat, you guys might hit 108 in the San Gabriel Valley in September, but out here in Thousand Oaks, where the ocean breezes sneak over the Santa Monicas and push all our smog your direction (on its way to Redlands), we don't usually see temps above 100 in mid September.  Now that I've said that, it will probably be a total cooker, and Wildcat nation will find itself crammed into the six rows of seats on the visitors side of Mt Clef stadium, staring into the sun.  8)

Again, I hope the Cats have a lot of good football ahead before they need to worry about the weather down south.

West Region football / Re: Northwest Conference
« on: November 24, 2009, 01:02:53 pm »
I know this is a bit belated, but in the category of better late than never...

I was hoping for a different outcome, but wanted to extend congratulations to the Wildcats on their first round win over the Kingsmen.  I didn't make the trip, but I've talked to a few folks who did, and they came away extremely impressed with the Cats.  

Sounds like the forecast was correct - Cal Lu was more of a game control team this year, and when they got down big early it was too much to overcome.  I am looking forward to the rematch next September down here in Thousand Oaks - I'll guarantee a game day temp between 75-88.  ;)

Good luck to the Cats the rest of the way, we'll be pulling for our west coast brethren, hopefully for several weeks to come!

Sorry, Dens-

Wasn't trying to blow past your question about Bauer.

I've seen him at Hall of Fame dinners, and that sort of thing, but it's been a while since I've seen him out and about just because. 

Are you headed north for the game?

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