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South Region football / Re: USA South Athletic Conference
« on: April 16, 2014, 12:31:30 pm »
Happy to see Huntingdon and B-SC are facing off against each other again. That seemed like a logical rivalry and it was odd to skip it last year. Sadly the game is the same day as the W&L at Sewanee game, my biennial opportunity to see the Generals play without having to drive at least 6-8 hours. Not sure which Huntingdon game I'll get to this year, but if they are in the mix I'll get to one. B-SC's home schedule looks a little lacklustre and the only game that I have interest in will be when Centre comes to town since they are a long-time W&L opponent that I haven't seen since I was in school.

Kind of sad Wesley won't be returning to Huntingdon or B-SC this year. I've enjoyed seeing one of the top teams play the last couple years within easy driving distance. My options for this year are much more limited with those schools.

Depends how you count southern Virginia. Not sure of there status for 14/15 year

North Region football / Re: North Coast Athletic Conference
« on: April 11, 2014, 03:28:55 pm »
When it was first announced, I suggested Stag Bowl.

Maybe Beef O Brady's will sponsor it instead of the annual bowl game in Tampa?

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: April 11, 2014, 03:26:58 pm »
Figured I'd finish this post up on Shenandoah's first year in the ODAC. They definitely had a better Spring than Fall or Winter, but still a mixed bag. On the good side, baseball finished tied for second in the regular season at 13-7, women's lacrosse finished tied for second at 8-2 in the regular season and is in the championship match, and softball finished at 10-10, solidly mid conference.

The bad, unfortunately, was very bad. Men's lacrosse tied football and basketball with an 0-fer, men's tennis went 2-8, and women's tennis went 2-9, both finishing second from bottom.

_______________________________________ _______________________________________ ________

Wasn't sure where to post this, but after the fall and winter seasons Shenandoah has had one painful welcome to the ODAC.

Complete failures in football and men's basketball (0 fer the conference schedule) were followed up with 7th place finishes in men's and women's cc, 11th in men's soccer with a 1-9-1 record, last place in men's indoor track, and 6th of 7 in women's indoor track.

This woeful record is somewhat balanced by the following: A 4-4 and 4th place finish in Field Hockey, a 4-7 8th place finish in volleyball, a 7-9 6th place finish in women's basketball and the only above .500 conference record, a 6-5-1 7th place finish in women's soccer.

As far as spring sports go, Shenandoah seems to have better hopes (at least in preseason polls) for high finishes in baseball and women's lacrosse. I was unable to access some of the other preseason information. Be interesting to see where Shenandoah finishes in the end of year ODAC overall athletic cups. Still, it can't have been a pleasant welcome so far to the a new conference.

I posted this last year and figured I'd do a follow up. Shenandoah deserves some props for making solid strides in a lot of sports this year.

Women's CC: 7 of 10
Men's CC: 9 of 11
Field Hockey: 6-2 (all records for conf play only!)
Football: 3-4
Men's Soccer: 0-11
Women's Soccer: 8-3-1
Volleyball: 5-6

Men's Basketball: 4-12
Women's Basketball: 6-10

Baseball 11-3 (partial season)
Men's Lax 1-4 (partial)
Women's Lax 5-2 (partial)
Softball 6-6 (partial)
Men's Tennis 1-7 (partial)
Women's Tennis 5-3 (partial)

So there you have it. Big strides. Last year Shenandoah was an 0-fer in several sports including football, men's basketball and men's lacrosse. This year there is marked improvement in all of those, including no 0-fers. Men's soccer remains pretty putrid, but overall Shenandoah is either competitive or becoming more competitive in most sports. They continue to be pretty good in some sports including baseball, women's lax, women's soccer, and field hockey. So while it looked pretty gruesome last year, I'm more than willing to give credit where it is due for improvement.

13 Huskies are in the Association.  This year those players are making an average of $5,886,817.  The average career salary to date of those 13 is $53,929,597.  Is UConn really failing those players?

Yes, there are 13 Huskies in the NBA beginning with Ray Allen who started at UConn in 1993. Assuming 4 recruits per year, that is 21 years of recruiting and 84 kids. 13 are in the NBA, about 15%. What about the other 85% of basketball players at a school that had one, count them one, basketball recruit from 2003 to 2006 graduate?

Not all of those 85% failed to graduate, but a significant number did. UConn is failing a significant number and a very small number is going on to fabulous riches. I wish I had the percentage of recruits from 1993 to 2013 graduating classes who failed to get a degree. That is the most important number. Just my guess, but I bet it isn't pretty.

Here's a good summation of UConn's academic woes, although it does point out that they are getting better:

Before you start giving uconn karma for their basketball team you need to dig deeper. Arguably one of the worst programs from an academic standpoint in the last 10 years. I think something like one graduate over that time. The Huskies are as pitiful if not more than any major college basketball program. Just another scholar athlete joke in the NCAA

Yep. ExTP has it on the head. How many people can name a minor league baseball player? Even if you could, it is nowhere near the star potential of a college football player, a college basketball player, or even the star college baseball player. The D1 system is a free minor league for the professionals, with a massive marketing budget and tv exposure, and they are perfectly happy about the side benefits. Big time college basketball and football has very little to do with promoting student athletes. That's not to say there aren't a lot of student athletes, even a vast majority, taking advantages of the scholarships to get a good college education. In football, especially, I believe this to be true. Not so much in basketball, check out the transfer rates of D1 basketball players and tell me they aren't spending more time jostling for playing space then class time!

But the fact is, the NCAA D1 system is broken. There are two ways to fix it. Drive it back to a student run enterprise, which faces problems from fans who have grown used to the level of competition and product on the field, or push it toward a professional minor league, which faces problems from people who believe in student athletics and amateurism. The hybrid system that exists right now, where the product is professional but the people are amateurs obligated to so things that they have little or no interest in doing, is a failure.

Personally I think the professional leagues should pay for and maintain their own development leagues. This works in baseball, hockey, and soccer both nationally and globally. Globally it woks in basketball, volleyball, rugby, and almost all individual sports like tennis and golf have tiered professional systems. American football and basketball should have to put up their own money and create a system of development leagues as well. The NCAA should mandate the baseball rule across all sports. You can go to a professional league out of h.s. if you want and they will pay you. If you go to college, you stay at least 3 years before becoming professionally eligible again. Further, those schools should be HARSHLY judged on the kids that enroll on their performance in class over those 3 years and the remaining eligibility. Kids that choose college should not be doing so just to give themselves more time to develop athletically, but to do so in order to earn a degree. The APR should be bostered and strictly enforced.

I bet Coach Drass can't wait to be in the NJAC... I wonder how much better he can be at recruiting if he doesn't have to spend most of the offseason drudging up these matchups?

I just read an article which indicated "the NLRB (National Labor Relations Board) does not have jurisdiction over public universities, so the push to unionize athletes has been primarily targeted toward private schools like Northwestern."

I would take that to mean that their ruling Northwestern athletes are employees doesn't apply to athletes at public universities.  Unfortunately the article did not detail the reason the NLRB doesn't have jurisdiction over public universities.

This is true, but if ever this ruling stands and a mechanism by which athletes can negotiate with their employer is born, I can't imagine a scenario where the large public universities that rely on the service and talent of those kids to fill bank vaults aren't going to be active in that marketplace.

NLRB does not have jurisdiction over public employee unions. As an "employee" of a state university, that would be a public employee. Public employee unions are regulated state by state. It would be interesting if the private universities had to pay, while the public universities fought for non-pay. Pretty sure the public universities would either have to come around in a hurry or form their own division, with lower quality athletes. It's all fascinating, but it is also important to point out that the N'wstrn union push does not mention pay. It is predicated around getting continuing health care benefits for injuries sustained playing college athletics and other issues. Not to say pay won't come up eventually, but it is not a topic being currently included in the petition.

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: March 26, 2014, 12:05:08 pm »
I'm not sure but I don't think it will be overly different from this year. Departing seniors left holes include QB, Slot back, DB, OLB, WR, DL, and a big one off the Oline. The biggest playmakers in last years junior class were found at RB in Eisenhofer, DB with B. Taylor, and OL. The rest, I think, have been more role players, though I'm probably shortchanging a few guys who I shouldn't be. Don't really want to spend the time this question probably deserves this far away from the season. There will need to be some more players from this group if W&L is going to be a contender.

Either way it leaves a lot of space for the rising underclass. Rising juniors to watch include RBs Stanfield and Moynahan as well as some of the DBs who saw time this year like McDonald and Cranford and LBs like Heard and Barr. We'll have to see who else steps up from this class. It is a "non-flashy" class so far, but with guys that have seen a lot of time playing the dirty roles.

Of the rising sophomores, QB is possibly going to be won by Charlie Nelson who got some game time last year. Rising sophomore RB Hollerith is going to terrorize the ODAC for a few years in my opinion. He is incredibly talented and a very bright spot in the W&L universe. DB Will Dyson, also a rising sophomore, saw a lot of time last year as well. I think that 2016 class is going to be very strong, but it could also be because it seems the opposite of the rising juniors, very flashy with the expected difference makers in the glory positions.

In my opinion W&L is at least a season away from being a significant ODAC factor. I thought last year was a game or two dissappointing, especially the loss to Shenandoah. We'll see how it goes but it's too far away for me to get too excited about yet.

North Region football / Re: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: March 13, 2014, 02:51:08 pm »
Number on the roster is a different number than the number enrolled - wouldn't ya say?

I would say that number on a roster has a stronger bearing on how many good football players you have access to than number enrolled at a school. Common sense and all that...

North Region football / Re: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: March 13, 2014, 02:01:47 pm »
I just consider it yet another mark of Mounts unprecedented bravery in overcoming challenges. After all...

"Mount is at a disadvantage like never before..... "


North Region football / Re: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: March 13, 2014, 12:54:59 pm »
More Mount commits..

Zach Voss        FB/MLB  5-9, 200         Pulaski, TN
John Jefferson  OL   6-0,  265              Ambler, PA
Joey Hoffner     WR/SS  6-0,  190        Manor, PA
Collin Gilbert   QB/CB  5-10,  170        Columbiana, OH
Lane Breyer     DT/NG/OLB   6-1, 222  Kettering, OH

Wow, Mount must be getting close to their 300 player roster limit!  ;)

I always thought that was a budgeting floor, not a player ceiling?  ;D

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