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Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Conference changes
« on: Yesterday at 01:08:31 pm »
Keep in mind with Frostburg that their "decision" has not been approved by DII/NCAA. That won't happen for another 12 months. The deadline to apply is Feb. 1, 2019 and then the process takes until early to mid July at the latest before DII makes the decision.

I am not saying FSU isn't going to end up in DII, but there is still a lot of time for that to happen/be confirmed.

General Division III issues / Re: Future of Division III
« on: Yesterday at 01:02:59 pm »
No scholarships with an athletics component, period.
I am sure D3s have some form of compliance or audit check on how they awarded private scholarships based on various factors such as race, gender, etc.  I just wonder if there is a system in place at most D3s to check to see if a high number of SA were receiving financial aid? Does the athletic department at D3 schools have to report how much financial aid their SA receive?

Just not that familiar with this and it seems like a wealthy donor and athletic department could find a way around the system to give athletic money to SA.

We've already had schools get in trouble with this... especially schools with ice hockey who set up international scholarships (in those cases it was the percentage was too high). But DIIIs have gotten in trouble with scholarships set up that ended up being informally designated for athletes. Schools are far more aware of these rules and avoid it altogether if they can.

General Division III issues / Re: Future of Division III
« on: July 15, 2018, 09:37:51 pm »
I will say, I hear in NJ the argument they lose players to DII all of the time because of "athletic scholarships." It is a pretty common conversation I have with coaches and others in New Jersey. That said, I hear the opposite more often the rest of the country.

And yeah... I don't talk to many in DII... I can only hold on to so much content. :)

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: The Basketball Tournament
« on: July 15, 2018, 07:19:21 pm »
I am sure you can watch on ESPN3 (WatchESPN). They usually have that stuff archived.

General Division III issues / Re: Future of Division III
« on: July 15, 2018, 02:31:00 pm »
I'm not sure I agree with that, JustBill. I have heard of plenty of SAs who may pick the school with more academic money option instead. Hear it often, actually. Some just understand that there is more to consider, especially after college, than getting an "athletic scholarship."

I am not disagreeing it doesn't happen. I know of my fair share of stories of those who think whatever they get ... "athletic scholarship" has some meaning behind it over academic money. It happens. I know that. I just feel I've heard just as many stories, obviously in DIII, where the SA chose the school for the academic help over the athletic numbers (sometimes the academic money gets them into the school they wanted to really go to versus just having some kind of schooling paid for in general).

I always heed the words Dan Dutcher shared with me once ... there are 22.5-times more money in academic scholarships in the NCAA (the entire NCAA) than there is in athletic scholarships.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: The Basketball Tournament
« on: July 14, 2018, 11:29:20 pm »
A lot like a March Madness game, the underdogs have a great first half while the favorites have a bit of a slow start then the second half is all one sided the other way. 65-90 final. Too many misses inside and too many fast breaks the other way.

Hopefully next year we'll have another D3 team make the tournament and take down the big boys. :)

Kind of helps when the officials decide to stop calling fouls they were calling... or making up calls. I normally don't care about officiating... but that was a poorly officiated game.

General Division III issues / Re: Future of Division III
« on: July 13, 2018, 04:20:03 pm »
Yep... discussing it in another page here in General:

So yes... membership committee had to formally make a decision and that appears to have been coming today. I am told releases coming soon.

Basically... I don't see this as anything but a rubber stamp.

And to clarify for anyone wondering... this does NOT involve Frostburg. I felt like that needed to be repeated.

I was told by a UT Tyler coach that the NCAA vote was 7/13 and that the school has a press conference scheduled for 3:00 pm today.  Maybe the vote was held prior but the announcement by the NCAA is today.  And, of course press conferences can be cancelled.

I think the main reason for UT Dallas to go is their size.  They are the number 2 in D3 enrollment in the nation according to the article I read.  I believe they have approximately 40,000 students.  Their facilities are okay but not near what UT Tyler has .

Vote likely could happen today. I never heard back from my contacts to confirm that. I was under the impression most of this was already wrapped up, honestly.

And I get the idea with UTD and I explained why I think some want them to look at it... but NYU isn't DII or DI :).

Again, I've been told with UTD trying to be more of a research institution... being anywhere but in DIII doesn't make sense. That was other's opinions.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Conference changes
« on: July 13, 2018, 01:16:23 pm »
I'd argue they can still bolster the conference from outside the division -- it's not too late there. But it would result in losing AQs for a year or two. The conference doesn't have to have an AQ every year in order to hold itself together, but it does need to show progress and a timeline in that regard, I suspect.

I didn't see evidence that PSH was getting better in the CAC. They finished a solid ninth in the all-sports trophy every year they were in it, with only Southern Virginia finishing behind them in the 10-team years.

Yes fair... they would lose the AQs. I was working on the premise of not losing those AQs and trying to keep members happy with tournament access and the like. I think they risk being in a deeper hole should they risk losing the AQs. But that is a fair point... they could do it if they are willing to lose access.

It does lose some of its voting power in the NCAA as well, though. Something behind the scenes that was interesting to read up on. Not sure how schools and conferences feel about that kind of stuff.

I saw Harrisburg being more competitive. Sometimes the end results don't prove much. I know teams with below .500 records that were more competitive than those with above .500 records. I felt Harrisburg had improved and there were some on campus who apparently felt the same way. There were others... who apparently didn't like the move from day one... but such is life on a college campus LOL.

Not really how it works...

Schools interested in applying to DII are required to get their application in prior to February 1. DII then spends the next five months looking into the applications with site visits, meetings, meetings... there are also meetings and phone calls. LOL

They make the decision by July 1. That said, I do know they have not announced the decisions on Tyler and Benedictine... so there is a decent chance this bled into a later point in the month. I am working to determine that as we speak.

That said, for anyone curious... this has NO affect on Frostburg. They didn't apply by the Feb. 1 deadline. Their application won't be considered until next year.

As for UT-Dallas... I'm told most UTs that aren't D1 are being asked to consider it. That is a very easy way to describe the request. It is a bit complicated, but those in charge overall ... I've been told there is a group that would love to see all UTs in D1 (SMH) and another that likes how there is a solid chunk in DIII and elsewhere. I talked with someone about the idea of UT-Dallas making this move... they didn't think it was reality. UT-Dallas has made some significant changes to their academics to be a lot like the UAAs of the world. To go DII would make a lot of those efforts more complicated. It just didn't seem realistic to do both. That is the sense I got from individuals who know a lot more about the inner workings in Texas than I could.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Conference changes
« on: July 13, 2018, 12:56:14 pm »
I think if you have schools in mind, they'd be all ears. None of the schools in those categories really fits geographically.

Rumor is Stevens is looking to move. I know the Empire 8 schools will be happy with that!

I'm thinking there is no natural reason why Stevens would want to be in a conference with Salisbury, Mary Wash, and Christopher Newport - three public universities with high levels of athletic success that are all travel headaches for a school in Hoboken, N.J.

Thinking outside the division actually seems a more plausible path forward unless they can sell some sucker NEAC or ACAA school on the notion of being boosted by the much higher level of competition. That didn't really work out for Penn State-Harrisburg and I think it's fair to say they were in a much better position athletically when they moved into the CAC than most NEAC or ACAA candidates would be ...

I'd argue the travel headaches down the east coast are equal to or better than those heading to Buffalo in the middle of winter.

I have heard the same about Stevens and that their last-minute decision to join the E8 has been regretted ever since they pulled out of the Landmark. I just can't share more than that.

As for thinking outside the division... it isn't the solution. The time for a program to change divisions is too long to save the CAC. The conference basically has two years to solve this (technically three, but that's pushing their luck) and it will take at least four and half years from this point in time for a non-Division III program to become a full fledge member of DIII. That's assuming it all goes well. And you can't bet on any of those programs being able to skip a year. McMurray didn't even skip a year returning to DIII.

I think it was working for Harrisburg as they were getting more competitive in that conference... but sometimes you can't solve behind the scenes thinking. Now Harrisburg returns to the worst conference in the country... and will no longer be taken seriously. Staying in the CAC, even if you are in the middle or bottom, is more credit to your institution than in the NEAC. Sadly... just the truth.

The CAC has ideas and is moving on those ideas... I just can't say what they are because a) some stuff I have learned is off the record and b) a lot of rumors have been swirling making things complicated. I know where they have been looking... I just don't know where the triggers are being pulled.

They have two years to make significant moves. That gives them time. They don't have to solve this by the end of August. They certainly can't sit around and take their time, but let's give them some room on this. Also, there could be other decisions and moves made elsewhere that could have trickle down or direct affects on these things. The CAC isn't the only conference looking to make changes. Harrisburg and Frostburg are not the only schools looking to make changes. There is a lot going on below the radar.

No offense to Coach Fusina, I'm sure he's a swell guy. However, does anyone else find it, I don't know, surprising, disappointing or the like, that he doesn't fully understand the "in-region" and "out-of-region" concept?
i paused a little bit on this but I think Coach Fusina maybe talking in terms of Regional Rankings which influence positioning for NCAA a Tournament.

Eh... still doesn't matter. All games count to "in-region" for the VAST majority of teams. Results versus regionally ranked opponents doesn't matter if they are in-region or not.

I almost feel like calling him to see what he is trying to refer to here.

Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: MBB: Capital Athletic Conference
« on: July 09, 2018, 02:25:21 pm »
I have been having a lot of conversations behind the scenes... I really can't share details, but let's just say the CAC is casting a wide net.

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