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West Region football / Re: FB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: September 18, 2020, 07:05:47 pm »
Covid is spreading at SJU, about 50 cases in a pretty short time. Entire Pat and Bonnie dorms have to be tested. Rumor is that it has spread on the football team and a women's varsity sport.

It went through Penn State like a crashing wave the last three weeks and it is already coming off the peak.  According to their dashboard they have 1371 confirmed positive infections out of about 42k students.  That doesn't include contacts also in isolation (if one roommate gets a positive then all roommates sit out the quarantine together, even if the others never take a test.  Almost like the chickenpox approach with kids, it looks to me).  Including contacts who have isolated but not tested then that number is likely three times higher.

My daughter just finished her 10 day stay-at-home from her infection.  She didn't take a test but her roommate tested positive so they both got the order.  Day one was a regular flu-like symptom of general miserableness.  Day two was a headache and tired, no fever.  Day three was tired.  Day four was near 100%.  And day five+ was complete boredom.  She said we sent her to school with worse.

Anyways, Big 10 football is back on, the virus will sweep through the student population before games begin and the good times will roll in as play starts.  Couldn't have timed it better.

There are going to be some with very similar stories.  There will be others with milder and more severe issues with the virus.  I think we are moving closer to herd immunity, and it may happen before a vaccine reaches the market.  I do think we will have a vaccine first, but it may not matter if many have already caught the virus.  We cannot control a virus.  It doesn't know human boundaries.  We can contain it to a certain level.  I believe once it runs its course through a community it will start phase itself out when it can no longer find the hosts that it needs to survive.

I am probably more disappointed in no MIAC football than anyone.  I had planned on attending my first set of games in almost a decade.  I do think the MIAC made a good decision to postpone sports for the fall.  It has the potential to fly through these campuses, and with the smaller towns that could overwhelm the local care facilities.  The failure in my opinion has to do with the bubble approach that some schools are taking.  They want to create a bubble similar to what the NBA has done, but it isn't possible.  There are too many holes with professors and support staff being off campus.  Even worse is the zero tolerance approach from some schools.  That concerns me. 

West Region football / Re: FB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: September 16, 2020, 11:51:21 am »
What impact will this have on other sports?  I don't think the MIAC will bring back sports earlier than January, but this has to be a positive for the conference in regards to spring sports. 

If the Gophers play football the spotlight will be on the Minnesota State High School League. Wisconsin,Iowa & the Dakotas are playing high school football so there will be a lot of discussion if the Big 10 plays. I don't think the other college conferences within Minnesota will be swayed by the Big 10.

It looks like there is some smoke in the vicinity of the MSHSL as well...

I can't see the MIAC playing any fall sports.  A few schools have already said they aren't playing this fall regardless of any developments.  I have a little more hope for winter and spring sports, but I can also see some people torpedoing those sports seasons.

West Region football / Re: FB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: September 15, 2020, 06:22:32 pm »
Football is not a huge moneymaker for the schools.  Funds earned through related athletic activities does move the needle in a dramatic form.  Programs were being dropped, and that didn't sit well with others.  Add to that the possibility of transfers and other unintended consequences, and you might see the Big Ten fall way behind other P5 conferences.  I get the Pac 12 not wanting to play.  They have socially distanced themselves from the playoff the last few years.  Outside of Ohio State and one year of Michigan State the Big Ten has socially distanced themselves from the playoff.  That can't sit well with the conference. 

Prior to expansion the Big Ten was a conference where the conference was more important than the individuals.  Nebraska changed that thinking.  There seems to be a lot of smoke with the Big Ten returning to play, and where there is this much smoke there is likely some fire.  The question is how long will it take the schools to ramp up to game ready.  I am thinking 3 weeks so games starting maybe on Oct 17?

What impact will this have on other sports?  I don't think the MIAC will bring back sports earlier than January, but this has to be a positive for the conference in regards to spring sports.  I don't know if anyone has noticed, but St. Olaf has hired numerous coaches.  Either the athletics department loves burning money, or they have a pretty good idea as to when the MIAC will play again.

West Region football / Re: FB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: September 10, 2020, 11:54:27 am »
Sigh.  Oh well.  Opportunity missed.

Are you referring to the final paragraph of the story, Oz?

Yeah, and just the game itself being played.

I was thinking it would have been fun to flip the bird to the powers that be in New York and have a full stadium. The story indicated that a full stadium may have been possible as USMA, by virtue of its federal status, is exempt from New York's onerous COVID restrictions.

I went to a 6-man football game last week.  The total K-12 enrollment for the school district is smaller than the roster of some D3 schools.  The population of the town is less than 250.  It felt like life was back to normal.  It was an awesome experience.  I feel like many officials are so focused on the large urban areas that rural USA gets forgotten.

West Region football / Re: FB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: September 09, 2020, 09:18:42 pm »
After reading that article especially the part about Texas all I could think was someone is 'All hat and no cattle,' as the saying goes in Texas.  I felt like there was a ton of bull, and I wasn't buying much of it.  UST had few options, and they might not have been ready for the move they were making.  As they sought to be a regional and eventual national university that idea didn't sit well within the MIAC.  When it came to other issues including those regarding student eligibility they were an outlier.  UST plowed through countless warning signs, and they chose a path that conflicted with the rest of the conference.  I don't think UST ever thought they would be forced out of the conference, but I also think they knew it could happen sooner rather than later.  If they didn't think that expulsion from the conference was a possibility then I have some serious questions about the leadership at the school.

As for the academic component to conference affiliations I think that has a lot to do with associations and consortiums.  Schools want to be paired with the other like minded institutions.  When you think of the Big Ten you often think of large research institutions.  When you think of the Ivy League it is elite old private universities.  Some of these conferences also act as a consortium where they collaborate on education projects and research.  A student might be enrolled at one school, but take classes at another.  Last year the Furman QB took all of his classes at Clemson for engineering even though he was enrolled at Furman.  ESPN did a fun piece on him where they informed one of his classes that the QB for Clemson's opponent that Saturday was sitting in a Clemson classroom. 

As for the UST growth and move I think it will benefit all schools in the MIAC.  UST is not a major research institution, but it is a decent university.  For alumni looking at professional programs it gives another opportunity for graduate studies in the Twin Cities.

West Region football / Re: FB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: September 01, 2020, 10:50:34 am »
It's day 171 of 15 days to flatten the curve, and ....

MIAC postpones all competition until January 2021

St. Olaf had already announced their teams would not compete this fall.  My guess is that there were too few schools to make playing worth it.  Golf is probably the most hurt by this decision, but those kids at least have other opportunities to compete away from college competitions.  The fall is not viewed as the main season for tennis so it might make sense just to hold off until the spring.

I am hopefully getting my live football fix in on Friyay after a little dove hunting in the AM.  It is a 6 man game which should be a fun time.

Viruses do not follow our rules.  We can't control them!  You are going to have spread.  The question might be is it better for it to be in concentrated clusters or spread evenly throughout a larger unit.  I don't think there is an answer.  I believe this virus has to run its course.  The data I read seems to show that it will peak and then trail off within a group.  Will we see continuous peaks and valleys is something that we may not know until many years from now.  The other problem is with the testing data as it is starting to look more unreliable by the day especially in Dallas County.  Last week we had a day where over 700 cases were reported, but 500+ of those were from tests performed in July.  We are also seeing several false positives.

My biggest concern is that we are no longer letting people live!  I understand we all have to be safe with this virus.  We need to work to stop the spread in every way possible, but every bubble will have its leaks!  About 2 weeks I was listening to an AD at a Big 12 school who talked about the mental health repercussions of not having sports.  This country needs to have a serious discussion about mental health with this crisis.  We are not meant to live isolated.

In my opinion this country is sacrificing far too much for this virus, and the economy might be among the least of them.

Looks like players in the Big Ten want to play.  There have been reports that some administrators were not going to allow football due some other issues such as the player demands we saw from the Pac 12.  I am guessing a few legal departments were worried about the liability in the event of a virus outbreak.  I could also see a few donors get frustrated when they feel they deserve tickets to games over others.  It is a mess, and I don't see it getting better.

There were games in Texas that 2 weeks ago were confirmed as cancelled.  Now they are going to be played.

The question with Nebraska is how happy are they in the Big Ten?  I think they miss some of the traditional games with OU and others though that rivalry faded some with the Big 8 adding the Texas schools.  Post Big 8 and even Big 12 days have not been good to the University of Nowledge.

Though the MIAC has stated some sports will still be played St. Olaf announced today that no teams will be competing. 

Speaking of BDB, I dropped off a load of furniture for one daughter in Menomonie today and as I like to do here and also in years past - Dinky Town for our oldest, I grab a DQ and check out the football stadium. The COVID situation hits home when you look at the football facilities and consider the atmosphere on campus this fall. What an odd fall we have coming up.

OldAuggie, the university just finished a month long refresh of the seating part of the stadium. They removed all the benches and reserved seats and put down a fresh coating of paint etc. So, it's now sitting there all dressed up and no where to go.  :'(
That makes sense as the stadium looked very sharp and the colors on the field looked bright too. The scoreboard has the time of day on the game clock and that caused me to hit a low point when my brain realized there will be no football at all this fall. Thankfully, the in-person students in the parking lot will know if they can get to class on time.

Hunting license sales will increase just as fishing license sales increased this spring.

Reminds me I have to go renew my license.  What all is open in Minnesota and Wisconsin?  I am still planning on a trip as modified as it may be now.

This year with football will separate a ton of schools.  It is shocking to see kids transferring at all levels in hopes of playing this fall.  At the JH and HS level kids are transferring just in hopes of getting on the field this fall, and some are moving between states.  If there is a spring season I wonder how many will work the system to play in the fall and the spring and not do the 7 on 7.  In DFW we have kids in the same school district where one school can practice now and play games in a few weeks while its rival isn't allowed to practice for another month with games to follow much later. 

If you ever watch Friday Night Lights and the specials on Dallas Carter one story to follow is the punishments for rules infractions for certain people and schools that don't seem to apply to other schools.  I won't go so far as to say state championships have been bought, but there are systems in place that clearly favor certain suburban schools.

As sports move to spring and summer whether temporarily or on a permanent basis how does that effect some of the off season leagues?  I know summer leagues are a big deal for certain sports such as baseball.

That is a good question for consideration. As others have mentioned, for some who participate in two sports, it could be a bigger challenge. However, for those who strictly do baseball or soccer or even volleyball,  I tend to think it will be that much of a problem as many of them participate in summer leagues anyway. Their college spring seasons would very likely concluded before the summer leagues even start.  As we all know, those sports  have essentially become year round involvment for these athletes athletes anyway, particularly with the non-traditional seasons in the fall being allowed for baseball (and lacrosse). Speaking of that, I am surprised the that athletes and coaches in some of those other sports in DIII haven't lobbied for non-traditional seasons for equality'sake (Title IX?) What about soring volleyball and women's lacrosse and some sort of short basketball season? Just a speculative question (Probably more difficult to do for basketball.)

I was thinking more of the Cape Cod and Alaska leagues for baseball.  I know summer lacrosse is a huge deal for a ton of players especially with fall camps and scrimmages.  I seem to remember there were summer hockey leagues that were often used for development.  NCAA Beach Volleyball is a spring sport.  I was shocked to see some of the schools that sponsor the sport.  I still believe a delayed outdoor college sports season is a good idea.  I know a ton of D1 players stick around the school during the summer.  It might also boost summer school programs.  I think the struggle would be for schools who use their facilities for camps, retreats, and other residential programs.

As sports move to spring and summer whether temporarily or on a permanent basis how does that effect some of the off season leagues?  I know summer leagues are a big deal for certain sports such as baseball.

Dove hunting starts September 1.

I've heard it's loads of fun when you get into them.  I always bring a gun when I take the dog out once dove season opens in case I stumble across some.

It can be non-stop shooting.

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