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I could only tell you places to eat from 28 years ago, the vast majority of which are gone now.  Now if it were IWU at home (since I live in Bloomington now) I could give some advice.

But if you hit Chicago and don't go to a real pizza place...well..missed opportunities.  Portillo's is good too for Italian Beef and other Chicago favorites and I assume there's still one on North Ave.

So, ignorant question, but I'm not much into D3 outside the general Midwest area...

But now I find myself watching a game in California for..reasons. 

Which team should I want to win in prep for next week for Wheaton?

Wow, was planning to go to the Wheaton game today, but due to the weather I didn't do the 2 hour drive.  Which allowed me to watch the Wheaton AND North Central games.  What a day!

Swider is a great guy, and was a great teacher when I was at Wheaton.  He didn't even razz me too hard when waking me up after class and everyone else had already left.  Stupid movies.

But on the plus side, the weather is infinitely better than last weekend.

North Region football / Re: FB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: September 21, 2019, 09:37:50 pm »

And Wheaton has a strong defense.  IWU's offense is pretty elite and the Titans could not move the ball tonight.

Now if we could just cough up the ball carelessly a bit less.  I was kinda scared in the first half, but with the rain somehow Wheaton got better at holding onto it.

41+ years of marriage?  Wow!  Congrats!  That is awesome.  Mrs. Jaybird and I will hit 10 years this coming June.  My girls are into swimming and hockey (through no influence of her hockey goalie dad  :P  )   so perhaps one of the CCIW schools for swimming and Lake Forest, Adrian, or one of the UW schools for hockey.   At 8 & 6 still a LONG way away.

As a Wheatie I've been married to an IWU Titan for 20 years.  We missed our yearly 'go see the big game' because I was sick this year, but the Titans made me cry two years in a row..;-/

I walked out to my car in Bloomington/Normal and it was a bit of rain with some sleet.  Not 2 minutes later there were snowflakes that looked actually painful.  Stayed inside.

Play that no one is talking about, but hurts from a Wheaton perspective almost more than any was the dropped pass by Olateju.

In the 1st quarter at the 1:03 mark of the game video, Olateju blows past the LB straight up the seam and was 8 yards behind the LB, all alone.  The pass was right on his hands and he dropped a easy 73 yard TD pass.  I think he dropped at least 3 passes.

That play was an almost guaranteed touchdown.  And a couple plays before was another dropped.  It was painful.

And, of course, my wife has already started on the rubbing-it-in stage for this year.  Sitting on the IWU side, while much lower to the ground, was quite a bit cooler with the sun at our back.  But the Wheaton side was more fun.

And yeah, Wheaton should not have even let that drive be relevant.  Too many early dropped passes and absolutely pointless running plays.

North Region football / Re: FB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: September 26, 2017, 03:52:33 pm »

Do you and your better half have some type of wager on the game? Dinner at her or your fav place?

Honestly, it's basically a bragging rights wager.  You know the old 'and we crushed you guys last year' (regardless of the score differential).  It's basically a fun date for us, as back when we were in college she didn't care much about sports and, honestly, at the time Wheaton was more of a Soccer school.

Not that we knew each other then, but.. 

But here in Normal when you hear about sports it's either ISU or IWU, and usually Football, so it's easiest for us to go to those games.

North Region football / Re: FB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: September 26, 2017, 12:10:46 pm »
I'm certain Wheaton didn't have any great drop-off in talent due to these suspensions.  Plus, they must feel besieged after the week and all the negative press attention they've had.  There's surely more to the story, more to come out over time.  IWU will have to bring their "A game" on Saturday and play the top-level D they've been playing as well as have a better day offensively, including few or no TOs.  Wish I could make the trip up for the game, but won't be able to travel this weekend.



Well, my wife will be doing cheering for the IWU alums this weekend.  I, of course, will be cheering on my, Thunder at my 25th Homecoming!  I'm just glad the weather is forecast to be NOTHING like last weekend...

North Region football / Re: FB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: September 23, 2017, 05:04:35 pm »
Wheaton takes it 40-15 at Elmhurst.  A really, really hot day.

North Region football / Re: FB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: September 20, 2017, 02:37:11 pm »

You raise a valid point that is at the basis of my question and that is: The players were punished to some degree last year, and now, 18 months later, are receiving additional punishment. I have no horse in this race and like all others, want justice. Why? What has changed over time?
I admit to being skeptical that it took investigators this much time to find enough evidence to merit charges.
It seems that accusations so serious should have resulted in the police looking for ways to keep these 5 men off the street/away from other students- immediately.

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that almost every institution has 2 levels of response to an allegation.

Level 1 - incident is reported and some sort of 'looking into it' is done.  Both by the school and (like in this case) the authorities.  It seems that, until recently, the authorities weren't done with their part yet (no charges) and the school, through some third party, came to the conclusion that 'X' offense did take place and that steps needed to be taken for corrective action and were.

Level 2 - official charges are now delivered.  It doesn't matter if the school thinks they were 100% right or perhaps new information came to light or whatever...further actions are expected, being that the authorities feel they have a case to make that something 'more severe' took place.  I can only hope that if Wheaton came to the conclusion that what was described by the transferred student in the official charges are NOT what took place, because if what is being reported as their response to THOSE allegations were community service, a paper and a short suspension, I'm going to have to have a long thought about my alma mater.  For now I have to hope that they were wise enough to think the 'version 2' as listed above is what occurred.  Still stupid, but certainly not a felony.

Now, of course, we head to phase 3 (eventually).  The trial and all the fun that comes with that.  But at least we'll learn some facts.

The problem with pranks and/or hazing is that one person's prank is another person's hazing.  Pranks were common back when I was in school and I assume they are now too.  But there's a reason that most people look back at what they did and thought when younger and ponder how stupid they were (goodness knows I do).

Just so everyone's clear, I'm not saying that 'football players' do stupid things.  I'm saying 'college aged kids' do stupid things.  Of course, older folks do too, but we tend to be more dramatic about it, with far longer reaching consequences.

And to think, my yearly post here was going to be about the wife and I heading up for homecoming to see her school IWU get destroyed by Wheaton.  Sadly a more serious topic intrudes.

I was at the Wheaton/IWU game until about 10 minutes left in the 4th and it was becoming a bloodbath.  Still Wheaton up 38-24 at the time.  2 of the IWU scores were very long plays, one bomb of a pass.  For most of the first half neither team was stopping the other.

Being that the wife is an IWU grad and I'm a Wheaton one, we started on their side the first half (for sun reasons) and switched to Wheaton's the second half.  So I'm taking credit...;-)

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