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South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: June 11, 2018, 11:04:14 am »
Yeah I saw they released Keith and Blake, well it was good post collegiate experience. I'm glad to see Bryce is still with the tigercats and will keep a eye on that. Does that mean (if I'm not mistaken) that puts Bryce on the same roster as Manziel?

Selling point.. Oxy Football... We might play football!

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: May 29, 2018, 12:05:02 pm »
In case anyone is getting a bit of the missing the game jitters...the story on the site was about Central playing in Austria... if you want to watch it here is the link... a bit of a different take but it was some fun...also Benedictine was there as well adn won their game.

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: May 24, 2018, 10:30:09 am »
2018 Grad Keith Reineke is working into the play schemes of the CFL Calgary Stampeders as Linebacker -

East Region football / Re: FB: New Jersey Athletic Conference
« on: May 14, 2018, 03:24:45 pm »
Deepest Condolences to the Wesley Family, Staff and fans, Coach Drass will be missed...

Just a note entering into Leagues - Teidrick Smith (UMHB 2016) has been moved to the starting Roster for the Ottowa Redblacks in the CFL and Black Jackson (UMHB 2016) has been signed to the Calgary Stampeeders in the CFL as a Wide receiver.  It's a start but they are still in a  league.

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: May 09, 2018, 11:26:33 am »
UMHBs Blake Jackson Signed with Calgary as a Wide receiver -

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: May 02, 2018, 11:33:05 am »
UMHB player Haston Adams gets invite the Cardinals Mini Camp...

BELTON, Texas Former University of Mary Hardin-Baylor football player Haston Adams is the latest Cru standout to get a shot with the National Football League. Adams signed with the Arizona Cardinals as an undrafted free agent shortly after the completion of the 2018 NFL Player Draft Saturday night (April 28th) and will participate in the team's rookie minicamp next month.
Adams, a four-year letterman at defensive tackle from Beckville High School, capped his career by earning All-American honors from the American Football Coaches Association, and the Associated Press. He was named American Southwest Conference Defensive Player of the Year after recording 47 total tackles, 20.5 tackles for loss and 4.5 sacks. Adams also broke up three passes and forced a fumble as a senior. Adams was a Cliff Harris Award Finalist in 2017. He was a two-time All-American and three-time ASC All-Conference selection at UMHB and finished his career among the Cru's career leaders with 58.5 tackles for loss and 21.0 sacks. Adams also returned a pair of fumbles for touchdowns and posted 166 total tackles in his four seasons. He played for the 2016 NCAA Division III National Championship Team and was a member of four NCAA postseason qualifiers and four ASC Championship Teams during his time with the Cru.

Adams will report to the Cardinals minicamp on May 11th. He joins Jerrell Freeman, Nate Menkin, Damian Davis, Javicz Jones and Teidrick Smith as former Cru players to appear in NFL minicamps.

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: April 24, 2018, 01:41:14 pm »
While everyone is playing sleuth concerning the self imposed penalty on coach Fred...did anyone pick up that Blake Jackson and Keith Reineke both signed free agent with the CFL? Both signed with the Calgary Stampeders for the coming 2018 season. As far as i can tell Tedrick Smith is still on the roster for the Redblacks in the CFL as well.

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: April 19, 2018, 03:52:05 pm »
There is a kind of disadvantage to this whole thing in discussing much, I asked my kids (who attend) and word around campus is quiet as well but to say they had let the students know before there was any other release.

So troll away, (snore) Not like the kids involved had any questionable legal problems...

The "Ban" which it is not, is self imposed, which means Coach offered up to take the hit. One thing ya'll should know about coach, he stands behind his word even if it hurts him. Sitting a All American Linebacker Vs. UW Whitewater, a game that they lost by one point in the semis, the action was taken because the player broke a team rule, not NCAA, not school but team.
Coach is all about integrity, that it goes in the door before you do and stays after you leave, I'm figuring he did something like helped a certain family or two come to the University to see their son play on Thanksgiving, that is pure conjecture by the way.

Nice to see Cal Lu go with the 10 game schedule like some of the other SCIAC squads have.  A few new faces this year as well.

The schedule is incorrect. September 29 is an open date. No game scheduled.


Too bad flying to Hobart's out of the question. They have 9/29 open also. I attended a few games at the old CLU stadium when I lived out in the SFV. Great to be able to see some D3FB when I lived in CA.

Gotta follow the conversation more closely -- Cal Lu is playing Oxy on 9/29. OxyBob is just dubious about Oxy fielding a team.

I hate when they make you read and stuff....

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: April 07, 2018, 07:19:15 pm »
Kelly Boggs

I admire your patience and tact in dealing with merle. Sometimes he gets on my nerves too. Sorry, merle. I love a good exchange of thoughts but, remember - sarcasm is a cheap form of wit, merle.
Nice to have one classy MU fan posting here.

I'm not very familiar with Poorman, but he sounds like a really solid player. Clearly he is an impressive passer, but how mobile is he? The ability to run is always valuable in UMHB's offense.

Poorman is not going to wow you with his runs like your recent UMHB QB's, but he can be an effective runner.  I guess I'd say you don't need to game plan for containing him running, but he can pop you for 10 yards on a read option so you better not fall asleep either.  What you guys will appreciate most is his accuracy and decision making with the ball.  IMO those are his biggest strengths.  He's a very smart kid and it shows on the field.   

Good observation Dr. Yeah I think that is known, but it is the decision making you had mentioned I believe is the look the Cru are seeking. If the commits are correct we have a few standout QB's coming in 2018 but none are tested and at this rate it is better to know how a QB thinks and rolls through the progression than hope that they develop it over a summer on their own. Plus, it sounds like UMHB is a great fit to Poormans desire for a Christo-centric education. Sometimes things just work themselves out that way.
But let's be clear, UMUs strength (at least I have come to believe) is in it leadership - and at this stage it looks like it is still going to be there at UMU so while one piece of talent has moved on, the course for that program is still very clear.

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: April 06, 2018, 03:07:13 pm »
It's still way to early to talk with any sort of confidence about the 2018 season, but I can say this, If Mr. Poorman comes to the Cru I know I will breath a bit easier concerning our QB position. Let's face it the young man has had years of outstanding training and education, and what two years at UMU? which is outstanding on top of that, I think he will be a fine fit.
So welcome to UMHB Luke! We look forward to your taking the knee and being dubbed a Crusader! I believe you will feel right at home in Belton...

Surfing second??  Really?

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