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Surfing second??  Really?

Here is an updated look at the new away stands for Chapman. I know Redlands has the claim for the best grass, Oxy has the claim for the best mood lighting and Pomona has the best tree roots in their end zone. I think Chapman has the best overall stadium given the recent advancement in away seating. You can tell me I am wrong, i just won't believe you.

Open the link:
Then click on "watch live cam"

Not bad, but still can't touch "The Runner"

Nice stadium, gotta say Chapman upped the game. Should we deem it the Panthedral?

You know Oxy has to do something about that toxic masculinity....

Nahhh Linfield and the Cru have done the dance for three years now time for another dancing partner, hey, the Cru will face Linfield in the post season to come be assured.

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: February 15, 2018, 05:54:49 pm »
Yeah a wild schedule for sure.

Here's a snack for the SCIAC crew...

Commit to Redlands University
Alex Beloate

Simba Sokimi

Ryan Roh

Ryan Buck,ca)/football/videos.htm?videoid=391d5882-1340-425f-aed1-5cd9b68dafa8

Pomina Pitzer

Jordan Gibson

La Verne

Michael Torres

Michael Guerra


Andrew Soto

Spencer Corona  (fun fact - Spencer is Ryan bucks cousin and they attended Menlo HS together - they may face each other on October 6th when Chapman faces Redlands)

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:44:57 am »
Harmony HS
DJ Click

John Tyler HS
Jaivon Williams
Tabias Marshall

Longview HS
J.C. Blakemore
Kilgore HS
Isaiah Smith

Tatum HS
Jimmie Jakubowski
Jaden Marcott

Tenaha HS
CJ Horn

Union Grove HS
Wes Atkinson

Fort Worth YMLA
Bryan Cottingim
Brian Harris

North Crowley HS
Blake Jones

Paul Pewitt HS
Lucas Hungerford

O'Conner HS
Grayson Lee

Reagan HS
Cole Ashby

Warren HS
Lenny Donminguez
BJ Greene

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:43:16 am »
Sul Ross University
Shoemaker HS
James Parker

Temple HS
Ty Cump
Anthony Hernandez
Will Howard
Xavier White

Mansfield Legacy HS
Sanford Hobbs

Taft HS
Julian DeHoyos

Fort Worth YMLA
Chad Jackson

Mansfield HS
Jaqulis Coleman

Central Catholic HS
Seth McCrum

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:41:30 am »
Athens HS
Braylon Woods

Burleson HS
Chano Showers


John Tyler HS
Michael Givens-Washington

Eaton HS
Boomer Warren

Whitehouse HS
Ken'Tavian McDade

Gilmer HS
Landon Green

Mabank HS
Clay Conway

Mansfield Lake Ridge HS
Eriq Price
David Wilson III

Mansfield Legacy HS
Ralen Troupe
Blake Massey

Copperas Cove HS
Kaleb Honts
David Vaughn

Arlington Sam Houston HS
Robert Brown
Trey Flood-Hensley

Fossil Ridge HS
DJ Taylor
Kamil Jackson

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:38:57 am »
Ok so a BIG season for kids committing (so far) to DIII schools in the ASC. Here is a quick breakdown

Louisiana College
Gladewater HS
Fernando Serrano 
Mycha Stephens 
Andrew Williams

Mansfield Lake Ridge HS
Colby Adams
Jekovye Johnson

Frankston HS
Kaden Loebig
Garrett Lybrand

Longview HS
D'Marhai Dearion

Fort Worth Arlington Heights HS
Charles Lee

Fossil Ridge HS
Trevor Causey

Mansfield HS
Dionte Brooks


I might have asked this before but do D3's really have a letter of intent for high schoolers to sign?  Isn't it still a crap-shoot to see who shows up on campus?

Heya jack
I'm just about to post the BIG group of commits in the ASC but with a little detective work you can find all kinds of information on kids wanting to attend DIII schools for football.  Usually I begin with a News sweep, then ride any information to YouTube where is in many cases video coverage and finally Twitter feeds that have the kids saying where they plan on attending. It means nothing until fall comes around but it is good for the youngsters to cement some sort of committment. In the ASC so far we have 75 kids committing to the schools in ASC, UMHB and believe it or not Howard Payne had a big group committing. Same could be said for SCIAC it just takes time to work it. Check out the ASC side for my commit report... Back to you Pat!

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: February 09, 2018, 02:02:45 pm »
This is a nice little package by a local school program outlining the intents....

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: February 09, 2018, 01:30:22 pm »
Signing day signing day! (yeah I know DIII does not fit into that category but we can still have fun with the letters of intent

Alot of kids out of Texas going to local schools - Sul Ross has been busy - HPU has a surprisingly large group saying they will attend and play in 2018 so i will drop vids, names and the schools they are coming from, alot can happen before season kicks off but we can enjoy this down time.

South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« on: January 25, 2018, 10:47:29 am »
Careful until you find out if there'll be a hefty charge to view games.
I don't have an issue paying a ticket price to see UMHB, UMU, Linfield or St.Thomas and maybe some other games that I think personally are worth it and as long as the broadcast is worth it. However, to try to ask for a ticket price for say an Oxy game..(I'd rather watch a Jr. High game) I guess I'm saying the ticket price to view online would be ok for me if the experience

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