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Multi-Regional Topics / Re: MBB: University Athletic Association
« on: June 29, 2019, 09:14:08 pm »
The non-conference opponents are the usual for the most part, though Chicago appears to be hosting St. Thomas and Nebraska Wesleyan in a tournament along with DePauw.


I might need to spend Thanksgiving weekend in Chicago!

Two straight years the IIAC/ARC is third! They have been very solid the last couple years, will be interesting to see if they can reload this season with a lot of talented seniors moving on.

Central Region / Re: MBB: Midwest Conference
« on: May 21, 2019, 10:53:31 pm »
Not sure exactly how much getting to know your teammates is done on the 🚌 these days. The kids usually whip out their phones, and pop in their ear buds shortly after departure. The majority of time on most trips is spent listening to music, playing video games, watching a movie on the busí TV system, or sleeping. The primary exception where studying becomes part of the equation seems to be whether a player has an exam the next day. 📚 💻
I think most of the fun, frivolity, and getting to know your teammates stems from the fact that many of the players often live together, either in the dorms or off campus houses/apts.

Well depends on the bus trip... from NCC to Wheaton yes you are just going to listen to music and get your mind right. But from SNC to Milliken on a Thursday you are going to be shooting the breeze with your teammates for a lot of time, while mixing in a nap/music/study as well. We would always bring cards for our 3+ hour bus rides from Moorhead to the Twin Cities and play Spades/Hearts/etc.

Central Region / Re: MBB: Midwest Conference
« on: May 21, 2019, 09:45:08 am »
As I look back on my college basketball career (different sport than the SNC schedule conflict, but still the same concept), I really enjoyed the bus trips to different non-conf schools for many reasons:

1) Spending time with the team on the bus is literally my best memories of college. The tradeoff of a possible B instead of an A on a single final is totally worth it in the long run.
2) Bus time and down time at a hotel can be adequate study times should the athlete choose to do so.
3) I really enjoy checking out different schools and new areas, especially the culturally rich and beautiful Decatur, IL, plus getting to play a new team is worth it in my opinion.

I understand not all players/fans share my ideology here, but from what I know of recent/current student athlete I don't think they will be too mad. It is nothing you can't work around and you understand schedules aren't going to be ideal when you sign up to play D3 athletics.

To be fair, Smitty's an outsider to the CCIW ... and JV info is scant on the respective CCIW men's basketball webpages. I'm not sure how much info he could've gleaned on his own.

Oh, I know.  I was just amused that this was as overt of a Ypsi as you'll see since he more or less led with 'I could look this up but am going to ask you all to do the legwork for me'...

To be fair, I looked around Augustana's men's basketball site and couldn't find anything JV related, so at that point I just posed the question. Didn't want to go through all the different websites. Appreciate the answers. A lot of the MIAC teams have JVs as well and the schedules look quite similar, with Jucos/NAIA teams with the occasional D3 JV as well.

Also, has it been noted that the 2019-20 Augie schedule is up on their website now? Season opener has the defending champs bringing The BeltTM to Rock Island.... will be a fun one I'm sure!

Also, former Bethel All-Conference guard Bridge Tusler is the new Head Boys Basketball coach at Monticello HS. Congrats to him and good luck as he takes over the Magic program.

The NCAA D2 conference NSIC is losing Augustana (SD) to D1, so they most likely do not need to form a new conference to make that move up. Their current format of 16 total teams split up into a 8 team north division and 8 team south division would be easily maintained with the addition of UST, should they seek that opportunity. Personally, it is the most seamless fit for UST, as the schools are mainly from MN (9), with 2 schools from ND, 2 from eastern SD, 1 from Iowa and 1 from Nebraska.

**EDIT: I just read AndOne's post in the WIAC thread, I understand he was joking about a new conference now. I will keep this post here incase anyone had missed this D2 opportunity for UST.

Probably could find out if I really looked around but I wouldn't get all of the great commentary and dialogue.. How many CCIW teams have a JV team and what do their schedules and opponents look like?

Prompted by Augies large freshman class and wondering where they will all fit in.

So if they do go D2, what will happen to the secondary sports at UST, such as men's swimming & diving, men's soccer as well as hockey for both genders, as it appears that the NSIC does not support these sports. Also, going to D2 will be quite expensive due to travel, scholarships, etc., will any of those sports, or others such as tennis/golf/etc. get the ax?

I may have missed this as I did not read a couple pages of posts and don't feel catching up to see if this was discussed.

Concordia Moorhead has recently went public with their recruiting class. They seem to be quite happy with the new class, with a chance for a couple of them to possibly find some minutes on the 2019-2020 Cobb team.

I have heard rumors that RFR Jake Guse F (6'8" 230lbs) from Mankato State will be transferring to GAC this year. The front court combo of him and Nolan Malo (MIAC All-Freshman team) could be dangerous for the next couple years.


Sections D and E made for interesting reading on the train ride into work.

Lifted from Section E:

"Notice of the Presidentsí Council intent to invoke any disciplinary action must be made in writing and delivered to the affected member and all other voting members at least thirty (30) days prior to the date that the action is proposed to be taken."

"Any decision to suspend or terminate membership must be made by at least a three-fourths affirmative vote of the entire Presidentsí Council. The member institution in question shall not be allowed to vote, and the required three-fourths majority shall be determined based upon the remaining voting members (currently 9 members based on 12 members eligible to vote)."

"The expulsion shall take place at the end of the then-current academic year."

So, if #TomToss is for real: 1) then the April 18, 2019 meeting will be the official notification date to fulfill the requirements of the existing by-laws; 2) The Tommies don't get a vote and it has to beat least 9 vs. 3 to carry; 3) it would become effective at the end of the current school year.

Point #1 seems iffy to me, but it seems the general public is being kept at arm's length concerning the conduct which may have gotten St. Thomas into this bind. We may or may not ever know what the cause was if the meeting is closed.

Point #2 also seems iffy to me, but more likely, if the charges are legit. As has been suspected, Concordia, Bethel, St. John's and St. Benedict would be the 4 nay-sayers, effectively killing the proposal. This is where politicking comes in and anything could happen.

Point #3, if the resolution passes, it means there will be a lot of scrambling for schedules next season/year if the Tommies cannot compete in the MIAC.

Thanx for sharing Oz!

Couple quick points Art....while Section E provides the grounds for expulsion for cause, that is not what is being proposed with UST.  What the Presidents will be voting on is a change to the Bylaws that effectively removes (in the case of UST) and prevents (future schools) from having an total undergraduate enrollment larger than a number the Presidents feel comfortable with.  They will select a number that is lower than UST could reasonably get down to and higher than the existing enrollment of all the other schools.  What is crazy about this situation is that USTís enrollment has not changed much during the last 10 years.....hardly grounds for changing the Bylaws, but this is the best the secret cabal of Presidents came up with.  Please note, not all the Presidents were in on this plan nor will they support it. Also, at least one school you have listed as supporting UST will likely support the Bylaws modification for UST removal.

Using my context clues, are you suggesting that Concordia is in favor of the Bylaw modification?

West Region / Re: MBB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: April 09, 2019, 09:25:18 pm »
Everyone needs to remember a few things ... a school can't just decide to leave for DII. They have to have a conference home BEFORE they can even apply to DII ... let alone be accepted. And anyone thinking about D1 (which I already read one article SMH) ... you have to be in DII first.

The thing, though, there is a natural fit for them geographically in the NSIC with Augustana (Sioux Falls) leaving for D1. NSIC presumably wants to keep their even 16 team, 2 division conference. Thats why the hypothetical talking point of them leaving for DII seems to have some validity behind it, from the outside.

As frustrated as I am with the Coalition of Losers (trademark pending), I think the writing is on the wall and it's probably not much of a surprise to anyone. UST doesn't bring in an associate AD from a Big 10 school if it plans on staying (alum or not). I think when this is all said and done UST will probably announce a plan of action that will allow it to stay in the MIAC for the next year or two while it finds a home, possibly outside of Division III.

I know from watching NDSU/SDSU's then UND/USD's transitions that this sort of move works so much better with a partner, and unfortunately, I don't know that SJU (UST's rival and a natural travel partner) are ready or willing to make that leap. Of course, if what I've gleaned is true, SJU may not have a choice but to find a new home should the Coalition of Losers have their way.

If the UMAC and MIAC could get together and have a meeting of the minds, it might make sense to have a few members switch places, but from the outside looking in, it seems only Northwestern (possibly St. Scholastica, but it appears they'd have to make an investment in athletics) might be okay fits for the MIAC. But switching 2 schools for 4 schools would leave the MIAC only 7 for football, so that wouldn't work, and it looks like the Coalition of Losers is more interested in forcing UST out than changing conference affiliations.

The other Division III option is for UST (and, who are we kidding, SJU eventually) to play an independent schedule in football, and see if the Coalition of Losers will let UST remain an affiliate member for other sports, but this sounds like it's probably not a viable option long-term either.

I think with UST's new AD, who has experience bringing D1 hockey to Penn State, UST might explore leaving for the NSIC/WCHA. Unfortunately, the NSIC is already at 16 member institutions split into two divisions, and I highly doubt SJU would be willing to make that jump with UST. In my dream scenario, UST and SJU wouldn't have to go DII,  and could join the Pioneer League in football (non-scholarship with Drake, Butler, Valpo, etc.), WCHA in hockey and Summit League for all other sports because, believe it or not, their facilities are just fine for the Summit, and geographically it makes the most sense.

What I think is likely to happen, is UST is going to double down on its athletic investment, raise a ton of money for hockey and try to find a home in the NSIC in the next few years. Whatever happens, UST is going to have a VERY painful transition unless it can get someone to make the jump with them.

So NSIC is 16 teams as of now, but Augustana (Sioux Falls) has announced they will be making a jump to D1, so they will need a new member to maintain their current layout, with a north and south division, each consisting of 8 teams. They could move around travel partners and make it work so UST and CSP travel together instead of matching CSP up with Winona State (maybe it is MSU-Mankato, don't want to look it up now).

And  in terms of making that transition to D1, unless I was interpreting posts incorrectly, posters on here have noted that it is a long haul, with necessary stops at D2 before the final destination of Division One athletics is reached.

Something to remember is that for a D3 or non-NCAA team to join D1, they first have to go through the three-year D2 membership process and then be an active D2 member for five years. Only then can they start the four-year D1 membership process. So it would take 12 years for St. Thomas to reach D1.

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