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Women's soccer / Re: Coaching changes for 2020
« on: December 25, 2019, 01:00:39 pm »
Could be abad sign for the coach in most do you know the coach is "under review"?

Looks like it took 6 days for this hire and seems like a good one.

You knew it would have to be a quick and local hire based upon the time frame.  And it also shows how bad the CLU administration is or has been in this entire process. From my understanding, in the original hiring process 2 years ago, they stated in the job description, they wanted someone with minimum 3 years college Head coaching experience, and they didnt even give Coach White an interview.  And they got a lot of flack from alumni for not even giving him a phone interview or giving Coach Dains an on campus interview.

I believe the President has taken control of this and wanted to calm the waters and went back and hired Coach White for the men's bball job, and in fact I think, they hired another alumni for the Women's job.  He was local, an alum, and knew he would take it. No search committee, no interviews, etc.  That tells you that upper administration has no faith in the AD or VP of athletics, if the President is taking control of this. Sounds like a waste of 300k in salary, if they cant hire correctly.

A lot of accuracy in the information regarding the search 2 years ago from what I know. However, from speaking with one of the two current hires they were done without even meeting with the President. I believe both current administrators were involved in some capacity in the hires. It seems the President signed off on both but the searches were left to be handled by the administration. Could it simply be they learned from the past process and moved quickly. Would you agree they are both good hires? As an Alum are you in support?

It took them 6 months to find, interview, and hire Fusina.

Looks like it took 6 days for this hire and seems like a good one.

I am expecting a quick hire at Cal Lutheran and I think it will be a strong choice. I think it will happen in the next few days.


Socalcoach, I could agree that CLU may not have been a "championship" team year in and year out, but to call it a "complete rebuild" and WAS not respectable, you are completely off base. Remember they did have 20 wins and ranked in the region. That was the top 11% (45/416) of all D3 programs by record. The SCIAC is much tougher than people give it credit. My Senior year, we were tied for 3rd in the SCIAC, and we beat 4 or 5 NCAA tourney teams during the year. Redlands (SCIAC champs), Chapman (only SCIAC loss), Luther, Concordia Wis, and Hobart.

But you are correct that the job is a complete

If you look back what was left was mostly 1-2 year transfers not sustainable to build a long term winning program. Look at the top SCIAC teams they are built from strong recruiting classes that looks like had been missing for years. Going to need 2-3 strong freshman classes to get the program back on track and that is "rebuild". If 4 years from now they are losing by 40 to the stronger teams and aren't competing at the levels of the Pomona/CMS teams then I think you can have strong judgement. I think any alum should look at it and say that the previous 22 years were just "ok" and should want the program to be elite like Cal Lutheran seems to be in other sports.

But looked like a solid win over Cal Tech who is much improved this year overall!

I think Cal Lutheran looked at a program that has had very little success. 2 NCAA appearances in 22 years and only 3 SCIAC titles in 22 years and said we need to do something different to make the program better. That job is a complete rebuild and will take 4 years to get it to be respectable again.

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