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Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Big games today
« on: Today at 12:09:23 am »

Not technically a "big" game, but Ursinus seems to always play Swarthmore pretty tough - the Bears visit the Garnet tonight.  Might be one to at least keep up on the live stats until it's no longer close.

Thought you nailed it Ryan... Swarthmore needed a BIG comeback...

Elsewhere, MacMurray STUNS Westminster... Webster gasps, holds on, Blackburn romps

Unfortunate turnover with 9 seconds left kills a Eureka possession down 2... then after 1/2 from line for Greenville, EC can't get a reasonable 3 point attempt to tie...Greenville wins 146-143

I'm not sure if GU had announcers in prior games, but they did this game, and the fellow did a very good job... tough for him to keep up with every scoring play, but he did most of the time, and I appreciated knowing who was doing the scoring... I know Williams, Grady, Bateman, but gained a new appreciation for Henry Johnson, Chris Jackson, Rakim Murphy and others because they were identified....

It was a super game...

And ok, I'll probably take grief... but here is something I don't understand...
I have seen Children of Basketball staff act as "water-kids" for the players or floor sweepers..and that's fine.... but I have never seen a young child be included in the huddle, in all the bench action, right next to Dad the coach, including actually running out on the court with Dad as he protests a call to an official.. right next to him...and that's what is happening at I off in saying this just doesn't look quite right???   I AM NOT SAYING THIS IS ABUSIVE IN ANY WAY.. I'm just saying there is a time and place for young kids to be... and being that intertwined with the workings of a game is not necessarily it...   agree?  disagree?   please comment...

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 vs. D1/D2/NAIA/NCCAA
« on: Yesterday at 08:03:11 pm »
Game of 1/21/20

Fredonia  62,  Penn State Shenango  (USCAA)  53

Firstly, I removed from best scorer consideration some folks who are very good at getting that tough contested bucket in big moments, but just do it with less regularity and efficiency (J. Johnson and Goodman types).  I also removed a few players who just haven't played enough games to merit serious consideration (Dehm and Bateman types). 

Player A, my best scorer,  currently sits at 62.55% efg% and a 64.8 TS% on 16.2 s/g and averages 22.3 ppg. He has a shooting slash of 50.6/42.3/90.9.  This individual also shoots a high percentage of more valuable shots which is baked into the efg% and TS% calculations.

Player B, the best player (due to floor game related stats), currently sits at 57.14% efg% and a 60.8% TS% on 17.26 s/g and averages 23.8 ppg.  With a shooting slash of 52.9/34.9/77.2.   I think it is very clear that he is the best player, it just takes him more shots to score his points.  This is why I do not have him as both the best player and best scorer, like Greek has already posited.     

It will be great tonight when Player A and Player B square off head to head.  No secret here that I have Player A = S. Grady and player B = D. Bennginton.

of note, Dehm and Bateman removed from best scorer consideration for failure to play enough games, although both still lose to Grady IMO.  Williams removed from best player consideration for same reason. 

Best player is not close in my opinion, but J. Johnson, Dorethy, Goodman, Thompson, Hayes etc were considered and fell short. 

Thank you for letting me stoke the fire a little for this evenings big game.  Good Luck to both teams.

Yes, I'd disagree....since the return of Williams and Bateman, Grady's numbers have gone down... he had to score more in their absence, he sees the ball less often sharing the court with one or the other... Dehm has scored 126 points in January.. 5 games, 25.2 ppg... throw out the first game he was back, a 10 point effort, and he has 116 in 4 games back...29 ppg

I am very much looking forward to tonights Conference Game of the Week between GU and Eureka (at HJ Long)

This one pits the leagues best scorer against it best player.  If you have to ask who these players are, you are not paying attention.

They aren't the same player? And I thought I was paying attention.

AGREED with Greek???
And I would argue that the best player and best scorer may be on same team.. 2 different players...  figure that one out....

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Big games today
« on: Yesterday at 10:09:34 am »
Big Games Today, 1/22/20

Big on a national scale:
***   OAC Mount Union H  (7 - 1) (12 - 3)       vs Marietta A  (8 - 0) (14 - 1)            
***   ODAC Virginia Wesleyan H  (6 - 1) (14 - 2)       vs Randolph-Macon A  (7 - 0) (15 - 1)            

Then the CCIW:
***   CCIW Elmhurst H  (6 - 1) (15 - 1)       vs Illinois Wesleyan A  (5 - 2) (11 - 5)         
***   CCIW North Central (Ill.) H  (6 - 1) (13 - 3)       vs Augustana A  (5 - 2) (11 - 5)      

Big in the conferences:
***   CUNYAC Brooklyn H  (4 - 1) (7 - 8)       vs John Jay A  (5 - 1) (11 - 5)         
***   LAND Susquehanna H  (4 - 0) (11 - 4)       vs Scranton A  (4 - 0) (12 - 3)         
***   MACF Stevens H  (3 - 1) (12 - 3)       vs DeSales A  (4 - 0) (11 - 4)         
***   MASCAC Worcester State H  (3 - 0) (7 - 8)       vs Massachusetts College A  (4 - 0) (11 - 4)         
***   NCAC Wittenberg H  (7 - 1) (14 - 1)       vs Ohio Wesleyan A  (5 - 3) (10 - 5)         
***   NEAC SUNY-Cobleskill H  (4 - 1) (10 - 4)       vs SUNYIT A  (4 - 1) (7 - 6)         
***   NECC Eastern Nazarene H  (4 - 0) (8 - 8)       vs New England College A  (3 - 1) (11 - 5)         
***   NEWMAC Emerson H  (3 - 1) (10 - 5)       vs WPI A  (3 - 1) (12 - 3)         
***   NJAC Stockton H  (8 - 1) (11 - 5)       vs TCNJ A  (6 - 3) (9 - 7)         
***   SCIAC Claremont-Mudd-Scripps H  (4 - 2) (12 - 3)       vs Occidental A  (4 - 3) (12 - 3)         
***   SLIAC Greenville H  (6 - 2) (7 - 8)       vs Eureka A  (5 - 3) (10 - 5)         
***   UMAC Northwestern (Minn.) H  (6 - 1) (10 - 6)       vs UW-Superior A  (7 - 0) (10 - 6)         
***   WIAC UW-Oshkosh H  (4 - 1) (10 - 6)       vs UW-Stevens Point A  (3 - 2) (11 - 5)         

Central Region / Re: MBB: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: January 21, 2020, 10:16:11 pm »
Fontbonne beats Prin.. I didn't necessarily take that result as a given... but the big news, Fontbonne's Gus Kleekamp back, from whatever injury no one from Fontbonne could post, or privately tell me about... and first game back he plays significant minutes and has a nice all around game.... This is a huge plus for the Griffs during the 2nd half of the season...

Central Region / Re: MBB: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: January 21, 2020, 09:52:59 pm »
You mean because high school basketball season is over?

Leaving the cook on the boat so he can recruit for Coach Huisman may be out of the question, but as long as the plane can land, tourism along the coasts, including Sydney, Melbourne and so on should be apples.

Hadn't thought of that WUPIFFF... maybe he'd finance a couple of fancy meals for us if I see a kid or two.... Hey mates... fancy yourself in the land of snow and uhhh, prosperity!!!!

Central Region / Re: MBB: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: January 21, 2020, 09:50:30 pm »
hopefan, probably not the greatest year for a cruise to Australia! :o

But I'm still jealous as hell! ;)

There is hope... it's been raining there the last several days!!!

Central Region / Re: MBB: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: January 21, 2020, 04:26:56 pm »
Unfortunately... and I mentioned this before, Mrs. hopefan and I will be out of the country in the land down under from Feb 12 through Feb 28... It's the trip of our lives, and I will have limited access to WiFi... (I'm not going to ask my readers to contribute to a gofundme wifi package on the cruise)... +, I have to think Mrs. hopefan would rather I pay attention to the trip, and not SLIAC hoops... it is interesting though that we get back late the night of the 28th, the semifinals night for the SLIAC tourney... so if able to rouse myself, I should be able to see the finals on the internet!!!

Central Region / Re: MBB: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: January 21, 2020, 04:19:09 pm »
A high ranking "administrator" from a SLIAC school has contacted me, asking me to start up my yearly "hopefan standings"...

While I have completed them with 8 conference games completed, I will wait to start publishing until after tomorrow's games, which complete the first half of the conference season for each team...

Here is how it will work... Of the 10 teams, I will consider 6 teams as contenders for the 4 tourney slots,  4 teams not expected to contend.

The expectation is that each of the contenders will beat the 4 non contenders both home and away (leading to 8 wins)... and will win AT HOME vs each contender (leading to 5 wins)... 0 points are awarded for those wins, -1 point is awarded for any failure in winning those 13 games.  In addition, +1 point is awarded for any win on the road against a contender.    The four non contenders are not included in the standings, though a team could shift in status if it becomes obvious they are mis-classified...

6 contenders are Blackburn, Eureka, Fontbonne, Greenville, Westminster, and Westminster
4 non contenders are Iowa Wesleyan, MacMurray, Spalding, and Principia

I'll do these as time allows... and will point out remaining opportunities for each team to get a + and improve themselves.  As you can see minuses are much easier to come by....

Central Region / Re: MBB: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: January 21, 2020, 02:35:51 pm »
Henry Johnson with the deep halftime buzzer beater.

Very nice! There used to be a buzzer beater page on this site but it was discontinued. I was told there was a lot of work to put into it and it wasn't worth the time. I think Smitty Oom actually volunteered to do it but nothing came of it.

Would still LOVE to see video of the half court 3 by Anthony Jones of Fontbonne that sent the Fontbonne-Eureka game into OT....  Fontbonne eventually winning....   I viewed the Buzzer Beater section on these pages with every new addition when it was available on this site.... I know nothing about costs or time, but it seems that SIDs and fans could pretty easily send them in and they could make these pages... one "video" is worth 100000 words...PS.. I'll await someone's lecture about how I have no clue.. remember, I already admitted it ;D ;D ;D

and for Henry....saaaaa.wsssshhhhh.... nothin but net...none of this bank it in baloney!!!!!   Gotta love it!!!

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Big games today
« on: January 21, 2020, 05:33:04 am »
BIG games today, 1/21/20

***   NWC Whitworth H  (6 - 0) (12 - 3)       vs Whitman A  (6 - 0) (11 - 4)               
***   SUNYAC Oswego State H  (5 - 1) (11 - 2)       vs SUNY Oneonta A  (5 - 1) (9 - 4)               

Not Quite as Big, but could be important

***   USAC Averett H  (6 - 2) (10 - 6)       vs Greensboro A  (5 - 3) (11 - 5)               
***   MWC Lake Forest H  (5 - 2) (8 - 6)       vs St. Norbert A  (8 - 0) (13 - 2)               

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 vs. D1/D2/NAIA/NCCAA
« on: January 21, 2020, 05:19:14 am »
Games of 1/20/20

St. Elizabeth  72,  Pratt  (USCAA)  52
Maine-Fort Kent (USCAA) 83, Maine Maritime 71
SUNY Delhi  86,  Albany Pharmacy  (USCAA)  68

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