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SLU beat Oswego in Oswego, something Brockport didn't do.

Head to head is really only going to matter if the resumes are very, very close - like Skidmore over SLU.

Beating them twice, as Skidmore did to the Saints, matters, I'm sure. Hard for a committee member to put that out of their minds. :D

Well I was all set to take St. Amour even if Flannery was available. Now I have no choice.

Round 1
1. FC Grizzlies - Matt St Amour - Middlebury
2. magicman - Joey Flannery - Babson
3. The Osprey -
4. NCF -
5. 7express -
6. Smitty Oom -
7. Ronk -
8. Greek -
9. Hoops Fan -
10. WUH -

Well, the two of you just took the first two off my list. :'(

I'm sure they were the first two on just about everybody's list! If you weren't picking 1st or 2nd you were S.O.L. ;D

Well I was all set to take St. Amour even if Flannery was available. Now I have no choice.

Round 1
1. FC Grizzlies - Matt St Amour - Middlebury
2. magicman - Joey Flannery - Babson
3. The Osprey -
4. NCF -
5. 7express -
6. Smitty Oom -
7. Ronk -
8. Greek -
9. Hoops Fan -
10. WUH -

From a fantasy standpoint, it would be disappointing if OWU didn't make it with 2 potential 1st or 2nd round picks in Alexrod and Simpson.

The didn't make it. That really surprises me. Especially with a 21-7 record.


SUNYAC gets 1 f**king bid and Liberty league gets 3??   Some one wake me up when October 15th gets

GOOD LUCk OSWEGO.. Carry the YAC Banner. Here's to hoping that you crush every (fill in the blank)  there is on your way to Salem!!

I been telling you for over a month that possibility was out there. Why so shocked? ??? If the SUNYAC AD's allowed the top 8 teams in the conference to participate in the playoffs, like they used to, then there's a good chance that Brockport would have gotten to 20 wins because they would have won a first round game against the #7 seed. 20 wins would have given them a Pool C bid I believe. When the AD's voted to only allow the top 6 seeds in the YAC tournament they didn't help our chances of getting a 2nd bid, they hurt our chances. Somehow they still haven't figured that out. ::)

Thought that Oswego might host a pod but they put both of the two New York hosting sites basically in Rochester.  St. John Fisher was ranked higher in the regional rankings than the Lakers were, so they got to host. Rochester University, the #1 team in the East region is the other host.

Lakers traveling to Williams to face Scranton and most likely Williams if they win their game against the Royals. Scranton and Oswego with identical 21-6 records. Should be a good game.

Yes a surprise in the Liberty League as the 3rd seed Union won the AQ. That cost us a bid I believe.

Hoopsville did their mock projection last evening of the 21 Pool C bids that they think will be awarded later today. Here's the link to their complete list:

They have Rochester 21-4, as the 4th Pool C selection, Skidmore 19-7, the 14th selection and St. Lawrence 20-6 as the 15th selection.

Brockport with a 19-7 record became the next team from the East region at the table after St. Lawrence was chosen. They sat at the table for the final 6 rounds and were never selected in this projection. Brockport lost out to Skidmore and St. Lawrence because those teams were ranked ahead of the Golden Eagles in the final Regional Rankings that Hoopsville had received yesterday.

Defending National Champion St.Thomas also had a 19-7 record and they were at the table at the same time Brockport was and they don't have them getting a bid either. In fact St. Thomas was at the table for 14 rounds as they were the 2nd ranked team from the West region. Whitworth from the West was selected in the 7th round and the Tommies took their seat. They never left the table as the West only got 1 Pool C bid in this projection.

We have to hope the NCAA selection committee uses slightly different logic than the Hoopsville crew did or the SUNYAC will only have 1 team in the tournament this weekend. I don't think that will happen. The SUNYAC got hurt when Skidmore or St. Lawrence didn't win the Liberty League and when Rochester lost the AQ from the UAA conference to Washington U. 

Brockport also didn't help their own cause when they failed to win a playoff game and get to 20 wins. 

They show 5 teams from the NESCAC getting bids. Middlebury won the AQ and Tufts, Williams, Wesleyan and Amherst get Pool C bids.

They have 7 teams out of 21 selections coming out of the Northeast region. Babson losing yesterday popped someone's bubble.  That leaves 14 picks left for the other 7 regions. They have the East region getting 3 picks. I don't think it's possible we can get a 4th pick from our region. 

It sure looks like the YAC only has 1 bid this year. That's why I wanted Oneonta to win against Oswego yesterday. I thought that was the only way we could get a 2nd team dancing.   

Matt St. Amour  Middlebury   34 fpts as Middlebury defeats Williams 84-62 to win the NESCAC Championship

Morrisville's Dennis with 43

Joey Flannery with 32 fpts as they lose to MIT 67-62 in the Championship game of the NEWMAC.

Babson losing to MIT by 8 points with 6 minutes to go. I need this game to go to quadruple overtime so I can get enough points from Flannery to pass the Greek.

The SUNYAC will hand out the Player of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Coach of the Year and All Conference teams shortly. Here's who I think they may have on the short list.

Player of the Year   Brian Sortino  Oswego State
Really a no brainer. He could have been Player of the Year as a sophomore or junior and probably wouldn't have been much of an argument if he had

Coach of the Year  Cameron Conover Oneonta
I'm leaning toward Coach Conover because it was his first year as a head coach and his team did well finishing in 3rd place. Making the championship game was an added bonus. I don't think anyone had the Red Dragons finishing that high in the standings or playing for all the marbles. If they did, it was a different variety of Red Dragons they were thinking of. It won't surprise me if Coach Jason Leone gets the award because the victors usually get the spoils and it was his 3rd SUNYAC crown in 6 years. Either coach is deserving of this award.

Rookie of the Year Danny Delsol-Lowry  Potsdam State
Danny a 6'1" freshman started all 25 games as the point guard for the Bears and handled that job as if he was a college veteran. He scored 228 points for the season which was an average of 9.1 ppg,  and was 4th on the team in scoring. His 5.4 rpg led the team in rebounding. He also led the team with 66 assists, 36 steals and minutes per game with 27.8. He leads every rookie in the conference in just about all these categories if not all of them.
The other top rookies this year to make my all rookie team.
Justin Summers   Brockport State  Forward
Kevin Mackin        Oneonta State    Guard
Tommy Eastman  Geneseo State    Guard
Nick Arthur          New Paltz State   Forward

All Conference in alphabetical order by team
Clifton Lyerly            Brockport State  Guard
Hamed Shamseldin  Brockport State  Guard
DevonnGavin            Brockport State  Guard
Lovell Smith             Buffalo State       Guard
Mike Henry               Buffalo State      Guard
Justin Cooper           Cortland State    Guard
James Morales         Cortland State     Guard
Ian Helps                 Fredonia State    Forward
Justin Ringen           Geneseo State     Guard
John Decker            Geneseo State      Guard
Andrew Seniuk        New Paltz St.       Forward
Lawrence Coleman  Oneonta State      Forward
Mikey McElroy         Oneonta State      Forward
Frankie Kelly           Oneonta State      Guard
Brian Sortino          Oswego State       Guard
Jamir Ferebee         Oswego State      Forward
Mykelle Krecko        Oswego State     
Jon Patron              Plattsburgh St.     Forward
Eli Bryant               Plattsburgh St.     Guard
Nosa Onabor          Potsdam State      Guard

SUNYAC Championship

Oswego State 75 Oneonta State 70

Congratulations to The Lakers on their Regular Season Crown and Tournament Championship. Last year you made the Sweet 16. I Hope you go even further this year. Good Luck.

The Lakers broke on top quickly and had a 12-3 lead after 3:30 of the first period. Oneonta almost caught up at 12-10, but Oswego outscored them 13-5 to open up a double digit lead at 25-15 with 12 minutes left. The Lakers now had a comfort zone and that's not a good thing for their opponents. The lead grew to 15 points and just as the Red Dragons were closing some ground, cutting their deficit to 9, with under a minute in the half, Mr.Clutch  buried a pair of 3's, 35 seconds apart and the Lakers trotted off the court with a 53-38 halftime lead. The two 3 pointers gave Sortino 68 points over his last 65 minutes of playoff basketball. That's bigtime ballin.

Oneonta needed to get back into the game quickly to have any chance and they did just that scoring the first 4 points of the half forcing Coach Leone to take a quick time out. That didn't slow them down much as they scored the next 5  points coming out of that TO. Suddenly the lead was only 6 points instead of 15. If at first you don't succeed, take another time out, and that's what Coach Leone did. This time it worked as the Lakers responded with a pair of buckets to build it back to a 10 point lead.

Over the next ten minutes the Lakers' lead fluctuated between 10 and 14 points as the Lakers got contributions from several different players to hold the Red Dragons at bay. But with time running out and Oneonta down 69-56 with under 7 minutes left to play, the Red Dragons' Big Three scored 9 unanswered points, to pull them within 4 points of the Lakers, the last 3 coming on a 3 point play from Mikey McElroy. It was the closest they had been since the 13:16 mark of the first half. The Lakers turned the ball over on their next possession and the Red Dragons had a chance to cut it to a one possession game. McElroy's jumper rimmed out however, which allowed the Lakers come down and score on a drive by who else...Sortino. He was fouled on the play and he hit the free throw to stop the bleeding and make it a 72-65 3 possession lead with 1:53 remaining. That breathing room didn't last long as Oneonta fought back to make it 72-70 on a free throw from Lawrence Coleman, a jumper from McElroy, and a layup from Coleman but time was short and Oneonta had to foul with 13 seconds left. It was a touch of irony that the guy going to the line for the clinching free throws, was a member of the Red Dragons last year. Ian Schupp, who originally played for the Lakers, left, and came back home this year, made both freebies to salt away the championship for Oswego. Oneonta missed their last attempt from the field, went to the line and missed both free throws, with 6 seconds on the clock. Sortino was fouled and he made 1 of 2 for the final points of the game. A valiant comeback effort by the Red Dragons but they just ran out of time. And frankly, the way the Lakers played all weekend, I don't think more time on the clock would have made a difference.

The Lakers
Brian Sortino, most likely the SUNYAC Player of the Year, had 27 points to once again lead all scorers. He added 4 rebounds and 5 assists, along with the Most Valuable Player award of the SUNYAC Tournament. His 48 points the night before against Buffalo State set a Max Ziel Gymnasium record and he was just a point away from tying the highest scoring game in program history. He has been a pleasure (and a pain) to watch over the past 4 years and I wish him well.

Ian Schupp had 22 points, 7 rebounds and 1 assist. Schupp and Sortino combined for 8 of the team's 9 three pointers (4 each) and was a major reason the Lakers walked off the court with the championship trophy. Oneonta was only 4x16 from long range.

Tyler Pierre was a beast off the glass as he had a game high 15 rebounds to go along with his 7 points, 1 assist and a steal. He came off the bench and saw 17 minutes of court time.

Jamir Ferebee had 7 points, 3 rebounds, 1 assist and a steal.

Keith Tyson had 6 points, 9 boards and a steal.

Mykelle Krecko had 4 points, 8 rebounds and 1 assist.

The Red Dragons
Lawrence Coleman had 23 points, 4 rebounds, 2 assists, a block and a steal.

Mikey McElroy had 19 points, 6 rebounds and a block.

Frankie Kelly, had 13 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists and 3 steals.

Dwayne Freeman had 6 points and 4 rebounds.

Ian Schultz had 4 points, a team high 9 rebounds, a block and a steal.

Jack Kolosky had 4 points, 4 rebounds and 2 blocks.

Oswego improves their record to 21-6 and will wait for the NCAA's selection show on Monday at 12:30 to find out who their next opponent will be. I hope they get to host a 4 team pod on the first weekend. I'm pretty sure Rochester will host and possibly St. John Fisher may get sent there. If Brockport gets a bid (they're on the bubble) they may go to Rochester as well. Union could go to Oswego and then there's St. Lawrence and possibly Skidmore. I'm not sure if the Liberty League would get 3 bids. I know the SUNYAC won't. And the YAC may not get 2 but I have my fingers crossed that Brockport gets one. There will be lots of fingers crossed in Brockport on Monday around lunchtime.

Oneonta's season comes to an end with a 17-11 record. I don't know if they intend to play in the ECAC tournament.         

Matt St. Amour  Middlebury   34 fpts as Middlebury defeats Williams 84-62 to win the NESCAC Championship

I corrected my post to reflect the same totals as yours.

By the way...if Flannery get 52 fpts today I can beat you by a point. :D  Fat chance of that happening though. In the two games he's already played against MIT he's got a total of 48 fpts combined. 21 and 27 so I don't think all of a sudden he's going to break loose against them. He wasn't much better against WPI, so it really didn't matter who he played today.

Congrats to the Grizz who can't be caught. Course i knew that after Friday's games. :D


Here are the totals I have after Saturday with games left:

FCGrizzlies     1075      2 games left   
Greek             998       1      "
magicman      947       2      "
HoopsFan       916       2     "         
Fantastic50    913       0     "
Smitty Oom    847       1     "
ronk               803       1     "
The Osprey    801       3     "
7express        770       3     "
NCF               603       3     "

All my player numbers for yesterday add up with yours, but our totals don't. It's a lot of numbers, so only if you want to double check, you can, otherwise don't bother. If you do and you come up with the same totals, I'll double check mine then. Thanks for all the help and the discount double check!

FCGrizzlies - 1075
Greek - 998
magicman - 947
Hoops Fan - 916
Fantastic50 - 913
Smitty Oom - 847
The Osprey - 841
ronk - 805
7express - 770
NCF - 603

Easy to find the mistakes I forgot to correct the old score on my tally sheet that I had for ronk, that was off by 2 points yesterday.

On The Osprey I skipped right over the 40 points he got from Flannery.

So our totals do match right to the point.

Here are the totals I have after Saturday with games left:

FCGrizzlies     1075      2 games left   
Greek             998       1      "
magicman      947       2      "
HoopsFan       916       2     "         
Fantastic50    913       0     "
Smitty Oom    847       1     "
The Osprey    841       3     "
ronk               805       1     "
7express        770       3     "
NCF               603       3     "

Brian Sortino  Oswego with 34 fpts as Oswego wins the SUNYAC Championship 75-70 over Oneonta.
Lawrence Coleman Oneonta 28 fpts
Mikey McElroy Oneonta with 25 fpts
Raheem Anderson Husson 44 fpts as Husson defeats Thomas 89-67 to win the NAC Championship.
Tyheem Simon  Thomas (Me) 20 fpts in the loss.
Jaqhawn Walters Albertus Magnus  24 fpts as AM defeats Lasell to win the GNAC Championship
John Powell  Lasell   25 fpts in the loss
Hugh Lindo  Eastern Conn. 21 fpts as EC defeats Keene St. 72-70 to win the LEC Championship
Tarchee Brown Eastern Conn. 15 fpts    "
Ty Nichols Keene State 16 fpts in the loss
Matt Ozzella  Keene State 21 fpts  "
Ty Sabin  Ripon  40 fpts as Ripon defeats Lake Forest 81-72 to win the MWC Championship
Kevin Dennis Morrisville St. 26 fpts as Mo St. defeats Gallaudet 72-68 to advance to the Championship game.
Matt St. Amour Middlebury  20 fpts as Middlebury defeats Trinity 76-60 to advance to the Championship.
Marcus Carter  Christopher Newport 21 fpts as CNU defeats Salisbury to win the CAC Championship
Ben Simpson  Ohio Wesleyan 37 fpts as OWU loses to Wooster in the NCAC Championship
Nate Axelrod   Ohio Wesleyan   17 fpts    "
Joey Flannery  Babson 40 fpts  as Babson defeats Springfield to advance to the Championship game.
Jake Ross  Springfield  22 fpts  in the loss
A.J. Edwards Marietta  30 fpts as Marietta defeats Baldwin Wallace to win the OAC Championship.
Chrishawn Orange  Augustana  23 fpts as Augustana loses to North Central 69-64 in the CCIW Championship.
Tim Howell  Whitman  29 fpts as Whitman defeats Whitworth 86-83 in OT to win the NWC Championship.
Alex Herink UW-River Falls  19 fpts  as River Falls defeats Oshkosh 60-59 to win the WIAC Championship.
Damion King  Thomas More  40 fpt  as Thomas More defeatsSt. Vincent to win the PAC Championship.
Nathaniel Jack  Hardin-Simmons  46 fpts  as HSC defeats LeTourneau to win the ASC Championship.
Alec Colhoff  LeTourneau  47 fpts in the loss

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