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North Region football / Re: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: December 10, 2008, 08:25:56 pm »
Looks like Andy Studebaker is enjoying himself in Kansas City.

Would be nice to have those moves on the field in Alliance this Saturday.

North Region football / Re: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: November 16, 2008, 09:21:49 pm »
Reflecting on the cards 10-0 regular season, it made me think of the greatest CCIW of all time in recent years (post auggie mid-80's)...

I have narrowed it down to 4 teams:

03' Wheaton

04' Carthage

05' Auggie

05' NCC

Personally, I would love a 03' Wheaton/04' Carthage fantasy match-up....

just something to ponder...

I'd say best teams since 2000.  I know in the 90's there are a ton of great Millikin, Wesleyan, and Augie teams.  I'm sure someone who has been around D3 for longer than I have would know a lot more about them.

If you want to pick a Wheaton team from the last ten years, in their two year stretch without a conference loss, the 2002 team was quite a bit stronger than 2003.

Their conference schedule in 2002:
*ELMHURST COLLEGE....... 62-7  W   
*at Millikin............ 39-20 W   
*CARTHAGE............... 36-6  W   
*at Illinois Wesleyan... 35-21 W   
*NORTH CENTRAL.......... 41-7  W   
*at North Park.......... 68-12 W   
*AUGUSTANA VIKINGS...... 38-14 W   

They did have a  16-23 hiccup in week one against Alma, but they made up for that with a 42-14 victory in the playoffs over that same Alma team.    The 2003 team made it deeper into the playoffs (due to getting Mount in a later round) but didn't have close to the dominanting  performance in CCIW play the '02 team did.

Here is an interview of Wheaton Defensive Coordinator Rod Sandberg by a Philadelphia Eagles website.  They discus a variety of topics regarding Studebaker's jump to the NFL including the DE to OLB transition similar to Chris Gocong and the Eagles using more 3-4 next year.

The audio is a bit lengthy ---the text below hits most of the highlights.

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: April 29, 2008, 12:31:19 am »
This may be extremely premature, but is it possible for Wheaton to go all the way next year (win the CCIW and the NCAA's)?
Since Raymond is returning, their starting lineup is back, all they lost was a single bench player, and Wheaton has what seems to be a good recruiting class (Pflederer and others)...
I guess everything is possible, especially with Raymond, but how good of a chance does Wheaton have?

Wheaton should be very good next year, but they'll have questions to answer.  Afterall, last year - with Kent Raymond and the nucleus that will be on the floor next year - Wheaton lost 5 games in the CCIW and then bowed out in the 1st round of the conference tournament. 

Wheaton's biggest problems in '07-08, in my opinion, were:

1) They were a 3-man team offensively in most games - Raymond, Wiele, and Panner seemed to be the only reliable scoring threats.  The Thunder seemed to always have two players on the floor who couldn't score.

2) The bench was vey weak - they just didn't have much there at all.

Wheaton needs a couple freshmen, or JV players, to step in and contribute...preferably at the frontcourt spots.  The Thunder need at least two more legitimate CCIW players at the 3, 4, and 5.  I expect Jahns to become a player, and that should give the Thunder another scoring...but he is another perimeter scorer.

I don't see Wheaton as the favorite to the win the CCIW -- in fact, I think they'll be picked 3rd, behind Augie and Elmhurst.  And I believe co-2nd place team IWU, which went 3-0 vs Wheaton, will be improved in '08-09, and I suspect a few other teams will get better as well.  Bottom line, Wheaton's going to have to improve from last year to win the CCIW...let alone think about winning a national title.

After finishing ahead of Elmhurst in the CCIW standings, following that up with an elite eight run Ė and then returning all five starters, three of which were underclassmen (two in their first year with the program), no chance Wheaton gets picked behind Elmhurst.

That said, I could see Wheaton, Augie, Elmhurst or IWU winning the 14-game CCIW slate next year.
I think it's almost safe to say the every team in the CCIW will be better next year- --should be a lot of fun.

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: March 08, 2008, 03:27:07 am »
Havenít posted in a few years since leaving Wheaton for Wisconsin, but I was able to make my way over to Whitewater to catch the Wheaton game tonight.  It was the fifth time if have seen Wheaton play this year (other than that it has been four years since I have been able to get to any games).  Couple of points from my perspective at the game since it seems like most of you here were listening over the internet:

1.) Wiele looked like a manchild tonight and Lawrence didnít have an answer for him.  In the second half they began to bring help immediately when he got the ball which led to some good looks two or three passes out of the double for guys like Panner.  His stats alone donít show the impact he had on the game.

2.) Raymond was really struggling offensively for most of the game but came up huge in other areas of the game even before he hit the shot to send it to OT. First, with his jumper not falling he did a good job of not forcing things in the second half and instead making an effort to get the ball to Wiele in position to score.  Second and most importantly was his defense on Ryan Kroeger.  Kroeger was killing Wheaton and had 21 points by around the 9 minute mark in the second half.  After a brief rest, Harris put Raymond in with around 8 minutes left and switched him over to guard Kroeger.  Kent proceeded to hold him scoreless the rest of the game and had two incredible blocks while staying in front of Kroeger on drives to the basket.

3.) Harris went with Young and Bernsten over his starters Carwell and Jahns down the stretch and to start overtime. Carwell and Jahns are both in their first year playing for the Thunder and I think will be good CCIW players, but Harris went with defense and possibly experience against a team with a lot of offensive weapons.

I also want to mention that I was impressed by Lawrence.  Remembering this was just one game, you could see that they had quite a few guys with talent, especially to shoot the ball.   As others have mentioned, though, they are lacking a bit in low post muscle

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