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Back from Florida, and extremely optimistic about our, Redmens chances. The Errors are coming down to a manageable level, Kyle Pusateri looks strong at shortstop. The Hitting all the way around as a team looks better . Will Hodges and Joey Aiello didn't have to carry it. A real nice addition in 1st Base / DH John Hassar ( Trans UW Parkside ), And expect LF Billy Herrin to be in the top 3 Outfielders in this conference. This Kids Great !!! Mike Petti looks like he's gonna make some noise in RF also. Matt Soderland is looking strong behind the plate and with the bat also. The Pitching runs much deeper than it did last year. Perez and Rohe will Anchor, With Seniors Dan Dahm and Nic Jensen looking good, Sophmore Mitch Lochen looks like a machine. Freshmen Tyler Johansen, Sam Wilhelms and Luke Watson, don't throw at all like freshmen. This is my 1st post this year so I'll take it easy on the Bold predictions. I will say this is a similar feeling to what I had in 2009.

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Congrats to IWU !!! Thank You for putting the CCIW on the map and raising the Bar so high. It will be great for the entire conference getting to play the defending Champs 3 times a piece next year. Great Job !!!

I hope so to Big Poppa. Perez has been battling , Arm problems all year. I'm hoping he leaves it all out on the field one more time.

Wow !!! We got a C bid. You Guys know so much more than I do. I think we've played evey team in the field at Whitewater over the last 2 years. It's a really tough draw, but better than being out !!! I'm losing my voice again !!!! Reservations for the Whitewater area, aye !!! Go Redmen !!!!!

It was an amazing weekend at North central. Congratulations to IWU. They played like the warriors they have always been from the time I've been following the CCIW. Kabbes and Sweeney stepped up Big Time.The outcome iis'nt what I wanted, but that's what happens when you get Beat !!! Great Job IWU and best of luck at Augustana !!!! Go Titans !!!

NCC is the only team in the tourney with a shot at a, Pool C bid. Everyone else has to win the tourney and take the A Bid to advance. In a 4 Team double Elimination format, you really put yourself in a bad spot to win the tourney though. You'll play a minimum 3 more games and possibly 4 and have to win them all. One of the winners bracket teams needs only to hold court for 2 more games and it's off to Augustana or in Carthages case, maybe Osh Kosh. GO REDMEN !!!!!!!!

It should be a nice pitching match-up with Sparacino and Arensen.

Hope not !!! ;D

16 - 4 in the Bottom of the 9th, Ypsi. Where's  your confidence level at ?

I know exactly what your saying Ypsi. First name I think of when it comes to , who to beat, it's Wesleyan. Last week I posted not to get too excited or upset about last weekends results. It's a whole new season now. I stick by that, only because of so many returning players on Carthage and IWU whom just aren't ready to give up the top spots yet. Not to Disrespect the great years that both NPU and NCC are both continuing to have and might stiill come out on top, but I kinda felt that Carthage and IWU were pretty much, written off, by the majority of our posters. It's good to see the Pride show up in both these teams.

There's a little something to be said for, Big Game, experience. All 4 teams used or are using their Pitching #1's. Lets see how the #2's do tomorrow.

North Central defeated IWU 4-1 in game one of Saturday's DH.  That clinches the CCIW title for the Cardinals, since they hold the tiebreaker over North Park. Congratulations to the Cardinals, and we look forward to facing you again in next week's tournament!

I really hope none of us, posters, get too excited or too upset with this weekends results. There's no clearcut favorite in the CCIW and the 4 teams are set. It's anyones tournament come Thursday and I'd like to think, playoff experience is going to play a Big part ;D

Thanks for that piece of information. Best news I've heard all month ;D ;D

The pitching, depth, no doubt, took a hit this year. Eric Rohe coming back will be a big lift this weekend. Another concern is the hitting, and in some cases the ability to score runs. In 5 of the losses there were a grand total of 4 carthage runs scored. Against St. Thomas, they hit the ball but still could'nt score but 1 run. Against Aurora they were 1 hit. I believe there was a total of 4 hits against Wheaton. They tear up the Elmhursts of the world, but seem to have a problem when their facing a good teams #1.

There's still alot of Baseball left 8-)

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