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He went 6 Innings- 4 runs 2 earned 3 walks and 6 K's A very good outing !!!
Mike Maher has pitched the 7th and 8th- No runs on no Hits !!! We're currently in the top of the 9th.

No Problem, Top of the 8th Carthage 5 Wooster 4

Bottom of 6th, Carthage Batting- Carthage 5 Wooster 4

Carthage 12 Lakeland 2 bottom of 5th.

Carthage 9 Lakeland 2 in the top of the 3rd. I really don't know what quality of pitching we're facing, but all indications have us hitting the Ball this year !!! Mike Hughes is on Fire !!!

We're all hoping Krepline comes back soon. When he went down last year he was throwing the Ball as well as anyone. A Great Kid too. Let's hope for the best.

Yep Big Poppa, He's back. It was a broken Fibula in the fall. It looked bad at the time Augie had to come out with the ,Team Outlook for this year. All went well with his Surgery and his Rehab. Unfortunately we'll probably be Missing Chris Krepline for a while longer. Huge Loss. Though keep your eye on Jordan Jaehne Lianas. Everything I'm hearing put's him in the running for potential, Ace, of a pretty good pitching staff.

Look for Carthage to throw JR Scott Danly today vs Lakeland. He's had some elbow problems the last couple of years so this will be his first, Collegiate, Start. Everything I've heard tell's me Danly has an extremely live Arm. Mario Perez will get the start against Wooster tomorrow.

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