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South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 20, 2014, 02:48:32 pm »
Last year GC was 4-0 in the ODAC with 3 games to play. They lost 2 of those games. Point is at 3-0 HSC has only locked up a .500 season. Their are a lot of games to be played.

  Not to be picky, but at 3-0 HSC has only locked up a 3 win season. They could still lose their last four games and finish 3-4, although I very strongly doubt that would happen.

We're all having fun with the nitpicking lately. CUA and CAU, CMR's math (yep, that was me with an assist from Hasa), and now HSCTiger's math. It's all in good fun...

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 20, 2014, 09:35:57 am »
Nice to see the Generals get a win. Wish I could have seen the game, but I was stuck at a wedding. I thought the team might be maturing, and I think they will be competitive with everyone going forward. We will see. At Bridgewater isn't a good omen. Always a bad place for W&L.
Bridgewater is a good team ... not great ... but very solid.  Even at 4-2 (1-2), I will not be surpised if they still go 4-3 in the ODAC.

Going 4-3 in the ODAC?  Who are they playing in the seventh game?   ;)

Well, Bridgewater's seventh conference game is Catholic the last week of the season. Are they not going to play one? The ODAC has 8 football members and a seven game conference season since Shenandoah joined.

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 20, 2014, 09:33:37 am »
Nice to see the Generals get a win. Wish I could have seen the game, but I was stuck at a wedding. I thought the team might be maturing, and I think they will be competitive with everyone going forward. We will see. At Bridgewater isn't a good omen. Always a bad place for W&L.
Bridgewater is a good team ... not great ... but very solid.  Even at 4-2 (1-2), I will not be surpised if they still go 4-3 in the ODAC.

At this point I don't see much difference between Bridgewater, RMC, E&H and Shenandoah. Home team wins. Guilford might have fallen back into that grouping. W&L might be climbing into that grouping, but I'm not convinced of either yet. Catholic looks like the real straggler and HSC is probably the clearest favorite we've seen in the ODAC in a fair few years.

My big surprise so far this season is Guilford not being as strong as I thought. Yeah, only 1 loss and playing hard, but just not as convincing as I thought in a couple wins and certainly surprised by the loss. E&H is also a bit better than I thought they'd be, but other than that 14-13 win over Maryville I don't see much that makes me really think they are a player. The Wasps only have a road trip to Lexington left, so they look favorable for second place. I suppose that would be a surprise in Coach Newsome's first year.

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 20, 2014, 08:52:24 am »
Nice to see the Generals get a win. Wish I could have seen the game, but I was stuck at a wedding. I thought the team might be maturing, and I think they will be competitive with everyone going forward. We will see. At Bridgewater isn't a good omen. Always a bad place for W&L.

East Region football / Re: Empire 8
« on: October 15, 2014, 11:26:23 am »
I think Fisher ... [will sneak out] a Pool C bid, resulting in them being overlooked and winning two playoff games.

I agree with everything you said except this. Given Fisher's recent success, there is no team in the country that would overlook a 9-1 SJF team, regardless of whether or not they are in as a Pool C team. I still think they will win at least one game as a Pool C , but not because they were overlooked.

If things shake out this way, it would be a totally different playoff entrance for Fisher than the previous 2 trips. In each of the last two trips to the NCAA for Fisher they snuck in with 2 losses and had to go on the road and 'upset' higher seeds (JCU and Hobart last year, Johns Hopkins and Del Val a few years back).

If Fisher gets a pool C with a 9-1 record and their only loss coming in overtime to a Salisbury team that is 8-2, the E8 AQ, and only has losses to Wesley and a 2 loss Buff State team, I would guess Fisher would be a much higher seed and may get a home game or two. That resume would look much more like the 2006 version of Fisher that was 9-1 with its only loss coming to a really good option team in the middle of the season. That year I think Fisher was a 2 seed, and played home against Union, at Springfield, and home against Rowan before facing UMU.

Playing lower seeds at home would contribute more to wins in the tournament than any overlooking by others.

What are the chances that the E8 would get three teams?

almost 0

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 15, 2014, 11:05:38 am »
So if your predictions hold true RMC, W&L, BC are basically eliminated unless what happened in 2008 playes out again.
It appears playoffs begin in week 7. Any team losing going forward will be at peril of missing the playoffs. Still lots of football to be played and I see all kinds of possible outcomes. The team that approaches each game with the "one play at a time" mentality and avoids turnovers will find themselves in the drivers seat. As always, odac is in yet another fist fight.

I don't much worry about it. The ODAC winner will be the ODAC winner at the end. Who is in and out as of week 3 doesn't really interest me. I don't expect W&L or BC to be contenders, and RMC certainly hasn't convinced me they will be there yet.

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 15, 2014, 09:55:42 am »
Let's start with the less important games. I think W&L has a chance to pick up their first win of the season. At home, against an unconvincing RMC team. The Generals seem to be starting to gel on offense, but they have to do better on defense. I don't think RMC is as powerful offensively as Guilford or HSC, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Generals win this by a couple so long as they can hold RMC under 30 points. Again, the Generals have to get out front. It hasn't really happened this season, so the key will be a good start.

Shenandoah at Catholic. Catholic isn't good. Shenandoah is better. Coming off the big win, I expect Shenandoah to get their first ODAC two game winning streak. It's Shenandoah's shortest road trip and I expect them to come through. Shenandoah by 10.

Guilford gets Bridgewater at home. This should be a good chance for Guilford to bounce back. One thing we all missed last week was Shenandoah was the first away game for the Quakers and they did not respond well. They played SVa in a neutral site and labored heavily, so the warning signs were there that the Quakers could have some road jitters they still need to work on. Bridgewater at home should be more like business as usual as I don't think Bridgewater, despite the easy h2h comparison with Shenandoah, is good enough to stop the Quakers. Guilford by 14.

HSC hosting E&H. You'd think this game would be more interesting if it was at E&H, but the Wasps have 4 of their 5 wins coming on the road so far. Only RMC has visited Selfe so far this season. Despite that, I think E&H is in trouble. HSC's offense is just better than anyone else they have faced. This ODAC season is in HSC's hands. If they beat themselves, then they deserve to lose. But no one has more talent or ability than HSC. I expect a good game, but HSC will be the first team to hang 30+ on the Wasps and win by 10.

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 14, 2014, 04:15:19 pm »

My point is there are few layup games in the odac and the coaches need to have the kids ready to play each and every week with few exceptions, very unlike some other conferences. all the positive things you pointed out about the odac, i totally agree with. look at hsc's last 5 games; E&H, @SU (beat us last year at our place), @Bc, GC & RMC. Absolutely no layups. all 5 teams are capable of beating hsc. that is what i refer to when i say being a hc in the odac is tough. 2014 is different in that the odac has two teams in it this year that absolutely could not have beaten hsc and that is unusual.

No I get that. I just think that makes the ODAC more attractive to coaches rather than less. There is no insurmountable mountain to climb. Just about everyone can get a shot among well-matched institutions. Catholic is a size outlier, W&L is an endowment (and probably admittance) outlier, HSC is a co-ed outlier, but generally the ODAC schools are pretty comparable. The ODAC has a top, middle and bottom like most conferences. It just seems a bit tighter and a little more fluid between the levels. It's a tough conference, no doubt. But if I was an HC I'd rather have a job in the ODAC than most other conferences.

East Region football / Re: Empire 8
« on: October 14, 2014, 04:07:18 pm »
That is a serious schedule. It would be real hard to do that type of schedule now a days, but Louisiana College might get as close as possible this year:

Huntingdon 4-2, in the hunt for the USASC
Alcorn State FCS
TLU  6-0, in the Pool B hunt
Wesley -- 6-0 in the Pool B hunt
UMHB -- 5-0, ASC leader
ETBU -- 3-2, losses to D2 school and TLU

Granted the rest of the schedule isn't too impressive, and any of the above may still fall apart, but you look at that list and just wonder how beat up the LC kids are going to be. Especially when you realize that LC started the season with the teams above, adding only NAIA Bacone as a breather.

Not the same as Buff State, but LC is playing a nasty front 7 games.

East Region football / Re: Empire 8
« on: October 14, 2014, 03:17:01 pm »

  What really rankles me is that this seems to have become accepted, expected behavior.

I'd give you +100 K if I could for this.

Ithaca and Cortland can do all the after-the-fact tsk tsk tsk they want. The bottom line is that the schools/towns *know* this type of idiocy goes on, and while they may not be overly encouraging it, they're certainly tacitly doing so by failing to effectively enforce their own rules and execute common sense

I was talking to a college admin type at a game this year and we were discussing the issue of underage drinking and it's resultant problems on college campuses. I was never a big drinker, even in college, and hardly touch the stuff now. It's just not my taste. But the admin type said schools are really in a rock and a hard spot. You want to crack down and you need to crack down for legal reasons. However, it is very painful to do so. Schools have found a very clear relationship between mercilessly cracking down on drinking and admissions and donations. They have also found that cracking down on major events issues, as I'd assume Cortaca is considered, has the same affect. Largely because these are highly visible "fun" events that help draw students to campus. And while we consider obnoxious drunkenness a problem, your average h.s. junior or senior is going to see it as an exciting draw to that school.

These are the same issues inherent in cracking down on the Greek system. It's all tied together. People look back fondly on their stupidity of youth and while they profess not to want their kids to experience it, or that it bothers them now, it's also part and parcel of the stories we tell at reunions and even to our children when they get age appropriate. We don't remember the extremes, or we tend to edit ourselves out of the extremes as if we weren't there, while still laughing about the "good old times." And when colleges start stepping on the toes of those "good old time" memories, there is a clear repercussion.

So what is to be done? I don't know. Frankly I'm amazed things like the Greek system has survived to this modern age. I'm not surprised that stupidity, especially alcohol fueled stupidity, has survived. You just can't legislate stupidity, especially youthful stupidity, out of existence, as much as we'd like to try as we get older.

I will say that most schools have found the most palatable option has been to let local law enforcement handle it. That way the school can remain disassociated from the consequences while something is still done. On the other hand, local law enforcement wants it to be a university problem because they have other things they want to spend taxpayer dollars doing. Plus going in force on a college campus arresting drunks is a messy, irritating, horrible job that leads to a lot of complications.

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 14, 2014, 02:32:05 pm »
we'll know alot more about the odac race around 4pm on Saturday. I'm thinking HSC is facing it's first playoff game this week because a loss to E&H eliminates HSC unless E&H losses two of it's last four games. That could happen but I would not bank on it. The loser of the BC vs. GC game is facing possible elimination as well. CAU and W&L are already eliminated (probably) everybody else is still fighting it out for the odac playoff spot. I guess this is what makes following the odac so much fun. Would hate to be a HC in this league.

I don't know. I'd rather be an ODAC HC than a lot of other places. Think about being an OAC HC not named Kehres, or an ASC coach not UMHB. Even a LL or CC coach for the most part has meant playing for second place. At least in the ODAC you know you aren't preparing your boys to be annual sacrificial lambs.

I think being a HC in the ODAC is a pretty good gig. Sure winning the conference is challenging, but the facilities are good, the schools are generally pretty good institutions, the locations are good, the travel schedule isn't too onerous, the local recruiting areas are strong, and there isn't a "win now or get fired" mentality. Not sure about the relative compensation, but given the longevity of many coaches it can't be too bad.

Sure you can do enough to get asked to leave eventually, but most ODAC schools will put up with up and down years around .500 so long as the young men are doing the right things off the field. I think being an ODAC head coach is challenging, but probably a pretty good gig compared to a lot of places.

East Region football / Re: Empire 8
« on: October 14, 2014, 12:28:19 pm »
This is one of the many reasons I prefer the feel of a D3 game to any major football event, but why on earth would someone feel it is OK to throw trash at another human being because he is wearing another teams jersey? I am honestly totally lost on this one.

1. Alcohol
2. Alcohol
3. Some people take sports way, way, way, too seriously.
4. Alcohol

When I was a kid my dad got tickets to Jets games. We started going when I was about 5, Dan Marino's rookie or second year in the league. I loved watching him chuck it all over the stadium and quickly became a Dolphins fan much to my father's chagrin. A couple years later, I'm guessing I was around 7 or 8 years old, I wore my brand new Marino jersey to the stadium. The tickets my dad got were always nose-bleed seats. They came from his office and we were way up with the bleacher bums. As usual, the Dolphins were winning and scored late in a cold as all get out December game. I cheered as a little kid would and the @sshole behind me dumped the better part of a large beer all over me.

He glared down at me and told me to "Stop being a sh!t-@ssed kid rooting for the wrong team." Then proceeded to yell at my dad for bringing me to the game. As my dad was restrained from knocking him out of the top of the stadium, someone went to get the stadium police who escorted about 20 of us who ended up screaming and shoving at each other (while my tiny little self huddled in a ball my dad was trying to protect) out of the stadium.

Suffice to say we never went back to a Jets game, I only rarely go to pro games these days, don't care much for the NFL, and absolutely hate the Jets.

All that being said, I've heard worse stories of events at SEC games, so I'll stick to D3 where the worst that usually happens is I'm sitting close enough to the field that my kids are exposed to a few players getting reamed out or cussing in frustration...

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 14, 2014, 08:51:30 am »

Your Generals are the best 0-5 team in the country. Their defense really struggles but our defense struggled most of the afternoon against a W&L offense that I thought is the best we've played against all year. If they can hold it together considering the horrible start to the season, they will beat some teams in the second half of the season.

What is deal with E&H ? Evidently HSC is in for a dog fight this coming weekend. I certainly was not expecting E&H to be a factor this year, in fact I had them finishing last in the odac. What the heck do I know ?

Was the GC result a fluke or did SU just hand them a beating ? If HSC beats E&H on Saturday, they turn around the next week with a visit to SU. It should not be easy to win an odac championship, and will not be easay again this year. Which ever team pulls it off will have earned it.

The Generals are growing up a bit. It's nice to see in the recaps, though I haven't seen much of it. The last few years I got to watch a lot of football. This year it seems every Saturday I'm tied up with something. So I guess if there was a year for W&L to lay a turd, this is a good one for me. The offense is still missing a bit, but it is miles better than the first few games of the year. Sadly the defense the last two weeks has taken it on the chin. The opponents have been better, but the defense hasn't really risen to the occasion. There is a lot of work to do for W&L, and I expect they won't lay a bagel in the win column this year, but we will see.

E&H and Shenandoah. I've said from about half way through last year that Coach Yoder had his team moving in the right direction. I still think they are playing spoiler, not really a threat to HSC, but you have to take that game seriously. As for E&H, it's year 1 with a new coach. How much of what they are doing is because teams aren't sure what to expect? The question will be after everyone has seen the new look Wasps once or twice, and Coach Newsome has his own guys in there, will they keep moving forward?

There is some really good coaching in the ODAC right now. The teams seem to be getting stronger as a whole. But the conference can only go .500 against itself. So if Shenandoah and E&H are going to be players, that means the rest of the conference has to drop off relative to them. The next couple years are going to be interesting.

South Region football / Re: USA South Athletic Conference
« on: October 10, 2014, 04:26:50 pm »
11 hrs 15 min per google means about 10.5 hrs for me.....and 13 hrs for a bus!  ;D

Oh yeah. Dedicated student athletes for sure. CNU will travel a lot in the NJAC, but no horror trips like this one. Shenandoah was the team that really scored however. Joining the ODAC was a massive coup for them travel wise. Adding LaGrange and Huntingdon was done for good reasons, and I truly applaud the USASC for making a tough decision, but some of those trips are just murderous...

East Region football / Re: Empire 8
« on: October 09, 2014, 04:58:42 pm »

Is your proposal win your conference AND be in the top 25, or win your conference OR be in the top 25?  I read it as and because thats what you've said the whole time. If it's not and but instead or that's just impossible because there's not enough bids.

If you're going with you have to win your conference and be in the top 25, then I can't help you as you are too slow to make the connection as to why that'll end up with only 6-7 conferences being in the tournament.

Enlighten me on this. Week 11 last year there were 15 different conferences, and one independent, in the top D3 Top 25. All of those 14 were winning their conference. How do you get 6-7? Less than 10 teams in the top 25 were not winning their conference.

If you are going to protest so strongly, at least get your figures correct.

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