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goose stepping

And the Nazi card gets played. How banal.


Would you prefer a "Maoist need to eliminate resistance?"

Can't be Maoist. Communism is far left. Nazis were far right. And if you don't want your silly ideological leanings exaggerated and mocked maybe you should lay off doing it to others? Or are you going to slap your penis hat on and March down the road instead?

Hey now, I'm on your side. Maoists and Nazis submitted to an authoritarian megalomaniac and did not tolerate dissent. So....

Hmm... my line break disappeared. Only the first three sentences were to you Smed. The rest was to our wonderful debate partner. But the fact remains that the ideological underpinnings of Communism are leftist while the underpinnings of Fascism were to the right. Proving that the farther you get from the ability to understand and empathize with each other in the middle, the crazier and more stupid you get, regardless of side.

goose stepping

And the Nazi card gets played. How banal.


Would you prefer a "Maoist need to eliminate resistance?"

Can't be Maoist. Communism is far left. Nazis were far right. And if you don't want your silly ideological leanings exaggerated and mocked maybe you should lay off doing it to others? Or are you going to slap your penis hat on and March down the road instead?

Live and let live.

Translation: No standards. Everything is relative. Selfism.

Me me me. Look at me. Look at me kneeling. See me kneeling. I'm against something or other so I'm kneeling. Patting myself on the back for kneeling. Still mad Trump won so I'm kneeling. Not aimlessly marching up and down the street today while wearing my vagina hat and waving my silly handmade sign and chanting trite slogans so I'm kneeling. I'm a good person for kneeling and this proves it. Taking a selfie of myself kneeling. Me me me me me. Don't forget me.


Pathetic. Heres what I just got from OxyBob. "I can't use logic and reasoning because my goose stepping need for conformity gets in the way of any kind of critical thinking. Please make everyone like me so I'm not so scared of everyone else and new ideas never threaten my stale and terrified mind!"

South Region football / Re: FB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 17, 2017, 04:36:23 pm »
I get it, HSC needs to keep the W&L offense off the damn field. if W&L pass defense can't slow down HSC, the final might be 60 to 59.

That thought has gone through my head more than once or twice. If possessions average 4 minutes, there are 15 in a game. 56-49 does not seem unreasonable because if these defenses can't stop anyone possessions won't average 4 minutes.

First of all, when a national anthem is played -- be it the Star Spangled Banner or another country's national anthem -- courtesy, decorum, respect, goodwill and etiquette dictate that you stand, remove your hat and either sing the anthem (if you so desire) or politely remain silent. Certainly your parents taught you some good manners.

You clearly have not been to many sporting events lately. The stands are rife with people not doing this, and they aren't protesting, they just believe they have better things to do. That being said, a protest that is full of courtesy, respect, goodwill, and etiquette is not a protest. The whole point of a protest is to do something that breaks societal norms to bring attention to your cause. Whether that is blocking a road or kneeling during the anthem, you are doing something that breeches courtesy, respect, and goodwill to someone. Otherwise it simply isn't a protest.

There are plenty of places and means to air your protest of whatever it is you're protesting, assuming you can even articulate what it is you're protesting. For NFL players, it's not the time to protest when you're on the field in your uniform in front of fans who paid to come and see a professional game and enjoy themselves. It's stupid for the players to kneel because it just pisses people off and any protest the players are engaging in gets completely lost. 

I agree. Again, it goes to that whole attention to a cause thing. If Colin Kaepernick simply kneeled in his front yard for 3 minutes a day, it wouldn't really do much to bring attention to his cause would it? This was his, and now other's, stage. It is what they had and so they are using it.

As far as the NFL is concerned, the league must be careful when regulating the players' off duty conduct regarding politics.  However, the league (or each team) could and should establish a clear employment policy regarding political protests on the field, when the players are on the job, playing the game. Legitimate business reasons could include the NFL's reputation, disruption in the workplace (the game), players' morale, or loss of business relationships related to the conduct (namely, the fans get really angry and stop coming to games or stop watching games on TV).

All of this is also true. However, the league has a policy on what NFL players are supposed to do during the National Anthem. It's part of a negotiated code of conduct that they cannot unilaterally change. And unfortunately for the owners right now, that policy says players "should" stand during the anthem. It doesn't say "will" or "must", and so there is a bit of a legal issue. The reason owners haven't wanted to challenge this with fines and other penalties is because it is not clear they can win. If they could, they probably would have already. They are left to negotiate with players because the legally binding contract between players and owners is relevant. I'm sure the next contract will be more specific.

And to bring this back to D3 football, you can see the issue Albright has made of this mess in one of several articles this week. The team agreed to kneel during the coin toss and stand for the anthem. One kid didn't stand for the anthem so they threw him off the team. Then someone realized that 2 other players didn't kneel for the coin toss, so they had to throw those two off the team. Then sanity prevailed and university decided that throwing kids off the team was pretty draconian. So the school created a policy that the athletes could do what they want and invited the three players back. Meanwhile they've gotten a lot more press than they wanted about an issue they didn't want. Albright would have had no press what so ever if they hadn't thrown the kid off in the first place and just done what everyone else should do.

Live and let live. Not everyone has to agree with what you believe and do what you think is right. Especially on an issue that really doesn't effect anyone other than the person making the decision to stand, kneel, take his or her hat on or off, put a hand over his or her heart or not, siing or not, or just sit there while dumbly staring at cellphone screen oblivious to the world around him or her. All of which happens pretty much every time the anthem is played these days at a major sporting event.

South Region football / Re: FB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 17, 2017, 03:51:19 pm »
all good points and I like your HSC vs. W&L pick !!!!

I'm more than a little concerned by W&L's pass defense. And I really have no idea who will or won't be back from injury this week. I'm just not brimming with confidence right now, and going to The Farm is always difficult. That E&H defensive performance was not good. That being said, be wary of the offense. If W&L is close or leading in the 4th, you are going to need to score every possession. The only defense I've seen all season that didn't look like it was dying on the field in the 4th quarter was Wash U. I think there were guys on Guilford's front 7 that didn't want to come back out in the 4th. Sewanee and E&H players looked like they could barely stand.

Men's soccer / Re: World Cup and European leagues
« on: October 17, 2017, 03:14:14 pm »
Now we need to come to play.

South Region football / Re: FB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 17, 2017, 03:08:20 pm »

You are correct regarding how the Ferrum acquisition affects the other sports, but football is the most important sport, not because it is my favorite, but because it draws alumni back to campus every year, keeping those people involved and interested certainly does not hurt the endowment/capital campaigns/annual giving,etc. Attendance at other sporting activities, excepting basketball maybe, is non factor at best. 

So, your predictions for the weekend are ?

I think this is more true for HSC than maybe some of the other schools. Certainly at W&L I really don't think it draws alumni back to campus any more than any other sport. We had Young Alumni weekend one year and football was on the road. The regular Alumni Weekend occurs in the Spring, and sometimes coincides with a home lax game. And while there are more football alumni than soccer, just based on team size, there aren't more football alumni than soccer, lax, swimming, basketball, and baseball combined.

The ODAC had a problem, they solved it with Ferrum. Then they did this. Why they didn't solve it this way, to begin with, seems a puzzle to me. Unless there are rumblings of an ODAC football school moving out. I don't know of any, but that to me is the only reason to have added Ferrum as a full member if SVa was available as a football only option.

Shenandoah 45, Guilford 21
W&L 35, HSC 45
Bwater 28, E&H 31
RMC 52, Apprentice 24

Protests tend to be rude and disrespectful, otherwise they aren't protests, they are rallies. This one is non-disruptive, peaceful, non-violent, and generates dialogue. As protests go, it is a pretty viable option. As for the marketing, the players frame it as protesting the flag of a society that has social issues. The people who don't like it frame it as a slight to our military. Kind of like "pro-life" and "women's rights", where you stand on the issue allows you to decide what the protest is actually about, instead of asking and listening to the people who are doing the protesting.

If the NFL and the teams decide the players aren't allowed to protest, and that they have the right to decide that, which is definitely disputed based on the labor contract language, then the employers have the right to dictate the players actions. However, the employers have not decided to do that, nor is it clear that the employer/employee contract the NFL has in hand allows them to do that. That is the problem with the word "should" instead of the world "will".

This is a big issue with unionized work forces. Their rights are carefully enumerated in their contracts. For most of us, who I assume are non-unionized white collar workers, we don't have that kind of contract and employers have a lot more leeway.

None of that even touches on the President's actions. By threatening to take government action against the NFL if the owners don't take action against the players, and by the government having leverage in terms of tax breaks and stadium financing, introducing a government angle may legally help the players, as you do have the right to speak against the government. That is a lawsuit I don't want to see government waste money trying to prove, but it is an interesting problem our President has introduced.

The law is a complicated beast.

South Region football / Re: FB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 17, 2017, 12:24:38 pm »
I disagree that it's a burden to have Ferrum join conference. I just don't see how having more guaranteed and convenient games is a burden to ODAC members.

Most sports don't have football's problem. It's not that hard to find games in basketball, baseball, and soccer. There are so many teams. As a minor complaint, over stuffing these sports just makes the access ratio that much worse. More significantly in many sports it negates a double round robin and in some sports we have ridiculous unbalanced schedules. For example ODAC men's soccer went to an unbalanced schedule where all teams didn't play just so teams could get some OOC games to try and boost SOS since the conference isn't all that highly regarded outside of the top 2 or 3 teams.

Football has unique issues, and these moves address those issues, but it is to the detriment of many of the other sports.

North Region football / Re: North Region Fan Poll
« on: October 17, 2017, 12:19:10 pm »
If Brockport can run the table in the E8 they will look pretty good. OOC wins over Hobart, Ithica, and St. Lawrence will give them a decent SOS mathematically. Hobart and Ithica are likely to be in the running for the LL and over .500. St.L not so much obviously. Still, come out of the E8 undefeated and in a year like this you might get a sniff.

East Region football / Re: FB: Middle Atlantic Conference
« on: October 17, 2017, 12:04:00 pm »
Albright really can't get out of their own way this week but I give them credit for facing the mess they created.

One knelt during the anthem... tossed. Two others didn't kneel during the coin toss... tossed. Headlines start to pile up and the school came back around and said... uhh.... just kidding fellows. Come on back.

Basically the upshot is the punishment was stupidly draconian. Broke a minor team decision? Suspend for a game. Go overboard and make ridiculous headlines you can't get out of... walk it all back.

In the end, it seems like they came to the right conclusion. None of this was important enough to toss players from a team. That being said, it's quite clear the school isn't going to have this again. No more votes, athletes can do what they feel is right.

In other words, voting doesn't and can't create unity. Shocking, I know.

South Region football / Re: FB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 17, 2017, 10:33:01 am »
Apprentice has had some good years. This doesn't seem to be one of them. But yeah. It's going to be increasingly hard for them to get games and that's sad for those kids, but in their down years, it's not a lot of fun to play them.

I definitely feel Guilford, but I'm thinking they took the money this year to help pay for the Huntingdon trip. Just a guess, but all of that seems to pair off nicely when added up to the trouble of finding 4 OOC games.

I do recognize even getting 3 OOC games was getting harder. So to some degree I completely understand this. But I really didn't like having a bye week 10 one year and don't want to do that again.

And I really don't understand adding Ferrum if this was an option. I said it many times. The ODAC didn't need another all sports member. We are the second largest conference in the country and more than a few sports were already overstuffed. If this was an option from the get-go, it made more sense for the conference as a whole. What the ODAC did was much more of a benefit solely for football and a burden to many other sports.

Men's soccer / Re: World Cup and European leagues
« on: October 17, 2017, 09:57:15 am »
At least the U17 team is having fun, 5-0 over Paraguay in the Round of 16 at the FIFA U17 WC ...

Saw that. I was nervous after they choked their last group match. Today went better though a very nervy beginning. They are looking very strong defensively except the one game when it looked like a mess. Unfortunately the very good defensive mid will miss the next match for yellow card accumulation.  That will complicate things. Kind of hope they get England not Japan. England will play very direct, Japan is more a tricky skills team. I think we will match up better against England.

Wouldn't it be better for these kids to get the experience competing against a "tricky skills" team?

I'm all for getting experience in friendlies and lesser tournaments. When it comes to a World Cup, any age World Cup, I want to win games. The pinnacle of competition isn't about primarily learning, it's the one time it really is all about winning.

South Region football / Re: FB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: October 17, 2017, 09:55:07 am »
Hmm... SVU to the ODAC as an associate in Football!

Much less travel for the NJAC teams. The NJAC may not be too disheartened to lose that road trip.

Arrgh.. Why the he!! did they invite Ferrum for all sports then? Now we have 9. So once again we have an odd bye situation. There has to be more to this.

Down to 2 OOC games. Not going to be happy if we lose Sewanee, especially now that the Tigers look to be trending up a bit. Probably the nail in the coffin for bringing Centre back to the schedule. Out of conference rivalries just keep taking hit after hit.

I'm guessing Apprentice just got very sad.

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