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South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: April 20, 2015, 11:19:22 am »
E&H isn't the first and won't be the last, I agree. But the way I've read everything I don't think this is a matter of a financial aid officer having a brain fart- at least for the football team.

I agree here. I really see this as two separate incidents. The one with the coach and boosters is very bad. The other one is probably typical of a bunch of schools if you looked really closely. That doesn't make it right, but I have less of a problem with this statement:

"Additionally, the school considered athletics criteria when awarding nearly $80,000 in scholarships to 27 student-athletes in nine of the school’s sports."

That works out to less than 3K per student. While it is still a rules violation, eh...

North Region football / Re: Ohio Athletic Conference
« on: April 20, 2015, 10:43:02 am »
Wabash just landed our stud QB.  I didn't think he was considering D-III or else I would have lobbied hard for him to consider ONU.

6'4" lefty with strong arm, great feet and vision, sub 4.8 forty, 4.0 GPA, natural leader and throws balls I've never seen a hs kid complete routinely.

32 TDs to 9 INT, 2870 passing yards in 10 games, 61% completion percentage and 62 carries for 368 yards (6 YPC) and 8 rushing TD's.

I wish I knew he was considering D-III because I would have pushed OAC.  Wabash may not know just how good of a get this is but they scored big-time.  They've gotten a couple kids from here in the past and that pipeline pays off again.

That kid will be a D3 All American.

So I'm not crazy (on this at least)?

So many factors go into the next four years. Kid looks good in the highlights, but making projections is a fools game. I still laugh about Beano Cook predicting Ron Powlus would win 2 Heisman Trophies at Notre Dame after he signed his letter of intent. Powlus was a good QB for the Golden Domers, so there is no way you could say he flopped. But when people start prediction All-American or Heisman's from h.s. tape... yes, it is crazy.

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: April 17, 2015, 01:20:15 pm »
And at a school the has the worse athletic achievement in the odac. Football has not been good until this past year, basketball and baseball are horrible, other sports really don't matter but would bet a $1 they aren't very good either. I'd vote to kick them out of the odac and any other school that stoops to these very low levels. I guess the honor code dosen't apply outside of the classroom. Lets bring Maryville back to the odac. Only another two hours further down the road. They can help the conference in both football and basketball and maybe in some other sports I'm not aware of. I have zero tolerance for this kind of behavior and the message it sends is not a good one. Will the employees involved be fired for not following the code of conduct or will they get a hand slap ? I say the AD, coaches and all others involved need to go. Thats my two cents worth !!!

The coach is already gone. Not sure about anyone else

South Region football / Re: Presidents' Athletic Conference
« on: April 17, 2015, 09:55:57 am »
jk, I'm certain they are legitimate (and once in a very blue moon, a team really does unearth an unnoticed gem), but the odds are SO long that I'd bet PR considerations are the primary reason for 'local' Pro days.

I just can't imagine they get much PR from it. Other than people invited and a few notices like this one, does the general public even know it takes place? You never see it, or even "regional combines" mentioned in local newspapers...

South Region football / Re: Presidents' Athletic Conference
« on: April 16, 2015, 04:08:17 pm »
Just saw that the Cincinnati Bengals invited Domonique Hayden from Thomas More to attend what they call a “local” Pre-draft tryout. What they mean by local is a player who played at a college and/or high school in or around Cincinnati.

Several NFL teams do something similar, but I rarely see any of them sticking on the roster.  I can't help wondering if the motive isn't really more PR than legitimate try-outs.

That said, good luck to Mr. Hayden - I always love it when a D3 player makes it to the big time.

I think they are legitimate, it's just so hard to make an NFL roster. Counting practice squads it is less than 65 players per team. 32 teams, is 2080 players, of which more than 85% are not going to turn over outside of players already in the league or in the league in the last year or so (teams average around 8 rookies per year). Therefore that leaves a total of around 312 open positions for new applicants in any year. Given the draft takes 7 rounds you are looking at 256 draftees (counting supplemental picks) which will be given a preferential eye over an unsigned college free agent, you are down to about 56 openings. There are approximately 250 D1 FBS/FCS schools that probably average 20 seniors a piece. So every year 5000 or so players just from that grouping hit the market with most having at least a dream of taking one of those drafted or undrafted spots. While it is certainly common for late draft picks to get beat out by undrafted free agents (teams average just over 2 undrafted free agents per year), it doesn't really change the math too much. It's more common for late draft picks just not to make the team, the same as undrafted free agents.

By the time you get down to one of these open tryouts, you better be some kind of a freak athlete or have a patron saint, because the uphill climb is just unbelievable.

Average rookies per team and undrafted free agents per team came from this rather dated article:

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: April 16, 2015, 10:48:11 am »
If I'm not mistaken, the initial reports were from an article from the school newspaper regarding a father that was upset his son didn't get some money knocked off his bill as promised by coaches and E&H was holding his diploma until he paid.

Another "if I'm not mistaken": I believe the guy ran a recruiting website and is one of those fathers who thought his son's S%^t doesn't stink. You know, the father at the ball games and practices we all want to smack the hell out of..

He (paterfamilias Dorton/Norton-- whatever the last name is) had to of known E&H was D3. I believe Justin Timberlake said it best. Cry Me A River.

All of this may be true, and it may be what is referred to here in the original link:

"A trustee, a booster and the head football coach were allowed to be involved in the financial aid packaging for two incoming football student-athletes in 2012."

but that doesn't change what else is in the original link:

"Additionally, the school considered athletics criteria when awarding nearly $80,000 in scholarships to 27 student-athletes in nine of the school’s sports."

That's not one kid and one irritating father, that's pure D3 rule breaking on a pretty consistent scale.

South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« on: April 16, 2015, 08:44:10 am »
I just find it ridiculous to want to win so much at a D3 level that a few alumni and the football coach resorted to blatant cheating. I'm sure E&H is not the only school where this has and will happen, but it's just beyond pointless to me. I enjoy when W&L's teams win, and grumble when they lose, but care enough to cheat? It doesn't even register on my radar...

Men's soccer / Re: UW-Oshkosh Program Cut....?
« on: April 14, 2015, 01:06:28 pm »
This just seems a matter of priorities. While I love D3 sports it falls pretty low on my chart of necessities of a good college. The goal of the university is to educate, so classroom resources get priorities. The second goal is to keep the lights on, so maintaining facilities used by large numbers of students should be a pretty high priority. Whether that is grounds keeping or air conditioning the dorms to help enrollment is irrelevant, it's more important than a tennis team to me. Things like athletics are grouped with the club and social activities, good for a smaller subset of the community and prioritized and funded as such. While I think there is plenty of room in most schools budgets to manage an athletic department, at a D3 level the athletic department is ancillary to the school. So if it comes down to a choice, keep the professors and the computer labs and the new student commons, cut the sports.

That being said, I think Bulk does make a good point that there probably is some fat that could have been trimmed to keep these sports, but that choice wasn't made. Instead, the soccer and tennis teams were deemed the "fat" and other things deemed more important. How many admin assistants does the college president and staff need? Could trimming one or two of them have saved the teams? Maybe, and that is what I would focus on if I were trying to fight this change.

On the whole, however, while it is upsetting to a small subset of people to lose these teams, I just can't imagine too many people at UWO other than the players and soccer and tennis alumni are going to get really upset about it. Witness the winnowing of college wrestling programs at all levels over the last 40 years. No one really makes a fuss about it anymore.

South Region football / Re: E&H Put on Probation
« on: April 13, 2015, 03:32:56 pm »

I guess the story in the student newspaper last year was pretty much true. How embarrassing for the school.

Men's soccer / Re: UW-Oshkosh Program Cut....?
« on: April 09, 2015, 04:03:43 pm »
OK... one more perhaps political comment.. ;). So, I've lived in three cities with WIAC campuses, or is it campi?  ;) over the last decade where new facilities/buildings have been built, using combinations of various people's money - that being the tax payers, or students.

Arguments can be made that in some cases upgrades were needed... and that the improvements would attract students and benefit those already there... And the majority of students benefit, too, compared to say the number who have played on an athletic team...

But to those of you have have graduated, is your university/college better known because it has state-of-the-art facilities, and that is what you remember from your time there? Do you remember sitting in a fancy new desk, taking notes in an English class?
Or do you remember more vividly your time there following the sports teams, and the successes or failures those teams had, and the nail-biters you may have attended?

Do people across the country look at your school and say, hey, aren't you guys the ones who have the best oak desks? Or do they say, hey, didn't you guys win a D3 title last year?

Or will they be asking "hey, what happened to your soccer team? Didn't you guys have a soccer team?"

It's not the oak desk it's the electron microscope. It's not notes in English class, it's having a performing arts center or a state of the art computer lab. Look, the vast majority of D3 students hardly ever attend sporting events. At most D3 schools, sporting events are primarily for the athletes, not for the student body. Does that change at certain schools and in certain circumstances? Absolutely. But I can remember basketball games at W&L (arguably a pretty poor basketball team when I was there) with 50 people in the crowd, almost all parents. Same with soccer and certainly the nationally ranked tennis teams almost never had fans. A student journalist like me? Sure, but fans? No. Even the football team, at the time generally .500, had most of the student body not bothering to show up or leaving after the tailgate.

I love D3 sports. I go to Birmingham Southern soccer, football, and lacrosse games because it's my local D3 school. I drive an hour each way to go to Huntingdon football games when they are playing an exciting game. But we're the exception. Sports just aren't the driver you are trying to make them out to be for the "campus experience" in a lot of places.

Having a modern, large, useful computer lab that accommodates your student body? Much more important to almost everyone than having a men's tennis team. I'm thinking UWO is not going to be the last school to take this path.

East Region football / Re: Liberty League
« on: April 08, 2015, 08:54:40 pm »
In addition, if the LL teams end up in Pool A by either the LL or absorption in other conferences, there is a risk that no Pool B bid would exist if there aren't 7 independent teams (perhaps 8) when the fallout stops.  In other words, any conference that doesn't get absorbed risks only vying for a Pool C bid.

For the sake of discussion, let's say the LL and NEFC choose to keep 5 teams each (with New England College going to the ECFC). How many pool B teams would you have nationally?  With Wesley gone, could that mean the LL might even have a greater chance of getting 2 bids for the conference?

Still have the SCAC teams in TX

East Region football / Re: New Jersey Athletic Conference
« on: April 07, 2015, 10:29:38 pm »
Baby steps. When was the last time Wesley played 9 D3 games in one season?

Men's soccer / Re: UW-Oshkosh Program Cut....?
« on: April 07, 2015, 09:36:18 am »
With Wisconsin continually cutting financial aid to the UWW system, plus the state mandated tuition freeze, I'd be surprised if this is the only cut in the coming years.

General Division III issues / Re: Sweet Briar College to Close
« on: April 07, 2015, 09:29:39 am »
Yeah. I don't see how you come back once you lose your human assets.

Interesting and well done Wally. +K

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