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Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« on: March 24, 2016, 11:02:17 pm »
Although I am just a MIAC guy who has only seen both Amherst and Babson play a couple times this year, I feel compelled to be an unbiased poster here. Amherst was a solid team this year and are very capable of beating Babson, even with Flannery (see their first meeting this year) They took BenU to the final possession in the final four, tough to argue that. Yes, I would have put my money on the Beavers with a healthy Flannery, but saying that the Beavers would have for sure won seems very naive.

Concordia's Brandon Zylstra is working out in NDSU's pro-day today.

My guess is all eyes will be on Carson Wentz but you can probably catch a few glimpses of him here:

He ran a 4.64 today, which is pretty good for this years WR draft class actually. With his size and strength, 4.6 is good enough to definitely raise eyebrows of CFL teams.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: NCAA Tournament
« on: March 24, 2016, 12:57:17 pm »
First time poster on the women's side, but I have a question I have been struggling with the past few days. Is there any interest by the WNBA for Sydney Moss? She is the most dominant college basketball player right now (Maybe Stewart from UConn would have an argument for that, but her surrounding team is better comparatively). So, is there any word on that?

West Region / Re: MBB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: March 22, 2016, 11:41:36 am »
Well Johnson's 14 and 11 line is lock step with a team who was unselfish and had a number of players who could score 20+ points on any night. There isn't a coach I have talked to this season who has seen Johnson play or played against him who didn't say he could go for 20-30 a night if he really wanted to, but it was his unselfish play and ability to distribute the ball (his assists numbers are pretty solid - over 100 for the year) that sets him a part from others.

I totally agree with this argument about Johnson and have no problem with him receiving the POY honor, I just think that the same argument could be had for most of the Tommies. If Montero wanted to he could go for more than 14 a night, but they play in the same selfless, balanced scoring attack as BenU.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Championship Belt
« on: March 22, 2016, 10:23:19 am »
I hope the Tommies go undefeated through the non-conference so The BeltTm will stay in the great MIAC during the regular season!

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Coolest Gym in each Conference
« on: March 22, 2016, 10:17:56 am »
A list of the gyms so far:

CCC - Rodgers Recreation Center (Salve Regina)
HCAC - Collier Arena (Hanover)
LEC - Spaulding Gymnasium (Keene)
MIAA - DeVos Field House (Hope)
   ** Calvin is Honorable Mention
MIAC - Hutton Arena (Hamline)
   ** Concordia Míhead is Honorable Mention
NCAC - Tomsich Arena (Kenyon)
NESCAC - Alumni Gymnasium (Bates)
   ** Tufts is Honorable Mention
OAC - Rike Center (Otterbien)
SLIAC - Westminister College Gymnasium (Name?) (Westminster)
UAA - Ratner Center (University of Chicago)
   ** Washington University is Honorable Mention
UMAC - Ericksen Center (Northwestern)

Feel free to debate these but I was trying to organize what has already been said. Love looking up these d3 gyms!

West Region / Re: MBB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: March 22, 2016, 09:09:18 am »
Do you guys think Ryan Saarela was an AA snub?

Saarela had a good year and a great tournament, but I dont think that his whole season was good enough to be an AA. I understand that their roster as a whole doesn't but up AA type of numbers put, they had such a great year in a tough conference that having no representative doesnt seems right. I know Luke Johnson is a great player but 14 and 11 statline by itself doesn't merit a player of the year award, they obviously took in to account the team was undefeated going into the final four. I personally think that they should have done the same and made a Tommie an All American (Probably Montero)... But as a MIAC guy I may be biased.   ;)

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: 2016 NCAA Tournament
« on: March 18, 2016, 04:07:14 pm »
Who's everyone got tonight in Salem? I think the Tommies will control the tempo and play their usual brand of ball and knock off the CNU captains. Other game I'm not sure, I tend to think Almhurst will "upset" the undefeated BU Eagles. Almherst too use to the final four but we will see. Should be fun!

West Region / Re: MBB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: March 16, 2016, 10:38:36 pm »
Been awhile since anybody posted anything of real merit on here, let me get the "way-too-early" offseason talk rolling a little bit before the bball season comes to an end.

A lot of great players from some great teams graduating from the MIAC this year. And I mean A LOT. There might be a big mixup in next years final standings compared to the past 2-3 years. Here is a list of each returner that logged more than 10 minutes a game for each team.

St. Thomas
Grant Shaeffer
Ryan Boll

Graduating 65% of their scoring and 4 of their 6 top guys, dare I say it, St. Thomas might have a down year in 2016-2017. Shaeffer will be back as their leader and Boll will have the experience, but other than that there is a lot left to be desired. Ryan Johnson and Jordan Burich will need to step up from their defensive roles and be big time scorers in their senior years, which will be interesting to see if they have that in them. The streak may stop at 11....

St. Olaf
Austin Majeskie
Evan O'Dorisio
Robert Tobroxen
Caleb Lunning
Ben Scheffley

They do return 5 players that logged 10 minutes a game, but all of these guys were roll players this year (Although Majeskie and O'Dorisio both had big games). Losing the big three (66.5% of the teams scoring) will make next year an uphill journey and this team will be battling to make the MIAC tournament after three straight years in the NCAA tournament.

St. John's
Patrick Strom
Tyler Weiss
David Stokman

Talking about losing a big three... St. Johns will also have a lot of scoring (64% graduating) and play-making to replace. David Stokman looked very poised and skilled for a freshman and I expect him to make a big step forward next year with the ball in his hand more.

Dylan Alderman
Austin Nelson
Zach Kinny

There seems to be a theme among the top 4 teams, losing a lot of production, and the Cobbers aren't immune. They graduate 64.5% of their scoring from last year as well as 4 of top 6 scorers. The strides that Alderman and Nelson made this year were huge for the Cobbers moving forward.

Brycen Wojta
Bridge Tusler
Derek Magnuson
Tim Hanson
Trevor Hall
Jackson Canfield

Bethel has to be one of the favorites to win the regular season MIAC crown next year. They return all 5 of their starters from last year's team, who made it to the semi-finals of the playoffs. For those number people out there, 83% of their scoring is returning. Both Trevor Hall and Tim Hanson made huge improvements last year and the addition of Magnuson inside helped replace Zim. Now keep Wojta healthy for the whole season and Bridge doing Bridge things and this team is looking real scary.

Collin Olmscheid
Ben Glover*
Brett Rasmussen**
Harry Sonie
Kevin McKiernan
Nick Varner
Richie Perea
*Tore his achilles early last season, assuming he should be good to go for next year.
**Medical Redshirt two years ago, this is his fourth year of school. Unsure if he comes back for one more year of ball.

Whether those two comeback or don't, this team will be dangerous again next year. CO will be the preseason favoroite for MIAC MVP, he is such a natural scorer and can do it in so many ways. Sonie should also grow in his role next year and a lot of good pieces around the studs.

Kevin Grow
Tienen Chen
Mitch Biewen
Beau Smit
Quinn Johnson
Peter Bakker-Arkema

This team brings back the whole nucleus and should be a playoff team next year. However, this team lacked the ball skills on the perimeter to be a real contender down the stretch. Teams learned how to play against the size and strength of Carleton and if the guards don't improve their shooting could be another disappointing season for the knights.

Peter Kruize
Alec Koster
Jacob Herd
AJ Hatchett
Riley Sharbono
Schuyler Thompson
Cole Sweeny

Losing Gary Cooper will be very tough for this team, as seen in the 9 games that he didn't play last year. In those games GAC wasn't a top tier basketball team in the MIAC, but insert Gary Cooper and you had yourself a very good team. This is a team of role players, but my guess is that Riley Sharbono and Peter Kruize will be their leaders and probably sneak into the playoffs. 

St. Mary's
Q Smith-Pugh
Aaron Romportl
Wylie Ferron
Kevin Gleason
Braden Walbeck
Bradley Hill
Kai Endahl
Charlie Tayson

I promise I will be nice Coach R ;) A lot of guys back that played decent minutes for the red birds. This was an improved team and surprised a lot of people with their 7 conference wins. I suspect that they will grow on this momentum and be a hard out again next year. Q Smith Pugh was a needed new dynamic for them last year plus a lot of promising freshman make this team a sneaky pick for a playoff spot next year.

Zach Smith
Connor Knutson
Dylan See-Rockers
Travis VanEsleberg
TC Robinson
Bret Lukes
Isaac Brooks
Quinton Garvis
Brian Hartman
Nick Powell

Some legit talent here with Smith and Knutson and See-Rockers if he comes back well from his foot injury. Other than that, a lot of role players and lacking the depth to really be a force in this league.

Michael Gutierrez
Kareem Ismail
Dylan Kilgour*
Wyatt Ferm
Luke Poulsen
*Broke his wrist after second game and is eligible for one more year if he chooses.

One of the best two win teams to ever play in the MIAC. A lot of talent on this team will be returning and they run a very unique offense that is hard to play against. Ferm and Gutierrez is a great core for the Scots going forward, not to mention they have Ismail again next year. Another perennial bottom feeder on the rise.

Here is the projected 2016-2017 MIAC regular season standings:
1. Bethel
2. St. Thomas
3. Augsburg
4. Carleton
5. St. Mary's
6. Concordia
7. St. Johns
8. Macalester
9. Gustavus
10. St. Olaf
11. Hamline

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Coolest Gym in each Conference
« on: March 16, 2016, 06:47:07 pm »
Others probably won't agree with me but I like Albion College's Kresge Gymnasium, MIAA.  Built in 1925

Purely just an outsider to the MIAA, so understand that I have never visited any of these gyms, but Hope and Calvin have some pretty dang cool d3 gyms it appears. These two and Albion definitely makes the MIAA a power gym conference!



Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Coolest Gym in each Conference
« on: March 16, 2016, 02:13:31 pm »
AO, what do you think about the MIAC gym? Obviously you agree with the UMAC gym! Yeah I watched a bit of the games at Cousens gym, very cool and uniqgue gym is right.

I enjoy both of those gyms and their old school feels.

MIAC - Hutton Arena (Hamline)
UMAC - Erickson Center (Northwestern)
NESCAC - Alumni Gymnasium (Bates)

Multi-Regional Topics / Coolest Gym in each Conference
« on: March 16, 2016, 12:11:02 am »
My teammates and I always talked about what school had the coolest gym in the MIAC, and it was always fun talking about which gyms people liked playing in and which gyms people hated. I think it would be determine (in our own humble opinions   ;D) the coolest gym in each conference! Although I am limited to the Upper midwest, I will give my opinions where I can.

MIAC - Has to be Hutton Arena of Hamline University. Not only does it have the looks and the history ( but it is also very player friendly. I could see some arguing Concordia M'head (but I may be biased  ;))

UMAC - This conference might have the worst gyms in d3, but Northwestern's is actually very neat. Not too big but still has the collegiate feel rather than the high school feel. Probably helps that they also have the best attendance in the conference too.

I would love to hear if you guys like this idea and your opinions on the matter!

Cobbers will win the MIAC this year.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: 2016 NCAA Tournament
« on: March 08, 2016, 10:06:30 pm »
What is the Flannery injury, was it a rolled ankle? Tough to think Babson can get another win without him.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Longest losing streak?
« on: March 08, 2016, 07:14:19 pm »
Macalester men team's longest losing streak is to St. Thomas but it is only 16 games (although it is active). Kinda shockingly low but really thats a long time without beating a team. A streak of 40 is crazy!

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