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Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Pool C
« on: February 09, 2019, 12:48:31 pm »
Here's a blog post on at-large bids based on some Excel spreadsheet nerd fun I did last night.

If anyone wants the spreadsheet, let me know. :)
Not related to the above:
27 at-large bids for the Northeast in 5 years is just ridiculous. It's not even the best region, let alone the best by almost double.

Not really commenting on much here, but it raises the question, why not move a conference from the overcrowded NE to the empty East? They seem geographically close enough that this wouldn't be too much of move. The NE has the most at large bids because they have the most teams, and I understand the percentage of teams the NE has and the percentage of at-large bids the NE does not lineup... but would this help things at all?

Central Region / Re: MBB: Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: February 09, 2019, 10:55:45 am »
How intensive of a process is it to submit a bid to host? I feel as if all 64 teams should do it, no matter where they stand in terms of resume. Take last year with no TX submitting a bid, I would be fairly upset if I found out my program/school failed to submit a hosting bid when the committee said they would have had a TX pod if they could have.

**Personally I would really enjoy traveling to a new site for a weekend, but in terms of my team advancing as far as possible that would be fairly disappointing.

Central Region / Re: MBB: Midwest Conference
« on: February 09, 2019, 10:46:06 am »
I agree with GreenKnight that SOS has its limitations. I think we can all agree on that. First of which is geography. Second, it can be slightly reliant on the other schools in your conference to preform well in non-conference. Third, some teams have more non-conference games to boost their SOS.... BUT, like Greg said we need more than just WP to determine the 64 (20 Pool C) most worthy teams in D3 to make the tourney, and this does as good of a job as possible as we currently stand. With that being said, I think the committee this year is going away from leaning so heavily on SOS, at least that is what I have been able to infer from some Hoopsville episodes and taking a look at the first regional rankings.

Looking into the Great Lakes Region, a lot of people had Marietta (OAC)/Wooster (NCAC)/Capital (OAC)/Wabash (NCAC) in some order for the top 4 teams in that region, with Wittenberg (NCAC) and La Roche (AMCC) rounding out the 5 and 6 spots. This was based on the how the committees weighed the given criteria in the past. La Roche has been a hot topic as they have been rolling through their weaker conference sitting at 15-0 this far. It is clear that they tried to have a very competitive non-conference, scheduling Hope (L), Clavin (W), Marietta (L) and John Carroll (W) as these are often very good teams.
But the results are just alright, especially the Hope result, which is just an average MIAA team this year.

However, when the regional ranks came out, La Roche (19-2) was 3rd in the GL despite only a .505 SOS. This was over #4 Capital (17-4/.530) and #5 Wabash (16-3/.520).

So GreenKnight, it will be interesting to see what the committee does this year concerning La Roche and Pomona-Pitzer (another team with a great record and not so great SOS from a below average conference) should they not secure their conferences AQ.

What Greek and Greg has stated is all correct and the committee is not going to start taking a Pool C team from the SCIAC/AMCC/MWC year in and year out, but there is reason to believe that in the near future a path to a Pool C bid may be easier for great teams from these weaker D3 conferences than it was in the past.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: All Americans
« on: February 09, 2019, 10:10:15 am »
Rookie of the year

Ryan Turell - Yeshiva
Anders Nelson - St. Thomas

Anyone else?

I started the year with a few other names on the list, but those are the only ones left, in my mind - and probably just the second, right now.  I think it's Anders' to lose at this point.  Turrell is super talented and if Yeshiva goes on a run, he could change things, but Nelson is leading a Top 5 team in a bunch of categories while running the point as a freshman.  It's a pretty impressive resume thus far.

If Ryan is able to vote for someone going up against one of his Macs, I think the race is over!  ;D ;)

Anders Nelson is averaging 15.7pts on very efficient shooting, 48/39.6/85 (just slightly under the 50/40/90 standard elite shooters strive to achieve). All of that to go along with 4.8reb, 4.8ast (2:1 ast:to) and nearly 2 steals a game.

Ryan Turrell is averaging 20.2pts on very efficient shooting, 55/43/79.7. All of that to go with 5reb, 3.3ast, 1 steal and half a block per game.

Both are extremely impressive freshman who are playing PG for their teams and are deserving of the reward. Turrell is averaging more points but Anders is on a better team. Other than that most of their resumes are very similar.

Has there ever been talks about an "all-freshman team" instead of just nominating one? Because it is too bad one of these two will not be nominated (unless you do co-FOY). It wouldn't necessarily need to fill out positions, just choose the 5 most impressive freshman.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Hoops Bucket List
« on: February 08, 2019, 10:13:12 am »
I've only been to Williams, Amherst, Trinity, Randolph-Macon, Dickinson, UChicago, Hamline, Springfield, UMass-Boston, Washington & Lee, Tufts, Rowan, Mary Washington, Marymount, and of course Salem. 

If you are looking at a New England D3 bucket list, the must-sees include Bates (which I've never been to but even on video, it's awesome), Tufts (gorgeous place to watch a game), Springfield (mostly because it's the birthplace of basketball, but also a really quirky gym), and a Williams-Amherst game (and if you go at Williams, check out Lasell, which is a great historic gym).

Nescac, did you like the Hamline gym? It is my favorite MIAC gym. A lot of character and history. Plus it is always incredibly warm, which was always very nice as a player.

I went to Massachusetts recently and I was able to watch a couple games at Springfield. The outside of the gym looks like a mini NBA arena.

The gym itself was quirky, but a fun place to take in a game. The Hall of Fame was definitely worth it as well.

I walked around Tufts campus but my was not able to watch a game at their gym, although I did walk in and take a look. Awesome gym, so unique and the new court finish looks very nice. Definitely want to go back and watch a game there.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Hoops Bucket List
« on: February 05, 2019, 02:51:51 pm »
This gyms thing is reminding me I have to update my ongoing DIII list of gyms, fields, stadiums, sports, and schools ...

I personally think that each teams landing page on should have a pic of their gym like the d3football landing pages have pics of the field/stadiums! I know it is may be a lot of “unnecessary” work so I would volunteer on collecting images/contacting schools or whatever may need to be done.

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: Predicting Pool C
« on: February 05, 2019, 01:13:04 am »
Week 2

  • St. John's
  • Whitworth
  • Loras
  • UW-LAX
  • NCC
  • Williams
  • Middlebury
  • Wesleyan
  • Gordon
  • Hamilton
  • Salisbury
  • Rowan
  • NJCU
  • Capital
  • Marietta
  • Wabash
  • Wittenberg
  • Emory
  • SUNY-Oswego
  • UW-WW

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: D3 Men's National Pick Em League
« on: February 05, 2019, 01:01:05 am »
Week #12 Schedule   11 games on the slate this week to make up for the missing game from last week

Tuesday Feb. 5th
Regis (Mass.)  @  Anna Maria           7:30 PM

Wednesday Feb. 6th
Marietta at  Mount Union                 7:00 PM.......Game to replace cancelled game from last week.
Guilford  @  Roanoke                  7:00 PM
Marian  @  Dominican                     8:00 PM

Thursday February 7th
Louisiana College  @  LeTourneau    8:30 PM

Friday February 8th
St. John Fisher  @  Nazareth           7:30 PM
Puget Sound @  Lewis and Clark     11:00 PM

Saturday Feb. 9th
Amherst  @  Middlebury                    3:00 PM
Montclair State  @ Stockton              3:00 PM
Oswego State  @  Plattsburgh State    4:00 PM
Illinois Tech  @  Aurora                      5:15 PM

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Hoops Bucket List
« on: February 05, 2019, 12:47:42 am »
Recommendations for other peoples' bucket lists based on things I've already done:

A Friday night Wash U at NYU game. This has to wait for their new gym, now, but at the Coles Center this was definitely destination basketball. The Sunday UAA games don't have the same atmosphere as the Friday night ones.

A Saturday WIAC game at UW-Stevens Point. Great crowds, good noise, pick a competitive game.

I've seen a bunch of other great things but they have fallen by the wayside as rivalries have gotten non-competitive.

... and based on things I want to do:

A Pomona-Pitzer-Claremont-Mudd-Scripps game. Not sure with the new arena situation where this is better to see now, so we'll see.

A Whitman-Whitworth game. Nuff said.

The American Southwest Conference tournament and the ODAC tournament. Love these four-games-on-Thursday setups.

All great things, Pat. Personally, I have fallen in love with WashU the past couple years so I would love to see a Maroons-Bears or Eagles-Bears game at the Field House for a UAA matchup.

Agree with the large full conference tournament of the ODAC and ASC with games at a neutral site. Personally would love to see the 11 team MIAC transition to that eventually, but not ever expecting it.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: D3 Hoops Bucket List
« on: February 05, 2019, 12:43:28 am »
I have been to 27 total d3 gyms! In addition to that I have been to the Salem civic center for a final four weekend and also watched a d3 game at US Bank Stadium (where the MN vikings play). Not a bad resume for now. Kind of a shame/embarrassing I haven't seen a Bethany Lutheran or any Iowa school gyms and just two WI school gyms. Add in a 2017 first weekend pod at UWRF and a 2018 first weekend pod at SJU!
PLAYED IN... 19 total
        11 MIAC gyms
   North Central
   St. Scholastica
        Salem Civic Center*

WATCHED A GAME IN (and not play in)... 3 total
   St. Kates (Women only)
   US Bank Stadium*
   Salem Civic Center*

JUST TOURED.... 5 total
   Colorado College
   Pacific Lutheran
   Puget Sound
   Emerson (doors locked, only peered through window)

* do not count as D3 gyms

West Region / Re: MBB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: February 04, 2019, 05:38:40 pm »
Yeah I was curious if that is the case, feel like I have heard that rule before. Thanks for the info guys.

Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: Predicting Pool C
« on: February 04, 2019, 12:25:32 pm »
This is good. I was just going to go off the top of my head right now to make the deadline but now I’ll have tonight. Think that’s a good move, fantastic50.

West Region / Re: MBB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: February 04, 2019, 12:21:29 pm »
Is Michael Hannon a fifth year senior? I wonder if he is pursuing a masters degree or an engineering degree like Jam mentioned.

West Region / Re: MBB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« on: February 04, 2019, 10:22:02 am »
Great to see you back Drake! Just in time for some very exciting miac games. Tonight is a big slate of games. Hamline and Concordia both habeust wins over Mary’s and MAC respectively. Augsburg goes to Collegeville for a battle of the second seed and important first round bye. Also, for St. John’s a very important game to stay on the right side of the Pool C bubble. Then a battle for the ever important 4th seed and corresponding home game in the first round in the Skoglund center as the Royals try to pay their win over the johnnies with another solid win. Lastly, UST tries to continue the quests to 20-0 as they go down to St. Peter and try not to slip up.

If I get more time later I will provide a little more analysis on games with predictions, but wanted to get out there how important all these games are today!

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: February 04, 2019, 10:05:50 am »
Both guys have the following top of the West region...

1. Nebraska Wesleyan
2. Whitman

These two teams are most likely the overall #1 and #2 seeds in the country at the moment.

Then consider overall #3 and #4 could be Augustana and UW-Oshkosh (both from the Central).

Gonna be real interesting to see this bracket.  I am still projecting a 10-year anniversary Bracket of Death.

Then the 5th best team might be UST from the west. Currently the longest win streak in the nation. They lost their first game against Brooklyn on the road but have really come together for some strong results lately winning. 19 in a row. They are #5 in the d3hoops poll and a lock by Drew’s estimation as well. Their SOS is only .515 right now but their nknCSOS (which may be weighed more this year by the selection committee) is a pretty solid +.560. At some point if the tommies keep cruising they should enter the convo with those top 4 elite teams.

The only other one loss team in the nation is from the west, the sagehens from P-P who is ripping through the SCIAC this year. They also have one of the best non-Loras wins in the nation with a win over Whitman. Not saying they are the sixth best team in The nation, and I totally understand the hesitation around totally buying into the sagehens, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they give one of these elite teams in the Central/West a great game in the NCAA tourney.

All in all, Titan Q was spot on with his foresight of the bracket of death anniversary.

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