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Multi-Regional Topics / Covid Impact on Conference Scheduling
« on: July 22, 2020, 04:55:00 pm »
I felt as we get closer to the "normal" school year, the readers of D3hoops would most easily keep up to date with conference reschedules, postponements or cancellations in one spot.... as far as I'm concerned, fall sports announcements could be reported here too, as they would likely help prepare us all for winter changes....

To start, it was reported in the NCAC room today... that all sports in the NCAC have been suspended until at least December 31, 2020.

General Basketball / history
« on: March 14, 2020, 02:49:39 pm »

With so little to read about in the sports world except the impact of the Corona Virus, I started reviewing (with many chuckles) some of the very early posts in rooms that I frequented...

it leads to the question... Pat or Ryan or one of the old heads can refresh my mind.... the very first posters were registered in late 1998, 1999, and many added in subsequent years, but the earliest posts shown are from Feb, 2005... different dates in Feb 2005 too for active rooms  MIAA (Feb. 19,2005),  CCIW (Feb 28, 2005), ODAC (Feb 15, 2005), seemingly cut off/restarted on different dates as they were obviously ongoing conversations.  What happened then to restart posts?  I'm thinking a new system?    What happened to the prior posts?  Gone forever?   I can remember a couple of specific conversations that I was involved in that are gone, likely prior to the Feb. 2005 time frame.  Were posts prior to Feb, 2005 still included in the individuals (active today) posting count total?  I can't remember how active I was then, which would have included following Wash U as a huge fan (by then I had lived in St. Louis 10-15 years and had lost most contact with Hope), and then gravitated over to the SLIAC room...

Curious... and maybe we can use this room to entertain readers with posting stories of the "old days".....

General Basketball / A D3 fan's Christmas list
« on: December 11, 2019, 09:45:50 am »
Here's a fun thought....

What can Santa get the true D3hoops fan for Christmas?

Are there any books out there that deal strictly With D3 sports, or even better, D3 Basketball?
Does have clothing or other items with the emblem on it?
Are there still NCAA D3 Basketball manuals put out each year?
Are there schools that have books dedicated to their basketball history?  I remember Hope had one, but I'm not sure where mine is after our move....
How about videos?

Any other ideas?

Multi-Regional Topics / Conference Tourneys 2019
« on: February 13, 2019, 05:24:52 am »
As Conference Tourneys get set, posters usually put schedules in on this board..

This is to point out that 4 conference tourneys begin this weekend, when most conferences are playing the final game of the regular season..

Conference Tourneys beginning this Saturday, Feb 16 are the CUNYAC, the NJAC, the NESCAC and the NAC

and in case you haven't quite had time to digest all of Saturday's final regular season results,
Quick starting tourneys on Monday, Feb 18 are in the ODAC, the UMAC, the AEC, and the MACC

Multi-Regional Topics / Records of Conference vs D3 Non Conference Games
« on: November 16, 2016, 08:37:27 am »
Records of D3 conferences vs D3 Non Conference Opponents was a subject of interest at the end of last season, so I will post (as regularly as time allows) these records during the season..

After games of 11/15/16

1   NESCAC      0   0   #DIV/0!
2   NWC      0   0   #DIV/0!
3   IIAC      6   1   0.857
4   NJAC      5   1   0.833
5   MACF      4   1   0.800
6   LL      7   2   0.778
7   MIAC      6   2   0.750
8   Sky      3   1   0.750
9   WIAC      3   1   0.750
10   LEC      5   2   0.714
11   MACC      5   2   0.714
12   Newmac      5   2   0.714
13   CAC      6   3   0.667
14   MIAA      2   1   0.667
15   ODAC      6   4   0.600
16   NCAC      3   2   0.600
17   NAC      4   3   0.571
18   SCAC      4   3   0.571
19   ASC      3   3   0.500
20   CCIW      3   3   0.500
21   OAC      3   3   0.500
22   Independents      2   2   0.500
23   SCIAC      1   1   0.500
24   GNAC      4   5   0.444
25   CC      3   4   0.429
26   CSAC      3   4   0.429
27   SUNY      3   4   0.429
28   UAA      3   4   0.429
29   USAC      3   4   0.429
30   SLIAC      2   3   0.400
31   CCC      3   5   0.375
32   NEAC      3   5   0.375
33   AMCC      3   6   0.333
34   E8      3   6   0.333
35   Mascac      2   4   0.333
36   NACC      2   4   0.333
37   PrAC      2   4   0.333
38   HCAC      1   2   0.333
39   UMAC      2   5   0.286
40   CUNY      2   6   0.250
41   NECC      2   6   0.250
42   Landmark      1   3   0.250
43   SAA      1   3   0.250
44   MWC      1   5   0.167

Multi-Regional Topics / Big games today
« on: January 13, 2016, 01:47:08 pm »
Here's my thought... some of the regular readers may be interested in how the various conferences are shaping up through January and February... They may enjoy being aware of the important conference matchups each day so they can note the results   
that evening.. something to look at!!!  So I will try to put out big games of the day on a daily basis.. showing games that match the top 2 or 3 teams in a conference.. I'll show the records of the teams, and will put the results out there either that night or next morning.... of course, if I miss listing a game anyone can add to the daily list, or perhaps impart interesting tidbit about the game or the result

If this is a dumb idea, let me know.. I won't spend the time.. but knowing which games are critical is interesting to me as a D3 fan...

Multi-Regional Topics / Rule and Policy Changes
« on: June 24, 2015, 09:48:06 am »
I just learned that exhibition games, previously limited to preseason dates only, are now permitted during the in season schedule.   There is no date limitation.   In prior years, exhibition games were easy to identify because they occurred before the permissable season opening date.  Now these in season games will be difficult to identify, leading to potential errors in stating team win-loss records and statistics.  In scheduling for 2015-16 posted on some sites, I've already found 2 examples of exhibition games within the season, unidentified as such on team schedules.  I wonder if there is a requirement that these games are formally I.D.'d to the NCAA, and obviously needs to be careful in their reporting with accuracy....

Multi-Regional Topics / The Diva Belt
« on: February 07, 2011, 10:50:30 am »
Yes  -  I've done the research.. back to the beginning of the 2005-06 season...

to be posted at lunchtime today... the little known history of the D3 Women's Diva Belt!!!!

Multi-Regional Topics / In Season Tournaments
« on: November 19, 2009, 06:17:58 pm »
D3 schools are involved in the incredible amount of 83 Tournaments this weekend ....   here are some of the interesting ones:

Provident Pride of Maryland Tourney   -  8 D3 schools from Maryland representing several conferences - every state should do this!!

Al Van Wie Tourney  -  Wooster hosts St Thomas, Carnegie Mellon, and Heidelberg

Albion Tourney  -  Albion Hosts Bluffton, Depauw, and Edgewood

Carthage College Tipoff  -  Carthage has Aurora, UW Platteville, UW Whitewater

Gettysburg Tourney  -  Gettysburg has Catholic, Messiah, and Wittenberg

Illinois College Tourney  -  Illinois College hosts Milwaukee Engr, Nebraska Wesleyan, and Simpson

Scotty Wood   -  Moravian has Mulenburg, Oneonta, and William Paterson

UD Tipoff   -  Dallas, Rust, Austin, Sul Ross

Don Glick  -  Bridgewater hosts Averett East Mennonite, Wesley

Chicago Midway  -  Chicago has Earlham, Southwestern, Rose Hulman

Lee Pfund  -  Wheaton hosts McMurry, Ohio Northern, Trine

Titan Classic has IWU, Wash U, Ohio Wesleyan, and J&W

Many others have three decent teams and a podunk,  and others have a good championship game with apparent lopsided winners the first night....

some possible good championship games not in the group above

RPI should play MIT at RPI 
Scranton vs John Carroll at Scranton
Williams will play LAsell or Cortland State
Widener may play Rowan
North Central could play Mississippi College
Amherst could play Ithaca

Multi-Regional Topics / Conference changes
« on: May 01, 2008, 11:25:46 am »
I thought this would be a good place to summarize and discuss the impact of changes for D3hoops coming up next season.   What schools are changing conferences, what are the new conferences, who is moving into or out of 'Bumblin B' status, who is moving into or out of automatic qualifier status, who is coming into or out of provisional status...   hopefully it's a topic that can stimulate some interest during the summer month.

Multi-Regional Topics / 2009-10 schedules are up
« on: May 12, 2007, 03:07:12 pm »
I'm setting this up in hopes that the real data hounds out there will post a note here when they find a schedule has been posted on a school's site.  That way any of us who are interested will have only this topic area to go to this summer and early fall to see who has schedules posted rather than look all around.  It will make things easier until Pat turns the site's schedule area to 07-08.

I have found a schedule posted already  -  Calvin.   Any others?

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