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Sorry, hopefan...just now seeing the part above about the big announcement.  Didn't mean to steal your thunder.

Thanks TQ.. I assumed you had missed my build-up post, which had pushed off the current page of posts... and I would never condemn someone who is such a major part of
Todd Creal and I have been close for a number of years... had some great SLIAC Basketball conversation... he confided to me a little over a week ago that this was in the works, and it's hard for me to express how happy I was for him.... it puts him in a great position to succeed into Matt Mitchell's Head Coaching job when Coach Mitch moves up, or off, the coaching ladder... in the mean time, a super coaching duo... I've immediately referred to them as fire and ice... the firey Associate Head Coach Creal, the cool and calculated Head Coach Matt Mitchell.  Indeed this was great news in the SLIAC in very tough times.

See TQs announcement above... so much for the pure joy I was going to have by posting the news...

 elder statesman. ;)


See TQs announcement above... so much for the pure joy I was going to have by posting the news...

I figured you knew about the other schools; I mention that for anyone else who may be reading.

I guess we get to wait around for the extremely good news coming tomorrow.

 ;) ;) ;)

I have some extremely good news regarding the SLIAC, but have had to keep it 100% confidential... until Monday afternoon....look for a post then...

In the mean time, a Happy Easter to all...STAY SAFE, STAY HEALTHY.....

Thanks Wuuuu   +1.   It caught my interest because a young lady from the old home town of Eureka Mo had posted how excited she was about being accepted in Libertys R.N. degree program and I had sent her a quick note of congrats....

Colleges and universities are going to do everything they can to avoid having students do a gap-semester or gap-year in 2020-2021.  This could become a big issue if the Department of Education decides to extend loan deferrals.

But colleges and universities are also not going to risk looking like Fallwell Junior and Liberty University.

I am not sure how many institutions will be able to field teams without on-campus housing, for example, and I cannot imagine opening the dorms a semester prior to opening up the classrooms.

WUPIFFFF... I fall far short of your knowledge regarding Colleges and Universities...I was curious about your reference to Fallwell Junior and Liberty University... can you explain?

General Basketball / Re: history
« on: April 02, 2020, 12:31:30 pm »
Yep, Pat took care of a SLIAC poster who wrote some very unpleasant things...  it was a very good and justifiable decision...

No No No.... like losing a very good friend.....

General Basketball / Re: history
« on: March 27, 2020, 09:10:29 am »
I was hoping we'd get a lot of memories of humorous writers or writings from the past here... unfortunately not yet.... another hopefan idea down the drain  ::) ::) ::)

  The following is a quote from Ryan Scott, writer, over in the CCIW room today, 3/27/20

"D3 athletic depts don't rely on NCAA money like the big boys,  although closing campuses early is sure to create budget pressure of its own."

It plays to my "in the back of my head" concern.... how will the low enrollment SLIAC schools survive this pandemic... probably half or more of our schools were already in very bad financial shape, can they recover from this situation....

very scary

General Basketball / Re: history
« on: March 23, 2020, 01:17:32 pm »
While my heated disagreements with FCNews aka Denny McKinney were somewhat infamous (though we always made up), history has lost my interactions with another poster that were seen by few, as it took place in the rarely viewed AMCC room.  I would view that room regularly as some of the conference members were located in Western Pa. where I was born and raised.  Well, one poster was UPB88 (this likely occurred in early 00's), and he was very proud of Pitt-Bradford's program...   well as my first job out of college was at the U of Pittsburgh, I had been up to the Bradford campus several times in the early 70's, and believe me, NO ONE wanted to go to U of P, Bradford campus... isolated, snowy, and COLD... well I referred to it as a regional campus, and UPB88 went ballistic, as it had evidently gained some amount of status over 20 years...   anyway, it was too good, it was Jim vs Dwight, so I got in the mode of posting about whatever UPB was doing, but referring to it as the Regional Campus of Pitt, at Bradford.   Poor UPB88 would get VERY upset.    The little devil in me came out badly on that one....

General Basketball / Re: history
« on: March 21, 2020, 11:34:32 am »
April...yes...the other name I couldnt remember...  that brought a flashback of thinking I remember having lunch with her and another poster (crazy, but Im thinking Dave Collinge) at a place in St Louis west end then going over to Wash U for a big game....LONG AGO...

General Basketball / Re: history
« on: March 19, 2020, 07:05:55 am »
FWIW I was BedtimeforBonzo before going legit when I was a regional columnist for d3fb for a couple of seasons.

No, I can't tell you why I picked that name.


General Basketball / Re: history
« on: March 18, 2020, 01:54:22 pm »
I still see Knightstalker, David Collinge and PG04 on facebook. Gro, I believe, is with us under a different name. JT was banned for excessive political posting and ax-grinding but served his time and came back as JT2, where he has posted occasionally.

Happy they are each still with us... I read Knightstalker frequently in the NJAC room back in the days when that conference was a regular in the national rankings.  Met Dave Collinge somewhere, probably an NCAA tourney game involving Hope and an Ohio school..  'gro was a LL football poster, probably the most entertaining room ever on D3boards (I never attempted to get involved, I would not have come close to keeping up with those guys), but read it often as an RPI alum....

I'm having a senior moment... what was the young lady's ID who was such a great supporter of Wheaton?  I remember seeing Wash U - Wheaton play and she brought me chocolate chip cookies due to some remark in the CCIW room.... as good as the CCIW room is now, her inclusions in discussions with Sager, TQ etal were truly the best.... Whatever happened to her?????

She's alive and kicking... just not here.

Yes, but who did she post as??  I remember she use a D3hoops name for a time, and her real name for a time... just can't remember what they were.....


aaaaahhhh... that's it!!!!!   Do you remember why we lost her????

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