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Northeast Region / Re: NESCAC Hoops
« Last post by magicman on Today at 06:37:40 am »
Worth mentioning on this board is the free throw shooting percentage of Marle Curle, sophomore guard for Bowdoin. The NCAA leader in free throw shooting, Kiley Shoemaker, from Wheaton (MA) has made 39 out of 41 attempts for a percentage of 95.1%. Marle has made 40 out of 41 attempts for a percentage of 97.6%, clearly the best in the country. She isn't listed on the NCAA stat sheet because you have to have a minimum of 2.5 free throws made per game. Marle is 3 made free throws short of qualifying. Her 97.6% is also better than any of the D3 Men as well. Hope she has a couple of games where she gets to the line more than 2 or 3 times to give her the numbers necessary to make the NCAA Statistical Leaders List.

This was my post from the other day lamenting the fact that Marle Curle was a few made free throws from being ranked #1 in the country in free throw percentage. I was hoping that in her next game she would get to the line and make 5 or 6 free throws to qualify for the rankings. Well, in her next game out on Tuesday January 20th, she didn't get to the line at all, making her chances of qualifying more difficult since her number of games has increased. She would now need a bigger number of made free throws in her next game than she has had all year. The basketball Gods must have been smiling down on her though, because last night against Colby, Marle got to the charity stripe 8 times and she didn't disappoint, as she canned every one of those 8 attempts. She has now made 48 out of 49 free throws and her percentage is 97.959 which the NCAA will round up to 98.0%. She has now met the qualifying standard of 2.5 made free throws per game, so in the next day or so when the NCAA updates their statistics, Ms. Curle will take her place at the top of the page as the Number One free throw shooter in Division III in the country, man or woman. Congratulations Marle, that's an incredible feat. 8-) She needs to keep getting to the line at least 2.5 times per game, to maintain her ranking (and of course keep making them when she does) so the only advice  I can give to her that might come in handy Marle... drive to the hoop...every chance you can.

Also worth noting is that the #8 free throw shooter in the country according to the current NCAA ranking with 54 made free throws in 60 attempts is also a member of the Bowdoin Women's team. That would be senior guard, Sara Binkhorst, who is knocking down her foul shots at a 90.0% rate.

Opposing coaches will be hard pressed to keep the Polar Bears from adding to their score late in the game, if the need to foul is part of their strategy. Putting either one of these players on the line is about as automatic as it gets. Nice weapons to have.       
West Region football / Re: Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by BoBo on Today at 06:32:36 am »

Tangentially, Bobo, you weren't as far off as some have led you to believe regarding Jeff Jagodzinski.  He did initiate contact with UW-W and there was at least one telephone conversation. He did not end up applying for the job, but even the fact that he called demonstrates you were well within the ballpark in mentioning his name.

Thanks for this disclosure, bleedpurple.  Frankly, I really don't care what the "Wabash 40-watt Club" thought of my Jags idea.  I may not have hit it out of the park (this time), but I think I'm OK with a ground rule double and the knowledge that I was right and they were are wrong!!  :D
That Leinenkugel can reminds me of Land-o-Lakes butter.

We used to cut the butter out that she was holding and then fold the picture back twice so that her knees lined up perfectly with the cut out hole...

This post scares me.
Northeast Region / Re: NESCAC Hoops
« Last post by polbear73 on Today at 04:54:49 am »
I completely agree with your assessment, Maine1. Heading into this upcoming weekend, the women's side appears to be more defined and less chaotic than the men's. Still a lot of basketball to be played.
Agreeing with Hopefan. It was good to see Etter and Moore have decent scoring games. Lately I almost think Etter has been timid shooting the ball. He's a nice shooter and should be more aggressive with his shot selections. That will be hard for the fan of a "true PG" type of game to hear but Without Ahmad smith, there are a lot of shots missing. Gorloks seem to be hitting their stride, a week off until a tough road game at Mac.
Northeast Region / Re: NESCAC MBB
« Last post by Pat Coleman on Today at 02:29:15 am »
Same UMFK team lost to Pine Manor earlier this week. Pine Manor hadn't played a men's basketball game before this November.
Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by iwu70 on Today at 01:43:13 am »
Congrats to NPU on their thrashing of NCC.  Pretty amazing, pretty surprising.

Schedule now does favor IWU to some extent.

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by iwu70 on Today at 01:41:27 am »
Tough loss for the Titans, after climbing back from double digits down, with Overstreet having a chance to tie it with less than 15 seconds to play.  I thought there should have been a call there, surly plenty of contact, but I guess that's the homer refs.  Titans let themselves get down, EC playing good D earlier.  Titans loss caused by way too many TOs, including from Overstreet, poor rebounding allowing many offensive rebounds by EC.  I was impressed with Nixon for sure.  The game was a bit of a wrestling match and foul fest with both teams losing key players for long stretches due to 3, 4, even 5 fouls.  Sure wish Coyle would learn to go much stronger to the rim, not fade back, or lean back and get blocked so easily at point blank range. 

Nelson some truly NBA range treys.  Amazing, getting the Titans back in it.  Bausch had perhaps his best game as a Titan. 

I agree with Q that the Titans are still in the championship run mix at 5-2, though losing more games puts pressure on them come tourney bid time.  Had now to get to 20 wins. 

Earlham is running out of teams they can beat.

Oh, you know it's true...
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