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But the search for what Summit used to be called lives on.  ;)
Wasn't it Baptist Bible or something like that? My memory may be fading... ;)

BTW. They changed the name again. It's now Clarks Summit University.  ???

They just don't want the jokes to stop, do they?

They're bordering on the Los Angeles Angles of Anaheim, California, USA, Earth foolishness.

The reason they supposedly changed the name again is that there is another Summit University elsewhere in the country.

I don't see them changing again unless.... they find another place that's known as Clarks Summit and has a university or there is a local benefactor who leaves them a whole lot of money like Rowan University(once known as Glassboro State) did some years ago.
East Region football / Re: FB: New Jersey Athletic Conference
« Last post by Teamski on Today at 10:19:51 am »

How did he answer that question, Teamski? Obviously the writers and broadcasters covering the game have eyes and see that Joe has impressed and improved with each preseason game, but MM's answer, like any professional coach would say after the third preseason game was "...we're not picking a team tonight." He went on to say he did a lot of good things, showed continued poise, but like all young players, still has a lot to learn. That's why I think its the Packers hope that they can stash him away on the practice roster for the year and let him develop further. It would be to his advantage in the long run to do just that.

Points taken.  I know that Green Bay usually only has two QB's on the roster each year so that could count against Callahan for sure.  That said, I think Callahan has a very rare quality that NFL teams crave for in a QB: Stoicism.  Callahan doesn't get flustered and it showed last night.  He goes out on the field and is able to keep a clear head and get the job done.....and he did it on national TV to boot.  Regardless of what happens at the end of the preseason, Callahan showed the kind of talent that DIII provides and that is the best advertising we could ever get.

Erdmann will he the start next Saturday.

Glad to see, when looking at high school film this kid is pretty dang good.  Hopefully that shores up the QB position for the next four years.
I understand the former associate head coach  and OC at U of Maine was hired as the new QB coach at Colby.  Maybe Michaeles will make him the de facto OC. If anyone has more specific information on this, and the outlook for the coming season it would be appreciated.
Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« Last post by amh63 on Today at 09:02:35 am »
ronk....thanks for the invite/ info.  Arrived back from the beach in Delaware on Fri.  My daughter's family came back with us.  My granddaughter will be a houseguest for a week.  Her parents will return to Ithaca later today.  Do keep me abreast of your travels...recruiting.  Maybe I will join you at a Tourny or game in the area.
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by Dr. Acula on Today at 08:57:11 am »
Tony DeRiggi?  That'd be my guess.  One of my buddies had never been to a D3 game and came with me when they played at Cap.  I think he was expecting high school sized kids.  He saw DeRiggi warming up and said "Who's that dude who looks like he can lift the front end of an Escalade?!"
So the MIAA doesn't have a rule preventing a student-athlete who transfers from one member school to another from playing immediately? The CCIW has a rule that any student-athlete who transfers from one CCIW school to another has to sit out a calendar year in the sport in which he participated at his previous school.

Correct, no such restriction in the MIAA. I'm actually rather surprised that any D3 conference would have such a rule. Non scholarship student first mentality of D3 in my mind makes such a rule unnecessary.
East Region football / Re: FB: Middle Atlantic Conference
« Last post by AUPepBand on Today at 08:07:37 am »
The new stadium Salisbury has built looks great, and is likely on of the top facilities in d3 football. I still believe that Stevenson's facility is better! The best stadium has to be hands down the recently built facility at UMHB!

Pep had the pleasure of visiting the UMHB house a few weeks ago. Outstanding venue...visitor stands are exceptional seating and view of the field. While Pep didn't go into the Press Box, from a distance it was apparent that there wasn't anything they hadn't thought of. Haven't experienced a game there so can't really judge game day atmosphere/experience, but the facility certainly lends itself to a fun day at the stadium!

Pep also visited venues at Franklin College, IN and Clemens Stadium in Collegeville, MN (home of the Johnnies) in his recent coast-to-coast excursion.

They're all nice, but Pep is partial to "The Pit," aka Merrill Field aka Yunevich Stadium, sandwiched between Pine Hill and the shores of the Kanakadea.  ::)
Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« Last post by ronk on Today at 07:44:26 am »
    I forgot to give you notice earlier - I'm on a team(Ground Chucks) playing in the MD Senior Olympics today @ the Discovery Center in Germantown(3-on-3 bball, 65-69+ age) at 9:30 AM, 10:10, and either 11:30, 12:20, or both. Might be someone you know playing in the other age groups, too. 
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by Kira & Jaxon's Dad on Today at 07:30:30 am »
Who was the MTU LB in the mid-late 2000s who had biceps like volleyballs?

Also can't forget Charles Dieuseul.
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