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North Region football / Re: North Coast Athletic Conference
« Last post by tigerfanalso on Today at 12:15:17 pm »
Wabash Fans

Good luck at UWW. Give'em hell and keep blitzing !!!
Men's soccer / Re: 2014 D3 Season: National Perspective
« Last post by convict on Today at 12:13:14 pm »
Yep they are all forwards except Sam Justice, a centerback. I did that based on who the most recent recipients have been. 2010 when Geoff Pezon won it was the last time a non-forward won it but he put up stats like he was a forward.

I never think a goalie should get the National Player of the Year award...that  may be just me but I'm pretty adamant about that.

If you go by midfielders I think Jack Thompson and Brian Ramirez are both very worthy candidates but I don't know how likely they are to be selected.

I just threw those names out there to get the conversation started, didn't have any ranking behind them or anything.

Returning to the POY conversation . . .  To be a candidate for POY, you have to be 1st Team All-American, and the All-American teams are formed from the 1st Team All-Region.  As I understand it, there is only one nomination period and one voting period from which both All-Regional and All-American teams formed.  No idea how it all works.  The nomination period this year was 11/3 - 11/13 (before the NCAA tournament) and the voting was 11/19 - 11/24 which means performance through the NCAA quarterfinals can be taken into account in voting if the player had been nominated.  Not sure when the POY voting takes place (and that's a vote within the NSCAA All-American committee only, not the full membership), but even if it is after the Final Four, a good Final Four performance could only help if you already made 1st Team All-American.

As to the chance of a Messiah player being named POY.  Highly doubtful.  Depending on the when the voting takes place, not making the Final Four could hurt them, but I also think the vote-splitting effect when you have multiple plausible candidates (Payne, Jack Thompson, and Brian Ramirez) is going against them.  And there are certainly other worthy candidates out there, many having already been mentioned.  Trying to figure out NSCAA selections is tricky.  The process has its share of politics, committee members showing preference for their players and their regions players, and previous recognition is huge.  So, I'll just wait and see.  The one comment I will make is that if Jack Thompson graduates without a single 1st Team AA nod, that's incredible.  Similarly for Brian Ramirez.  But there are 400+ teams, and 8000+ players, so percentage-wise, there's little difference between being named to the 1st or 3rd team.  Either way you are recognized as being one of the top 0.5% of players.
It's been a few years since I have part of the voting procedure so I don't remember it exactly perfect. Was an assistant. I was a head juco coach though so was more involved in that. Think it was voting for the players you played against that year. Would have to note on top of that being the Nscaa stuff the school would have to be a member. I'm also remembering that if you were to play a non d3 school it can hurt your chances- they can't vote for you, or you for them but the total games are still the same.
If there were 15 that could blow you up on a trap, maybe......

I thought most could blow me up on a trap.  :-\

(Oh, and shouldn't you slink back to lurking status?)
Men's soccer / Re: 2014 D3 Season: National Perspective
« Last post by KICKIN95 on Today at 12:11:38 pm »
Is the goal on video somewhere?  I would like to see it.
Yet another commentary on the all-MIAC selections.  Three 1st team QBs???  Shouldn't they select 15 o-linemen, then?  ::)

If there were 15 that could blow you up on a trap, maybe......
Central Region / Re: WIAC Fantasy League
« Last post by FCGrizzliesGrad on Today at 12:10:03 pm »
Final picks... round 6 I'm going with a risky strategy by picking a 3rd Warhawk. I may be open to trades at some point if there's an attractive offer. Final pick I'm going with a freshman starter and hoping he keeps improving as the season progresses

1. FCGrizzlies - KJ Evans - UWW
2. Stoutfan1 - Quardell Young - UWW
3. 02warhawk - Jim Stocki - UWP
4. Tomt4525 - Joe Ritchay - UWSP
5. Greek Tragedy - Jarvis Ragland - Stout
6. Frodotwo - Cale Zuiker - LX
7. 7express - Steve Egan - UWW

8. 7express - Austin Ryf - UWSP
9. Frodotwo - Ty Ketz -SUP
10. Greek Tragedy - Stephen Pelkofer - UWSP
11. Tomt4525 - Jon Christensen - UWRF
12. 02warhawk - Boston Johnson - UWP
13. Stoutfan1 - Adam Hjelter - UWEC
14. FCGrizzlies - Alex Olson - UWO

15. FCGrizzlies - Skylar Cameron- LX
16. Stoutfan1- Johnquez Brooks- SUP
17. 02warhawk - AJ Mueller - UWO
18. Tomt4525 - Brian Lindblom - SUP
19. Greek Tragedy - Sean Dwyer - UWO
20. Frodotwo - Cory Vaassen - UWP
21. 7express - Connor De Bruin - LX

22. 7express - Conor Goodwin - UWRF
23. Frodotwo - Grant Erickson - UWRF
24. Greek Tragedy - Lewis Mau - UWEC
25. Tomt4525 - Alex Richard - UWSP
26.  02 warhawk - Tyson Kalien - UWEC
27. Stoutfan1- Brett Ahsenmacher - Stout
28. FCGrizzlies - Cody Odegaard - UWW

Round 5
29. FCGrizzlies - Kurtis Moody - UWEC
30. Stoutfan1 - Drew Bryson - UWW
31.  02warhawk - Joe Deppe - UWRF
32. Tomt4525 - Zach Schradle - SUP
33. Greek Tragedy - Sean Mcgann - UWSP 
34. Frodotwo - Kyle Bolger - OSH
35. 7express - John Keefe - Stout

Round 6
36. 7express - Jacob Kohner - UWEC
37. Frodotwo - Caleb Burch - SUP
38. Greek Tragedy - Kenny Finco - LX
39. Tomt4525 - Jake Manning - UWP
40. 02warhawk - Jordan Lutz - UWSP
41. Stoutfan1 - Wes Nemitz - UWP
42. FCGrizzlies - Ron Patten - UWW

Round 7
43. FCGrizzlies - Matt Oestreich - UWP
44. Stoutfan1
45. 02warhawk
46. Tomt4525
47. Greek Tragedy
48. Frodotwo
49. 7express
South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by tigerfanalso on Today at 12:09:37 pm »

Fear the Quakers in 2015. I believe you guys are going to be good.
Enjoy the b'ball and good luck.

Another commentary on the all-MIAC selections:  Three 1st team QBs???  Shouldn't they select 15 o-linemen, then?  ::)

In addition to all the Johnnies, congrats to Stam award winner Chris DeVet from Augsburg.  Chris interned on my team this past summer.  He's a bright, ambitious kid and a helluva d-lineman (and he didn't look too bad running the ball on a fake punt, either  ;) ).
Keys to winning football games, particularly against good teams in the playoffs is winning the turnover battle. Whitewater has been annually among the best, if not the best in the nation. Check out the consistency each year

2014   +24  Thru 11 games
2013   +34
2012   +17  10 games/no playoffs
2011   +27
2010   +26
2009   +27
2008   +20
2007   +24
2006   +20
2005   +24

Long time SJU fan and former coach, first time WIAC poster.....  Voice, you have hit the nail on the head with this post.  This is where championships are own and Lance has instilled this concept with his teams better than anyone.  I hope WW fans understand and appreciate how special what Lance has done to build this powerhouse.

We do, and we understand it won't last forever. Just enjoying the ride while it lasts.   ;D
Good luck to Wheaton.  Hope the Thunder can roll. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
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