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North Region football / Re: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by Dr. Acula on Today at 12:37:09 pm »
Looks like it's going to be lousy weather here in Columbus for the game.  Low 40's and a chance of rain.  Yuck.

Are we going to learn much of anything this weekend?  Otterbein is 5-2, 5-1, but they have Mount/JCU/ONU to end the season so they've kind of beaten who they should and lost to who they should.  They seem similar to the recent vintage of Ott teams in that they're pretty solid defensively, but somewhat limited offensively. 

Hutchison is a good RB averaging 99 yds/gm and a very impressive 9 ypc.  Against a good SJF defense he rushed for 148 and a score.  This was skewed by his 82 yd TD run, but he still had 66 yds on only 8 other carries that day.  Not too bad against a quality team like SJF.

Defensively Ott is 3rd in scoring D.  They're 2nd to Mount with 16 takeaways.  They also lead the OAC with 27 sacks.  Unfortunately, after JCU and Mount there is a Grand Canyon sized gap in defensive statistics to the rest of the conference.  So while Ott falls 3rd-5th in almost all categories (glass half full?) they also have given up 23 points and 366 yards per game before even facing Mount or JCU (glass half empty?).  One would assume those figures will be rising in the next 2 weeks.

In terms of competition I expect something similar to the ONU game this week.  I hope Ott pushes the Mount O line some with their pass rush.  Other than that I don't see Mount being pushed unless the weather is a disaster.  And now that Ott has turf this year even that wouldn't be as big of an issue as in the past. 
General football / Re: Pool C -- 2014
« Last post by wally_wabash on Today at 12:28:42 pm »
How much cost gets saved having to rent out a neutral site stadium and now having to spring for travel for two teams instead of one? Come on now. I know we're all in the hypothetical here, but let's try to color inside the lines.
East Region football / Re: Empire 8
« Last post by Bartman on Today at 12:23:42 pm »
Pep -

I met some alums from the Classes of 72-75 in early Sept at a reception on campus the night before the Dickinson game. During the party they put on some old game film vs. Alfred from like the 1970 or 71 season. Both teams were dressed in either all orange or purple. Quite a sight!

Speaking of the national anthem, I sang it at the HOB game on 9/6 and blew out the PA.... :-X (doh)

Pep remembers that well....back in the late 1960s when the Statesmen wore their school colors of purple and orange, while the Saxons were donned in their school colors of purple and gold. The Saxons' gold was pretty close to the Statesmen's orange, believe it or not. It was a spectator's nightmare...with the teams donned in near identical colors...and no white.

When Davis was coaching, Hobart went with all orange uniforms...AU may have been all purple with gold numerals. Had some great games between Davis and Yunie, one tagged the "Super Bowl East" when both teams were undefeated and met at Merrill Field before 7,000+ fans. AU prevailed, 31-28, only to lose the next year at Boswell under similar circumstances, 30-28.

Had some great games with the Pumpkinheads over the years...
Yes Pep we sure did, the 1972 season was the year of the battle of the undefeated( those were the Davis  orange crush uniforms…so ugly ) …… Some intense games back then…..Jeremy Foley current U of Florida AD was a reciever on that team… also Hobart beat Mount Union 21-10 that year , hope we can do it again this year  ::)
General football / Re: Pool C -- 2014
« Last post by D3MAFAN-MG on Today at 12:22:58 pm »

Now if Stevens Point drops out of the last Pool C spot and a team not in the Minnesota/Wisconsin area takes it that would free up some flexibility. Platteville could move over and face C-M, Trine to Mount Union, Franklin to Wabash, Chris Newport to Wesley, and so on.
pose a threat
The Franklin Wabash match up would be interesting.

Projections are interesting fodder and if Wabash's remaining schedule consisted of NCAC bottom-dwellers everyone is seemingly on track.  There are three games to play out, and though Hiram may not pose a major threat a summary dismissal of DePauw (as a spoiler which has happened before  :o) or Wittenberg (still unbeaten in DIII matches) on these recent pages might be premature.  Post season inclusion is dependent on LG victories in back to back rivalry games - and this old geezer believes in that positive outcome but forty-six years of history is always in the back of his feeble brain.  ;)  WAF   

No dismissing anybody or anything...nothing is in ink here.   :)

I believe if St. John Fisher goes 9-1, they would definitely have a home game, I see it as

MIT @ St. John Fisher
Husson @ Hobart
Montclair State @ Washington & Jefferson

I would probably guess that 9-1 SJF with a conference championship plays a home game also.  Husson can't go Hobart without flying, so that's probably right out.  Right now it's hard to see Husson playing anybody other than Montclair State.

Well the NCAA need to move that game about a hour east to neutral site to save cost. I am sure the Hobart faithful will still show up.
South Region football / Re: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by umhb2001 on Today at 12:21:09 pm »
I realize UMHB is good, and I know they can play with anybody, but I feel like nothing is given. D3 is really hard to gauge because you don't really know anything about the players other than what you pull up on the box score.

Also, I look to be cordial to fans from other schools. I've been to Wesley and heard negative talk from some of the fans. It left a bitter taste in my mouth, and I don't want any fan who sees me at their field or ours having a bad taste about the people at UMHB. I'll leave it to the boys on the field to leave a bitter taste in the opponents' mouth!
North Region football / Re: North Coast Athletic Conference
« Last post by ohiofan1954 on Today at 12:16:14 pm »
Garfield as the story goes could write in Latin with one hand, Greek in the other , while speaking in English. If Partridge can demonstrate some of the same who knows what might happen this weekend.
Men's soccer / Re: Liberty League 2014
« Last post by Saint of Old on Today at 12:15:03 pm »
Still think RPI is in if they can beat Vassar twice in one year.
Last year they were unable to do it and missed the  NCAA as a result.

Vassar will have to win the whole thing in order to advance.
They have lost to some very good teams (Stevens/Oneonta/RPI) but still counts as losses.

Union is now mathematically out of contention for the tournament.

Hobart is playing now for its legacy as a top conference team. They cannot afford to miss the conference tourney for yet another year in a row.

Skidmore looked deflated after losing to SLU at home, do they have one more push in them?

Clarkson/Bard can take away positives from the season as they knew they were in a rebuilding process during pre-season.
RIT is simply too enigmatic to assess.
SCIAC Mid-season review.

Chapman: Pretty much as advertised. Played Linfield closer than some expected. Fastest team in the conference.
UR: Disappointed they did not play MHB and LF tougher. The offense being the primary reason. Not sure how much they have improved, will find out against Chapman. Injuries are an issue at this point, 6 starters done for the year.
Oxy: missed that call appear to have very little running game which means up front they are not any better than last year.
ULV: the biggest bust of the year, they have talent but cannot put it together, way too many turnovers to win games. Issue could be coaching and lack of support from school $$$.
Whittier: They always appear to take one step forward and two back. Obvious sports are not a priority at the school. They have some talent, turn over is an huge issue at this program.
CMS: Improved and not surprised. Being in the middle of the pack is a great season for them. Kudos
PP: Not sure they even care. cheap shot team, hate playing them
The Regals: I expected more out of them. I am surprised they only beat the Poets by 10, and lost to UR and Chappy by 20 plus. They might go two years in a row with a loosing record. Spin that to recruits. I call their season a bust so far.

Prediction:  Hamilton wins if Pastorella gets the start!

Go Continentals!
General football / Re: Pool C -- 2014
« Last post by GillCJ1 on Today at 12:03:19 pm »
Thanks for the replies, everyone!
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