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Northeast Region / Re: Little East
« Last post by magicman on Today at 03:11:26 am »

Western's schedule.  Take note of the first 2 games: vs. Maine-Augusta (a USCAA school) @ Presque isle about as far north in Maine as you can go while still being in the United States and the next day @ UM-PI.  WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???  What's the point??  So we can sit on a bus for 10 hours and get 2 easy wins??  If they want easy wins: schedule CCNY & Sarah Lawrence!!  Instead of a 10 hour trip or 3 flights we can take a 80 minute bus trip to those 2 schools.  Makes absolutely no sense.  Hopefully someone can shed some light.

Note: Just checked, UM-PI to Western is 544 miles, so at least the NCAA will pay the flight....HOWEVER the nearest airport we can probably get to is Bangor which is 160 miles and 3 hours down 95, and if we fly direct into Portland that's 290 miles and about 4.5 hours down 95 so what's the point??  There is a regional airport in Presque Isle, but I think they only have flights to Boston and possibly Montreal and or Toronto, so that could be a problem especially if the first flight is delayed, bad weather, etc.  Makes absolutely no sense why we would even entertain the thought of going up there, yet alone actually going up there.  As I said in the first paragraph, WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY???

Hey 7express,

I'm not sure if the powers that be at Western Connecticut heard your complaints or not, but the schedule has been changed and your Colonials no longer have that 2 game venture into Maine. Those games have been removed from the schedule.

Btw, rest of the schedule: ehhh.  That's about all I'll say in regards to the creampuff non-LEC portion of the schedule.  No reason they should not be 9-0 heading into the Dartmouth game as the 2 toughest opponents (Vassar & Mitchell [didn't we play them at home last year too??] are at home), and the talent level of UMPI & Augusta should make up for the long travel.   IF I were a betting man, I'd take a bet that Western is no worse then 13-1 heading into the first RIC game, that schedule is an absolute joke.

The creampuff  non-LEC portion of Western's schedule just got a little harder as the 1st 2 games are now against The College of New Jersey and my Plattsburgh State Cardinals. I believe that 9-0 mark heading into the Dartmouth game may not happen. I think the Colonials will be 1-1 after their 1st 2 games. ;) It also appears that Albertus Magnus will host Western on 12-15. We tried to get that game with them but couldn't work it out. I think Western will play Plattsburgh State again next year in Plattsburgh. You'll have to come and visit me if that happens.

So Western went from playing a couple of teams that would have put a big hurt on their SOS to playing 2 teams that went to the Sweet 16 last year. (Plattsburgh and AM) Western may not win those 2 games but the team will certainly benefit from playing them and could get them primed for conference play.   
College-age persons (and a lot of other people but especially college-age persons) tend not to know or care about history, football or otherwise. On the other hand they tend to believe that what is happening today will be (if not happening forever) happening far into the future. So why worry about it as emotionally mature adults like Mike Whelan do?
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by wildcat11 on Today at 01:45:30 am »
What kind of STUPID are you?  >:(  >:(

I guess I'm the one program backing kind.

LUTE WEEK!!! Can't wait!!!! Bring it on!!!

Amen!  Go 'Cats!
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by Bluenote on Today at 12:11:02 am »
LUTE WEEK!!! Can't wait!!!! Bring it on!!!
Men's soccer / Re: NESCAC
« Last post by MENESCACFAN on Today at 12:05:12 am »

Hopefully the 'CAC is back to dominance after a ropey out of conference week last time out.  Also a high stakes game in Williamstown on tap.


The Ephs sit at .500 after a four game winless streak, and the Panthers are not the most forgiving opponent under such circumstances.  Westling and Rashid are huge losses for Williams leaving the offense reliant on Muralles behind the powerful Zach Grady.

Middlebury ran into a late ambush in Waterville after an impressive start to the season.  Glaser the key to their offense, and will be hoping to add to his 5 goal season tally here.

The loser of this game will end up behind the 8 ball in the battle for a home playoff game.

Prediction:  Middlebury 1 Williams 1


Husson will ride a four game win streak, and also have a 1-0 win over Endicott on their resume, whom Bowdoin beat 2-0.  Husson's powerhouse striker Phil Frost is definitely a NESCAC level player and will be a handful for a Bowdoin back line anchored by Nabil Odulate.

Bowdoin will win to take their record over .500, but will fight it out in a physical affair here.

Prediction:  Husson 1 Bowdoin 2


Framingham are a middling foe that should be easily dealt with by the talented and confident Camels.  Pat Devlin to be string puller in chief as Camels roll to a comfortable win.

Prediction:  Framingham State 0 Conn College 3


The Bears will face the Jeffs in the PDL stadium Lusitano, home of the Western Mass Pioneers.  Having already beaten Wesleyan, WNE will look to make Amherst their second NESCAC scalp of the season.

Amherst has a mentality and work ethic that allows them to impose themselves on many an opponent, and expect to see the same here, Talented winger Chris Martin to net the game winning goal in a hard fought affair.

Prediction:  Western New England 0 Amherst 1


Perennial NAC Champions Thomas play host to resurgent Colby, who will be sky high in confidence after their 3-0 mauling over the Panthers.

Khamisi Lightbourne is a speedy winger who played an outstanding game v Williams in the 2013 NCAA tournament, he will pose the biggest threat to the Mules.  Florida PDL player Tre Ming also found the net when the Terriers beat Bates 1-0 earlier in the season.

Confidence is a powerful thing, and expect Colby to continue their perfect out of conference record.

Prediction:  Colby 2 Thomas 0


A week ago I may have picked an upset here.  Bates stumbled form one embarrassment to the next this season before showing signs of life this weekend. 

Newbury have 2 wins, but expect sophomore scoring machine Peabo Knoth to give the Bobcats their first home win of the season.

Prediction:  Newbury 1 Bates 3
Central Region / Re: MBB: Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by sac on Yesterday at 11:57:49 pm »
Whitewater will play Alma at The Palace, home of the Detroit Pistons.
Great Lakes Region / Re: MBB: Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
« Last post by sac on Yesterday at 11:56:25 pm »
North Region football / Re: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by Dr. Acula on Yesterday at 11:53:00 pm »
Yeah, Cap is a sad tale.  But that finger pointing goes beyond Bexley and, truthfully, beyond the OAC.  It's mind boggling how there isn't a good D3 program in the Columbus area considering the pool of quality HS programs churning out kids who are college bound and in many cases able to view private schools as a viable college option.  Otterbein is the biggest head scratcher considering they don't face the same hurdles as their neighbors down here.
Lacrosse, track, cross country, softball / Re: Lacrosse
« Last post by Bishopleftiesdad on Yesterday at 11:26:28 pm »
Not really. Being a baseball parent, lacrosse is the wrong season. But I do have some news frpm OWU mens Lax.

Great news for a storied lacrosse program.
Womens athletics will benefit as well. That is a plus.
South Region football / Re: South Region Fan Poll
« Last post by Ralph Turner on Yesterday at 11:24:10 pm »
TLU 4-0  victories over Sul Ross, HSU, LC and SAGU
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