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Central Region / Re: WBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by RogK on Today at 02:25:26 pm »
The conference web site has a new arrangement for basketball stats this season.
Unfortunately it does not include player stats by team, as available previously. I guess we'll need to find teams individually on (the official stats anyway) or look at school web pages.
Also somewhat peculiar are rankings within individual leaders, for example :
under Leaders, FG/3FG/FT, one finds Hannah Frazier listed 6th in the FT leaders, with 13/13, behind players who've made only 3 of 3 and 4 of 4. Frazier should be ranked 1st with 13/13, followed by Hall with 10/10, then Ahr with 6/6. Hall seems to be placed 1st because she's played in more games than the others.
Then I'm thinking the players who are at 100% and played 1 game are listed alphabetically by team.
That theory doesn't hold when one looks at the 3FG% leaders, where an IWU player is ranked ahead of an Elmhurst player, when each is 3 for 6.
Does this mean that these leaders stats are assembled "by hand" or is the program deficient?
Men's soccer / Re: NEWMAC 2019
« Last post by TyWebb on Today at 02:19:42 pm »
Oh, what a difference a year makes! Babson, which won the NEWMAC regular season last year then lost to Springfield in the championship game on a last-minute goal in regulation came up short on a Pool C bid after the loss. 
WPI the NEWMAC regular season co-champion this year loses to Babson in the last minute of the 2nd OT but gets a Pool C selection (which I feel they deserve).

(2018) Babson   12-3-4     0.583      1-3-3    12-3-4   
(2019) WPI        12-3-4     0.584      2-2-3    12-3-4

Obviously, every year is a different set of circumstances but I still found it interesting how close these two squads looked on paper (albeit WPI with the slightest edge).
South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by USee on Today at 02:19:08 pm »
I think the majority of the folks that have watched HSU play feel like this team could beat any team in the country. That is not true of 20 of the teams that will make the tournament. You can argue that they should not lose four fumbles against TLU if they want to win a national championship and that is true. But there about ten teams in the country with the talent necessary to win the tournament. HSU is one of those team. They are a contender. They will not get to contend.

Which ten?
Good question.

I'll start the list, if I have to work towards 10 teams total and I can base it on predictive, not resume:
Mount Union
St John's
HSU (following on your assumption)
Bethel (maybe, this feels like a stretch)

Probably need to add NCC to this list (Though I don't think all of these teams are realistic candidates for the National Title)

Considered that but left them out as I didn't know if they were actually competitive with Wheaton or not in the 20ish point loss.
Agreed that many of these are not "realistic candidates" but I was going with the original proposal of "talent necessary." Beyond the first 4 or 5 (and even a few of those), everything needs to break the right way to have any chance.

Game was tied going into the 4th Qtr and Wheaton converted a 4th down for a TD and NCC did not. That led to the 14 pt difference. I think these two teams are pretty close actually.
Men's soccer / Re: Pool C Amateur Predictions and Prizes
« Last post by Hopkins92 on Today at 02:13:34 pm »
What I donít understand is if a school has multiple fields why men and women canít both host. Amherst men and women play at home on the same weekend all the time with no issue. Each has there own field as well as an additional warmup field. The women hosting would have no impact on the menís games.

The issue is logistics.  You would now need hotels and locker rooms for 6 visiting teams and not just 2.  Also, for many schools, the athletic department staff would be stretched too thin to accommodate hosting both men's and women's simultaneously.  Like many things with the NCAA, flexibility is now out the window in the name of consistent policy  ;-)

Plus, Chicago is also hosting a pod in the D3 women's volleyball tournament next weekend, and hosting a football game.

Well, while we're tooting horns, in addition to MSOC and WSOC (hence Catholic hosting in that pod on the men's side), the volleyball team completed an undefeated season in taking the CC, and the field hockey team will host their second round game on Nov. 16 after beating F&M in the finals on Sunday.
South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by Wild Horse Rider on Today at 02:12:36 pm »
I got sucked in.  I looked at this year and the previous 5 years.  I used the top 25 poll from week 11 as a measuring stick.  The history:
2014 final four consisted of #1, #3, #4, and #10 then #1 Whitewater won
2015 final four consisted of #1, #2, #4, and #5 then #1 Mount won
2016 final four consisted of #1, #4, #6, and #7 then #1 UMHB won
2017 final four consisted of #1, #2, #3, and #10 then #2 Mount won
2018 final four consisted of #1, #2, #5, and #14 then #2 UMHB won

I looked at the week 10 top 25 poll from this year stopped after 8 and here is what I saw:
#1 Mount Union has a SR QB, is outscoring opponents by 46 points, out-gaining them 360 YPG, are+13 in turnovers, beat #10 by 23 points, and have not played a single one score game
#2 UMHB is playing 2 SR QBs, is outscoring opponents by 42 points, out-gaining them 210 YPG, are+17 in turnovers, and beat #15 by 1 point in their only one score game
#3 UWW is playing a JR QB,  is outscoring opponents by 17 points, out-gaining them 88 YPG, are+7 in turnovers, and they have played 3 one score games and beat no ranked teams
#4 Wheaton has a SO QB, is outscoring opponents by 40 points, out-gaining them 310 YPG, are+4 in turnovers, beat #6 by 14 points, and have not played a single one score game
#5 Muhlenberg has a JR QB, is outscoring opponents by 29 points, out-gaining them 143 YPG, are+8 in turnovers, and beat #16 by 7 points in their only one score game
#6 North Central has a SR QB, is outscoring opponents by 43 points, out-gaining them 340 YPG, are+8 in turnovers, and they lost to #4 by 14 points but have not played a one score game
#7 Salisbury has a SO QB, is outscoring opponents by 28 points, out-gaining them 238 YPG, are+5 in turnovers, beat #12 by 7 points, and have played 3 one score games
#8 St Johns has a SR QB, is outscoring opponents by 29 points, out-gaining them 292 YPG, are+2 in turnovers, beat #9 by 19 points, beat #17 by 18 points, and lost to a team with a record below .500

Obviously making the field gives you a shot but as Wally said winning 5 games is a little different.  If you make it to the semi-finals in my opinion you have a chance.  Only 3 of the 20 teams in the past 5 years came from outside the 7.  Realistically looking at the top 8 I am scared off by Wheaton with the SO QB and Sailsbury with the option attack.  I did look at HSU and outside of the 2 losses the -6 in turnover margin is a little scary along with the 2 starting QBs (I know that UMHB is also doing that but their duo has only thrown 1 INT combined on the season compared to the 10 by HSU).
Men's soccer / Re: Pool C Amateur Predictions and Prizes
« Last post by Falconer on Today at 02:05:19 pm »
I also suspect MOST D3 schools do not have separate fields for men’s and women’s soccer, like described at Amherst. In the Midwest it’s pretty common that the two share the same game field.
Messiah's teams share the same large grass field, which most teams regard as being of very high quality. I almost never overhear a complaint about the pitch. I think there was a recent year in which the women got a first-round bye and ended up playing at home along with the men, but I may have some wires crossed in my brain. FW will straighten me out if that's the case.  ::)

Most D3 schools aren't nearly as wealthy as Amherst; they have one single soccer pitch, which might or might not be of high quality. For fairness' sake, I support the current policy, even though it means that most years one of my teams doesn't get to benefit from the higher seeding they earned. It shouldn't be the case that only those schools with enough resources to have two soccer pitches get to have both of their teams play at home the same weekend(s).

On the other hand, I would support a policy that favored top-quality grass fields over turf fields (regardless of quality), and higher quality turf over bad grass or turf. At one point, didn't the NCAA have a policy favoring larger grass surfaces over all others? If so, what happened to that policy--or is it still in effect? Obviously I'm sounding like the homer I am, since Messiah's field is very high quality grass, but lots of other colleges have similar fields. I am just a stickler for playing soccer on grass, and not on a very small field either. As Dick Allen used to say, if a cow can't eat it, I don't want to play on it!
Men's soccer / Re: Pool C Amateur Predictions and Prizes
« Last post by d4_Pace on Today at 01:59:33 pm »
I understand in Chicago's situation that maybe they were stretched too thin. But just because some schools can't pull it off doesn't mean others should be punished. If Amherst felt capable of hosting both they should have been given that opportunity.
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by Machiavelli on Today at 01:52:53 pm »
You're welcome, Everyone.

[EDIT: And hopefully this means Mach will stop stalking my Facebook page now.  That was just plain creepy.  I need a shower.]

Maybe i'll just need to stick around since I actually enjoy the site, the people here(sans YOU), and have an idea about football and reality.

But, you're welcome 'everyone'? There you go with your gang mentality and the 2 people who might actually have your back. Go ahead and keep moving along like you have a clue. Be miserable. Feel important. I'll keep talking football and actual real life. I won't hint that anyone is an alcoholic or go down that path at all with anyone as you might not know that person's story. I'll rise above your BS. Go back to your troll cave. It's much more enjoyable when you're there anyway.

And for the record, i'm in fact not an alcoholic. I'm a family man with a wife and children. They are what is most important. I have a great job. I try making things right in the world and helping people. Sure, once upon a time I was a young immature kid, always looking for a quick laugh. I was a dick sometimes. I still am a bit now, but mostly in good fun. There is a difference. But I grew up. That's the reason I once retired from this site, because I realized there's no winning with people like you, and you're not worth my time, effort, or frustrations. But you're not gonna win this time. I've enjoyed this football season, and I don't need to retire again, because i'll miss it, and i'll be upset that I did. I enjoy the banter with other posters. Even UFanBill who I thought was cut from the same cloth as you, but has a heart and ultimately is a good man who has the ability to peak around the corner and see what's over there.

Go ahead and make your nasty comments and shoot below the belt as you so often do. It's not gonna bother me one bit. I'm over it. Someone on here said you were running your mouth about the Ithaca thing on FB so I checked it out as i'm sure many others did. And your true character shows up there, bright and clear. You always have a crusade to fight with someone. Take a deep breathe, soak in the fresh air. You never know when life might change on a dime. It's a waste of the time we get on this earth to be constantly miserable and nasty. Give it a shot, maybe you'll find true happiness. Maybe you do need that shower after all.
Central Region / Re: MBB: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by hopefan on Today at 01:42:45 pm »
Thanks guys...He surely is a ready to play recruit....

Lots of games tonight for me to wander around the internet to watch...

a one liner about each... wish GC guy could write his analysis on them..

Hanover at Spalding... Hanover preseason 2 in the HCAC... Spalding lost alot from last year, this game should be Hanover's

Iowa Wesleyan at Dubuque... IWU coming off surprising win over Culver Stockton, Dubuque rated in middle of ARC... I go with Dubuque, but IF IWU wins this one, I'll begin to be a believer....

Blackburn at Illinois Wesleyan... the other IWU will be an easy winner

Knox at Principia... with the return of Payton Sellers after sitting out last year, and the addition of AJ Byrd (yes..Tre Goodman's little brother), Prin is much better than preseason forecasts... they should beat Knox, the basement dweller in MWC preseason poll

Missouri Baptist at Webster... Webster laid a major egg vs Illinois College, but Coach Bunch is so good at pulling off major surprises.. still, Mo Bap would normally have better talent... gotta go with Mo Bap...

so per the above, 1 win for the SLIAC tonight... Iowa Wez could make it two... I'd be shocked if ew fare any better....
Men's soccer / Re: CCIW
« Last post by Gregory Sager on Today at 01:42:17 pm »
BTW, GoThunder1, it may interest you to know that in looking at Pacific Lutheran's soccer page I found out that their leading scorer is a graduate of Todd Beamer HS in Federal Way, WA.

Weird and disturbing fact: Beamer High is called the Titans, and their school color is green. :o
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