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South Region football / Re: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by GillCJ1 on Today at 11:11:28 am »
Absolutely.  Blake has more experience than T.J., but I don't know much about his leadership capabilities.  I can't recall seeing Zach walk along the sidelines very often motivating his teammates.  Then again, the Cru average win margin was 40 some odd points during the regular season.  They didn't face a whole lot of adversity until they played Hardin-Simmons.
West Region football / Re: Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by hazzben on Today at 11:07:21 am »

Maybe Craft has insider knowledge and VK is going to be hired at Michigan?   :o

Seriously though, my mind is still trying to get around the idea that Harbaugh may be turning down a job that would have paid him $50,000,000. Granted, he'll demand similar money from a pro team. But man, rough life for these guys! In reading Pelini's scorched earth comments to the Nebraska players regarding Eichorst, I'm left shaking my head. Oh, the job was stressful?!? Maybe that's why you made $3,000,000 per year!

There are first world problems, and then there are Division 1 HC problems  ::)
Men's soccer / Re: NESCAC
« Last post by Brother Flounder on Today at 10:56:43 am »
Erin Sullivan is an excellent choice to continue the character, learning, and competitive success that Mike Russo and other world-class coaches/faculty have imbedded on the playing fields, gyms, tracks, pools, and classrooms at Williams College.

Yes, I would also agree. Great pick!
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« Last post by Mr. Ypsi on Today at 10:51:49 am »
Thanks, d-mac.  I just didn't go far enough down the page.
East Region football / Re: New England Small College Athletic Conference
« Last post by amh63 on Today at 10:46:27 am »
Big time football at the U. Of Mich is NOT dead!  I never was.  Seems the present NFL coach of the Forty-Niners has been offered the HFC job of the 8 million/year!  Heck that is way over the amount spent on the student- athletes at the Nescac schools...more than double.  Seems the new DC at Auburn  will be paid 1.5 million...while still drawing over 5 million from The Gators...the school that fired him.
Maybe the movement of coaches in the CAC is based on salary negotiations? :)
Hope this keeps PolarCat from reruns.
If I do not return.....have a happy and healthy holiday season everyone!
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Top 25 talk
« Last post by Dave 'd-mac' McHugh on Today at 10:38:08 am » - go to the bottom of the page. You can find it by following the "Awards" link... and then "All-America"...
Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« Last post by Dave 'd-mac' McHugh on Today at 10:34:40 am »

Somewhat related to your rant, I have a question about the status of coaches in D3. Do D3 coaches get fired? I know that some Men's coaches are also AD's at their respective Landmark school, so firing is probably out of the question. My point is what do you expect to change with these struggling Landmark teams?

Yep... often. Doesn't usually make the headlines, but LVC canned their women's coach this off-season (only one off the top of my head in this region). However, there isn't as much push to have successful teams in Division III when other priorities like enrollment come into play. I am not sure if any schools in this conference would get rid of coaches (or if any are on the hot seat) because they aren't winning or being competitive.
West Region football / Re: Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by GBMAN on Today at 10:34:24 am »
Best of luck to the Warhawks.
Northeast Region / Re: GNAC
« Last post by D3HoopJunkie on Today at 10:33:15 am »
Nice recap Dave and 7, I couldn’t agree more with both your takes on the game. A great high speed contest between 2 extremely athletic teams who can score the ball in a heartbeat.

The interior size of Albertus really hurt West Conn. Big Vic looked like a man amongst boys down there and his stat line is all the proof you need. Also Tavon Sledge's motor and ability to bring the ball up the court and break the press that the Colonials applied. Eian was in foul trouble and Sledge had no problem whatsoever of getting the ball up the court. It really is amazing to watch how fast he can accelerate with the ball in his hand and still remain so under control. I really have no doubt at this point that duo of Sledge and Davis is the fastest and most athletic backcourt in the country not to mention throwing James Jennings in the mix as well. Both are in the top 10 in assist per game and thats really saying something.

The Falcons are slowly beginning to trust each other more and more and are really understanding and learning how to play together. They played better defense the other night against West Conn and I really believe in Coach Oliver and his system and his ability to get these guys ready to play. I think that come GNAC tourney time this team will be clicking on all cylinders……and its scary to think that they really haven’t fully clicked yet and are still averaging over 95 points a game.
North Region football / Re: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by HScoach on Today at 10:29:47 am »
Congrats to Kevin and to his teammates, without whom it wouldn't be possible for Kevin to perform at such a high level.   O-line, RB and WR's all share in this award.   Well done guys.   Now finish the deal and send LL to Buffalo with one last loss.
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