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Looks like it took 6 days for this hire and seems like a good one.

You knew it would have to be a quick and local hire based upon the time frame.  And it also shows how bad the CLU administration is or has been in this entire process. From my understanding, in the original hiring process 2 years ago, they stated in the job description, they wanted someone with minimum 3 years college Head coaching experience, and they didnt even give Coach White an interview.  And they got a lot of flack from alumni for not even giving him a phone interview or giving Coach Dains an on campus interview.

I believe the President has taken control of this and wanted to calm the waters and went back and hired Coach White for the men's bball job, and in fact I think, they hired another alumni for the Women's job.  He was local, an alum, and knew he would take it. No search committee, no interviews, etc.  That tells you that upper administration has no faith in the AD or VP of athletics, if the President is taking control of this. Sounds like a waste of 300k in salary, if they cant hire correctly.
West Region football / Re: FB: American Rivers Conference
« Last post by Outside the Crate on Today at 11:13:48 am »

From the picture it looks like there will be an addition to the current "W" building on the east side...currently that side of the facility has the Canfield Memorial Weightroom on the top floor and the wrestling room on the bottom floor.  I would guess that they are just going to replace the weightroom and leave the wrestling room untouched, but I haven't seen any plans other than the public drawing in the article.

The new weight room will be built on the south side, with two levels.  The current weight room will be converted to classrooms, labs and offices for the exercise science program.
Ok,  I haven't visited the boards in months.  So by just skimming some of the past pages and am I correct in saying that St. Thomas is no longer in the MIAC and is possibly joining the WIAC? :o :o :o :o :o :o
Great Lakes Region / Re: MBB: Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association
« Last post by Bilk on Today at 02:34:08 am »
The salary listed for Kalamazoo in their job posting can't be real.
General football / Re: Shirts, and stickers and decals oh my!
« Last post by Inkblot on Today at 12:18:34 am »
I discovered this thread recently and decided to be on the lookout during my Colorado vacation. That paid off today when I spied what appeared to be a University of New England hat through the window of an aerial tram.
South Region football / Re: FB: Presidents' Athletic Conference
« Last post by E.115 on Yesterday at 10:53:39 pm »
CWRU new locker rooms beginning to look pretty slick:
Lot's of good posts lately regarding coaching and commits.  what happened to giving karma?

With 14 more posts, you could do it yourself.

Thanks,  I used to be able to.  13 more to go.
It took them 6 months to find, interview, and hire Fusina.

Looks like it took 6 days for this hire and seems like a good one.
South Region / Re: MBB: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by guest323 on Yesterday at 06:37:30 pm »
Heard from my younger brother that Brayden Gault from Belmont Abbey transferred to RC

Roanoke or Randolph?

West Region football / Re: FB: Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by 57Johnnie on Yesterday at 05:54:42 pm »
So where were you 50 years ago? I remember watching the TV in my 5th grade classroom as they were headed to the moon, and then watching Neil Armstrong step on the moon at home, staying up past "bedtime" and having to go to bed right after he was out. Saw many reruns in the days that followed.
I was living in Colorado but on vacation visiting my sister in Green Bay. I remember distinctly watching with her family. I must admit that 11/22/63 and 9/11/01 are clearer  as if they were yesterday.
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