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Northeast Region / Re: NEWMAC BASKETBALL
« Last post by NEhoops on Today at 03:17:29 pm »
What are the reasons that a school wouldn't want to play in the ECAC tournament?
Northeast Region / Re: NEWMAC BASKETBALL
« Last post by 7express on Today at 03:12:49 pm »
Thanks Hoops - let me know when you hear the official NE ECAC bracket.........

Weird that there's only 4 teams in NE ECAC bracket this year  ???
Northeast Region / Re: NESCAC MBB
« Last post by booyakasha on Today at 03:12:15 pm »
First I have ever heard of Sage. I did confirm that they did not leave New York (according to their schedule), which is crazy.

I see that they play in the skyline conference? Who usually comes out of AQ spot in the skyline. I don't recognize a number of the schools.
Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by Player#50 on Today at 03:10:55 pm »
Bridges would Never have allowed Sikma to play Gobczynski one on one.  Gobo shot a lot and he would have been in foul trouble or fouled out. Can't score from the bench.
Northeast Region / Re: Little East
« Last post by 7express on Today at 03:09:45 pm »
I broke my wrist yesterday, so unfortunately wont have much detailed analysis for the games this week.  With that said Salisbury is a damn tough team that Eastern will have their hands full with (especially if Preston's still out).  Likewise Keene has their hands full with Johns Hopkins and even worse playing a road game.  I'd give Eastern better odds of advancing to the sectionals then I do with Keene advancing there.

Good luck the Warriors, Owls, Jeffs, Engineers and Falcons this weekend!
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: NCAA Tournament Fantasy League
« Last post by Greek Tragedy on Today at 03:09:13 pm »
I've slept since I submitted my names, and also misplaced my rules.   Please let me know the rules as a retiree I really need to win that new car for top picker.
My wife says she doesn't mind living on a fixed income she just wishes we had "fixed" it alot higher.   :)

Nothing else needs to be done here. Let the tourney run it's course and you score points with the guys we picked in December As long as their team is still alive. As you can see of of our guys didn't even make the tourney.

The winner does get $100,000. Didn't you send in your entry fee?
Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« Last post by CardsFan on Today at 03:04:04 pm »
If anyone is following this... Leonard Trevino at Goucher has resigned after 25 years (along with Didi Cotton after ten years).

That's too bad about Coach Trevino. I remember fondly those Goucher-CUA battles in the CAC in the late 90s and early 2000s. It's going to be strange seeing someone else patrolling the sideline for the Gophers. In regards to his resignation:

a) is it due to him being the coach for over 20 years and looking for something else?
b) was he looking for more support from the school administration and they didn't see things the same as him and so he resigned?
c) is the school administration looking to take the men's and women's programs in a different direction and so they decided to clean house, but allowed the coaches to "resign" rather than fire them?

The timing seems strange that both coaches would resign on the same day, both having been there for a long time.
General Division III issues / Sweet Briar College to Close
« Last post by smedindy on Today at 03:00:20 pm »

They had six Varsity Sports...
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: One-and-Done Tournament Fantasy League
« Last post by 7express on Today at 02:59:59 pm »
My strategy for the first round is easy.  Look up 8 teams I think have no chance to win and pick the high scorers from there.  OR pick a guy from a team playing a team so bad they'll win by 20 or 30 and pick someone from there, in hopes they can put up 35-40 points.  Probably won't do this often but whoever Cobleskill is playing could be a pretty good choice for option 2.  I know upsets happened (aint called March Madness for nothing) but this gives me a decent chance to finish round 1 with a semi-decent point total while still having a lot of stars still to deploy for later rounds.
Multi-Regional Topics / Re: 2015 NCAA Tournament
« Last post by Greek Tragedy on Today at 02:58:19 pm »
Are there any early 2nd round games on Saturday or are they all basically 7 pm local time?
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