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South Region football / American Southwest Conference
« Last post by zipmac22 on Today at 12:59:39 am »
At the start I tried to use UMHB's current roster, but relized real quick that none of the varsity were playing. But, like DFWCurfan was nice to see the up and coming players. It seems that we have some very talented players ready to get a chance to move up. Looking forward to a great upcoming season! Co Cru!
Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by kiko on Today at 12:58:04 am »
This may be old news, but a homecoming flyer from North Central tells me that Robert Brown will be among this year's inductees to the North Central athletic hall of fame.  Ceremony is October 24.

Very well deserved IMHO!

And long overdue.

Here are the basketball names he will join in the HOF:
Alonzo Alexander
Lester Belding
Mike McFadden
Bill Shatzer
Richard C. Smith
Bill Warden

Men's track is the biggest contingent at 21 names, with many of those being distance runners who are recognized for both track and cross country, and others being non-distance runners and field specialists.  Weirdly, there are nearly as many men's swimming inductees as there are men's cross country inductees.  I sometimes forget that the school was a swimming power in the era of the Cuban missile crisis.
Thanks for sharing USee. Somewhat surprised to hear that Sola Olateju 23 entered the scrimmage as the #1 RB. Can't say I saw enough of him in the games last year to have much of an opinion, but it's always exciting to see which players have a great off-season and come back ready to compete for the starting gig. Starter or not, he needs to hold onto the ball if he wants to continue seeing carries.

Definitely don't like to hear about the PAT snap that flew over the holder's head. That needs to get fixed like yesterday.

Bring on Coe!

Roll Thunder
-The "score" was 1's v 1's Wheaton 6 Wabash 0. The lone score in the first half came after a shanked punt by Wabash gave the ball to the Thunder at the Wabash 35. JP11 directed the team down to the 3 yd line and they scored when 6-6 Luke Thorson outjumped 5-9 Delon Pettiford in the corner for a TD. The extra point was snapped to about midfield and covered by the Wheaton Kicker.

Delon got Jake Kumerow in his last game, now Thorson today, and he'll probably spend most of next weekend covering 6-5 Michael May.  He'll be happy to see this string of redwoods come to an end.   :)
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by wildcat11 on Yesterday at 11:47:41 pm »
KittyDome, 24/7/365

Linfield - 6
Redlands - 0

North Region football / Re: North Coast Athletic Conference
« Last post by BashDad on Yesterday at 11:34:22 pm »
Thank you, USEE.
North Region football / Re: North Coast Athletic Conference
« Last post by wally_wabash on Yesterday at 11:17:35 pm »
Thanks for that report, USee. Very glad to hear the defense was on point.  Really hard to judge the offense in these situations where they kill the play as soon as anybody is within arms length of a quarterback, plus the rain which makes it even more difficult.  Even so, I doubt coaches or players on either side will come away satisfied with what they did offensively.  Should be a focused week of practice for sure.  Most of all, it sounds like both teams walked away healthy which is the top priority. 

Wouldn't mind doing this for real when the weather cools off a bit in a few months.   :)
Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« Last post by Old Guy on Yesterday at 11:09:14 pm »
Nostalgia: Ryan Sharry's senior year, he averaged 19 points a game, taking only 10.5 shots per game, shooting 61% (43% from three), with 10 rebounds a game. That's pretty efficient. Team was 26-4.
North Region football / Re: North Coast Athletic Conference
« Last post by USee on Yesterday at 10:58:48 pm »
Thoughts from the Scrimmage today at Wheaton (I posted my thoughts for Wheaton fans on CCIW board)

First some overall observations:
-It started in a downpour. There were puddles on the field, which is very rare with fieldturf. (For Wheaton fans--like Bethel game from 2008). This made it quite hard on both teams to operate offensively.
-The QB's for both sides wore red jersey's and were "off limits". Another inhibiting factor because the referees were extremely quick with the whistle on both sides and both teams employ a running QB at times.
-There appeared to be no significant injuries for either team and it was a spirited scrimmage
-They played it like a real game with 4 quarters but a running clock most of the time.
-The Wheaton starters (and subs who will play) played the entire first half and the first series or two in the second half
-The Wabash starters on defense played 4 series which was the entire first quarter
-The Wabash starters on offense played the whole first half and into the first series or two in the second half.
-There was a 25 play series for each team's young players after the 4 quarters were over. Each offense was on the field at the same time with their backs to each other starting on the +30 yd line.
-There were close to 1,000 penalty flags thrown by the officials.

-Wabash got the ball first and Putko led the charge 3 straight passes and 3 drops resulted in a 3 and out.
-Bash forced a fumble on the first play by Wheaton. after about a 7 yd run Sola Olateju got hammered and coughed it up. Bash recovered at the Wheaton 35. On 3rd and 11 Rice threw an INT on a curl route to the wide side.
-Bash D forces a 3 and out and Putko comes back in. The Mason Zurek machine gets started and he carries for 7 yds, 2 yds and 2 yds and a Wabash 1st down. Then 2 consecutive holding penalties on Sturdivant trying to block Wheaton's Logan McRae, gave Bash a long way to go and they ended up running a draw on 3rd down and punting. The punt was shanked and Wheaton took over at the Bash 35. They went on to score from there for the only scoring of the first half.
-That was Wabash's only first down in the first half. There were at least 5-6 drops by WR's and 3-4 balls on the ground (bad snaps, fumbles, etc) from the rain, and numerous penalties. Putko and Rice were both ineffective. It was a combination of bad weather, miscues, and red jerseys on the QB's so no one could scramble or run on the spread option. Wheaton's defense is also, like the LG's, very very good. Both defenses really dominated play.
-Mason Zurek had 4-5 carries for approximately 10 total yds. The Wabash running game, when it was 1s v 1s, was not good.
-In the 3rd quarter Tyler Downing had a great run for about 45 yds and a TD.
-As an example, Bash got the ball with 2:06 in the half and Connor Rice came in to run the 2min drill. First play was a draw to Shamir Johnson for -1 yd. 2nd play was a spread formation jet sweep to #14 WR Kirby Cox for no gain and on 3rd and 11, Rice put the ball on the money to Satchel Burton on an under route and he dropped it. Punt.
-Wabash Defense was very stout. Wheaton's offense had 5-6 first downs and had the only score on a short field.
-Wabash 2nd team defense punished people. I lost track of the sacks and holding penalties. They ran against the first team Wheaton offense the entire second quarter and the Thunder went exactly nowhere. Mid season form by the Bash D.

I wouldn't be too concerned with the offense. Zurek got very little action and the weather and the flag happy officials made it very tough to get anything going. Wheaton's defense had something to do with it and you won't be facing that very often this year (except every day in practice!).

Wabash came out with the following starting lineups:
OL:  Wes Brown LT, Tre Taylor LG (Jordan Culp subbed for him after 1 series), Kyle Stucker C, Tim Leath RG, Deryion Sturdivant RT
QB: Putko followed by Rice. They alternated every series
RB: Shamir Johnson played most of first half w Zurek getting a few looks. Matt Gibson and Tyler Downing looked good too
TE: Buresh started (I think) and he and Fullenkamp played most of the first 3 quarters
WR: Drake Christan, Sammy Adams, and Matt Dickerson started and I also saw Trenton Brazel, Tom Garrity, and David Boyer get snaps in the first half

DL: Rutter and McCullen started along with Jalon Alston I believe.
LB: Buresh and AJ Clark played and I saw Broecker, Karns and Jones play as well.
DB: Pettiford and Allgood were the starting corners with Cmehil and Justin Woods at safety. I don't remember seeing Austin Brown but he may have played sparingly. Brian Parks and Brad Buillinger played a lot with the 2s and Parks saw some action in nickel packages.

There were 2 points of game drama in the second half with the 2's. Wabash had scored with their 2's and were absolutely dominating the Wheaton offense. Late in the 4th Wheaton put together a couple first downs on some hot read's off Bash blitzes. Then they had a 4th and 3 on about the Bash 30. QB scrambled to his left and threw a long pass that was picked off with about a minute left. But there was a flag. Roughing the passer was called. The Bash sideline moaned and it certainly appeared like a bogus call. But the simple fact is there was really one rule out there today, don't hit the guys in the red jerseys and a Wabash defender for some reason decided to dive at the Wheaton QB right as the threw the ball that was intercepted. Wheaton gets new life and on 4th and goal from the 2 they complete a fade route for a TD with 2 seconds left in the "game". Controversy on that play was the sideline official waved his arms incomplete as it appeared the Wheaton receiver may have bobbled the ball but the back judge signaled TD and that is what stood.

Fun day to see two high class programs getting good work in. Classy program in Crawfordsville. That defense is in mid season form.

Good luck the next 3 weeks, big games for the LG's.
West Region football / Re: FB: Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by BoBo on Yesterday at 10:51:15 pm »
Blanchard getting some mop up duty for Hundley in the 4th and throws a beautiful seam route to Janis for a TD. Listening to the eagles radio broadcast while watching the TV video and they were very impressed with that throw. They said there are scouts for 5 teams plus 2 canadian teams in attendance, so maybe if he finishes strong, someone might take notice.

Raheem (?) Bailey from Delaware Valley making a couple catches for the Eagles, too.

Matt throws an INT at the 6 while he was driving the Pack...but the announcers (correctly) stated that it was the receivers mistakes for pulling up and not completing the route. He gave up after the ball was already released and the DB made a backpeddling INT.
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