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West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by OldCatProf on Today at 12:43:42 am »
Visited the Catdome today to see the new turf progress. Because the black crushed rubber has not yet been laid, the green turf is really BRIGHT GREEN  and the white is BRIGHT WHITE. That will tone down some once the black rubber cushioning is installed.

All the "green" turf is down...once again with alternating 5-yard segments of a lighter-green being used. I've always liked that look. All the "white" yard lines and both goal lines are in as well as hash-marks and the numbers identifying 10, 20, 30 etc. yard lines. Also the white area surrounding the field play is installed. The "L" at mid field has not yet been inserted, but measurements for its placement have been made.. The "L" will be purple this time, not cardinal red.

The end zones are completed except that the letters for "LINFIELD" and "WILDCATS" have not yet been inserted. Wow, it's almost football time at the CATDOME. Can't wait for fall practice to begin.

Men's soccer / Re: CCIW
« Last post by Gregory Sager on Yesterday at 10:37:49 pm »
I'm not sure why no one has posted this yet, but this upcoming season will be Mike Giuliano's swan song at Wheaton.
Women's soccer / Re: NESCAC 2014
« Last post by Becks on Yesterday at 09:22:45 pm »
All-time best/worst in NESCAC women's soccer (2000-2013)

Best/Worst teams:
Best - tie- 2011 Amherst - 10-0-0 in league (GF/GA 27/3), NESCAC champion, NCAA quarterfinals, 20-1-0 overall
Best - tie - 2009 Williams - 9-0-0 in league (GF/GA 28/2), NESCAC champion, NCAA sectionals, 19-1-0 overall
Worst - 2009 Conn - 0-9-0 in league (GF/GA 1/32)

Best/Worst offense:
Best - 2009 Amherst - 34 goals in league play
Worst - 2009 Conn - 1 goal in league play

Best/Worst defense:
Best - tie - 2009 Williams - 2 GA
Best - tie - 2007 Williams - 2 GA
Worst - 2003 - Wesleyan - 33 GA
South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by jknezek on Yesterday at 08:08:26 pm »
Well that whole conversation went in the crapper. Hate it when that happens.
South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by wildcat11 on Yesterday at 07:32:03 pm »
Linfield has to replace the best player they had last year - Forrest. 

Well, that's what the elite programs do...replace great players with more great players. 
South Region football / Re: Old Dominion Athletic Conference
« Last post by HSCTiger fan on Yesterday at 07:28:38 pm »
True. A more modern example might be appropriate. Thank goodness you did not give a pre game speech to Appalachian State before they beat Michigan, or JMU when they beat VTech.  Upsets happen.  Your elitist argument is what's fantasy.

I don't know my fellow board user. I swear you are proving my point. I've said upsets happen. They are extremely rare. App State is the only FCS school to ever beat a top 10 ranked FBS school at the time of their ranking. THAT MEANS IT IS EXTREMELY RARE. Thanks for proving my point. A 1 in a large number chance, which is EXACTLY what I've been saying. I just don't know what to tell you. Statistics aren't that hard. Understanding an upset is EXTREMELY RARE, which is what makes it an upset, isn't that hard. I guess some things just don't click no matter how much evidence you provide.

West Region football / Re: Iowa Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by IIAC-Lifer on Yesterday at 07:14:18 pm »
Heard Loras got a DII (St. Could St.) transfer at DE
North Region football / Re: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by Knight Raider on Yesterday at 07:07:38 pm »
Well I have zero doubt that Mt's D Line will be significantly improved this season. Too much talent w the players and coaching staff for it to be anything but.

When does camp begin for the Purple Raiders?
August 13.
I agree with you that the D-line will be fine next year.
I think a strong, full back size D- lineman with speed is better than a big belly.
He will get in the backfield quicker and disrupt the QB. 
West Region football / Re: Midwest Conference
« Last post by grboob on Yesterday at 06:43:32 pm »
Scots have 4 running back with experience ,to carry the load.  No problem.
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