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South Region football / Re: FB: Presidents' Athletic Conference
« Last post by ExTartanPlayer on Today at 05:59:54 am »
I know there's something to just "being undefeated" - it's hard to win a bunch of games in a row no matter what the competition - but it's worth pointing out that St. Vincent's 4-0 record is  a little on the lackluster side considering that the wins are 1) let-them-hang-around-too-long win against perennial MIAA bottom feeder Alma, 2) sweating out a 2-point win over Thiel in which the margin of victory was a blocked-extra-point-runback, 3) needing a pair of fourth-quarter stops deep in their own territory to hold off Geneva (who is 2-2....but the wins came against Bethany and Thiel), and 4) letting Grove City get within 2 points in the third quarter before pulling away (similar to Alma).  SVC was a high-ceiling, low-floor team last year that struggled (they took Thomas More down to the wire but got blown out by both CWRU and CMU) so the glass-half-full take is that they're winning the games they are supposed to win.  The more pessimistic outlook is that they aren't very good and have just scraped by against a couple of struggling lower-tier PAC teams, and will be exposed by better competition...

Don't make me look bad, Spartans.  Kick their butts.  Lol.
Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« Last post by magicman on Today at 05:55:31 am »
Looks like Matt Hart is back at George Washington despite the firing of Mike Lonergan, the coach that recruited him, as they have posted their 2016-17 roster. He had 5, 10, and 15 points in 3 games over in Japan in August.

After watching Wheaton's offense struggle for the 2nd consecutive week, I feel it necessary to expand on a few of your comments Mugsy. I'm completely baffled by the QB situation right now. Given that AB2 has now started the last 2 in a row, with only a brief cameo from JP11 in the Carthage game, it seems as if AB2 has been designated the starter. As I've stated before, I'm not a fan of any kind of rotation, be it intra-game or inter-game, so part of me is glad to see that a decision has seemingly been made...

...that said, I feel strongly that the wrong decision has been made.

Here are JP11's cumulative career stats:
Passing:  221 of 337    65.6%    2,864 yards    26 TD    9 INT    Yards/Attempt = 8.50    TD/Attempt = .077    INT/Attempt = .027
Rushing:  188 carries    892 yards    12 TD     Yards/carry = 4.75     TD/carry = .064

Here are AB2's cumulative career stats:
Passing:  170 of 292     58.2%    2,538 yards    22 TD    8 INT    Yards/Attempt = 8.69    TD/Attempt = .075    INT/Attempt = .027
Rushing:  157 carries    709 yards     8 TD      Yards/carry = 4.51     TD/carry = .051

Statistically, almost identical outside of the completion %. However, we all know there are many intangibles that go into leading an offense that go beyond the stats. This is where, IMO, Johnny Peltz separates himself. The offense just has a different feel when he's leading it. ..................It's time to go back to your SENIOR CAPTAIN.

I agree with what you are getting at about the intangibles and the play of a QBs teammates--there'a a reason they are not both captains--but that's hard to quantify.  In terms of numbers I think that completion percentage difference is huge.  That's 2-3 more in-completions that often happen on third down and end possessions.  In fact, I would venture that a difference in passing accuracy is more pronounced on third down.   In a game where Wheaton might have to come from behind (ie UWW last year with 50 pass attempts) that's 3-4 more in-completions from Bowers possibly with a similar number of possessions ended that wouldn't with Peltz. 

I try to give the Wheaton coaches the benefit of the doubt, and I think they believe Bowers speed ends up extending more possessions to make up for that difference?    While Bowers is faster, the numbers don't support their conclusion.

The pessimist in me says Swider is keeping Peltz and the real Wheaton offense under wraps until the Bell game.      :-\

In 2014 Wheaton had a 5 or so "bad" wins with the offense looking below average with Reece Butler and Andrew Bowers playing quarterback to start the season.  Right before Bell week, Peltz took over at QB put up >30 pts against NCC and the offense didn't look back.   The pessimist in me says Swider keeps Peltz on the bench (some kind of reverse nepotism).  The optimist says Peltz gets the ball this week, Bowers speed gets on the field in the slot, and Wheaton doesn't look back.

I agree with giving the coaches the benefit of the doubt.  After all, they know the calls, correct reads and watch practice every day.  They see how both QBs interact with the team and lead.  We can only watch on Saturdays.  However, it is pretty remarkable that (what seems like) every Wheaton supporter believes the coaching staff is making the wrong pick... I find that very interesting.

Well, we only watch Saturdays but Saturdays are all that count. It is very remarkable that every Wheaton follower and every d3 follower who watches Wheaton (wabash, elmhurst, north central fans, etc) see Peltz as the better QB.  Is it possible every single person out there is wrong and Mike Swider is such an amazing genius and knows better? No way! Football isn't that complicated.

The other Wheaton players aren't dumb either and don't think this isn't having a ripple effect on the offense.     
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by (509)Rat on Today at 01:04:26 am »
Is Lewis and Clark a bye week still?
I think that depends on who you ask.....

I think even Locey would admit to that...

Anytime you get some work in to prep for the following week's opponent (I'm sure Linfield does because that's what we always did during L&C week), it's basically a bye week.
Atlantic Region / Re: MBB: Colonial States Athletic Conference
« Last post by gordonmann on Today at 01:00:17 am »
We have all the CSAC men's basketball schedules posted. For a couple more days, the team pages will default to 2015-16. But if anyone wants to see next season's schedules, you can change the dates in the URL like so:

We also have all the CSAC women's schedules except Notre Dame (Md.) and Cedar Crest.

So Bleed/ aka Swammy.
Your score predictions on for the WIAC last week were a bit, uhm, strangely very, very close to the actuals. Are you sure you aren't doing some mid-game adjustments?  ;D

Congrats on some really good calls.

No adjustments. Lol. Thanks. You'd think I'd do better in the pick ems but it turns out I must know nothing about non-WIAC games. And it doesn't help that I must have forgot to hit send on my OAC pick em post from last week. Oh well, as long as I get all of UW-W's games right it will be a very good year!  ;)
Men's soccer / Re: 2016 D3 Season: NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE
« Last post by Go2Goal on Today at 12:19:00 am »
Rowan outshot Stockton 29-12 and 17-1 adavtage in corners! Couldn't get one to fall in a driving wind and rain.
Men's soccer / Re: 2016 D3 Season: NATIONAL PERSPECTIVE
« Last post by blooter442 on Yesterday at 11:59:41 pm »
And Stockton holds off #1 Rowan, 0-0.  Chicago and Amherst #1 and #2 in the country in some order.

Given that Chicago is 100 while Amherst has a tie to its name and very nearly lost to a .500 MIT side tonight (likely but for a blown offsides call), I'll give it to Chicago at this point. Could very well change once the UAA games start.
South Region football / Re: FB: USA South Athletic Conference
« Last post by hasanova on Yesterday at 11:50:48 pm »
USA South tweeted today that there is a big announcement coming Friday. Anybody got any ideas what it might be?
Confidence interval

45%   Which school is adding football?
40%   Which school has sought membership in the USA South?
5%    The USA South has voted to split in two?
~10%  Something else?
0.000000001%  LSU has hired a football coach from a USA South school to be the new head coach.

Going to guess some scheduling arrangement with the ODAC, maybe even loaning a school to the ODAC for football only.
I think this may be spot on ... USASAC will have 9 and ODAC will have 7 as is ... would solve a lot of scheduling issues if both have eight.
North Region football / Re: FB: North Coast Athletic Conference
« Last post by BashDad on Yesterday at 11:43:07 pm »

Who's calling the plays this year, Morel or the new guy, Knoche?

Glibly, the retort: "Like -- exactly, man."
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