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Central Region / Re: MBB: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by hopefan on Today at 06:50:52 am »
Thanks YJack and Wupiffff for your responses on the Webster situation... I was hoping we'e hear thoughts from some of the major posters from other boards, or from one of the D3hoops guys... but it is football season... my post may not have been seen, or didn't yet strike the fancy of others....
North Region football / Re: FB: North Coast Athletic Conference
« Last post by wally_wabash on Today at 01:40:48 am »
Asking why Wabash didn't use multiple quarterbacks is....something.  That's generally an avoid at all costs kind of thing, isn't it? 

This is a complete accounting of Reid's rush plays from 2018:
sacked for -2
sacked for -1
sacked for -16
sacked for -7
rush for 2
rush for 0
sacked for -11
rush for 4
rush for 3
sacked for -7

So not counting sacks against him, Reid rush four times for nine yards in ten games.  Thompson had four different rushes of greater than nine yards on Saturday.  Teams scheming against Wabash have to deal with that now.  Which says nothing of how he threw it, which I thought he did well.  There's a pass/run dynamic there that we haven't seen since certainly Chase Belton, maybe Dustin Huff. 
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by D O.C. on Today at 01:01:56 am »
Andy... sure Southern Oregon feels the same.  ;D
North Region football / Re: FB: North Coast Athletic Conference
« Last post by wabashcpa on Yesterday at 11:32:46 pm »
They definitely missed Jones, was surprised Reid and Avant didn't play, but Ike James proved he is back, and Thompson held up well for his first game.  Lack of pressure on the QB was the killer, Urmanski picked them apart with all the time he had.  If anything needs solved immediately, it's the pass rush.
East Region football / Re: FB: New England Small College Athletic Conference
« Last post by lumbercat on Yesterday at 10:54:15 pm »

Couldn't agree more....where did that come from.

Eberth made some mistakes but made big plays needed to secure the win for Amherst.
And if that poster thinks Eberth is on his own in play selection he doesn't know EJ Mills.
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by tony/troy on Yesterday at 10:47:55 pm »
Hey MACH remember this...Which Top 25 team is going to lose this week?...You made fun of'er Ryan Tipps prediction that RPI would lose... Ryanís take: No. 19 RPI. Two teams on different trajectories: RPI graduated a huge number of starters, and Allegheny (insert WPI) has lots coming back to upset the Engineer apple cart.

Not to nit pick but RPI did play Becker early in the 2000's. It was 35-0 after a quarter. There were no further encounters and hopefully there never will be.

I'd say maybe a little KARMA at it's best.  ;D

Dude, 2 drastically different opponents. WPI is pretty good. Ya know what though? Iíve been trying to get the RPI AD to schedule Anna Maria for years. Too bad. Huge win for you guys. Go celebrate. Just donít break your old as sh!t hip.


So you can dish it out but not take it. That figures. I liked you better a little when you were apologizing to everyone last week.  Another thing you should remember. It was RPI that was scheduling the Beckers and Mt. Idas not that very long ago.  ;D  Oh and my hip does still hurt a little from celebrating last year's Shoes game. Thanks for the concern.

You think I was apologizing for real last week? You really are just a clueless crusty old man. For the record RPI has never played Becker or Mt. Ida. You better get off your computer, the Senior Discount Early Bird Special at Dennyís ends in 20 minutes. #StillBillToo
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by Andy Jamison on Yesterday at 10:33:52 pm »
Solid start to the year heading cross country to play early in the day against a solid program... we don't go up against that type of size very often during the regular season.  Next week is going to be a challenge for sure... Go Cats!
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by Andy Jamison on Yesterday at 10:32:33 pm »
Who frickin' cares about a guy who left Linfield to transfer to a school so he could play for a national championship and help his "NFL" aspirations?  I mean seriously... who frickin' cares?  Dude is a traitor to everything for which our program stands.
South Region football / Re: FB: Southern Athletic Association
« Last post by Ralph Turner on Yesterday at 10:19:35 pm »
What a gauntlet for Trinity.

HSU, Berry, Centre!
Men's soccer / Re: 2019 D3 Men's Soccer National Perspective
« Last post by Ommadawn on Yesterday at 10:19:34 pm »
Who is #2 in the country?  I can't come up with a team, so I'll pose a different question....who could knock Tufts out in the NCAA tourney presuming they play at their level and don't get stopped in PKs after outshooting some team 32-4?  I'm going to say, in no particular order, Amherst and possibly one other NESCAC team that may emerge (Conn?  Williams?), Oneonta St, Cortland St, Johns Hopkins, Rowan, Chicago and maybe W&L.  And Messiah if fully healthy.  I'm not familiar enough with Stevens to have an opinion on them.  There are teams talented enough but not physical enough. There are probably some teams physical enough that aren't talented enough.  And the necessary physicality doesn't necessarily mean the needed size.  I suppose it's possible that Amherst is the best bet.

I think that all of the teams you mentioned (and probably a few more) have to potential to go all the way.  No team is heads and tails above all others, and in a one-and-done situation, the possibilities of minor (and even major) upsets are salient.  That's one of the things that makes the tournament so exciting!
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