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Pick-ems, fantasy leagues, etc. / Re: EARLY BIRD: Tournament Draft League
« Last post by ronk on Today at 02:10:56 pm »
magic - there's no one left.
Just got home...will have my pick up shortly.
East Region football / Re: FB: Liberty League
« Last post by ITH radio on Today at 01:48:44 pm »
Yep, agree. Check out the Noontime Football Friday podcast. Good convo with new MIT HC Brian Bubna (Hobart '04).
I don't know, 8 rounds?

Round 1

2. FC Grizzlies
3. NCF
4. Hoops Fan
5. Greek
6. Smitty
7. magicman
Men's soccer / Re: MIAA
« Last post by Mr.Right on Today at 01:04:57 pm »
Nope never met the guy. Nothing to do with my identity. I do not take things out on people for personal reasons either. That is low blow stuff and it is not my style. Actually, I do not really think my statement was that vicious at all. I am not talking about the character of the man as a human being. All I said was that I have heard from multiple sources that he has or had a massive ego. Thought he was god's gift to coaching and so when a coach starts struggling and not winning like he used to I just find it easy to point out. That's it. Nothing else.

I actually complimented him more than I disparaged him in my statement. I know he is a fantastic coach, knows what he is doing(unlike some coaches), plays the right way(futbol), great tactician and his record at Messiah is AMAZING. I brought most if not all of that up in my statement. I just felt that it was a rather average(for him) performance at Navy and frankly a horrific record in the USL. However, that was not even my point to begin with. I was most critical of his move from Navy to such an unstable situation at Pittsburgh. That's all and since I have not heard from anyone a solid reason for making that jump I have to assume that it was because of ego. I understand coaches want to coach the best players and certainly the USL can offer that or maybe he was sick of the college game but that does not stick for me because like Cook at Dartmouth who went to the Union and is now back at Penn State, Brandt finds himself right back in the college game. So why make the move in the first place? 
UWSP has a lead on #11 Washington & Jefferson going to the 9th, 4-2.....and Spaeth blows it...going to extras.
Northeast Region / Re: MBB: NESCAC
« Last post by nescac1 on Today at 11:25:57 am »
One Wesleyan recruit that I don't believe has been mentioned before here is Shackylle Dezonie from Hudson Catholic in NJ.  He had modest stats as a role player for one of the best teams in the country (they have three guys going to high-level D1 programs), so hard to say what his potential is, but he could be interesting.  Wesleyan seems to get a lot of strong recruits from the Philly-NJ-NYC corridor (Austin Hutcherson, Salim Green, Jordan Sears, Antone Walker). 
North Region football / Re: FB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« Last post by wm4 on Today at 11:23:08 am »
With a guilty plea now having been entered in conjunction with this case, it appears obvious...

None of the above information is speculation. Its all verifiable through TV reports, newspaper articles, and internet postings.

While the facts you cite about the criminal charges are not speculation, it is indeed pure speculation on your part about how those authorities viewed Wheaton's own investigation.

I'm no attorney but I can't imagine where it even matters how the police and DA viewed the college's own investigation.  They're doing their job.

Im not suggesting he is going to be making the 53 or even the practice squad, but i think he probably deserves to be a camp body somewhere. All D3 players, at least the ones that i know, are all successful in their adult lives, i see no reason why Isabel is any different.

I hear you. I just think it's prudent for young men to look beyond the game and a find a new mission and identity. Why be a camp body where you bring into play the possibility of major injury just to say you were in an NFL camp. DIII football is plenty, and that should be enough to move on to bigger and greater things.
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