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South Region football / Re: FB: American Southwest Conference
« Last post by GillCJ1 on Today at 08:26:08 am »
Bummer about the outcome of the game, but very proud of the work our boys from Belton put in this season.  Throughout the year that D was straight up nasty.  Wilkerson will be missed on Special Teams.  Offense needs improvement (particularly the line).  CR3 will hopefully work his tail off in the offseason and come back even better as a Sophomore.  He showed some real potential at various points in the season.  Looking forward to watching him mature.

Congrats to Mount on a well-executed Stagg.  There was still hope from this Cru fan in the 4th quarter, but the TD and subsequent safety made it a difficult hole to dig out of (especially with the lack of offensive production).  Part of that was on the Cru as it's been a problem all year, but Mount deserves a ton of credit for their defensive performance as well.  As I said, a well executed game.  A tip o' the hat to the Purple Raiders on a great season.  Hopefully see you again in late 2018!

Win or lose.  Always proud to be a Crusader.  Go Cru!
West Region football / Re: FB: Northwest Conference
« Last post by MiacMan on Today at 08:15:15 am »
I think the biggest line I've ever seen from an opposing team would be SJU when they had that flipping bret elliot dude?
 ;D Not sure was that his name? Didn't they win a champ with him?

Yep, they sure did, Champs in '03. Blake Elliott, possibly the best player ever to play in the MIAC. One could certainly make a great argument for him anyway.
Tuned in to watch Zach Baines and Oxy against the #1 team in D3 yesterday.  Occidental did a beautiful job of handling the full court pressure defense for all but two minutes of the game.  That is when they lost their lead.
Still, it was very close to being the biggest upset of the young season.
Baines looks so much more mature now.  He always had great skills and remarkable patience.  Now he looks like a complete player who can take a team on his back.
Zach would be a top level talent in any D3 conference.  He is missed by Middlebury and the NESCAC and we still follow him.
Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: MBB: Capital Athletic Conference
« Last post by MW_Eagles on Today at 07:45:55 am »
Exciting win for Mary Washington yesterday after the exam break!  Down 8 at half to Randolph Macon and won it with this :

North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by MUC57 on Today at 07:23:51 am »
Another thought on the game

It has been stated that the safety was the result of the lack of return on the previous play. It did definitely put them in a hole. However; a ball just outside the opponent's endzone is not a safety. In fact, safeties are fairly rare. This safety occurred because of the pressure from the Mount defense and the QB sack in the end zone. Mount's "D" deserves credit.
Maybe I have at least a partial clue! Thank you for your patience!
Central Region / Re: MBB: St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference
« Last post by hopefan on Today at 07:10:00 am »
A very nice win for Westminster yesterday vs Millikin... the same defense that took Principia apart on Saturday pushed Millikin into 25 turnovers...That's how to win games when you have to play most of every game with 4 guards on the floor..... Kobe Wands leads the way with 25...

Incidentally, the boxscore of the Westmin-Prin game shows Westmin's Jimmy Villabalos playing a couple minutes.... He did not...he was in street clothes watching the game....Bad Back

In the space of one weekend, IN MY MIND, Westmin elevated themselves to be considered a 1-2 contender with Eureka.... BC shows they're human, Webster also to be considered, Greenville still a mystery, Spalding still has to prove it to me.... Prin was really bad, I'm very disappointed because they had looked good earlier... would love to see Mac and Iowa Wesleyan work their way back... and I hope so much that Fontbonne doesn't accept these losses, SO MUCH POTENTIAL.

DARN... how good would Westmin be with O'Brien, Tabb, Villabalos....   WOTS... we may see Tabb back next year....

Note.. Iowa Wez is pretty decent when Drey, Johnson show up to help Butler.... another SLIAC mystery.... and there are several other mysterys that I just won't go in to......
North Region football / Re: FB: Ohio Athletic Conference
« Last post by MUC57 on Today at 06:55:33 am »

Emma17 et al

Contrary to the view of Wesleydad, it seems "the catch" is seen to be one of skill and not luck. Especially since he made catches like that throughout the year. Nice that all of you saw it the way I did. Not because I need support on my view, but because a great catch deserves credit. I guess we've pretty much beat this to death. Enough said.

Monday, December 18:
Southern Vermont vs. Cortland (@ Miami, FL) 5:00 PM
Washington and Jefferson @ Franciscian (OH) 5:00 PM
Christopher Newport @ Virginia Wesleyan 7:00 PM
Dickinson @ Lebanon Valley 7:00 PM

Tuesday, December 19:
Stockton @ Linfield 10:00 PM

Wednesday, December 20:
Cabrini vs. Eastern Connecticut (@ Miami Shores, FL) 12:00 PM
Schreiner @ Howard Payne 4:00 PM
Gwynedd-Mercy @ Lebanon Valley 7:00 PM
Denison @ Ohio Northern 7:00 PM

Thursday, December 21:
Wheaton (IL) @ George Fox 10:00 PM

Just bringing this up - I realized I forgot to pick a game initially - it's in there now.  ONU over Denison.
Mid-Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« Last post by saratoga on Today at 06:46:40 am »

Without factoring in heart, hustle & passion (which appear to be absent)....this current version of Royals basketball is also averaging 10 less points per game than last years club & allowing 10 more points.

Clearly not statistics that will have a happy ending for anyone.

Multi-Regional Topics / Re: Big games today
« Last post by hopefan on Today at 06:42:06 am »
Yesterday's Big Game results:

CCIW Illinois Wesleyan H (7 - 1)     vs UAA Washington U. A (7 - 1)   The rivalry is ugly this year   Wash U  95-69
SCIAC Occidental H (6 - 1)     vs NWC Whitman A (6 - 0)      Can NUMBER 1 Whitman be threatened by the SCIAC???  YES, but Whitman prevails 73-69

Today's Big Games
Several good non conference matchups:

NCAC Wooster TN (6 - 3)     vs SUNYAC Brockport TN (7 - 2)            
MACC Messiah TN (6 - 3)     vs NWC Pacific TN (8 - 0)
CCIW Elmhurst H (5 - 2)     vs IIAC Buena Vista A (5 - 2)
MACC Lebanon Valley H (7 - 2)     vs CC Dickinson A (5 - 2)
ODAC Virginia Wesleyan H (8 - 1)     vs CAC Christopher Newport A (6 - 2)

The best conference matchup:
CSAC Gwynedd Mercy H  (3 - 0) (6 - 1)       vs Rosemont A  (2 - 1) (5 - 2)

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