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Discussion of SAT scores, etc. is mute when the recruits/players finish college.  Agree with Lumbercat.
[/quote]      While post-college graduation, the discussion of SAT scores may be moot, when discussing reasons why Trinity is able to land recruits that other NESCAC schools cannot, it does seem rather relevant.  Perhaps the BBC Maine schools might consider that approach for a much needed shot in the arm to their programs that seem on the upswing?

"Slightly"????   For years, everyone in New England has known that Trinity can get kids in that NO OTHER NESCAC school can even think about recruiting.  As the Wesleyan alum grump like's to say: "It is what it is."   I suppose we should applaud you for your grudging quasi-admission, but I don't even think Coach Devaney would try to argue against this fact.  There are sub-1000 SAT kids on his roster.

Sorry Hawk, and apologies to Coach Toal as top GOAT, but there are lots of schools that have won more than 2 HS National Championships...Massilon, Moeller, St. Thomas Aquinas, De La Salle, CA, Mater Dei, CA, Valdosta, the top of my head. Or perhaps you meant only guy in the NJCath Super Conference who has won two?  In any event,  NJ Cath Conf football is great, and if you don't beleive me, just ask the parent of any player!

Bentley, with scholarship money, is an interesting option  for a NESCAC oriented kid.  NE10 is a competitive league, Bentley is a top notch business school, that has a fantastic success rate in placing their graduates in jobs in their major right out of college.  NE10 is D2, NESCAC is D3.  I think the players and talent levels and depth reflect that difference.  Bentley is not accomodating with FA, but if they offer your son $$, it is time to take a hard look.  Once in at a NESCAC school, they are never going to adjust a FA decision in your favor, and my experience is that they actively look for ways to minimize FA, hence the barbell curved student populations.  Unless you are looking at the premiere NESCAC schhols, I would lean towards Bentley, and even might do that over A or W.  For what it's worth. (Assuming your son has a genuine interest in business curriculum).

Observations from the 413:
 *  Picture postcard day, should have been an infomercial for NESCAC football. Large excited crowd.  Great tailgating.  Great game.
 *  Trinity parents/supporters:  No, your school did not invent nor perfect NESCAC football..tone down the expectations a little.  Parked next to two frosh parents..your boys are beneficiaries of the streak, but DNP-CD means that you may want to tone down the bravado!
 * Kudos to Mills..thoroughly outcoached Devaney, and the OL thoroughly outplayed their Bantam counterparts.
 * Must have been a bad day for heralded Puzzo..he looked very average, 17-30, lots of overthrows, not much touch at all.
* Bant RB Chipouras..has had a great career, tough, steady, but again, not impressive.  Not as shifty as Figueroa, nor as sturdy as Hickey, yet for three seasons has had 97% of the carries.  Do they ever change pace by using another back?
 * Bant DC: Give your CB covering Mammoth WR #5 some help...He was being turned every which way but loose trying to cover him one on one.  WR was open all day, short, long, slants..and Eberth and Foy hit him!
 * Wesleyan v. Trinity should be a great game, as should Mammoth-Ephs!

Well, that escalated quickly!   It is proper decorum, manners if you will, to rise and doff your cap at the playing of the National Anthem.  I wasn't aware of innocent black civilians being routinely gunned down by law enforcement as a fact on record.  Perhaps you meant in Chicago neighborhoods?  Glad my children face no gunshot risk because of their skin color...hope the overseas enemy their facing daily got that memo too!  I think you might want to temper your vitriol, and tone down the hyperbole.

Or perhaps, come here for a year, and you will be a stronger candidate, because we will offer you a chance to improve your board scores, your grades, your athletics, and your maturity?  That is the pitch they are selling.  And that offer is now being blurred, as almost universally, prep school kids "reclassify" rather than PG, so they look better on tape as 17 year old sophomores playing against 15 yo's.   That trend has run its course in some leagues, now, as everyone is reclassified and everyone is slightly above average in the Lake Woebegone leagues.

I believe you had been talking about NESCAC football rosters and kids from Prep schools.  There are no kids from USMAPS, or Navy Prep on their rosters, and kids from Choate, Hotchkiss, Deerfield and the like apply the same way your son did.  They do not transfer into the NESCAC or IVY schools.  And a HS kid cannot apply to USMAPS without applying to USMA first.  Totally different animal.

How the heck does a kid "transfer in from a prep school'???   Do you understand the process? They apply the same as your child did.  And "boys will be boys" is a lame-ass excuse.   That picture reflects the character of the coaching staff, not to mention the inexcusable passing td late in the game.  The fact that Devaney tried to concoct some explanation speaks for itself. 

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