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Mideast Region / 2017 Mideast Regional
« on: May 17, 2017, 11:08:54 am »
Regional preview for the Washington Mid-East Regional is here  This regional has 3 of the 8 teams from last year's World Series.  They were all placed in the same side of the bracket with DePauw being the odd man out.  While every team that makes a regional is a quality team and nobody can be overlooked, LaRoche seemed to get a very difficult draw.  If the games go as seeded, they will have to go through Keystone (who beat them twice in last year's World Series), Cortland, and Wooster. 

The preview has Cortland and Wooster as the favorite.  Most of the national attention is going to Cortland as the favorite, and why not, they have been to the World Series several times in the last several years and seem to re-load every year.  The preview does give Wooster some praise as well. 

Interesting stat....this regional does feature 4 of the top 5 teams in the country in slugging percentage (LaRoche, W&J, Wooster & DePauw) so it may be a slugfest, especially in the later rounds.

I am looking forward to seeing the NCAC teams compete against the national competition.  Wooster fared well last year in the regional, but OWU had a quick exit.  I was glad to see the committee award a 2nd NCAC team a bid again this year.  Hoping that both DePauw and Wooster win some games so the conference keeps that respect. 

I expect Wooster to make the Championship round.  They have a better offense than last year, better pitching than last year, and their fielding percentage is close to leading the nation again this year. 

Mideast Region / Mid East Regional Rankings 2015
« on: April 24, 2015, 10:01:36 am »
The rankings are out and listed below.  Looks like they used the records as of Sunday 4/19 even though they are dated 4/24.  So it does not take into account Wooster's decisive wins over John Carroll and Heidelberg this week, as well as Ohio Wesleyan's win over Marietta yesterday, or any other action so far this week.

MIDEAST REGION                                    
1   Heidelberg            24-6-0 ( 0.800)       24-6-0 ( 0.800)                           
2   Baldwin Wallace    21-7-0 ( 0.750)   21-7-0 ( 0.750)                           
3   Adrian                    24-7-0 ( 0.774)   24-7-0 ( 0.774)                           
4   Ohio Northern            23-7-0 ( 0.767)   23-7-0 ( 0.767)                           
5   Wooster                    24-5-0 ( 0.828)   24-5-0 ( 0.828)                           
6   Marietta                   18-12-0 ( 0.600)   18-12-0 ( 0.600)                           
7   John Carroll           21-9-0 ( 0.700)   21-9-0 ( 0.700)                           
8   Anderson (IN)           20-10-0 ( 0.667)   20-10-0 ( 0.667)                           
9   Thomas More           22-7-0 ( 0.759)   22-7-0 ( 0.759)   

There is still a lot of action between these teams the next couple of weeks. 

Mideast Region / Mid-East Region 2014
« on: February 13, 2014, 08:32:57 am »
I know that some of the other regions have started playing games already.  Who are the first teams to get started in the Mid-East Region?  I am anxious to see the season get started.  Let's play ball!!

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