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General football / Fantasy D3FB Tournament of Champions
« on: April 01, 2020, 07:13:45 pm »
Since we can't watch real sports, I decided to create a fantasy tournament of sorts to pass the time. My ratings go back to 1997, so I created a 64-team bracket of some of the best teams of the last 20-some years. The qualifying teams were:

  • All national champs since 1997.
  • Using my ratings, the highest-rated team from each conference since 1997. Teams must have qualified for the playoffs. Schools with a natty since 1997 don't qualify, so for example, Linfield & PLU have had some of the best teams in the NWC, but Willamette's 2008 squad gets the "AQ" for the NWC.
  • 10 at-large/Pool C bids. Schools with a natty can get an at-large, but limit 1 at-large per school.

Then, I made some geographic decisions, and placed teams into 4 regions:

Mount Union & Cleveland (12 Mt Union teams, 2 teams each from JCU & CWRU)
Northeast & Great Lakes (this is a very broad term for teams from Michigan to Maine to Maryland)
Island & Minnesota Bracket (NWC, SCIAC, ASC, SCAC/SAA, USAC, ODAC, & MIAC teams)
Midwest (7 UWW teams and others from the WIAC, ARC, CCIW, MWC, & UMAC)

Seeds were determined first by how far a team advanced in the playoffs, and then using my ratings as a tie-breaker.

I'm doing voting on Twitter starting tomorrow at noon. The tweak to traditional voting is that an underdog (as determined by my ratings) needs more of the vote to advance. So for a team that is a 7-point 'dog, the implied win probability of that match-up would be right around 33%. So then the favorite would only need 33% of the vote to advance, and the underdog would need 68%.

Here are the teams in each of the 4 regions:

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