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Tyler Sigler is getting a contract with the Cardinals.   Noted at the bottom of the article below:

Central Region / Re: CCIW in-game updates
« on: December 12, 2018, 08:50:15 pm »
Gotta think UWP doubles Francis in the 2nd?   That was fun to watch.

JJ Clark quits as Wheaton's defensive coordinator to become defensive coordinator at Indiana Wesleyan.

Leave Wheaton to be an assistant at Indiana?  I get it.  Leave to be an assistant at Indiana Wesleyan?!  You lost me.  That seems like, at best, a lateral move?

I'm with you.  Clark would've been in line to to be a head coach soon given how well he was doing in his 2 years at Wheaton (Rod Sandberg, Josiah Sears, Jordan Langs have all gone for Wheaton coordinators to HC in the last 7 years!).  Indiana Wesleyan has played college football games for one year.  There must be something we are missing.  USee?

JJ Clark quits as Wheaton's defensive coordinator to become defensive coordinator at Indiana Wesleyan.

Central Region / Re: MBB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: November 01, 2018, 12:00:28 am »
Boy, do we need the basketball season to start.

Chuck, do any other CCIW schools even have an opera singer?   :) 


I have no freakin' clue!  Does any other CCIW school even have a music school?  If so, they've probably got at least one opera singer somewhere!

Wheaton has an entire conservatory of music: 

Wheaton College has two applications for prospects students.  One for the college of arts and sciences and one for the conservatory of music.  Students cannot apply to both. 

The conservatory is fairly large.   The problem for sports is the students of the conservatory tend to be "above" playing in a pep band for football or basketball.   You'd think with this number of music students Wheaton would have the best pep bands in the conference.  Not even close.

North Region football / Re: FB: College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin
« on: September 04, 2018, 09:46:12 pm »
I noted Wheaton RB TJ Williams, is no longer listed on the roster online, indicating he is off the team. With Stone Watson apparently limited, RB becomes an area of concern for the Thunder. We didn't see much of newcomer/transfer Will Smith, but the fresh prince will be needed for Wheaton to have the balance they desire on offense.

Did he suit up vs Monmouth? If so, he apparently didnít participate so perhaps his absence wonít cause much of a decrease in the crescendo of the Thunder as they crusade through the season.

But yes, whoever Watsonís complement turns out to be will need to average more than ONE yard per carry as the above mentioned Will Smith did on Saturday-especially when you consider that 4 of his total of 5 yards came on just one of his five carries. Rushes of 1, 0, 0, and 0 yards certainly wonít provide what is needed against the tougher competition ahead.

Williams was in camp but removed the the roster prior to the opener.  Not sure what happened.  I think he was by far the most talented RB coming back.  I agree with USee in that Wheaton looked fantastic at every position talent wise except for RB.   Williams could've been that 20 carry guy but I don't really see that on the rest of the roster and agree that Watson looked tentative.  I think you'll see a more NE Patriots style of 40 pass attempts per game, QB in the pocket, and RB by committee this year from Wheaton. I actually liked the style Goldsmith ran with when he got touches for those potential quick hitters.

The preseason AA list is hyper exclusive.  There are a lot of really good players that aren't listed, including those guys from North Central.

Hyper inefficient maybe, hyper exclusive, no. Pre-Season anything is a guessing game and appears as such. I will be very surprised, if NCC stays in the top 10 (which is a big if), to not see multiple NCC players as AA by the end of the season.

Pat-You may not have had Broc Rutter on your list now, but if he plays the way he is capable you will definitely have him on your list at the end of the season. And what's insane is he may not be the best QB in the CCIW this year.

Interesting.  Still looking forward to the USee more extended conference preview. 

I wasn't there on that day in March '16 so I don't know what happened. I have heard the accuser's story (well published and now available in more detail in the lawsuit that is online) and a different account from the Wheaton players and was skeptical of both. Young Mr. Nagy was also at Wabash to play football for a short time before Wheaton (info now available online) and there is an account of why he left abruptly that I have no idea whether or not is true.

The lawsuit against Wheaton seeks money for the abusive culture of hazing in these kidnapping events that the coaches/school are responsible for because they are aware and look the other way.  I can say first-hand this is absolutely false.  This is simply a claim made to effort to gain financial compensation.   

I was a student living with football players in the Swider era (albeit several years back) and here is what I can tell anyone about the kidnapping ritual.

When I go visit my three-year-old nephew I often sneak up behind him, grab him and hold him on my shoulders (against his will) and then throw him up in the air several times.  At first he always screams and says no but then giggles while I carry him around and throw him up in the air.  When I finally put him down he asks to do it again and again. 

I've seen these freshman football "kidnappings" first-hand and would say they are about as villainous as as me kidnapping my nephew. They are the most goofy, silly, benign events you could ever imagine for a "kidnapping". The freshman and smiling and laughing the entire time including after they return. I remember being mad myself only because we had to pause a dorm tournament game of Madden for 15-20 minutes until one of them got back. I honestly think most players are actually excited when it happens.     

The majority of the football team goes on a spring break missions trip building houses or digging ditches in third world countries. I would say the peer pressure and raise money and go on that trip together was worse than the kidnapping.
I spent 6 years as a resident working 100 hr weeks and 30+ hour shifts. That was probably closer to systemic hazing.  Honestly, these little trips the freshman took looked kinda fun to me.  We didn't get cars as freshman at Wheaton-- this got you off campus with upperclassmen.   

With the >1 million dollar lawsuit in involving the college for this "systemic hazing" plus whatever they are trying to get from the Spielmans my skepticism toward the whole story has shifted even more.

Agree you with on the seriousness of the allegations systemically against Wheaton and Swider, Greg.  I can tell you first hand, as someone who roomed with football players at Wheaton and witnessed these ďhazing eventsĒ that the allegations are beyond ridiculous.  Donít have time now but Iíll go into more detail later.

There was a different allegation or two against Spielman (I believe a slightly different finding in the Wheaton investigation also).  The Spielmans settling doesnít mean it wonít be for a much different and undisclosed dollar amount.


I figured that's where this was going.   

I'm not surprised that Noah Spielman (son Chris Spielman--Fox Sports/Detroit Lions) is not named in the above lawsuit.  This kid and his lawyer are going after the Spielman family for much more money:

They say the best things in life are free, but you can give them to the birds and bees........


I figured that's where this was going.   

I'm not surprised that Noah Spielman (son Chris Spielman--Fox Sports/Detroit Lions) is not named in the above lawsuit.  This kid and his lawyer are going after the Spielman family for much more money:

Oh -- I did not get that he was taking a coordinator position. I hadn't seen the official news either and thought he was the head coach at Tiffin.

Then I would agree with USee that this might be more of a lateral move. However, I don't agree with USee that getting a CCIW title for Carthage would immediately open D-II head coaching doors.

Yea, this just took a turn for the weird. I definitely don't understand leaving Carthage as HC to be a DC at Tiffin.

And to be clear, I didn't say winning a CCIW title at Carthage would open D2 HC doors. I was saying his path at Carthage, if he continued their rise and became prominent in D3, seems like a clearer path to move up the ladder than to move to Tiffin.

Regarding Joe Davis, he left Wheaton and has since bounced around and is now a position coach at Fordham I believe.

Yeah I was under the impression the move was from Carthage HC to Tiffin HC.

Joe was dong well as OC Northern Iowa and had them in the quaterfinals of the FCS with a top offense immediately before he left for non football reasons. 

I know the size of the towns involved. I was implying that it could've been a move that brought him closer to family.

I don't even think that's true. It's a 90 minute flight from Milwaukee to Cincinnati (and a 30 minute drive from Kenosha) and it's 3 plus hours to drive from Nowhere'sville OH (where Tiffin is) to Cincinnati or Oxford.

I don't understand the move.

It's a clear move up the coaching ladder with better pay and a higher level of football.  It'll be a very significant pay raise and if he is successful (which I am sure he thinks he will be) it will lead to more opportunities up the ladder with better pay.  95% of coaches with high levels of ambition make this move in my opinion.

Joe Davis went from DII coordinator to a coordinator job at a top 10 FCS school fairly quickly. 

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