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Men's soccer / Re: MIAC to vote to oust St. Thomas
« on: June 10, 2019, 02:01:12 pm »
I'm a little late to the discussion here but I think that if the MIAC had not kicked STU out, the MIAC might have gone through some other changes in the near future.  Word on the street is that several MIAC schools have been looking to leave for a few years (I wasn't aware of why until this story came out) and were in discussions with other conferences.  I think that now that STU has been booted the MIAC is likely to stay together.  Ultimately I think that's good for most student-athletes.

On the Learfield Cup even with a very sub-par performance from the Loras men in soccer in the fall, the Duhawks still finished 14th overall, just a few spots behind STU.  I would love to see a chart comparing the endowments, enrollments and Learfield rankings.  I have a feeling Loras would be a huge outlier.  Wartburg, too, maybe.

Men's soccer / Re: The Big Dance
« on: December 04, 2018, 12:22:54 pm »
Paul Newman you're right Tufts is as good of as school as it was 10 years ago and the running joke on campus is still that its a bunch of Brown rejects, but I think you're a little off on the engineering factor. While the school itself is more known for the majors you mentioned if a guy wants to play d3 soccer and be an engineer there aren't that many places to look. Can't go to another NESCAC so right away thats a distinguishing factor from the other conferences, you go can go to MIT but the coach there described his situation as trying to find nobel prize winners that could also play sports, so thats a rare mix.  So I think the engineering factor is a big selling point to a bunch of guys and there are generally about 6-7 on the team any year.

RPI, Rochester, most UAAs in general...Swat?  Doesn't Trinity have engineering?  WPI...Union....

I at least don't think of Tufts as an engineering mecca and I've lived 50 miles away from the campus for 25+ years (not that that means anything).  I also think it's possible that Tufts is a bigger deal outside of Massachusetts than it is for folks who have lived in Mass for years.

And you mean none of you guys can nab a Nobel Prize while you're accumulating national titles?   ;)

UW-Platteville has a huge engineering program.  I think between 1/3 and 1/2 of the 8000 students there are majoring in engineering of some sort.  Loras is also the only small college in Iowa with an ABET-accredited engineering program, but it's a tiny, tiny program.

Men's soccer / Re: The Big Dance
« on: November 07, 2018, 10:44:33 am »
This is unrelated to other topics and is a bit wishful but it relates to the U Chicago section of the bracket.

For any neutrals interested in some good D3 soccer, we should all hope for a Luther vs. U Chicago Elite 8 match up. Most of my knowledge comes from the North region and the MIAC for reference.

Luther is the best team in the North region, they easily handled teams such as GAC, UST, and Mac. They also play a great brand of possession/attacking soccer not often seen at any level in college. They have a good chance at an Elite 8 run just like Chicago does.

So, if this match up happens I highly encourage people to check this game out. It could easily be the game of the year when it comes to two teams playing actually soccer and attacking each other head on. This for me was the most exciting revelation I had when the bracket came out.

I agree with this, mostly.  It certainly would be an attractive soccer game to watch.  I think Chicago has a clear advantage in talent here, however.  As a Luther grad I would love to see the Norse get to this point.  But having watched Loras against both I just think Chicago would be too much to handle.

I'm hoping for a Calvin v UW-Platteville game so high school teammates Bitter and McCaw can play against each other in their senior season.  I'm sure Loras is bummed that those two chose to leave Dubuque for college!

Men's soccer / Re: American Rivers Conference 2018
« on: November 01, 2018, 09:58:41 am »
The Luther v Loras rematch we expected is now on tap for Saturday.  I didn't see much of the game last night between Loras and Central but from what I did see Loras did not look like they were seriously threatened.  Pacholski was back, which was good to see and undoubtedly helped the Duhawks.  He'll be critical if Loras is to beat Luther again.  I wish I could be there to watch the championship games (men and women) in the Rock Bowl on Saturday! 

Men's soccer / Re: IIAC (aka American Rivers Conference) 2018
« on: October 27, 2018, 05:23:12 pm »
Loras had a rough finish to the season. Once the heart and soul of their defense (Pacholski) went down to injury they started giving up goals by the bucketful. It didn't help when Pacholski's replacement is now out for the season. I think Loras will be lucky to win the ARC tournament.

Men's soccer / Re: IIAC (aka American Rivers Conference) 2018
« on: October 17, 2018, 09:17:05 pm »
Loras ekes out a 2-1 win over Wartburg in OT despite playing a man down for  65+ minutes and without Pacholski anchoring the defense.  I hope he's not hurt.  That would be a big loss for the Duhawks.

Men's soccer / Re: 2018 Season - National Perspective
« on: October 17, 2018, 02:54:36 pm »
So much for the Travis family duo at Coe College. Sonny Travis left Emory to become the Coe AD and he brought his son Matt Travis in to be Head Coach of Men's Soccer. Now I am not familiar at all with what he was left with but they did have 3 Wins last season. Coe is 0-11-1 overall and 0-5-0 in their conference. First of all, Travis is extremely young to be a Head Coach and while he spent maybe 4 years as an assistant(2 at Amherst) he still has to be the youngest Head Coach in D3. Most schools do not even allow the AD or Head Coaches to hire immediate family because of obvious issues that can come up. Nescac fans will be interested to know that Travis convinced recently graduated Amherst GK Lee Owen to join him as an Assistant. They have scored a total of 4 Goals in 12 Games this season and while they were getting blown off the field to begin the year they do seem to be doing a bit better on the defensive end as they have a couple 1 Goal losses the past few games. Sonny Travis has given his son an opportunity that many assistants need 6-7-8 years to get. He will get important Head Coaching experience and because this program IS SO BAD he will be given credit if he can turn it around even a little. This could be a stepping stone for the kid to get a better job and on and on it goes. I never said life was fair but is it possible to turn this around at a 4 year LAC in Cedar Rapids?

Looking at the Coe roster there are 3 seniors and a junior.  Everyone else is a first- or second-year.  I think it's fair to say he wasn't left with much.  I hope he is able to turn around the program and make it competitive.  It would be nice to have another competitive team in the IIAC.  Dang it. ARC, not IIAC...  That habit will be hard to break.  My guess is that in 2-3 years Coe is competing with the mid-tier ARC teams.  There are certainly enough good D3-caliber players in the local Iowa City/Cedar Rapids area that if the Travises can get a foothold in recruiting there they could see some quick improvement. 

Men's soccer / Re: IIAC (aka American Rivers Conference) 2018
« on: October 14, 2018, 10:08:09 am »
Maybe this will be the kick in the pants that Loras needs, like their Nebraska Wesleyan game last year that launched them on a long win streak leading to NCAAs?  I didn't watch the game but I remember being impressed with Simpson last season.  I'm not terribly shocked by the result with Loras coming off a hard-fought win over Luther last week.  They are good, but definitely not great.

Men's soccer / Re: D1 vs D3 comparison
« on: October 11, 2018, 11:56:24 am »
I'll just add an anecdote from my personal experience.  Twenty years ago when I was playing in high school I played with and against some players who got scholarships to play at low- to mid-level D1 schools. They were good, all-state, all-conference players but weren't necessarily much, if any, better than my teammates who went on to play at better D3 schools.  I had the privilege of man-marking one player who was destined for a low level D1 in a state tournament game and he proved very manageable.  Now in the state semifinal we went up against a team that had a senior who was going to be playing at UNC or NC State, I believe.  He played at a different level.  Yes, he was skilled, but he was also just so much bigger and faster and stronger than the rest of us.  He ended up with a hat trick as we simply couldn't stop him.  My feeling is that the top players at a lot of decent D3 programs could probably play D1 at some level, due to their size, speed, strength, skill, etc.  The difference is that D1 schools have whole teams made up of players like that whereas D3 programs likely only have a few players at that level.

Men's soccer / Re: IIAC (aka American Rivers Conference) 2018
« on: October 09, 2018, 10:14:04 am »
Loras-UWP game rescheduled for 10/21 due to the predicted storms tonight.

Men's soccer / Re: IIAC (aka American Rivers Conference) 2018
« on: October 07, 2018, 02:25:23 pm »
My wife and I loved the Latino Heritage Night last night and the Spanish broadcast.  It was a great atmosphere and turnout in the Rock Bowl! Hopefully it becomes an annual thing! Luther is good and quite skilled but Loras weathered Luther's few good chances and had the better opportunities and capitalized on them.  The Duhawk are definitely in the driver's seat for the home field advantage through the conference tournament.  They've got another good test coming up Tuesday night against UW-Platteville.  There were a few Pioneers at the game last night and there won't be any surprises; the teams are full of players who know each other well.

Men's soccer / Re: IIAC (aka American Rivers Conference) 2018
« on: October 04, 2018, 12:56:49 pm »
Luther v Loras on Saturday in the Rock Bowl in the game that likely will determine the regular season ARC title.  Hopefully there is a little break in the weather and the rain stays away.  After last night's win over BV Loras now has 21 goals on the season, scored by 15 different players with nobody having netted more than 2.  Nobody has more than 5 points total.  It's nice to have balance, but will the lack of someone who seems able to shoulder the burden of scoring and being the go-to guy hurt the team in the long run?

Men's soccer / Re: IIAC (aka American Rivers Conference) 2018
« on: September 27, 2018, 12:15:15 pm »
Loras took it to Iowa Wesleyan, scoring 6 goals in the first 45 minutes and 1 more after the half.  It was a good opportunity for Loras' deep bench to get some playing time.  Loras just about doubled their season scoring and maybe they can springboard off this confidence-booster and their 2-0 win over UD and make a nice run through the conference.  Loras-Luther is coming up in just over a week!

Men's soccer / Re: IIAC (aka American Rivers Conference) 2018
« on: September 11, 2018, 03:20:31 pm »
My thoughts on Loras so far... They are deep and can play 25 players without suffering too much dropoff so expect the same high pressure style.  The keeper position looked to be a question mark as what I saw against St Olaf did not inspire much confidence.  They have two big bruisers in Simon and Broderick who have size and skill up front and could give defenders issues.  Pacholski and Berardi will again anchor a defense; both are very solid and dependable but I'm not sure who will step up to join them in the back; Lenke might look like he's about 5 feet tall but he's impressed me on defense.  I was disappointed to see that a couple of my favorite players to watch from last year who were skillful contributors are not apparently on the roster (Galvez and O'Connell). I'll be interested to see how freshman starter Talbot develops.  He's definitely got potential. And again despite a high level of skill it appears it will be rare for Loras to string together more than a couple passes...

Men's soccer / Re: IIAC (aka American Rivers Conference) 2018
« on: September 11, 2018, 01:05:55 pm »
Well GAC v Luther wasn't close with Luther putting 3 in the net in the first 15 minutes.  Luther now is sitting at 5-0 and looks good.  Loras dominated St Olaf in a game that felt like it could have erupted in fisticuffs at any moment in the last 10 minutes of the game; Loras should get credit for keeping their cool. The St Olaf keeper owned the box like he should and kept them in the game.  From the early going it looks like it will again be Loras and Luther at the top of the IIAC, oops... ARC this year with a showdown on October 6.  I expect that this weekend's games against Carthage and Chicago will give us a lot more insight as to what sort of team Loras actually is.  I'm reserving judgement.

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