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One thing Thomas More has going for it that has always attracted top talent is their outstanding Nursing program. Local hospitals are knocking at the TMC door looking for graduates. The 2016 Sweet 16 team had 6 starters in the Nursing program, with the right coach the program should always be competitive!

Coach Cummings built a very strong program over the years and he did leave after his best overall class graduated after the 2016 season. His predecessor was not well liked by the team and quite a few starters, either quit the team or transferred out. She brought in a 14-15 recruits for this years team before she left, but very few contribute much. TMC will be switching their name to Thomas More University and they will be playing in NAIA next year competing in the Mid-South conference. Just sad to see a perennial top 10 team for many years be reduced to being outshot 30-1 and more than likely winning only 2-3 games.

How about the decline of the Thomas More program since Cummings left. They may win 2 games this year compared to all those sweet 16 visits just a few years ago. Very sad!

No news on Thomas More!

This will be her 3rd school in 3 years, she will not be missed! TMC changed to Thomas More University after this past year and I think their ultimate goal is D2 in the near future, but I could be wrong.

Thomas More job is open again. The coach took an assistant job at Miami of Ohio.

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