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Pantagraph article about the IWU/Wheaton game...

I had an emergency appendectomy Thursday so I am locked and loaded on my excuse for having to be home tonight, "resting" with CCIW football. Go Titans!

Hope youíre ok Q. If youíre on any lifting restrictions how long will they last?

As far as Wheaton v IWU, I can never figure this game out and I suppose thatís how it is between two good programs. IMO Wheaton defensively  needs to keep any broken plays from occurring. Solid tackling and keeping contain on the edge will be essential. I also hope Wheaton finds its offensive identity. Will they try to be the sweep team they tried against IWU last year or the power team that brought them success later on? Should be a good one.
Middle Atlantic Region / Re: Landmark Conference
« Last post by ronk on Today at 11:28:47 am »
 Those are correct assumptions; the 3 from PA are a strong guard from the I-81 coal field region and 2 from the Philly area, a post player and a forward. Seemingly, they could be a good playing unit, just by themselves.
I watched IWU last week and came away impressed. They are really good at all the skill positions.  Wheatons hopes will depend on controlling the Line of Scrimmage, something they didnít do a year ago in Bloomington.  Wheatons DLine has 2 AA type players and their offense will feature TJ Williams who I have been told has a chance to be the best Wheaton has ever had at RB.  If thatís true, thatís strong praise and will require a Herculean effort up front to open holes against an IWU front that did a pretty good job stopping the run last week.

If the Thunder can control the LOS and run the ball with the PGOAT thatís the formula for tonight. I actually expect a low turnover game from both teams.

Greg, whatís the Good Book?  :)

I predict the Titans will not win if they turn it over 7 times.
Because of how much these two conferences play each other by the end of this season if Ferrum doesnít make a postseason game the last 4 years they have played 19 ODAC teams and 19 USASC teams. The only other games were against Apprentice.
Men's soccer / Re: NESCAC
« Last post by Mr.Right on Today at 11:09:11 am »
Big important weekend for Wesleyan. 2 games against Maine schools(Bowdoin/Colby)but one at Home and one on the Road. You never really see that...Wesleyan gets its first crack at Bowdoin rn...Gotta say love this new Bowdoin scoreboard.  Doesn't jump out at you but it looks like a classic b/w scoreboard.

first 5 minutes Wesleyan is knocking the ball around Bowdoin's pitch with ease but have not found a decent sniff yet. Bowdoin has not AWOKE. Bowdoin regular starting GK Chris Kingston has not played since the Midd game last Saturday so not sure if he is injured? Either way he is replaced by a Frosh Michael Webber
South Region football / Re: FB: USA South Athletic Conference
« Last post by Wild Horse Rider on Today at 11:06:19 am »
Game day, game day, best day of the week, great day to be alive, great day to be a Monarch!
One has been getting back on top, the other is losing to Whitworth  :D

We'll be checking out Chapman today also..... and I believe Linfield has lost to Whitworth 1 time in 13 games? That's not exactly a dominate position for Whitworth.
Just a reminder that the Johnnies won the game v Stout. You guys are used to too many walk overs. A win is a win.

Now, being the one guy on here that has seen both the Johnnies and Gusties play versus a common opponent, I predict a close game.

Possible rain may influence things a bit. Hope not.
Is watching Gustavus beat SJ2 really worth ten dollars? I'm pretty frugal.
100th meeting today between Carleton and St. Olaf. Go Knights!

Carleton will be starting a freshman QB who has yet to receive live reps so if I'm being realistic I think the Oles win by two scores.

Out of curiosity is the Battle for the Goat Trophy the oldest matchup in the MIAC?
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