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« on: November 05, 2011, 11:12:11 pm »
On the North region board, it seems accepted that UW-W (12-7, .632 in region) is going to get the Pool B bid over Maryville (13-3-2, .778 in region).  The strong argument for UWW is SOS.  In the last set of data published by the NCAA, UWW has a .571, compared to Maryville's .481.

I have calculated both teams SOS using spreadsheets.  Using the multipliers that the NCAA states they will use in the handbook, UWW should be at .578 and Maryville should be at .520 through last saturday.  Maryville is boosted because they only played 6 of 18 in-region home games all year.  Without the multipliers, I get numbers within a few points of the NCAA.  I assume the descepancy is that they are not subtracting the games games not involving the subject team when calculating OWP.

Why is the committee not doing what it said it would???  If there is an unoficial SOS cut-off of .500 to get ranking or at-large consideration, Maryville clearly meets that criteria and has a dominating WP (compared to UWW).

Also, the first appearance of UWW in the North rankings is very fishy.  They were not included the first two weeks.  Suddenly, after beating UWP, losing to Chicago, and beating Finlandia they jumped in at #6 for the last ranking???  Those three games lowered their SOS and did not really change their WP.  It really seems like the North region rep. wanted to get them ranked to boost their pool B case. 

UWW lost to some good teams, it lost to Chicago as well.  Maryville's three losses are to the ODAC champion, and the two SCAC finalists.  Maryville beat the other ODAC finalist (Lynchburg).  They also beat the third place finisher in the UAA.
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