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Eliazabeth Brown:
Is Jen Kroll the new head coach at St. Lawrence?

Glenn Begly was "let go" at William Smith???  Why??

John "No Nickname Needed" McGraw:
Yes, Jen Kroll is the new women's head coach at St. Lawrence. Ithaca fans may remember Kroll being there a few years back before Coach Raymond took over.

Eliazabeth Brown:
Jen Kroll was my daughter's coach at Ithaca for a year.  She was very good.  Dan Raymond took over and has had a lot of success too.

not sure what happened with begly.  i asked a friend who works for ws, but no reply.  must not have been a good parting.  

on the positive side, however, the team did pick up a current WNBA player and former Stanford standout as their interim coach!!


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