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Hey ladies, this is your boy Oscar just letting ya know I'm always watching. Good game last night against Clarkson, Laura keep them doubles doubles coming, Ashley I see you, big game off the bench yesterday. Lynette keep playing hard everything will come to you (and pull you shorts up) for the rest of you ladies keep balling, I see ya.....

How about the Lakers????  10-0!!!

Lets Go Pburgh...Get a win tomorrow and another on them what you are made of...keep the faith and get two W's this weekend!  

Let's go Red Dragons.  You have the talent and drive to win big!!  Take those 3 pointers and keep shootin'.  You're sure to go far!!!!!

Good Job this weekend didnt get both but at least you got one!  Get a W on Tuesday against SUNYIT!  You can do it!  Lets go!


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