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Re: FB: Northern Athletics Collegiate Conference
« Reply #6180 on: November 21, 2018, 03:33:04 pm »
Know it's already been discussed, but we got Don Beebe!  :o

Don't get me wrong, Ponx was doing an all right job with the program. Going 5-5 in your 5th year isn't great (And I'd like to think he expected more as well.) Most wins in a season for AU during his tenure: 6 (2016; Co-NACC champions, no playoff appearance.) Apparently the seniors, along with some other Spartans, left the end-of-the-season meeting once they were informed of the school's decision and I respect them for standing behind their coach. But hopefully the FR, SO and JR players stick around long enough to hear Coach Beebe out before they transfer. Otherwise it's looking like a rough transition period is ahead. Fingers crossed it isn't.

The amazing news is, with the name recognition and pedigree, Don Beebe is going to be able to sit across from top IL recruits' living rooms and compete with the likes of North Central, Illinois Wesleyan, etc. Excited to see where my alma mater can go from here with Don Beebe at the helm!

With all due respect to AU, I sincerely doubt whether they will present much of a challenge recruiting wise when competing for kids also considering NCC, IWU, etc., Don Beebe or not.
Additionally, when you factor in the academic component, the advantage that those other schools enjoy only increases.
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