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Re: FB: New Jersey Athletic Conference
« Reply #13440 on: April 17, 2020, 11:55:16 am »
I've read comments from some major universities that they are making contingency plans to have the entire upcoming academic year on line.

Dorms are just a huge problem. Dorms are huge spreaders of disease every year. Communal food halls are also big problems. College environments are not good environments during a virus outbreak. It's just too easy to spread too many different ways. There are worse places of course, cruise ships and airplanes come to mind, but college environments are not good for virus mitigation.

That being said, I still think colleges open in the Fall. The trending numbers are good now. By July when this decision needs to be made I think in most areas it will look good. Then it will just be a question of whether there will be a severe second wave or not. Lets hope not.

I'm more skeptical of things like big time spectator sports. I just don't know how you justify packing 80K into a stadium to watch college football this fall. I certainly wouldn't go. I doubt I'll even go to a movie theater in the rest of 2020...

Agreed. I remember when people were wondering the best course of action and CNU cancelled classes but not the dorms. One student told me, "they're gonna turn the dorms into cruise ships". They shut down the dorms a few days later.