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This is the new home of PAC discussion. Welcome aboard, everyone.


Welcome to the new house, PAC posters.

Let the fun begin!

I would like to hear thoughts on this years offenses that are returning.  Who will be the best passing offense, best running?? Who has the most returning starters?? I know Thiel has 10 of 11 offensive returning but not sure about the other schools

Ron Boerger:

--- Quote from: bobgregg on August 16, 2005, 09:13:24 am ---OSB THIS!

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Well Bob, I hate to say it, but there is "one star" next to your ID.   :o  That will change as soon as Pat gets around to taking care of the post counts. 

I noticed that SI tried to provide some coverage on D3 football.  1/3 a page is all it got...but so did DI-A and DII, so we cannot complain.  W&J made SI's preseason top 10, I wonder if they consulted any of the D3 gurus who seem to know more about small college football than some of the sportscasters that work for ESPN, ABC, etc know about sports in general.


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