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This is the new home of NESCAC discussion. Welcome aboard, everyone.

Lets get started by a pre season poll

          1) Trinity      deep and motivated
          2) Colby       wish they had a shot at Trinity
          3) Amherst   need contributiond from talented Frosh
          4) Williams   could surprise, top notch coaches
          5) Wesleyan  rebuilding
          6) Bates        6 through 10  toss up
          7) Tufts
          8) Hamilton 
          9) Bowdoin
         10) Middlebury

     Little Three Champ    Amherst  (upset @ Williams)
     Maine Champ            Colby   


Middlebury in last place? Has that ever happened in the NESCAC?

Is Colby really gonna be that good?  And do you really think they'll beat Amherst and Williams?

Remember 6 through 10 is a toss up actually Middlebury @ 6.

As for Colby defence will carry them a long way

I hear Williams and Amherst have some very talented freshman coming in but they are freshman. If they develop quickly then they could give Colby trouble.  My source said Trinity was very interested in the freshman that decided on Williams and Amherst. 


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