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« Reply #25770 on: Yesterday at 11:31:20 am »
As I mentioned before, I do enjoy reading the posts and comments from all on the site - but will prefer to not appear often myself. I did wish to pick up on Old Guy's thoughts because they were quite cogent and topical. Basketball ( on offense ) has undergone a major metamorphosis in the past 5 years or so and it is quite a different sport. I noted last night's NBA scores had one team under 100 ( 98 ) and everyone is scoring 115+ these days. The Celtics have, what, 8 games in a row over 115, I think ?  That is significant. They are also playing at least 4, if not 5, on the perimeter initially with lots of ball screens, backscreen step outs and tons of threes. So I threw out the topic as a possible one to chat about. I know many of you enjoy that. I did lineups for 25 years as my job, so it is not quite a thrill to mull over lineups as such, but it is still interesting. Vandy 74:  You mentioned the commentary about Eric McCord of Middlebury as to " what is the point". I simply mentioned him as having a nice game vs. Skidmore on the boards; but also that it would probably be a bit unfair to ask that / or expect it / on a nightly basis, and the opponent was weak in that area. The real thing that Middlebury will need going forward ( as Mountain Man alluded to a couple of weeks ago ) is a TOTAL TEAM rebounding emphasis. They struggled at Plattsburgh State ( giving up 26 offensive rebounds in a loss ) and recent memory should recollect that last year's exit from the NESCAC picture included being outrebounded, 60-34, at Amherst, and also at Wesleyan in a NESCAC quarterfinal. So, to expect - or hope - that one guy like McCord can carry a team with his rebounding might be asking too much. Especially for a guy who has hit double figures in rebounds in 13 of 91 college games. In their 13 losses in the past 2+ years, Eric got to double figures in rebounds once. ( 10 vs. Keene State this year ).  So, he is a good player who has probably excelled way past his God given ability to jump in a sport that seems to require a lot of jumping, and I know all at Middlebury commend him for it.  I have also heard he is a wonderful young man who is a great team leader and a superior student. More power to him and congratulations to him for his many successes. Maybe he will continue to get 16 boards a game - that would be great for Midd followers !  I do know this: they are going to need a lot of people contributing to get rebounds if they are going to win a lot of the ones coming up. And those teams will be a lot more formidable  than the Skidmore team who arrived here last week but did not compete to the usual standards of that Program. So, I will look forward to any chat about offensive design in basketball. Go for it!

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« Reply #25771 on: Today at 10:35:54 am »
Noah Osher, from hoops power New Trier (he sat behind two future D1 guards last year, and this year's starting five already has guys committed to Wash U and Harvard), commits to Middlebury:

On another note, Wheaton's Aston Francis, who is arguably the best D3 player in the country, absolutely went off on a very good team last night.  If you get a chance to watch him play or see highlights, do so, he is the prototype of the type of kid D1s miss on because of his size/athleticism combo but who can REALLY play ... he's short and not especially quick, but his shot is incredible (tremendous range and very quick release in tight spaces) and he has a wild array of unorthodox moves, he can get the ball into the hoop from seemingly any angle.  Does not need separation to score over bigger guys.  Really fun player.   

Here is the list of all the ED NESCAC commitments I've see reported here or elsewhere (and I'm sure there must be others).  A number of guys who should be impact players are on this list:

Amherst: F Dan Schleckman and F Beluo Oranye

Bowdoin: G Dylan Lien and G Manav Randhawa

Colby: G Kevin O'Boy

Hamilton: C Patrick Mogan

Middlebury: G/F Jackson Pitcher and G Noah Osher

Tufts: G/F Casey McClaren

Williams: G Cole Prowitt-Smith and F Brandon Arnold

Thanks for posting; hadn't seen this.  I'm certain these are good players.  Hopefully, Bowdoin will be able to land a couple of bigs in this class to complement them.