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From what I know she was only used sparingly when needed.....very end of the game to hit those three's....she didn't play against AC...I agree with tniem, probably to save her for later in the tourney.

Flying Dutch Fan:
An amazing performance by Kristen MacDonald last night, and a huge win for Calvin.  The strange part was that the two halves seemed like different games.  Clavin leads 21-18 at half, and then the teams score 50 and 53 points in the second half.  Hope couldn't buy a 3 point basket which really hurt.

The biggest surprise to me (this being only my 4th womens game this year) was how absolutely horrible the officiating was.   I have witnessed some really poor officiating in my life (including 3rd grade rec league) but nothing even close to this. This bordered on criminal.  In the first half they called a total of about 8 fouls - in the second half, something like 36.  And the fouls being called were so inconsistent.  Perfect example of their incosistency:

- A Hope player scores on a layup and goes down, grabbing her knee, and stuggling to get back up.  She eventualy gets up and hobbles down court - no interaction from the refs.  While she is hobbling down court, Calvin scores on a similar play, and the Calvin player is now hobbling - whistle to stop play.

I typically follow the mens games more closely - and I am known to let the officials know what I think.  I can tell you that I will be shaking the hand of every official we have on the mens side - because I have now seen how bad it could really be.

Dark Knight:
A strange season. Hope beat Calvin twice; Calvin beat Albion twice; and Albion  beat Hope twice. At least, I think that's how it went.  

MacDonald  was ice cold in the first two  meetings with Hope, hitting on 2 of 23  field goal attempts.  But this night she got 40 points,  topping the MIAA previous tournament record of 34, and tying the Calvin record. In addition, she set the Calvin season mark for assists.

After a hard-fought first half that saw Calvin take a 21-18 lead with a three by MacDonald at the end, she added three more treys early in the second half to raise the lead to as much as 12. Hope battled back furiously, but would come no closer than four.

Add sudden-death playoffs to an already intense Calvin-Hope rivalry, mix in seniors possibly playing their last games, and you get quite a spectacle!

Tniem- sorry i didn't get the post before the game I would have met you.  I was there.  I was actually doing the book for calvin at the table.  I probably stood out like a sore thumb with all the blue and orange around me with me being in gold, but oh well.  I will be at the guys game tonight if you want to meet there.

FDF- I will have to totally disagree with you about the referees.  I will give you that you have a lagitamate gripe about when bria was hurt and they didn't stop play and then holleman got hurt and they did, but lets remember that it is the trail referees decision to stop the play or not.  One official, the one following bria up the court decided that he couldn't stop the play, and the one following hollemans thought he could, so its a judgment call that one decided to make and the other didn't.

I thought the officiating was fine.  I thought they did a nice job.  They were a little more call happy in the second half, but they kept it even.  Lets also remember the time they called three fouls on calvin within 5 seconds of eachother.  I was doing the book and it was within 5 seconds of eachother.  Also, while doing the book, the hope book keeper and I were talking a lot and he seamed to think that yes somethings needed to be called more, but that overall it was a well officiated game.

In the end, no one is able to say that officiating affected the outcome.  MacDonald wasn't missing, hope didn't play defense on her ( which is to her credit for creating the space she needs to shoot) and calvin was very tough on the defensive end.  Overall, I think that the game could have gone either way, but Calvin happened to get a few tips and loose balls here and there with some amazing shooting from macdonald.

Just another great installment in the Hope/Calvin rivalry and i can't wait for the guys game and the women's championship on saturday

Flying Dutch Fan:
Knightrider - I never said that the outcome of the game was decided by the refs.  I do totally disagree with you about the consistency in the calls - and I don't mean versus one team or the other.  The problem I had is that a foul during one part of the game should be a foul the entire game - they were totally in-consistent about that - and it was similar to a roller coaster ride.  That makes it very difficult for the players to play, as the officials are basically changing the rules.


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