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Jim Matson:
Does the USA have a chance this time?!

Ralph Turner:
Hiker Jim, when I found this message board, your posting number was at "666".

That is a strange convergence.

I was impressed with the way that the Ivory Coast took it to the Argentinians.  They never let up!

Thanks for moderating the Soccer Board! :)

Pat Coleman:
It wasn't just Trinidad, it was also Tobago. Interesting day.

Mr. Ypsi:

--- Quote from: Hiker Jim on June 11, 2006, 12:00:45 am ---Does the USA have a chance this time?!

--- End quote ---


Anywhere from 3-and-out and winning it all would not shock me.  I'd certainly prefer they WIN pool E, 'cause playing the Brazilians too early can't be good!

Totally a gut hunch, but I think they'll take Croatia on Monday.

Jim Matson:
After watching England (unimpressive play, at best) and hearing about Sweden, maybe  we have a first round with some serious upset potential.


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