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This is the new home of MWC discussion. Welcome aboard, everyone.

i have to say that this new setup is different.  And we all know how housch hates change.  They moved the caf to a diffent location at school and he didnt eat for days.

Camp has begun and the school are gettign ready for the season.  Any predictions for the first upset?  I think it is going to be Lawrence over any team they beat. - 1987 -

Look at all this crazy stuff you can do

74 is fat

I lost my status!!!  What the hell?  It took me years to make fun of O'Malley, to tear into Ripon, to remind everyone that I am and always will be better than them to build up to all-conference.
And now there is all this crap on here that I have no idea how to use.  Damn it Pat, what the hell is going on?  This reminds me of that time they moved the caf... >:(

Pat Coleman:

--- Quote from: xsnd47 link=topic=3562.msg355667#msg355667 date=1124212317What[glow=red,2,300 --- the hell[/glow]?
--- End quote ---

Did you read the story on either site's front page about what to do in those situations?


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