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Re: Landmark Conference
« Reply #1005 on: August 08, 2017, 02:06:35 pm »
ronk.....the academic year will soon start for D3 schools.  Just checking in to see if you "helped" Amherst's HC this season on the recruiting trail.  Seems one of your NY players..on your list... that ended up at Amherst made "rookie of the year" in the Nescac.  Amherst  needs some talented front court players...though the multi-position player that can play defense and score inside and outside is the type everyone wants at all levels of BB :).  Have a good Summer.

 I saw GP at a couple of big tourneys last month but I didn't talk with him so I don't know who's coming in this year. Williams, Middlebury, and Tufts each have a guard/wing that I liked but I haven't heard of any front court players for the NESCAC.