Author Topic: The Top 10 Eastern Region teams of the Era  (Read 98576 times)

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Re: The Top 10 Eastern Region teams of the Era
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I agree with you on the 2001 Rowan team. The semifinal with Bridgewater had a strange final minute to end the game. That'll be talked about in Glassboro for a long time. Instead, BC had to play Mount Union in the Stagg instead of Rowan. Close game, 30-27, won by the Raiders. If Rowan had played, who knows the outcome.
Hope you don't mind an old Mount guy jumping in on your board. Just wanted to agree with you. I'm sure that made your day.
Good luck to all your teams in the fall. There are some really good teams in the East. Hopefully they'll get the recognition they deserve. ☠🏈

just catching back up on the boards.  Wish I had seen this earlier.   I said it back then, and I'll say it now.  When that video surfaced after the game, Bridgewater should have forfeited.   It showed what the administration and athletic department really cared about (which wasn't sportsmanship).  Whether they owed D3 football or Rowan the forfeit and or the fact that the NCAA had no way to alter the outcome of the game after the fact is immaterial.  The video showed clearly that Rowan had won the game, because Bridgewater had no right to the final snap of the ball.   Forfeiting was the right thing to do, and they didn't do it,how competitive they were in the Stagg Bowl was of no consequence.   Although I am not a fan of Rowan (or Keeler), I lost every bit of respect for the administration, athletic department and coaching staff of Bridgewater after that...