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The Top 10 South Region teams of the Era

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Ralph Turner:
Our East Region friends have started this board for their region.  How about a South Region board for the same time period.

1)  2004 UMHB -- (13-2) Did it Ginger Rogers style.  (Refers to the old joke, who was the better dancer...Fred Astaire or Ginger Rogers?  Rogers did everything that Astaire did, backwards and in high heels.)  Was a Pool C bid, back when there were only 3.  Beat #7 Trinity by 29, #3 HSU by 14, #5 W&J by 36 and #1 Mount Union by 3 on the road.  Lost to Elliott's #2 Linfield in the Stagg, 21-28.

2)  2001 Bridgewater -- (13-1)  #1 South Region seed.  Made the trip down to Salem and lost to MUC in primetime on Saturday night, 27-30.

3)  2007 UMHB -- (12-2) #4 South Region seed only because they had the "cojones" (a little Texas lingo there) to schedule a home-and-home with the 2005 Stagg Bowl runner-up two years before the game was played.  Defeated a strong #6 seed (sic) Trinity team for the "Barbed Wire and Mesquite" (unofficial title of the Texas Sub-bracket), and annihilated a #8-seeded NCWC team that won its first playoff game ever at #1 seed Washington and Jefferson.  (NCWC was only in its 4th year of play!)  The Cru avenged their losses at Wesley, 27-10, in the Regional Finals.  In the semi-finals, UMHB dug a big hole in losing the regular season UWW game and then lost to the 2007 Stagg Bowl champs, 16-7 in a great game notably for the "Texas unfriendly" conditions in Whitewater in the semis.

34)  2002 Trinity -- (14-1)  Beat UMHB 48-38, W&J 45-10, won at Bridgewater 38-32, beat St John's 41-34.  Star QB celebrates too hard on Paseo del Rio and Stagg is history.  (MUC wins 48-7, on a very windy day).

45)  1999 Trinity -- (12-1) #1 Seed and gets bye.  Beat Western Maryland and  HSU (40-33) before losing to Stagg winner Pacific Lutheran, 28-49 in Semis.

56)  2000 HSU -- (12-1)  Had the bye and #1 seed in South and is #2 in the playoffs.  Beat Western Maryland 32-10 and Trinity 33-30.  Lost to Finalist SJU, 14-38 in Abilene.
67)  2005 Wesley -- (12-2)  Cinderella.  Gets a Pool B bid.  Beats Ferrum, wins at UMHB, beats Bridgewater and then messes up the shoe thing on the snow/ice at Whitewater, 6-58.

78 )  2006 Wesley -- (13-1)  #1 Seed. Beat Dickinson, CMU* and UMHB before losing at UW-W (7-44) in the proper shoes.

89)  1999 HSU -- (12-1) Beat WashU and W&J before losing (33-40) at Trinity in South Region finals.

910)  2002 UMHB -- (10-1)  "Bracketgate" game.  UMHB is #5 in polls and #3 South Region Seed.  Sent to Trinity (#4 in polls and #2 South Region seed) in the first round because of geographic proximity.  Loses at Trinity 38-48.

1011)  2003 Bridgewater -- (12-2) Squeaked out of a weak but very balanced South Region and then lost at MUC 0-66.

(Revised after the 2007 Stagg Bowl.)

(* Thanks to WCLegacy for the proofreading and the correction.)

 I like your list, and not much to quibble (word fo teh day?) with off the top of my head.

 Bracketgate game, you should mention, was a first-round matchup.

 The era begins in 1999 ... one thing you could mention, however, is that the MAC was South Region for much of this time, so maybe that squeaks someone like Widener 2000 into the top 10, or maybe you want only to include the current South Region teams.

 I see you mostly have Stagg Bowl teams, regional champions and such on the list too. Probably wise.

 The 66-0 Bridgewater team really wasn't that bad; that score (and it could've been 74-0, easy) was the result of schematic disaster that was actually rooted in a good idea. Bridgewater (built on speed, remember) would cover Mount Union receivers 1-on-1 so it could rush enough people to keep the Purple Raiders' QBs from sitting back and picking them apart. However, MUC seemed to pick up the blitzes, and the twin 6-foot-4 WRs made catches against Bridgewater's smaller CBs all day, and it got ugly in a hurry.

 Definitely the 2001 Bridgewater team and the 2004 Mary Hardin-Baylor team are two of the best in a long time. I wouldn't beef with anyone who flipped the order there, although UMHB's road run was definitely the more impressive accomplishment, and the Rowan/Bwater semifinal too ... yeah, I'll agree with UMHB at No. 1, but that Lutz/Cruz, etc. team was a powerhouse.

 I still think UMHB running the ball down 14 at MUC in the 4th quarter, and it working, was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen in D3 football. Had it not been for The Catch (immortalized on UMHB football building walls) though, I wouldn't remember it as such.

 Just some ramblings to support your rankings, I suppose.

Ralph Turner:
Good morning K-Mack,

I thought about that 2000 Widener team as I looked at the MAC teams.  Their regular season loss was to "Western Maryland" who was soundly defeated by HSU in the playoffs that year.

I also thought about the 2003 Lycoming team which beat ASC Tri-Champ ETBU in OT only to fall to Bridgewater the next weekend.

I thought that the South Region in 2003 was very balanced but not very stellar.  UMHB, HSU and ETBU were tri-champs.  ETBU beat Trinity in the first round at home in OT.  #1 seed Lycoming beat ETBU in near-freezing weather at home in OT.  Bridgewater beat a "Lanetti-less" Lycoming 13-9 in Williamsport PA.  Many ASC fans thought that both UMHB and HSU "matched up" better versus Lycoming.  With only 3 Pool C bids to give that year, a better ASC tri-champ may have been sitting home, but that there wasn't a "touchdown's worth" of difference between those 6.

The South Region has been very well balanced.  I think that the first 10 are solid picks, but the next 10 get very difficult.

Pat Coleman:

--- Quote from: Ralph Turner on July 02, 2007, 11:00:58 am ---Good morning K-Mack,

I thought about that 2000 Widener team as I looked at the MAC teams.  Their regular season loss was to "Western Maryland" ...

--- End quote ---

Great game, by the way -- Keith and Ray Martel and I called this game. Memorable for a wind that baffled Widener return man Jim Jones, who fumbled two punts and had to fall on a third to maintain possession.

Usually with every "Best" top 10 list, there always a "worst" top 10 list.  Is there even a possibility of having a worst list?  I think there will have to be another list at the time of d3football's 10 year anniversary.  Maybe that one will be on a more national scale.


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