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The Top 10 South Region teams of the Era

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Josh Bowerman:
That's a slippery slope, Pride.   :)


--- Quote from: Josh Bowerman on July 02, 2007, 02:16:37 pm ---That's a slippery slope, Pride.   :)

--- End quote ---

I am not encouraging it.  I am only saying there is usally an opposite to goes with every list.  "Best"/"Worst" "Underrated"/"Overrated" "Best Stock Picks"/ "Worst Stock Picks" etc.  You get the picture  :)

Ralph Turner:

--- Quote from: K-Mack on July 01, 2007, 11:45:47 pm ---Ralph,
 I like your list, and not much to quibble (word of the day?) with off the top of my head.

 Bracketgate game, you should mention, was a first-round matchup.

 The era begins in 1999 ...

 I see you mostly have Stagg Bowl teams, regional champions and such on the list too. Probably wise.

 Definitely the 2001 Bridgewater team and the 2004 Mary Hardin-Baylor team are two of the best in a long time. I wouldn't beef with anyone who flipped the order there, although UMHB's road run was definitely the more impressive accomplishment, and the Rowan/Bwater semifinal too ... yeah, I'll agree with UMHB at No. 1, but that Lutz/Cruz, etc. team was a powerhouse.

 I still think UMHB running the ball down 14 at MUC in the 4th quarter, and it working, was one of the most impressive things I've ever seen in D3 football. Had it not been for The Catch (immortalized on UMHB football building walls) though, I wouldn't remember it as such.

 Just some ramblings to support your rankings, I suppose.

--- End quote ---
Keith, thanks for the kind words...

I stayed pretty "close to the top of the playoffs" on that punditry.

With the geographic proximity issues, I wonder if the 2004 HSU team that split with UMHB shouldn't be in the "Top 10 list".  After all, they gave UMHB as good a game as anyone else that season.  I don't want to seem too provincial altho' I am proud of the ASC teams and how we have done in the playoffs as we have had to contend with the "Texas sub-bracket".

Josh Bowerman:
That's the only team I'd have added, Ralph--given they were the only team other than Linfield to beat UMHB that season, that is.

I think your list is pretty solid, though.

Ralph Turner:
Josh, 2004 HSU was ranked #3 at the end of the regular season.

We may need to look more carefully.


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