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I enjoy looking at game pics besides reading all the great stuff on this site. I don't know if folks know there is a link to game pictures on the main d3baseball page. There have been three games photographed so far this year.

St. Thomas vs. St. Scholastica played in the Metrodome.
Wesleyan at Menlo
Cal Lutheran at Menlo

I don't know which teams you're interested in seeing, but I have some game photos for North Park University's contests at http://www.cadillac76.com/baseball/ .  Click on "2008 schedule" and then the score link.  That will take you to the game summary and a few photos from each game.

Thank you mr_b.

Some more are posted. Pictures of Friday's twin bill of George Fox at CSU East Bay are up for your viewing pleasure.

Jim Dixon:
Please note that I am always looking for photos to add color to any recap, story, etc. as I try to get a picture of as many different schools as possible on the d3baseball front page.


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